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Messenger for Messages, Text and Video Chat 2.99
The Free Messenger app will help all users open their popularmessenger & Social Media applications, such as Free Messengers:WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, KakaoTalk, Wechat, Line,Tango, Hangouts, Snapchat, Telegram, Sarahah and others, fast.Social Media Apps: Facebook Lite, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora , GMAIL,VK, Vimeo, Pinterest, Sarahah FEATURES: - Simple chart showingmessenger app use - Fast access from any screen - Messengercooperates with more than 500 messaging apps -Receive honestfeedback from your coworkers and friends using the Sarahah-Intelligent Caller ID Identify callers from all around the world,even those not in your contact list. This Messenger app also showsyou your usage statistics of major messenger and social mediaapplications like Facebook Messenger, Tango, Pinterest, WeChat,Kik, IMO, Xfinity, Telegram, Whatsapp, Sarahah etc
Messenger for Messages & Video Chat for Free 1.31
The ultra lite Free Messenger Pro Lite app will help all users opentheir popular messenger & Social Media applications, such asFree Messengers: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, KakaoTalk,Wechat, Line, Tango, Hangouts, Snapchat, Telegram, Sarahah andothers, fast. With Messenger Pro Lite send FREE messages to allmessenger apps or text messages SMS and image messages MMS withoutan internet connection. Enjoy texting and the richness of chatwithout limits. This app is your one-stop destination for all yourMessenger apps. It helps you to open all major messenger and socialapplications like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Tango, WeChat,Pinterest, Kik, IMO, Xfinity, Telegram, Viber, Snapchat, Instagram,KakaoTalk, Line, Hangouts and 200+ other messenger apps in one app.Messenger Pro Lite app also shows you your usage statistics ofmajor messenger and social media applications like FacebookMessenger, Tango, Pinterest, WeChat, Kik, IMO, Xfinity, Telegram,Whatsapp and many more Get all the chat applications in thismessenger app so that you can access all messenger apps using thisapp itself. You can open this app from any screen on your Androiddevice, simply enable the bubble from the menu bar and just tap thebubble to open the app. This messenger app can also be opened fromthe notification bar without any hassles. Some of the major socialmedia and messenger apps integrated in this Messenger Pro Lite appare Facebook Messenger This messenger app lets you to Instantlyreach the people in your life—for free. Facebook Messenger is justlike texting, but you don’t have to pay for every message (it workswith your data plan). Using Facebook Messenger you can messagepeople in your phone book and just enter a phone number to add anew contact. Whatsapp Messenger It is a FREE messaging appavailable for Android and other smartphones.WhatsApp Messenger usesyour phone’s Internet connection (4G/3G/2G/EDGE or Wi-Fi, asavailable) to let you message and call friends and family. UsingWhatsapp messenger you can make calls to your friends and familyfor free. Tango Messenger It is the messaging app with the bestvideo calling. All messages and calls are free. Tango works onsmartphones and tablets. Tango has over 350 million people. Tangois the first and best video calling app. Tango works on bothsmartphones and tablets. Use Tango to keep in touch with the groupsof people that matter to you
Free Random Chat 1.01
Ever wanted to share your secrets with some stranger? Strangersbecoming best friends here. This is the best app to do that. Peoplearound the world trade advice, share real thoughts and make newfriends. Thousands of people are making new friends. You don't needto create any login or account, no usernames, no profile pictures.Just start one on one chat with a single tap. You get a randomperson every time you chat, and you can continue your chat as longas you're both okay with it. You don't have to wait for strangers,you'll get a new one every second. Best app for talking to randompeople. Its addictive and fun.
UnSeeN 🙈- No Last Seen, Hide BlueTick or Read 1.3.4
With Unseen - Read your last messages secretly, without lettingknow the others. Full privacy on social networks and chats withthis UnSeeN app. Feel free to read your friends’ messages , withoutleaving any last seen notice or blue double check, and it works forFacebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Wechat, and Viber ! All themessages that you receive over chatting or messenger apps is, willalso be received in the Unseen application. There, you can read itfreely, whenever you want, without having any of your friendsknowing that you have seen it. No need to open any app for thesame, All can be done in Unseen app. Features : • Hide blue doubletick for WhatsApp, No last read for Viber, Skype, Telegram, No lastseen for Facebook Messenger • Read chat messages invisibly, withoutyour friends knowing • All your favorite chats and notifications atone place • Customize according to usage - Enable or disable Unseenfor different chat apps like whatsapp, viber or messenger etc. •Clean Up your notification bar. • Search for messages,notifications from particular apps • Delete all messages,notifications with a single tap Let’s admit we’ve all been in thosesituations where we get too many notifications and just can’thandle them. It’s also annoying to see the notification drawerfilled up with notifications. And how many times did youaccidentally swipe away a notification, and wondered what youmissed out on? We know all your pains. Enter Notif App. The appkeeps a log of your notification history and behaves like an inbox,for you to review notifications later in an orderly manner. + It isan easy-to-use notification downloader that backs-up your lostnotifications as more and more keep flooding in. + As a statussaver for whatsapp, the app will also store whatsapp statuses sothat you always know what your family and friends are upto.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Notif App comes packed with some really cool features. Let’s digin. 🔔Notification History: A notification downloader, the app willtrack and store all your notifications on a single dashboard, sothat you can access them when you find time and never miss out onany updates. Declutter it all with a single tap. 📲Whatsapp StatusSaver / Status Downloader: Having a FOMO of whatsapp statuses thatdisappear after 24 hours ? Worry no more, Notif App keeps allwhatsapp statuses form your family and friends, and allows you toeasily share them later on all social media platforms.   👀SeeDeleted Whatsapp Messages: While a ‘deleted message’ has actuallybeen removed from WhatsApp chat thread, the message, in the form ofa notification is still available in the notification history ofthe app. Won’t it be cool if you could know what your ex deleted?!🗒Category-Based Notification Grouping : Your notifications areautomatically sorted and kept organised in categories such as Chat,Social, News, Offers and more. You can easily edit these categoriesand create more. Bookmarked notifications are kept aside as‘Favourites’. 👤Read Messages in Private Mode: This notificationmanager app even lets you read messages from apps like whatsapp,facebook messenger and others, in a private mode without showing ablue tick or a ‘read’ mark.  
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So nevermiss out that discount coupon update or that important email fromyour boss about a deadline! Thank us later. 

Privacy Policy: We follow a strict privacy policy of not selling, trading, orrenting users’ personal identification information contained withinnotifications. Find more details in the Privacy Policy section inthe app.
com.Discover.FreeMusic.MusicPlayer.NewSongs.Music.Player 1.0
"What’s The Song" is the best music player to play tube,discovermusic, stream and save the songs you love! With a ton ofgeniusfeatures the ability to recognize songs playing around, thiswillcertainly be the best music player app that’ll come across intheplay store. Main features of the music player app viz. PlayTubeMusic app Free Songs & Free Music Videos The music playerwillidentify songs playing around, with a single tap This freemusicplayer app recognises any music playing around you, in justamatter of seconds. All you need to do is, with this musicplayerdownloaded on your phone, tap the red button and hold yourphone inthe direction of the music playing. (Think shazam) But thismusicplayer app is much more than that. The Play Tube player willnotjust give you the name of the song but will also give links tothatsong to be played in other music players like Youtube,spotify,gaana etc. Explore trending playlists across genres,artists, topcharts on our music player The free music player (playtube) applets you explore hundreds of playlists of songs that aretrendingin various categories by genres, artists, top countrycharts,activities and more. If it’s trending, it’s on our musicplayer ;)So now you’ll never have a hard time looking for thegreatest hitsand making additions to your list of favourites. Theplaylistsinclude trending playlists on Spotify, Shazam, Saavn,Pandora, andother such platform. Save the music offline. Nointernet is never aproblem We understand that you love music andnothing should stopyou from tuning into your favourite free music.Including data andnetwork issues. This is why our music playerslets users save songsoffline and lets you play them anytime,anywhere. Sing along, yougot the lyrics! You can even sing alongyour favourite songs whileyou play it on this free music player.Create playlists and sharewith your buddies The music player letsyou create playlists andmanage the songs you love. The playlistscan even be shared rightfrom the music player. Don’t just listen.Enjoy video music withour video Tube player app. The music playerapp offers video music,to also gratify your visual senses. Thiswill certainly be a greatexperience. And of course, it’s freemusic. After all we loveeverything that comes free and free musictops the list. Everythingelse you wanted to know The free musicplayer gives you all theinformation you could have wanted about anysong. Right from theartist, album, year of launch, all the way toother songs by thatartist and more, the Mp3 player tells youeverything. Thetechnology used to create the music player makes itone of the bestPlay Tube players available on the app store thatoffer free music.Hence, if you’re a music lover, this music playeris all you willever need. Another amazing aspect of this musicplayer is howlightweight the app is despite offering a lot offeatures. Featureroundup of the music player Music recognitionDiscover trendingsongs Free music Video Music Lyrics UltraLightweight Most popularplaylists on our music player - Top 50 inUS Top bollywood songsMost searched on Shazam Most played onSpotify Most played on GaanaMost played on MX Player Top gymmingsongs Best romantic songs Bestof 1990’s Best of Maroon 5 So goahead and download the free music,Play Tube player and we promisewe won’t disappoint. If youencounter any troubles while you playmusic or have any suggestionsto improve the music player, do writeto us at Wereally hope you enjoy using our Musicplayer.