Microsoft Innovation Center at Duy Tan University Apps

Tank War TD 1.0
A new game from Microsoft Innovation Center at Duy Tan University!This game is a combination of side scroll tower defense game andshooting game. Join the justice force and push back the enemy. Gamefeatures: - 30 challenge level to complete. - Get higher level toincrease shooting damage and HQ health. - Spend skill points toupgrade troops and skills. - Reach higher level to change turretand HQ appearance.
Frenzy Sheriff 1.0
Bandits are coming, and you are thelastsheriff in town. Can you have enough courage to fight againthebandits, reclaim peace for your town? It is depend on yourshootingskill!This is a casual game and the control are simple, swipe toreloadyour revolver with six bullets. Tap to shoot bandits, anddon'tshoot innocent old man because he is..innocent and your scorewillbe minus.Game feautures:+ Addicted casual gameplay.+ Achievement system - claim all achievements to proveyourskill.+ Ranking system - Go to 1st place if you are the best.
Star Connection 1.0
Connect those single stars to create a constellationStar Connectionis a simple yet very addictive puzzle.Star Connection can make youmust brainstorming and fills your imagination.Suitable for bothadults and children.Gameplay:After you tap the 1st star, otherstars that you tap will create a line between it and the previousstar.And remember : ”You cannot connect twice the same starcouples".According to clear levels, new points like below will makeit difficult:1. Beginner’s level.2. You can only see the tutorialline 3 times.3. You must finish the level in 30 seconds.4. Afterfinish the level you must define the constellation’s name.5. Theconnect lines will not appear but there are a total of correctlines on the corner of the screen.6. There are no tutorial linesfor you, only constellation pictures. Use your imagination toconnect the stars, and there are a total of correct lines on thecorner of the screen, too.
Sport 42 1.0
- Sports 42 (Sport For Two) is a family game includes a collectionof popular sports games. - Sports 42 has a special scenarios whichis designed for only 2 players playing on the same smart phone ortablet screen. - Sports 42 currently has 5 games which is:Football, Wrestle, Swimming, Basketball and Sailing. - The game isdesigned in the Flat Design style, which combined friendly userinterface. - Combined with simple tutorials and settings, playerswill easily grasp the rules of all five Sports 42 games.
Galaxy Maze 1.0.2
"Life's like a maze, you get the twists and turns. But in the end,there's always a way through it all"Galaxy Maze - A physics basedpuzzle game.You will have to solve the maze in this game, but notfind the way out. The goal in this game is let 2 boxes meet eachother. To archive this goal, you have to rotate the maze, and thegravity will help you move the boxes in the maze.Game Features:+Physics based puzzle game.+ 45+ challenge levels, more levels willcome on next update.+ Maze have locked doors, bombs and saws tochallenge player.Feel free to enter maze now!
Extreme Trick Shot 2.24
Extreme Trick Shot - a physics based puzzle game.You have a balland there is a box, the rule of this game is simple, throw the ballinto the box in one shot. Game have 150 levels for to beat, try tocome to the end, you will be surprised.
Sun Group News 2.0.13
This is news application for by MIC@DTU
Sword of Justice: hack & slash 1.15
Kill demons and collect coins, upgrade your hero with new skill andability! Become stronger to go futher!The control is simple, youdrag on the screen to move your hero, tap or swipe to make yourhero dash. Kill as many enemy as you can and beat the game!TheBandit, Warrior, Samurai, Archer, Warlock, Black Mage, SuicideBomber, and much more powerful evil creatures are waiting foryou.Game Features:● Various type of enemy, each have differentbehavior and ability.● Many items can collect and upgrade.● Earnexp each time you play to level up and upgrade your hero.● Awesome3D graphics.
Frenzy Sheriff - Gunslinger 1.1
Bandits are coming, and you are the last sheriff in town. Can youhave enough courage to fight again the bandits, reclaim peace foryour town? It is depend on your shooting skill!This is a casualgame and the control are simple, swipe to reload your revolver withsix bullets. Tap to shoot bandits, and don't shoot innocent old manbecause he is..innocent and your score will be minus.Gamefeautures:+ Addicted casual gameplay.+ Achievement system - claimall achievements to prove your skill.+ Ranking system - Go to 1stplace to prove you are the best sheriff in town.
Smart Car Box 1.0
“Smart Car Box” is a system helping user recognize the failures andexist problems of their cars in order to give the best solutions tosolve the present problems through an electrical box integrating tothe car. This application help user interacting to the box as wellas the car through the smart phone. It allows user to connect tothe car, to check status of his/her car, and to find the garagesfor repairing or maintaining. This application is developed onmultiplatform such as IOS, Android, Window phone.Advantages: 1.Diagnose damages and failures of devices – equipments of machines2. SOS emergency 3. Finding the nearest garages 4. Repairing priceannouncement 5. Maintenance reminder
Sun Group Reports 1.2
This is report application for by MIC@DTU
Smart Mushroom 1.9
- Bạn muốn thêm nấm vào bữa ăn hàng ngày nhưng lo ngại chất lượngnấm? - Bạn muốn trồng nấm nhưng không biết trồng như thế nào? - Bạnmuốn trồng nấm nhưng không có thời gian chăm sóc? - Bạn không cókhông gian trồng nấm riêng? - Smart mushroom sẽ hỗ trợ bạn!!!! -Smart mushroom là tủ trồng nấm thông minh. - Smart mushroom cungcấp cho bạn điều kiện trồng các loại nấm khác nhau. - Smartmushroom hoạt động một cách tự động. Bạn còn có thể điều khiển chứcnăng của tủ tại bất cứ nơi đâu có kết nối internet với điện thoạicủa bạn. - Smart mushroom là một hệ thống tách biệt với nguồn nướcvà thoát nước riêng, không ảnh hưởng đến không gian sống của bạn. -Ngoài ra, với thiết kế bọc gỗ và mica, Smart mushroom còn là vậtdụng trang trí nội thất phù hợp với nhiều vị trí: phòng khách,phòng bếp hay cả văn phòng làm việc của bạn. Mang lại màu sắc tựnhiên cho không gian sống. Các chức năng chính của hệ thống: - Tạora điều kiện thuận lợi cho nấm phát triển. - Gợi ý các điều kiệnsinh trưởng thuận lợi nhất cho từng loại nấm. - Thông báo cho ngườidùng những tác động xấu đến sinh trưởng của nấm. - Thông báo chongười dùng thời điểm tốt nhất để thu hoạch nấm. - Lưu dữ liệu điềukhiển cho người dùng có thể kiểm tra mọi lúc. - Phù hợp với nhiềuloại nấm ăn: Nấm bào ngư, Nấm Đông Cô, Nấm Kim Châm,… và nấm dượcliệu. - You want to add mushrooms to your daily meals but fears ofmushroom quality? - You want to grow mushrooms but do not know howto grow? - You want to grow mushrooms but do not have time to care?- You do not have separate mushroom growing space? - Smart mushroomwill support you !!!! - Smart mushroom is smart mushroom growingcabinet. - Smart mushroom provides you with different mushroomgrowing conditions. - Smart mushroom works automatically. You caneven control the function of the cabinet anywhere there is aninternet connection to your phone. - Smart mushroom is a separatesystem with separate water and drainage, does not affect yourliving space. - In addition, with wood and mica design, Smartmushroom is an interior decoration suitable for many places: livingroom, kitchen or your office. Brings natural color to the livingspace. Main functions of the system:  - Create favorableconditions for fungal growth.  - Suggest the most favorablegrowth conditions for each fungus.  - Notify the user of theadverse effects on fungal growth.  - Inform the user of thebest time to harvest mushrooms.  - Save control data for usersto check every time.  - Suitable for many kinds of mushrooms:abalone mushroom, Oriental mushroom, mushroom magnet ... andmedicinal mushroom.
P2A Asean In One 1.0.2
P2A Asean In One, will display the list the events that tookplacein the conference of P2A(PASSAGE TO ASEAN ASSOCIATION) P2A isanon-profit Network that was officially formed in June 2012duringthe First Assembly of Representatives hosted by RangsitUniversityin Thailand and attended by Norton University ofCambodia, Duy TanUniversity of Vietnam, The National University ofLaos, and MyanmarComputer Institute of Myanmar. During this time,the concepts ofP2A were established, which were based on the visionof the ASEANCharter: “One Vision, One Identity” and creating “onecaring andsharing community”. Passage to ASEAN is driven by theneed forregional solidarity and a shared responsibility towardspeople andsociety as a whole. P2A was initiated with the principlethathigher education should be a leader in the development ofsociety.Today, P2A is growing fast; we attribute this to our corevalues,which are simplicity, flexibility, and most importantly adirectfocus on our students, who will shape our world of tomorrow.P2A“belongs” to its Members; each Member institution plays a vitalitsdevelopment, decision-making and programs.
P2A Race Game 3D
Upgraded version of the P2A Race game on Unity 3D platform