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Next Spaceflight - Rocket Launch Schedule 3.1.1
Stay up to date with the latest in spaceflight. This app featuresall the key players including SpaceX, NASA, ROSCOSMOS, ULA, BlueOrigin, ISRO, Rocket Lab, and more. From Falcon Heavy launches toStarship hops to Soyuz landings, Next Spaceflight covers everythingspaceflight! Features: - A rocket launch schedule with all theorbital missions - A catalog with hundreds of past orbital rocketlaunches. - Live rocket launch tracking! Get live updates as thekey events unfold. - Latest news - Upcoming events (Dockings,landings, announcements, etc) - Reuse and core history for SpaceXmissions - Commercial and government launch vehicles from acrossthe globe. - Historic images of rockets and launch complexes. -Detailed satellite maps of launch pads. - Links to live streams ofupcoming launches and videos of past launches. - A description foreach mission. - Notifications for upcoming launches (toggle insettings). - Ad free! Seriously, who wants ads?