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PDF417 Barcode Scan Demo App
PDF417.mobi is a demo application of 2Dbarcode scanning library (SDK) developed by Microblink team.This demo is intended primarily for developers and those interestedin developing mobile barcode scanning apps, but also it can beeasily used as any other PDF417 and QR scanning app.Features:* Barcode types: PDF417 (2D Barcode), QR code, Coder39,Code128* Flexibility: easy to integrate API* Working conditions: low and poor light conditions* Camera quality: low quality and low resolution mobilecameras* Perspective: can shoot at an angle* Speed: 100-900 ms - depends on device and barcode size* Charset: unicodePDF417.mobi scanning library is ideal for different barcode readerapps like: boarding pass, personal identifications, payment slips,driver licences and other.If you like it, check for downloads, source code on GitHub, help,pricing and more information on our web site:http://pdf417.mobi/
BlinkOCR Scanner 1.1.0
BlinkOCR Scanner is a demo application ofBlinkOCR scanning library (SDK) developed by Microblink team.This demo demonstrates the capabilities of our OCR technologyand it is intended primarily for developers and those who need realtime text recognition in their apps. It is customizable scanner appand uses phone camera for scanning small chunks of text that can becopied and shared as if they are manually entered. There areseveral available parsers that are used to extract information ofinterest from scanned texts (e-mail, IBAN, amount, date and rawtext).BlinkOCR is a mobile vision SDK that integrates into yourexisting mobile app to provide the functionality of real-time textrecognition, using camera of your mobile device. Compared toregular desktop-based OCR software, BlinkOCR library yields faster,near real-time results with lower error rate. While the wholeprocess is performed on the mobile device, BlinkOCR works offline,without Internet connection.Features:* Real time speed & high accuracy* Works offline (no internet connection needed)* Flexibility: easy to integrate API* Supports entry level mobile phonesBlinkOCR SDK adds the functionality for extracting text fromphysical documents. Described widely like this, there are numeroususe cases where text recognition functionality is needed.BlinkOCR especially excels at specific use cases like: IBAN andpayment information scanning, loyalty card scanning, receiptscanning or business card scanning. It supports both iOS andAndroid natively. BlinkOCR with its features like speed andaccuracy replaces the need for manual data input in described usecases.If you like it, check for downloads, source code on GitHub,help, pricing and more information on our web site: https://microblink.com/ocr
BlinkID Scanner
BlinkID Scanner is a demo application ofBlinkID scanning library (SDK) developed by Microblink team.BlinkID Scanner is intended for developer use and NOT for generalpurpose use!BlinkID is a mobile vision SDK that integrates into your existingmobile app to provide the functionality of extracting data fromidentification documents using camera of your mobile device.Instead of manual data entry, identification documents can bescanned in only a few seconds.Features:* ID card scanning standards:- Passports and IDs that contain Machine Readable Zone according toISO/IEC 7501 standard- United States' Driver's License barcodes- United Kingdom's Driver's Licence's front side- Malaysian identity card's front side* Speed & accuracy* Works offline (no internet connection needed)* Flexibility: easy to integrate API* Supports entry level mobile phones (even some without auto-focuscamera)* Typical scanning in 500 msBlinkID SDK can be used in various industries and in many differentsituations. Some of the most common use cases include scanning ofthe personal documents at the entrance of the building as a part ofaccess control solutions for government agencies, banks and more,check-in process in hospitality or healthcare, filling up onlineforms via mobile apps or signing up/registering for differentservices where additional security check is needed.BlinkID with its features like speed and accuracy replaces the needfor manual data input in described use cases and many others wherepersonal document identification is needed.If you like it, check for downloads, source code on GitHub, help,pricing and more information on our web site:https://microblink.com/blinkidKeywords: ID scanning SDK, mobile ID scanner
BlinkID - ID card and passport scanner
Keep all your documents in one place. Fill out forms withoutreaching for your wallet with BlinkID. Scan and extract yourpersonal information from virtually any identity document in theworld; ID cards, passports, driver's licenses, visas or workpermits. BlinkID keeps all your cards in one place, includingmembership, loyalty, library and any other card. Why is savingdocuments on your phone a good idea? As we know, time is the mostprecious resource. By keeping personal documents on your phone, youwill have more time to do what you really enjoy instead of typingin your information over and over again. Let the AI-poweredfeatures do all the work for you. What’s great about BlinkID — anID document scanner? • Scanning and saving all kinds of paper andplastic cards • Wallet that helps you keep all your documents inone place • Sharing your documents as PDF, image or text via emailor any other app on your phone • Getting notified before yourdocument expires • Last but not least, it's completely free fromads and any kinds of in-app purchases. Explore all BlinkID featureswithout any distractions. Microblink Ltd. is an AI companydeveloping proprietary mobile vision technology that solvesreal-life problems for more than 100 million end-users.
Microblink Vision
One app. All of our products. Download the Vision app to tryMicroblink’s AI-powered technology in a blink. Explore ourproprietary computer vision and data extraction technology and useit to get all the information you need from various documents. Tryout BlinkID, BlinkCard, BlinkInput, PhotoPay or PDF417 to extractdata from: • Various identity documents (IDs, driver's licenses,passports, travel visas and others) • Credit & bank cards •Proof of address • SIM cards & TOP-UPs • Utility bills &payment slips • Loyalty cards • Barcodes & QR codes Or digitizephysical documents with BlinkInput’s Document Capture feature. Ifyou like our intelligent solutions and see them as a part of yourmobile or web app, visit https://microblink.com/ and contact oursales team to explore the possibilities. We do not collect or storeany documents scanned with the Vision app. Microblink Ltd. is anR&D company on a mission to eliminate manual data entry inmobile and web apps by using camera input. Our proprietaryAI-powered mobile vision and data extraction technology linksdigital apps with the physical world. Our off the shelf productssolve specific real-life problems. One of the key advantages isthat there is no need for a server connection to scan and extractdata - it's done locally and on-device. All the sensitiveinformation is handled and processed by the client. Businessesworldwide use our technology to streamline and create a better UXin their apps banks, financial and government institutions,telecoms, retailers, insurance, system integrators and others.Microblink's products have already found their place in remotecustomer onboarding and are easily integrated with all majorverification or biometric solutions across different mobile and webplatforms.
BlinkCard - Scan Credit Cards
BlinkCard extracts data from credit and payment cards withunrivaled accuracy and speed. With one quick scan, you caninstantly capture the credit card number and expiration date. Afterscanning, you can copy the card number to clipboard. Scan carefree- BlinkCard demo app does not store card images or any extracteddata whatsoever. BlinkCard is used in a wide variety of use cases:online shopping & payments, m-wallet registration, credit cardapplication processes, and many other. Learn more:https://microblink.com/products/blinkcard About MicroblinkMicroblink is an R&D company with a mission to simplify dataentry using mobile or web camera input. Our solutions come in theform of SDKs (software development kits) and a web API designed tosolve a variety of real-life problems and optimized for easyintegration into any existing app or website. Businesses worldwideuse our technology to streamline processes and create a better userexperience in their apps. Our client portfolio consists of banks,financial and government institutions, telecoms, retailers,insurance, system integrators, startups, and other companies.Enable seamless UX in your app or website with powerful machinelearning features: • On-device processing • Precise data extractionin real time • Plug & play integration • Mobile SDK or Web API