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StayFit workout trainer
StayFit - this is a great social fitness platform uniting peoplefor sport. A variety of workouts and training programs, anextensive collection of exercises for Street Workout, Yoga, andCrossFit, Bodybuilding, Fitness, and others. - A lot of built-inworkouts + 100% customizable workout editor - Training programs -Workout diary - Nutrition and Body measurements tracker - Detailedstatistics for the passed workouts - An extensive collection ofexercises - Raise the Street Workout rank Improve your body, trackprogress, and share achievements, confirm your Street Workoutranks, compete with thousands of users worldwide. All in oneapplication. Only real achievements.
Street Workout Ranks 1.0.7
In the application you can see the details of each rank,description of normatives, check your current progress and sendyour video to verify.The application allows you to take intoaccount norms for Street Workout ranks. This is great for those whowant to pass on the rank or just to control the level of physicalprogress. You can always see what's done/ needed to pass a certainrank. You only need to enter the value of norms. Take a notebookand a pen on the ground is not easy, and the phone is always withyou. Ranks and normatives designed to promote the comprehensivedevelopment of versatile engaged Street workout. Discharges includebasic exercises that can be mastered without any problems to masterthe relevant elements. In the regulations specifically includeexercise is not related to balance, mobility of joints or elevatedtraumatic. The main factors - strength and endurance. Author ofranks is Street Workout world champion Evgeny Kozyr.