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English Audio Agpeya & Tasbeha 1.13.0
Michael Makar
The AgpeyaAgpeya is the Coptic Orthodox book of prayers. Inaddition to text, this application also contains an audio versionof these prayers, with a soft musical background (it is possible toturn off the musical background). Agpeya prayers are split intotracks and are separated by hours. User can create customizedplaylists for each hour, in order to for example, create shorter orlonger versions of each hour and/or to vary the psalms in each houron different days. Other features in the app include ability to setprayer reminders; an option to have the app randomly select Psalmsfor you from each hour (to vary your Psalms every day); ability toloop tracks to help with memorization, and ability to share prayeraudio and text. Within the app, there are two versions of theAgpeya prayers. There is an audio-only version, and a version withsoft background music. The audio-only version initially streamsfrom the internet but user has the option to download the audio forfuture offline use. The version with background music does notrequire an internet connection and so does consume any network dataat any point. Midnight Praises (Tasbeha)This app also contains acondensed version of the Midnight Praises. Midnight Praises audioinitially streams from the internet. User has the option todownload the audio for future offline use.