Michael Nägele Apps

Ultimate Power Flashlight 2.0.0
A very bright, ultra fast flashlight with niceanimations.Us the light for lighten up everything in front of you.And use the nice particle effect for you own mood.No Ads..
GazerStar the beginning 8.0.0
GazerStar is the next-generation Side Scroller. Fight against multiaggressive enemies in 3 different worlds. Fast and smooth scrollingwith tricky effects and traps will demand all your skill to approvethe challenge. Go on, give your best to survive GazerStar. - 3different, stylish retro levels - massive bullet hell - a lot ofenemies - 3 different bullets - bomb for destroying all enemies -retro graphics in HD - 8 way parallax scrolling - particle effects- 3 different boss enemies - Highscore and score with saving -Pause menu
Emergency ADDRESSING Decoder 5.0.0
• Provides simple addressing for the EM PRO units • Uses thebi-colour LED for device identification The adressing decoder isdesigned to aid easy addressing of Tridonic DALI based emergencylighting units such as EM PRO or EM powerLED PRO. All Tridonic DALIemergency devices are fitted with the patented EZ easy addressingsystem which uses the bi-colour LED to indicate the address number.After receiving a broadcast START IDENTIFICATION command (240) thePRO units will first switch off the emergency lamp and thencommence its identification sequence using the bi-colour LED to“flash” a 6 bit binary code where a red LED equates to Zero and aGreen LED equates to 1. This identification sequence is preceded bya 3 seconds off period to denote the start of the sequence. Theaddress of the unit can now be programmed with this tool in a easyway.
John Cena Soundboard 1.0.0
A Soundboard with the original John Cenasoundfiles.Just have fun with this.Are you playing a game and you want to have some nice soundsforwinning?Are you entering a party and you want to get recognized?Pranking some people outside or in school?You are on the way to mountain top, a few more steps butnomotivation?A dark garage and you want to scare someone?All this an more is implemented here with great,loudsoundfiles.Only tap the right button and John Cena will speak for you.