Michal Bukáček Apps

TicTacToe 7.51
Singleplayer or Multiplayer via Internet (global), or Bluetooth, orone device, global statistics, skins, different levels ofdifficulty and more and more. Many opponents in the game. TicTacToeis classic Gomoku game we know from school. Here are rules forrepeat: The one player who has five 5 a same marks (cross orcircle) in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row wins the game.The opponent tries to achieve the same. The game can be played as:1) Singleplayer - Best score can be saved in statistics.. (globalstatistics) 2) Multiplayer via Internet (whole world), 3)Multiplayer via Bluetooth connection, here is available chat 4)Multiplayer for two players on one device. 5) and more... Try toSee. This game can be appreciated most in your free time, in schoolbreaks, when travelling and everywhere where you need to kill yourtime... I wish to be like this game and thanks for any positivefeedback... (To modify the game using "Settings")
Files To SD Card 1.688
Regular use of Files To SD Card gives you one-click free space onyour internal memory. You can quickly move or backup your photos,videos or downloads from your device to SD card. This app Files ToSD Card is used to quickly move, copy or backup files from internalmemory to your phone's SD card. With this program, you can free upwith one click your device internal memory or backup your files tothe SD card. ✔️ Free up space by moving your files (documents,downloads, photos, videos and other) to SD Card ✔️ Back up yourdata to SD card ✔️ Save time, fast and easy usage ✔️ Selectspecific files by file extensions ✔️ Notification of new files viaNotification If you want to protect your files, regularly copy yourfiles to SD card and you will always have up-to-date back up ofyour files from internal memory to SD card. When you copy filesrepeatedly, existing files on the SD card are automaticallyskipped. Just select files you want to move or copy (back up),click a big button and that’s all, fast and easy. You can alsoselect specific files to move / copy by file extension and move orbackup your files faster. App displays large preview of files withmore details which appear after a long touch of the selected fileWith the new function "Notification", you will never forget toclean up the internal memory regularly for proper operation of yourphone. Just select how often you´d like to display notifications ofnew files on your phone. App is especially useful for devices withlow internal memory capacity, which does not allow the phone tostore the captured content directly on the SD card, or for userswho want to quickly and easily back up files to SD card. Alsosuitable for Android Go. Recommended devices: Vodafone Smart Prime6, Lenovo A2010 LTE, Moto G, Samsung Galaxy Core Prime VE, SonyXperia M4, Nokia One. The first time you use it and every time thedevice is restarted, you need to set access rights to the SD card.
Destroy Aliens - Wallpaper 2.0
Funny promo background of the game Destroy Aliens (spacemission).Watch as the meteorites collide with each other and withAliens!The number of meteorites and Aliens can be changed in thesettings.The movement of stars change depending on the position ofthe phone.When you click on the area, you recall color effect.Ihope you will enjoy.
Gold Rush 1.02
This game is scientific experiment, you and your friends can play.The task of the player in the game is to find as many gold nuggetsin a given area. While other players in the group (in the gameroom) try to reach the same goal.The winner is the player who findsthe most nuggets and when the game is finished the winner is markedas a Leader. The movement of players in game can be imagined as aswarm algorithm searching the area.The game works only inmultiplayer mode, and this for two to eight players.There are twopossible modes of play:1) fast (anonymous) game for two players2)mode where one player creates invitation for 2-8 players and otherswill recieve an invitation and the game starts.Finished game issaved on the server and this procedure of searching the area willbe compare by different software algorithms of artificialintelligence.It is about conclusion whether people can search thegiven area faster than artificial intelligence.
DroidMan 3D 1.12
PacMan + Android + 3D = DroidMan 3D ! FPV(First person view, 1st person view) game! DroidMan is a unique 3Darcade game full of surprises based on classic arcade game PacMan.Now play game 3D! Collect all the diamonds a other bonus jackpotsin a 3D maze, avoid all the ghosts who will pursue you and try totake your life, and reach the very end of the game. Different types of unfriendly ghosts will try to make your lifedifficult, but on the way through the game you will find manysurprises that will help you and you will learn how to use them toyour advantage. Move through the maze by using the arrow keys, youhave 3 lives, and a map which you can display and hide by clickingon the symbol. When the map is displayed, the game is paused.Get your memory ready, because it will not be easy to go throughall the mazes and reach the end, but you will certainly manage it.Go through all the colorful worlds, beat the ghosts, and yourfriends. You can compare your scores on the Leaderboard in 69rounds or with your accomplished achievements.Here are some highlighted advantages of the game :-) 🔶 69 colorful 3D mazes🔶 4 types of unfriendly ghosts🔶 Integrated map🔶 Surprising bonus jackpots 🔶 Right or left-handed control settings 🔶 Can be controlled by keyboard or gamepad🔶 Can be played with own MP3 in the background🔶 Leaderboard🔶 Sharing via various applications🔶 First person view (FPV)
Travel LogBook 2.0
It is a program to saving your actualGPSposition at regular intervals. Saving is done directly inHTMLformat on your external memory card in your phone. The map isthenshown on phone to see your route through which you are moving.Ateach step measurements can insert a comment on the way or youcaninsert photos from your camera phone.After installing set the program using the SETUP button.Hereperforms settings storage interval either after reaching a newtimeinterval or approximate the distance changes, which is givenasrelative calculation of speed changes ..The next step could be setting the measured data in the "Nameofthe recorded data". Set here the name of your trip, youradventureetc..After this basic setup the program is ready to turn on. Thiswillbe done with "Run Log " button. Click the "Stop log" to stopsavingthe measured data .. Values are stored as - GPS position,date andtime, altitude, average speed .. you can attach to therecords aswell picture from your camera along with a note ..Measured data are possible to display directly in theprogram,click "Show record data" measured data is stored in anexternalphone memory folder(/ sdcard / Bukacek_APP / Travel_LogBook / + name of themeasureddata)Here are the generated as well files index.html, that areintendedfor publishing on the web.
SOMA TicTacToe 1.03
SOMA TicTacToe is scientific experiment, evolutionary algorithm inthe game.Designed for experimental use, representing the statespace search using evolutionary SOMA algorithm.Here are rules ofthis game for repeats: First player who has five same symbols(crosses or circles) in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal rowwins the game. The opponent tries to achieve the same.SOMAalgorithm:Zelinka Ivan, In : G. Onwubolu, B.V.Babu, NewOptimization Techniques in Engineering, Springer-Verlag, 2004, ISBN3-540-20167X Bulletchap. 7 „SOMA – Self Organizing MigratingAlgorithm“, 51 p. Bulletchap. 16 „Optimization of Helical AntennaeElectromagnetic Pattern Field“, 5 p. Bulletchap. 25 „MechanicalEngineering Problem Optimization by SOMA“, 20
Photos To Directories By Date 1.34
This app Photos To Directories By Date is ideal for quickly sortingvideos and photographs into directories by date. You can sort byday or month of photoshoot. ✔️ Organize photos and videos in DCIMinto directories by date ✔️ Sorting by date or month, fast and easy✔️ In Internal memory or SD Card ✔️ Large file previews with moredetails With this programme you can organize your photos and videoswith one click into a DCIM directory of internal storage or an SDcard. Your photos and videos will be sorted and organized intodirectories according to date with just one click . The programmekeeps your photos and videos well-organized in a DCIM directory,and is especially useful before back up because it does all thework with photos and videos for you. Choose whether you want tosort by day or month and the data format in "Settings", click onthe button and that's it! You can rename the created directoriesbut to work the application properly it is necessary to keep thename format "date_yourtext". Maybe you were at a party thatfinished late and now you want all the photos in one directory Noproblem! The application even offers the possibility to organizephotos and videos to a certain time on a previous day. With thisapp you can quickly organize your pictures and videos.
Swarm Ultimate TicTacToe 1.0
Swarm Ultimate TicTacToe isscientificexperiment, observing the flock behavior of people in amultiplayergame. Observing swarm intelligence of people.
Human Ants 1.10
A game in which the task is to find the shortest way from home tofood in this way. The goal is to bring the maximum amount of foodinto the house with a minimum of steps. The game tracks thebehavior of a swarm of people. Game results compare to the behaviorof people with computer algorithms.
Files To Other Devices 1.160
Regular use of app Files To Other Devices gives you one clicksolution to share your files with your family, friends orcolleagues. You can quickly copy your photos, videos, documents ordownloads from your internal memory or SD Card to another devicevia Wifi. This app Files To Other Devices is a one click fastsolution to copy your files from internal memory or SD card toanother device via Wi-Fi. ✔️ Copy files to another device ✔️ From /to Internal memory or SD Card ✔️ Via Wifi, one click solution,without wires, fast, save and easy ✔️ Select just specific files byfile extension Just pair device you want to copy to, select filesyou want to copy, click big button and that’s all, fast and easysave, without wires, without stress. You can choose if you want tocopy FROM internal memory or SD Card or TO internal memory or SDCard of paired device. App displays large previews of files withmore details which appear after a long touch of the selected file.You can also select specific files to move / copy by file extensionand move or backup your files faster. By first install and by everyrestart you must enable access to SD card.
AI Soma 1.2
SOMA — Self-Organizing Migrating Algorithm With implements swarmmethod All - To - One - Net Adaptive. SOMA algorithm: Zelinka Ivan,In : G. Onwubolu, B.V.Babu, New Optimization Techniques inEngineering, Springer-Verlag, 2004, ISBN 3-540-20167X Bulletchap. 7„SOMA – Self Organizing Migrating Algorithm“, 51 p. Bulletchap. 16„Optimization of Helical Antennae Electromagnetic Pattern Field“, 5p. Bulletchap. 25 „Mechanical Engineering Problem Optimization bySOMA“, 20