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Dumb Ways JR Madcap's Plane 1.1
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Before the Dumb Ways characters grew up, they were already makingmischief in all sorts of places – kitchens, trains, and evenplanes! Join Madcap on a fun flying adventure! Take off, navigatethe plane to different destinations, land safely, pick uppassengers and other items, and then set off again. Can you findthe ideal destination for each passenger? Along the way, use thedashboard controls to perfect your flying skills. Discover coolfeatures such as a multi-coloured cloud-puff creator, and don'tforget to use the cockpit phone to call out alerts as you go. Thisapp is designed to inspire and engage all young explorers. LetMadcap's Plane fuel your child's imaginative play! Features: • Flywith a fun, friendly co-pilot • Explore a range of cockpit controls– some to help you fly; others to make you laugh • Discover threedifferent destinations: a beach, the snow and the countryside •Speak into the cockpit phone and hear your voice played back • Pickup passengers, and problem solve to figure out where they'd like togo • Enjoy surprise reactions, including humorous animations andsound effects • Use a variety of touch actions, including tap,swipe, drag, multi-tap and rotate • No rules or time limits – flyfor as long as you like, and land when you like • Ideal for 3-6year olds • No in-app purchases • Play without a wifi or internetconnection
Dumb Ways to Die 35.6.4
You've seen the video - now the lives of those charmingly dumbcharacters are in your hands. Enjoy 82 hilarious mini-games as youattempt to collect all the charmingly dumb characters for yourtrain station, achieve high scores and unlock the famous musicvideo that started it all. Download the FREE game now to enjoy thenew fun and remember, be safe around trains. A message from Metro.GAMEPLAY - Why is his hair on fire? Who cares, just RUN! - Quicklywipe your screen free of puke - Balance that wobbling glue eater -Flick the piranhas out of range of those precious private parts -Swat wasps before it's too late - Best not invite that psychokiller inside - Carefully remove forks from toasters - Helpself-taught pilots - Get back from the edge of the platform youfools - Have patience at level crossings - No crossing the tracks!Not even for balloons! - And who knew rattlesnakes were so pickyabout mustard? Plus loads more! PLUS - Perfect your dumb-deathprevention skills to unlock the full set of characters for yourtrain station - Earn your own local copy of the original video -Create your own Dumb Ways character from loads of facial features,accessories and more! Watch the original Webby and Cannesaward-winning video here:
Dumb Ways to Dash! 3.6
Dash through crazy and chaotic levels as you compete against othersas your favourite Bean. Dumb Ways to Dash is a brand new crazy 3Drace runner game from the world of Dumb Ways To Die. Take controlof the clumsy Beans and dash your way to victory, knock youropponents off the edge, upgrade and train your Bean, collectdances, outfits and much more! But WATCH OUT, these tracks arefilled with danger so carefully guide your Bean to safety in orderto claim your spot on the podium! - Save beans in a number ofscenarios - Real physics, interact with the world and otherPlayers. - Very easy to play. Hold to run, release to stop - Unlockawesome dance moves for your Beans - Lots of splats and funny deathmoments - Collect 100+ costumes for your Beans - Localised in lotsof languages Every level brings a more deadly scenario to avoid sorace with others, tackle more death-defying levels and unlock newcharacters, costumes and dances to discover and a whole new worldto die in! Do you have what it takes to be the last Bean standing?
Dumb Ways To Die 3 : World Tour 33.2
Dumb Ways to Die brought you the dumb little Beans that the worldfell in love with. Now it’s time for another dumbfoundingadventure! Help rebuild and keep the once great town of Dumbvillesafe, travel to the scorching deserts of Dumb-Gypt, hike to thefrosty summit of Dumb Peak and journey to the curious planet ofDumbtune in Dumb Ways to Die 3: World Tour. Game Features: • Getyour tools ready to help make the town of Dumbville and the rest ofthe Dumb World safe once again. • Collect and play as yourfavourite Beans! • Beware of dragons in Castle Catastrophe. • Sendthe Beans down the steep slopes of Dumb Peak - but watch out forthose cheeky penguins. • Prepare food for a super smoothie inCulinary Chaos. • Explore a space station in Shuttle shift. • Soarthrough the skies above Dumbville in a crazy plane flight! • Dashthrough the mighty Pyramids of Dumb-Gypt. • Collect unique outfitsfor all the Beans!
Dumb Ways To Draw 5.0.4
Draw lines with your pencil and save the beans with your sketch!Dumb Ways to Draw is a drawing puzzle game from the world of DumbWays To Die! Full of your favourite Beans but not in the way youremember! A whole new adventure to experience! Once again theclumsy Beans need your help but this time you'll DRAW the Beans tosafety! Nothing like you've seen before! Brand new game! Brand newlevels! Brand new Beans! Features : Lots of interesting puzzles tokeep you entertained! Save beans in a number of scenarios! Realphysics, interact with the world! Win lots of shiny pencils to saveyour beans! Lots of splats and funny death moments! Localised inlots of languages!
Dumb Ways to Die: Superheroes 1.0.2
Your favorite Dumb Ways beans have hopped off the train andlandedin the city. They've got their masks, boots and superherocapes onand are ready to go. Now it's up to you to save the day!Welcome to"Dumb Ways To Die: Superheroes", the latest addition tothe DumbWays To Die series of games! Race your bean across therooftops ofthe Dumb Ways city in day and night! Climb, crawl,swing, jump, runand avoid obstacles. Unlock new beans, achievegoals, and muchmore! Make sure to keep your eye out on all of thenew obstaclesyou have to beat to win! Dodge Flame Throwers, thentime yourmovements past Laser Robots and Bee Hives... Get ready fortheDumbest Ways To Die yet! - Race your bean to victory, intruesuperhero style! - Use your beans' special superpower togetthrough levels! - Easy gameplay controls - Hold to run, releasetostop! - Cinematic epic obstacle courses with 3D camera tracking!-Comic styled callouts! Win races, dodge obstacles and partnerupwith your Dumb Ways bean to save the day, the superhero way!Jumpinto the non-stop death filled action now!