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Galaxy Attack - Space Shooter 2021 1.6.9
Merry Realm
The best galaxy shooting game in 2020!!! Galaxy Attack is afast-paced top-down perspective shoot space war game. If you likespace shooting and survival games and like to simulate sky shootingin for glory and duty, then galaxy attack is the one you should beshooter playing. Required skills are more than fast reactions andmemorising enemy invader attack patterns. This space shooter is anexciting addictive epic galaxy war game with 200+ missions, 100+invaders and a lot of spaceship upgrades. Start your spaceshipengines and join to this ultimate galactic war game. REACH THESTARS: Fly your spaceship through cosmos and galaxian hexagoncities where enemy aviators and skyrockets await. Game on! Use yoursky force and reloaded weapons to defeat galaxy invaders since2020! Survive under this galaxy attack! This space shooter is anexciting addictive epic galaxy war game with 200+ missions, 100+invaders and a lot of spaceship upgrades. Start your spaceshipengines and join to this ultimate galactic war game. FEATURES: ★Beautiful levels with immersive missions to complete. ★ Multipleextreme boss battles. ★ Upgrade your shields, guns, missiles,lasers, mega-bombs and magnets. ★ Risk everything to rescuecivilians. ★ Brand new weekly tournaments against other players. ★Boost your final score with a host of in-game achievements. ★Rescue fallen opponents to win extra lives and stars. ★ Accessibleto beginners, as well as hardcore shooter addicts. ★ Full voiceoverand incredible electronic soundtrack. ★ Seven gorgeous scenes,Vividsound effect! ★ intensive arcade like arcade shoot-em-up gameplay ★vast variety of levels await ★ extreme boss battles ★ play offline★ upgrade your shields, guns, missiles, lasers and magnets ★stunning game visuals and skins ★ accessible to casual gamers, aswell as die-hard shooter addicts ★ incredible electronic soundtrackSHOOT-EM-UP AND EVADE TO SURVIVE Space shooter, resist squadron!Take your space fighter to the battlefield armed with an arsenal ofcannons and missiles. Taking enough ammo to bring punishment toyour enemy. Use your agility to fly through deadly enemy territoryin this explosive galaxian shooting game. Space shooting is startnow, plan your battle strategy well and upgrade your fighter toprotect our home. Download Game & Enjoy it !!!
Solitaire Mystery 24.2.2
Merry Realm
This is a New SOLITAIRE game applicable to Any Ages, the gamebrings you endless fun, challenges and is completely FREE! You willgrow into a well-known detective, by playing our rich, excitingSolitaire levels, to unlock the plot of different scenes, so as tocollect crime clues to help the police catch criminals and collectmore gold rewards. 【FEATURES】: ♠ 1.Easy and Fun, you will pick upquick! ♥ 2.500+ fantastic levels – with more on the way! ♣ 3.Greatgraphics and amazing beautiful themes rooms! ♦ 4.More excitingdetective storylines waiting for you to unlock! ♣ 5.Daily quests,events, activity, challenges, and rewards! ♣ 6.Enjoy fun mini-games- Slot Machines and Lucky Wheel and Treasures! ♣7.Offline can alsoplay! Come and try it out, friends! Download NOW and Enjoy theSolitaire Mystery for FREE!
Raising Infinite Swords 1.1.8
Merry Realm
Simple sword merge game, you will love it! Super-fast growthsupport as soon as you download - Free Adventurer's Treasure Chestwhich contains diamonds and many resources (After starting thegame, touch the top-right ""Adventurer's Treasure Chest"" toreceive it) ◎Game Introduction Summon and merge swords to eliminateenemy waves! Raise infinite swords and your adventurer to becomestronger! Exciting and cool real sword-merging, sword-throwing, andidle RPG! Its charming adventure begins now. ◎Game Features -Raising infinite swords Put auto-produced swords onto the field,then drag them to same ones and merge them to make even strongerswords. Raise infinite swords through endless producing, summoning,and merging to defeat the incoming enemies. - Thrillingsword-throwing action just to watch Strong swords made by summoningand merging fly from the adventurer's portal towards enemies at ahigh speed. Say prayers to enemies who melt away withoutresistance. - Diverse ways to raise your hero Make your adventurerstronger by enhancing equipment, restoring magic book pages, andleveling up national treasure. - Unique costume Collect about 50kinds of different costumes full of personality. Additional growthcan be achieved by evolving them. - Various dungeons to challengeand resources to earn Conquer the Red Mines, Arena of Blood,Forgotten Ruins, Dragon's Lair, and Underground Dungeon to earnresources and raise your swords and adventurer. - Gain access toextra benefits with the adventurer level system Increase youradventurer level by returning home, and open up new bonuses toenjoy in your adventure. - An idle RPG that anyone can enjoy Let'senjoy an idle RPG with easy control, cute hitting effect, andendless growth.
MergEvo TD 3.0.3
Merry Realm
Destroy the monster, acquire the gem, and guard the worldtree!Consume gems to buy defense tower to make yourself stronger!Thesame grade and the same kind of tower can be synthesized intomoreadvanced tower! Buy BUFF for a power boost!!!