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Stickman Run:Death Escape 1.0.2
Life always pulverize you. there is 3 kind of Stickman in thisStickman Run:Death Escape.For average lonely stickman. they areafraid of death. like mr. trump. they will run away from danger andtry to escape crazily when he hears it.For stickman with headphone.they pretend there is no danger. When the average stickman runs healso walks slowly away like crazy trolls. with a very slowspeed.For Nerd nonsensical Guy. they try to outsmart from thedanger by moving under a shelter. try to avoid been killed.But atlast, all of them were bloody crushed and chopped. This is not darkhumor but life, there is aways something you can neverescape."Stickman Run:Death Run" is a small puzzle game with alittle dark humor nonsensical scene. And including cut rope,physical and sound gameplay. it’s a trollface game. not anonsensical funny game. Your goal is to kill all of the stickmansin the current level. it’s not easy, they will try to escape.Timing is the key. you should keep a good logic mind to win thegame.You can cut the rope or remove blocks to whack these stickmanwith troll face. have fun.This is really A very rigid and bloodygame, and a face quest story mode nonsensical hilariousgameFeatures of Stickman Run:- Well-designed brain challengepuzzles. - a stickman and troll face game- a whack your ex stylefunny game- 20 levels and 1 hour to enjoy.- Be prepared to troll onthe floor with laughter again and again
Revenge Of Stickman Warriors 1.7.2
Revenge Of Stickman Warriors is a very addictive action game. Avending machine fooled shadow stick man. It was the beginning ofthe revenge war. The shadow stickman should hit and destroy thevending machine to be the strongest machine destroyer in the worldand win this epic war. As a stick man fighting action game. Thereare hundreds of attacks. You can collect money and points whileattacking. And use these money to upgrade stats, unlock new skills.buy new weapons and magics to be the most brave warrior. Revenge OfStickman Warriors is easy to play. Unlike other click and pointgame. There is a very complex upgrading system. You should becareful to choose skills. The right combination will help you gotmore epic combats and win more money. There are 4 kind of skills inthis shadow games - Normal Attack: fighting with vending machineand destroy it. cost time, gain MP. - Special Attack: More hurtthan normal attack. cost time and MP. - Bonuses Skill: Increaseyour strength, chance to gain money or critical rate - SpecialSkill: cost special effect. such as place bomb. summon a ninja orgiants. Features: - Incredible attack animations. - Shadow stylecartoon graphics. - hundreds of upgrades. - A stick man revengegame. - click and point game
Lonely Stickman: Endless dream 1.0.1
Dream, the most mysterious, the most incredible and the mostwonderful experience. In the dream, you are completely free, youwill experience an amazing journey. on the other hand, you arecompletely alone. there is no one can help. You can only rely onyourself. In the dream,when you fired at yourself with a gun. youwill not die. maybe you will be awakened. maybe you will be lost indream forever.Lonely stickman: Endless dream is am amazing puzzlegame about dream. the main character mr.trump is a stickman with atroll face. but It's not another troll face quest story modehilarious game, it tells a sad and lonely story. he was lost in thedream. Please help this poor stickman starting the adventure,solving brain challenge puzzles and saving him out of thedream.Lonely stickman: Endless dream is not a hilarious ornonsensical game, there are not crazy trolls, no friend and nolover, just only yourself. and there are not many items to use.just a gun, a rope and a paddle. The gun is not for killing orrevenge. when you are trapped in the puzzle, try to shot yourselfwith the gun. now the magic happens, you will not be killedactually. It will make everything restart from the beginning, Theprevious you or even more than ever before will survive, repeattheir journey. A little dark humor, This is the core gameplay ofLonely stickman: Endless dream. This is a lonely and sad story. noone can help but yourself, or the shadow of yourself in theprevious dream. Even worse,when you have nothing to help, the onlysolution is to kill yourself with a gun. This is not dark humor.this is the journey of mr.trump.Features of Lonely stickman:-Well-designed brain challenge puzzles. - very few Items and fewperson but build complex puzzles.- Lonely atmosphere and music.- aclick and point puzzle game.- enjoy this 2 hours adventure