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Urban Crime 1
Business is booming for a growing army of private militarycontractors, who take their military training and offer it to thehighest bidderModern-day mercenaries are stationed throughout the worldfighting conflicts for governments that are reluctant to use theirown troops.While an army of 5,000 heavily-armed contractors recentlyreplaced official American forces in Iraq, and many more have beenrecruited to protect private interests in the region, mercenariesare sent to many places that may surprise you. Here we present ourgame Urban Crime where job of mercenary is to kill terrorists inSan Andreas city and keep the city in peace.His name is Frank and he is a Russian Trained heavily loadedwith guns and skills which makes him THE ONE for the job. Are you afan of Russian crime, Miami crime simulators and San Andreas game?Then this is the game for you.Your Job-----------------1. Frank is hacked into the city police network and you can reachto the terrorist place in no time.2. Kill all terrorists and keep the San Andreas city inpeace.3. Unlock new guns and drive new cars to reach to the destinationpoint.
Real Camel Simulator 1
Real Camel Simulator is the best goatsimulator kind of game on the store. Here you can eat, run andinteract with city people. Experience the life of a camel and feedthe camel so that it can be alive.Features-> Third Person Camel Controller-> Desert game-> Camel Race or Camel Arab Simulator
Drift King 1.0
Drift King - King of all drift games you everplayed. Play now to believe it. We spent no of days working on thebest drift physics using Unity3D to give you the best drift gameever made. It's time to leave your skid marks on the asphalt! Driftthrough 2 realistic tracks with high performance racing cars.Download the best FREE drift racing game ever!FEATURES- Realistic patented Drift Physics and 3D graphics.- 5 amazing drift cars (including a furious Sahin, an Americanmuscle car, European sports cars and legendary Japanese driftmachines !!!)- Car customization and modification: Paint your car with 25different colors. Customize your machine with a variety of decalsand rim modifications.- Cutting-edge car control system with touch or tilt steeringoptions both including handbrake.- Different camera angles.- "Edge Drift”: Show your drifting skills by driving close to thewalls and earn more coins.Feature Update- Dubai Drift Track- Tokyo TrackWill be added soon.We seriously want to hear your comments so that we can fix themor develop for you. Please leave a comment and we will try to fixit on ASAP basis.
Subway Amazing Run 1.0
Help Dave race through the Subway trains andhelp him avoid a variety of Obstacles.-> Use magnet to attract the coins.-> Jet pack to fly through the sky-> Pixel hero type of gameFeature updates-> New characters will be added like chicken, horse and pig inpixel action game.Please report the bugs to us so that we can fix them as early aspossible.
Indoor Drive & Crash 1.0
Ever wanted to see what happens when you candrive toy car in your house environment? Then Indoor Drive &Crash is the game for you.If you are looking for ultra realistic crashes then this game isclosest to them you can find on the play store.Drive your Toy or RC car in a house, kitchen, garden. Do toy carstunts and earn crash points.Features-> Indoor house Environment with car destructive props-> Realistic Drift of the car using the hand brake-> Realistic Car physics with destructible cars-> Car body parts like passenger compartment, the trunk, thebumpers, the fenders, the radiator grill, thehood, interior trim, glass, four doors, hardtop and more than 200body parts are destructible.-> You can use it as Real Accident Simulator-> On main engine damage the car crash and burns.-> You can crash drive the auto even if major component of thecars are damaged.This game is still in beta, we are planning to add toy carvehicles like trucks, tractor, Jeep and more cars. Please reportany bugs or crashes to help us make the game better.
Resident Zombies 1
Want to kill zombies fast? Resident Zombies is a cool game thatallows you to take the role of a zombie killer as you explore awhole bunch of cool locations.The idea in Resident Zombies is verysimple, you have a wave based system and you need to stay alive foras much time as you can simply by killing zombies.The controls areeasy to use and understand, with the action being very fun andfilled with interesting ideas. You can also acquire health, ammo oreven cash simply by killing zombies, it all comes down to you asthe entire experience will be more than refined all the time.It’samazing what Resident Zombies manages to do and the entireexperience will surely bring in front tons of opportunities all thetime, so don’t hesitate and immerse yourself into the ultimatezombie killing game!Explore stunning locations, use tons of gunsand do whatever it takes to kill those nasty zombies. You willenjoy the total zombie mayhem, just give it a shot rightnow!Features:Great zombie killing gameplayWave based levelsSmoothcontrols and animationsGreat graphicsAction packed gameplay
Santa City
Want a Christmas gift ??? Help Santa!! Santa City, an excitingChristmas based timed based transporting game that lets you helpSanta deliver the goodies. ** Play as Santa himself and deliverChristmas gifts on all the doorsteps**Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmasto all! It's that time of year when happiness prevails and smilesare at every turn. Play a part in spreading the wondrous joy. Drivearound in the gift delivery truck in a open-world game and deliverythe gifts. Oh wait.. Before that you need to find our cloths. Takeup the missions to find our own cloths and then start the deliverymissions. Santa City Christmas game Features- Realistic 3Denvironments of the city during Christmas- Magnificent giftdelivering trucks, bikes and cars- Challenging missions and timedbased missions - Open-world environment - Real time drivingexperiences with realistic precision steering controls, advancedgear box and accurate acceleration/brakingHave a merry ride!
What The Hell
What The Hell is a most realistic 3D open-world action game foryou. Story: Do you sympathize? There's no way you can empathize.You can't possibly relate to the mother of a six year old child whowas just tragically struck with a stray bullet before her own eyes.You can't understand what it feels like having just cashed yourfirst paycheck, only to get robbed on your way to the store for agallon of milk. You get only one word at this time. "What TheHell". What the Hell is combination of killing people, stealing anddriving cars, racing and doing all kind of different missions toearn cash by any means. The game takes place in the one of theroughest cities in the world. Get into a criminal chase as thepolice set in hot pursuit. Drive different cars from fancy luxurycars to beautiful import speed racing models. You need to race formoney, honer and more through the streets of this epic 3D city.With each completed task you’ll earn cash, this hard earned moneyyou can invest into real-world street racing models. Use the cashto unlock guns and graphic upgrades. Make the car the way you likeit, enjoy the city but be ready to drive away fast when the policecomes.If you have a need for speed this game will give you thesensation of speed you are looking for, it is one of the mostbadass gangster games ever found on google play store. If you havedreamed of building up an unstoppable collection of automotiveracing machines imported and luxury vehicles then download thisgame for free. What the Hell game features - A mission basedopen-world game, its something never seen before on android.- Buildup your garage as you can expand the space you have to storedifferent type of cars. - Lockpick mini games, before the heist isdone you need to complete these minigames successfully otherwiseyou will get the cops on your tail.- Steal all kind of differentvehicles in this epic crime city thief game.- You can explore thecrime city of New Haven by car, truck or on foot.- Drive SpeedBoats and meet girls on Island what more you have ability to swimso dive in the sea - Drive through traffic in a police chase, atget into safety in time. Make sure the cops will not lock you up-Ride on awesome looking motorbikes and in insane fast sports cars-Massive improvements to the gameplay, epic crime simulator vibe-Pick up goods, earn cash in different missions, drop packages,steal cars and kill rival gangsters- Character level system, becomebigger, stronger
L.A Crime Wars
L.A Crime Wars is a most realistic 3Dopen-world action game for you.L.A Crime Wars is combination of killing people, stealing anddriving cars, racing and doing all kind of different missions toearn cash by any means. The game takes place in the one of theroughest cities in the world. Get into a criminal chase as thepolice set in hot pursuit. Drive different cars from fancy luxurycars to beautiful import speed racing models. You need to race formoney, honer and more through the streets of this epic Las Angelescity. With each completed task you’ll earn cash, this hard earnedmoney you can invest into real-world street racing models. Use thecash to unlock guns and graphic upgrades. Make the car the way youlike it, enjoy the city but be ready to drive away fast when thepolice comes.Las Angeles game features- A mission based open-world game, its something never seen beforeon android.- Build up your garage as you can expand the space you have tostore different type of cars.- Lockpick mini games, before the heist is done you need tocomplete these minigames successfully otherwise you will get thecops on your tail.- Steal all kind of different vehicles in this epic crime citythief game.- You can explore the crime city of New Haven by car, truck or onfoot.- Drive Speed Boats and meet girls on Island what more you haveability to swim so dive in the sea- Drive through traffic in a police chase, at get into safety intime. Make sure the cops will not lock you up- Ride on awesome looking motorbikes and in insane fast sportscars- Massive improvements to the gameplay, epic crime simulatorvibe- Pick up goods, earn cash in different missions, drop packages,steal cars and kill rival gangsters- Character level system, become bigger, stronger
Bike Racing 1.0
Bike Racing allows you to become a biker thattakes place in an illegal series of races which spans all over theUS. You will need to avoid the obstacles in your way and run asfast as possible with your bike in order to get the best score.Unfortunately, cops will try to stop you, but it all comes downto you and the entire experience to overcome the cop threat and gethome unharmed as fast as you can.Bike Racing offers you a whole bunch of interesting gameplaymechanics, but your fate is in your hands for sure. Race for yourlife as you try to eliminate all the enemy threat and bring infront the best possible experience all the time.If you really want to test and improve your car racing skills,then Bike Racing is exactly what you need, as this game brings youthe perfect opportunities that you can enjoy.Not only is Bike Racing better than always, it’s also a great gameto play, so don’t hesitate and give it a shot right now, you willlove it guaranteed!Features:Realistic engine soundsHD sounds and musicSmooth animationsEasy to use interfaceAction packed racing gameplay
Arab Flying Bird 1.0
Always wanted to visit Iraq or the ArabNations? Arab Flying Bird is a peaceful, fun game that allows youto explore these locations and so much more, all from theperspective of a funny bird.Not only does the game manage to bring in front a whole lot ofinteresting mechanics, but it’s really interesting to explore thecity in all of its glory. There are multiple bird types to choosefrom and you can fly alongside the cars or peruse the cities fromafar, it all comes down to you.Controlling the birds is very easy, you just need to use thejoystick in order to turn the bird around and touch the fly buttonif you want to fly the bird high.The awesome flight experience you can find here is unprecedentedand the entire set of controls is designed in order to offer you awhole ton of cool mechanics all the time.Don’t hesitate and take complete advantage over this amazing,unique and fun gameplay, check out Arab Flying Bird right now anddownload the ultimate way of exploring the Arab NationsFeatures:Multiple birds to choose fromLots of environmentsDetailed graphicImmersive soundtrack
Kill Those Zombies 1
Kill Those Zombies allows you to take the roleof a cop in Miami, and your only purpose is to make sure that youwill eliminate the zombie plagues the best way you can.You have to survive the zombie outbreak and kill all of them asfast as possible. You have multiple weapons to choose from and ontop of that you can also use the melee attacks if you want, all sothat you can stay alive for as much time as you can.The game also allows you to access a night time gameplay whichmakes the entire experience even scarier. Thankfully, you have awhole bunch of methods you can use to kill zombies, and that on itsown can be more than refreshing for sure.If you like third person zombie shooting or just want a good gameto release some anger, then Kill Those Zombies is the best choiceyou can make. With tons of cool zombies and plenty of interestingzombies to kill, you will surely appreciate the entire experience,just give it a shot and you will like it guaranteed!Features:Kill as many zombies as you canInteresting cop simulation during the zombie apocalypseMultiple weapons to choose fromKill zombies with your carThird person shooting gameplayGreat graphicsCool soundtrack
RC Car Racing 1.0
★★RC Car Racing – the Best Real RC-Car RacingGame for Android★★Many fun stages! Thrilling racing missions! Indoor and outdoorracing tracks make it the must of RC Car Racing game for Mobile.Start jumping over various ramps, gaps and objects that you willencounter during game play. The turbo or boost button allows you asmight expect a temporary speed boost that can be handy for longjumps. this means you can see your RC racing car flying through theair now and then. How long the boost will last depends on how longyou press it, as the boost meter will drop progressively. Speedracing is a vital part of this remote control mini car racer, andif speed is what you want, speed is what you will get. Master thecontrols and move along the house through every day stuff. Thepower up items like boost, oily sticky road, TNT Bomb can becollected by passing through the Surprise boxes placed on thetrack.If you’ve ever owned your own RC (remote controlled) car youwill for sure love this new game. You might be thinking “great”another toy car racing game. The driving is super realistic, theremote controlled cars have a great sense of weight andmomentum.RC Car Racing game features:- Power ups on the track- Indoor house track for racing- Playing with realistic AI Cars- Loads of different RC (remote controlled) cars to drive and toplay with- Hours of core gameplay- Show your driving skills- Build up your own car collection of unique and rare remotecontrol car in this rc car 3D game
RC Drift 1.0
RC Drift is the best RC game on AndroidMarket. You can drift in the race track specially designed fordrift RC Cars. Select from all different RC Car and unlock the carsby earning Drift Points.
Crime City Cop 1
Crime City Cop is a best Crime City Police Driver game available onAndroid. If you love killing terrorist or pull over people and getinto any cop car and chase criminals? Then this is the best mostreal cop simulator game you can find on store. Features best openmap cop simulation game. You can get into your car and startchasing city criminals or kill the terrorist in San Andreas City.Crime City Cop offers up an action packed chasing car games streetbattle for mobile gamers. As a cop you thunder through the streetsof this San Andreas City as you try to chase down terrorist as alaw enforcement officer. Features - Cop Chase in Beautiful SanAndreas City with beaches - City Traffic Cars- Pedestrian and fullcrowd in city- Terrorist attack and Realistic Third Person Shootinggame- Police Driver with realistic car physics We hope you willenjoy Crime City Cop (CCC) and off course our other games and don’tforget to leave feedback so that we can continuously improve thegame.
Zombie Wave 1
Zombie Wave is the most dynamic, intense and bloody zombie shooterin the mobile market recent times! Mankind is destroyed by deadlyvirus from africa that turns people into terrible zombies. Therewas epic world war, zombie apocalypse, and now you are the only onewho has survived. Every minute you are in danger, you need to actquickly and effectively in order to survive and kill all of ZombieWave. Get ready to kill all the zombies and save the humanity fromtotal annihilation! Walking dead are very fast, angry anddangerous! Be careful with the space around, the walking deadawaits a hero. Human destiny may face to big exodus to find safeland now in your hand.Features- Third person Zombie Shooter-Explore modern combat via various strong guns.- The big Boss lookslike terminator- The furious gameplay you may remember from theAlien Shooter game series.- A full-featured game story.- Anenormous weapons arsenal, from classic assault rifles to plasmaguns.- Witness the stunning 3D graphics with detailed textures-Enjoy the realistic sound effect and music- Bring smash death tozombies which are chasing you.- Be a killer to slay zombies instyle with epic weapon system- Upgrade your gears to face theupcoming zombies waves- Experience 3D shooting time as a zombiehunter- Complete all achievements and quests to compete with yourfriends- Set your nerve to the highest level to deal with differentzombie types- Interact with the environment to defend your positionand stay aliveThank you so much for being with us. Your help andsupport allow us to continue developing and create new games!Yourfeedback, comments and suggestions are very important to us!
Only Drift 1
Only Drift is a realistic drifting gamethatcomes with a simple premise, and that is to get thehighestpossible score as you drift on the corners. There are 5 carstochoose from and each one of them has a differentdrivingexperience, something you will enjoy quite a lot.Not only that, but Only Drift also makes it very easy for youtocustomize the cars as you see fit, and each track hasspecificmechanics that you need to take into account all the timein orderto get a more refined experience as a whole.The drifting experience is realistic and graphicsarecustomizable, something that manages to add a whole lot of valuetothe table at all times.The drifting effects are beautiful, and on top of that you getarefined, cool soundtrack to help you experience the game in allofits glory. You can even access an online leaderboard if youwant,which is a major plus all the time.Features:Great graphicsSpecific engine soundsRealistic drifting effectsAccurate points calculationOnline leaderboardStunning soundtrack with a lot of cool musicExtensive customization optionsOptimized for all mobile devices
Stunt Bike Racing 1.0
Stunt Bike Racing adds bike stunt experiencetoa next level by having beautiful girl as a pillion rider.Now stunts will be more exciting and tough as you need to managetheextra rider weight behind your seat.Features- 20 Levels with ultimate obstacles to challenge your bikestuntskills- Beautiful girl as a pillion rider - one of its own- Nitro boost and ultra realistic rag-doll effect on crash
Furious Fast Racing 1.0
Furious Fast Racing is a fun andexcitingsports car racing game. Become the driver of some of thefastestcars on the mountain and city tracks. This amazinglyrealisticracing car driving simulation game is packed full of supercoolfast race cars and exciting, dynamic racing levels.Beat the cars earn the cash by collecting the cash points ontheroad, grab the bonus, and the fun part kill people or avoidthemit's totally your choice. You can create road rampage or be agooddriver.. Its up to you that how you are trained to controlthispiece of metal.Realistic Cars:Drive 5+ extremely Fast, beautiful cars on asphalt tracks.Start driving in unique cars - never seen before on theasphaltroads in reality and computer games.Universe of illegal races awaits for you. Race in different modesondangerous asphalt tracks in City.Furious Racing offers you a great, fun gaming experiencethatwill help you to become the king of the streets and the bestdriveron them. So are you excited to get behind the wheel ofsomerealistic super cars and race against other racers, then you'llbevery excited to play Furious Racing!
City Bird 1.0
City Bird is the best City Bird Flying Game.Have you ever dreamedof flying like a bird in the city? Now you can, and so muchmore...The 4 birds are available, and the original Cityscape of SanFrancisco City. The city has the realistic traffic and people onthe roads. You can sit on the Car or sit on the building or justwatch the city people from far. You can fly in the clouds or trackother birds in the city. Stay Tuned,Miami Crime Games
Cop Simulator 1
What is Cop Simulator is all aboutDo you love to get into a criminal case? Do you like policegamesthat you can pull over people and get out of your car? Do youlikepolice games that you can chase people on the streets of aepiclooking 3D open world city making this of all the cop gamesdrivinggamesthe best and most real cop simulator.Well in Real Police Driveryoucan!The arcade-style handling also means that it’s easy to learnmakingchasing criminals and getting into those chasing copssituationspretty easy. You can take turns at full speed as issometimesneeded in police games that you can pull over people andget out ofyour car to get them to jail. Making this a real copsimulator oneof the biggest challenges ever. Real Police Driveroffers up anaction packed chasing car games street battle formobile gamers. Asa cop you thunder through the streets of thisfictional crime cityas you try to chase down criminals as a lawenforcement officer.This is something you never seen before in anychasing car games onmobile before! Getting yourself into real cops3d police chasesmashing through city streets, and the traffic onit!Chasing criminals should be on top of your list in RealPoliceDriverreal cops 3d police chase is what you can expect for sure, asyouclimb the career ladder in the best real cop simulator youeverseen. Making new stuff available in the garage, unlocking newgunsand other technical toys. In game rewards are great to getbutunlike most cop games driving games Real Police Driverofferssomething totally different you get to upgrade your mightypolicecars. As a cop in this game you have all the power in theworld totakedown the racers, outlaws and criminals giving you thereal cops3d police chase.In terms of control this is one of thebest copgames that you can chase people on mobile. Make sure youclose thecriminal case and lock those bad guys behind bars as fastaspossible.Features of Crime Town Police Car Driver:· 4 Up-to-date Police cars to unlock· Car with upgradable features· Realistic suburban city environment· Smooth controls· Thrilling gameplayGet ready for the pursuit!
Commandos Men 1.0
An elite commando men equipped withmodernweapons fights enemy terrorists in their city fortress.Combatenemy gunship helicopters and trained sniper team. Explosiveactionpacked with rifle, bomb, rocket, gun, grenade and more. Howmanyenemy waves can you survive?FEATURES*** Endless running action levels*** Optimized small sized file.*** Lots of explosive effects*** Plenty of challenges to entertainYou are expected to succeed at all costs. Wish you good luckandstay safe.How to Play:- Touch the right half of screen for look anywhere left, right,upor down- Move forward, backward, left or right with joystickcontrols.- for joystick touch and swap on left half of screen- Tap Fire button fire.- For enemies at far distance, use the telescope forsnipershoot.- Detect enemies by the help of radar and Map.Play Commando Men Today!
Mathy - The Math Game 1.0
Mathy is the best time pass game basedonsimple math questions.Getting bored in restaurant? No problem. Play Mathy!!!Getting bored in Flight? No problem. Play Mathy!!!Getting bored in Subway? No problem. Play Mathy!!!Mathy can improve your brain power and reaction time if playedonregular basis for at least 180 seconds.Please let us know your feedback on the game.Stay Tuned,Miami Crime Games
Grand Theft Money Racer 1.0
You are WANTED! Take your driving tonewheights!Race through the dessert and grab the money in great GrandTheftMoney Racer game. Your mission is to use your Auto to theftthemoney on the road.Control the van and ride it through the roads and pick upmoneybundles to complete missions and have access to furtherchallengingroad trips on different road tracks and environment.Insane GrandTheft Money Racer is a very addictive and thrillingracing game inwhich you are driving a vehicle and you need to tapto take turnsproperly and collect cash bundles, collect more andmore money tobuy multiple cars and highway environments.
Real Crocodile Simulator
Have you ever wanted to see the Real world through the eyes of aCrocodile? Take this huge crocodile to the Beach and see what chaosensues.Crawl around the huge open-world city in most realisticpeople and traffic system looking for your next tasty meal. Findthe Hearts to stay alive. Smash into the moving cars,trucks.Features: **Control a HUGE 3D Crocodile**Fast and ActionPacked Gameplay **4 Maps to Explore - Farm and Beach settings**Swimaround and eat people**Get up on the beach and eat some morepeople**Girls, Bears, Horses, Cows, Goats**Super FunMusic**Excellent 3D Graphics**Plenty of fun sounds and visualeffects
Rally Racer 2016 1.0
THE BEST OFF-ROAD DIRT RALLY EXPERIENCE SO FAR!Rally Racer 2016 isthe best off road rally racing game for Android. Play with otherrally drivers in a specially designed dirt race track. This game isnot a traffic racer, this game has asphalt drift, and real dirtdrift. Rally with drift together. Have fun with realistic race carphysics, detailed graphics, vehicles and racing tracks. Be a rallyracer, drive as Collin McRae and Ken Blocks on the tracks not inthe traffic but dirt track.DOESN'T MATTER ON WHICH ANDROID DEVICEYOU PLAY ON!Rally Racer 2016 has so many optimizations for lowlevel devices. You will experience the premium quality graphicswithout compromising performance.This game is still in beta mode.New tracks and optimizations will be done on regular updated. Hopeyou enjoy the game. Stay Tuned,Miami Crime Games
Miami Commando 3D 1
"Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, do you copy?" The new president needs yourhelp. Find the target, aim, and shoot for an headshot on all thebad guys: Terrorists, suicide bombers, gangsters, thugs ormafia’s...After the recent elections business is booming for agrowing army of private military contractors, who take theirmilitary training and offer it to the highest bidder. As a trainedrecruited commando, you are given the mission to fight rebellioninsurgency in the world most dangerous area or in most posh cityarea. You are given the task to clean up the occupied territoryfacing advance enemy units that are training shooters.Asprofessional spy trained commando get ready to execute dangerousoperations in miami city. Take down terrorist enemy sniper and footsoldier armed with assault rifles. Live life of commando andcomplete lot of missions in the miami city.Features ->Open-world environment-> Third person shooter physics-> Driveable city cars and bikes-> Choose from 5 different guns-> 20missions on different location of miami cityThis game is still indevelopment. Please report bugs to us so that we can fix them inour weekly release.
Asphalt Drift 1
Welcome to Asphalt Drift!Leave the drift skid-marks on the AsphaltRally Track and make the perfect drift. We more than 500 man hoursof coding work we put in to bring the most realistic driftexperience on mobile. This game has the most realistic car handlingand controlling, this makes it more fun to play and challenging,but if you have played realistic racing games before then it wouldbe very easy to play game for you!.Start drift race and earn driftpoints to customize your car. Customization can be -> Upgrade ofTyre -> Paint Shop-> Engine & Wheels upgrade and muchmore. HD GraphicsAsphalt Drift features the HD graphics with optionto turn off special effects for low end mobile devices. CARCustomization You can customize your car by earning drift points inthe game. Features -> Asphalt Rally Track -> 10 Highperformance drift cars-> 12 Race Cameras to cover almost all thespots in the track-> Button Controls, Accelerometer and wheelsteering modes. -> Amazing car mods including car body spoiler,bumper hood-> Every car behaves different because of the carweight, power, tires, grip on the asphalt track. -> Drift aroundthe obstacles and do perfect donut around them to earn additionalpoints.Go ahead and download free-to-play Drifting game.
San Andreas Crime City 3
After the massive success of San Andreas Crime City 1 & 2 weare very happy to release San Andreas Crime City 3. We have heardyour feedback and review and we heard them very closely and workedon the game based on your feedback. You guys wanted a AAA realOpen-World action game on mobile and we tried our level best toimprove the graphics and give you very smooth game play without anyglitches. You may still face the glitches on some mobile devicesbut we will be updating the game continously to solve all theissues. In San Andreas Crime City 3 you will get a very bigopen-world plus you will get big open ground to perform stunts. Inthis game you have gang wars, massive shooting, stealing of carsand bank robbery missions and much more. Earn money for everymissions, theft and contract kill missions in San Andreas City. Youcan also go on road rampage but if your wanted level goes up thencops will be upon you. GAME FEATURES -> Stunt Cars and Ramps inthe city-> Super Sports bikes and cars-> Helicopter is easilyaccessible to fly from the city-> Play with Awesome Physicsprops like cricket ball, football and basketball-> Police wantedlevels and unlock new guns to gain more power. Please reach out tous and become volunteer to fix all the bugs in the game and we willreward you with in game cash or t-shirts also please give us somesupport by rating on Google play or by following on our FacebookPage.
Pro Drift 1.0
Grip the wheel, put your foot to the floor and drive like a prodrift maniac, completing donuts and drifts like a pro drifter.Over5 different racing tracks are ready for the ultimate sports cardriver to burn rubber and compete for gold in each tracks. This isthe best android racing game. The best carex drift physics andstunning graphics gives you breathtaking experience. Wide range ofunique modified drift cars and lot of customization of tires andcar body shop gives you pro drifting experience on mobile.Features:✪ Realistic burnout simulation complete with gorgeoussmoke, bursting tires and flaming engines!✪ A wide variety of carseach with unique handling and customization.✪ Thundering enginesounds that will send chills down your spine.✪ If you are a driftracing enthusiast – This is the game for You! ✪ Just One rule – Youcan only score if you are driving sidewaysComing Soon:✪ More cars.✪More tracks✪ Multiplayer drift mode
Lara @ Miami Crime City 🏆
Welcome to the Miami StoryLara is on a mission in notorious crimecity of the world Miami and you need to take care of some importantproblems in Miami. So you steal the car and drive down to missionpoints to start the mission. As you make your way to the car theadventure starts and this crime story begins. Action Girl - StayAlive As you play this crime simulation game you will learn thesestreets are hard, left with nothing you need to find a way back tothe top. So it is time to fight back and take over the city foryourself. Explore the city in one of the best miami crimesimulator. You have lot of missions where you will meet new friendswho will give you information required to finish the missions. Keepyour friends close and your enemies closer, can you become the newCrime lord of Miami City? Miami is a Gangland of USA The streets ofMiami are ruled by different gangs. Drive around, shoot everybodyand do special missions. Watch out for the gang members and policethough, impossible to run from and possible to stop them with yourtank. Lara @ Miami Crime City Features> Walk, Drive, Steal,Shoot, Kill and Run in this action packed mobile game! > 20different missions types with a lot of variety! > Specialmission with a tank and jetpack! > Dawn of Justice, watch outfor the cops!> Easy controls, drive, shoot, fly and drive inboats all in one crime game
👧 Miami Crime Simulator Girl 1
Welcome to the Miami Crime Simulator. This is the girl edition ofthe game. Miami Vice City Girl is on a live or die mission innotorious crime city of the world and you need to take care of someimportant problems in Miami. So you steal the car and drive down tomission points to start the mission. As you make your way to thecar the adventure starts and this crime story begins. Miami is aGangland of USA The streets of Miami are ruled by different gangs.Drive around, shoot everybody and do special missions. Watch outfor the gang members and police though, impossible to run from andpossible to stop them with your tank. Miami Crime Simulator GirlGame Features> A large variety of deadly weapons and ammo!>Car theft!> Walk, Drive, Steal, Shoot, Kill and Run in thisaction packed mobile game! > 20 different missions types with alot of variety! > Special mission with a tank and jetpack! >Dawn of Justice, watch out for the cops!> Easy controls, drive,shoot, fly and drive in boats all in one crime game
Shootout at Crime City
Shootout at Crime City - One of the best action games based oncrimes and criminals life.Gangster Plot: Capture whole city byshooting and killing innocent citizen of San Andres. Whileunexpected dangerous chaos in the city; criminals Shooting, robbingand killing the innocentsCrime Scene Hero - You're a real streetfighter, kungfu black belter just escape from getting killed bybandits. Be an angry citizen and plot a revenge against all thekillers. Let it be as a beautiful city, do not turn into crime citywith blood and robbery. Freely move around the city shooting andkilling all the enemies around you to kill. You can go to dancebar, strip club or weapon shop. Choice is yours. Keep your gunsready - Load, Aim and Shoot!