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Car Traffic Speed Racing 3D 5.0
"Cars, races and speed 3D" terrific game, addictive gameplay,oncoming cars, collect bonuses and become the best racer.Coolphysics, stunning race tracks and cars. "Cars, races and speed 3D»creates a new type of racing for Android users.Feel the speed ofthe race and in the new free game of survival. Teetering betweenchaos and control. Click on the gas and hang in as long aspossible.No need to pay to come to a victory, "Cars, races andspeed 3D» absolutely free game. We know that you love to drive, sowe decided to include in the game for more than 20 coolest racing.Make the engine of his car and raced through the busy highways, dothe stunts, overtake rivals and prove to your friends that you'rethe best! Asphalt worldwide is glowing from the crazy races. Willyou have the courage to resist the temptation to crash intooncoming car ?! In "Machines and race speed 3D» you dictate laws!Buy a new car and try to become the fastest and most successfuldriver in the global players tops! Racing now - will WWTP other!The game sets a new standard in the genre of racing at maximumacceleration. Drive the high-end luxury cars, and show everyonewho's boss. Immediately get behind the wheel and get ready for whatyou will capture the spirit as soon as you press the start button.In the game "Cars, races and speed 3D» you can change settings andtrip characteristics as you please. Increase engine power upgradetheir equipment, repaint your car. All this will definitely affectthe realistic driving simulation. Opening the elite race cars, youwill feel the lord of the roads.SPEED RIDINGTake part in high-speedraces, drive a car in the flow of traffic and overtake othercars!In "Machines and race speed 3D» there are no restrictions.More danger - more coins!High-quality graphicsEnjoy the mostadvanced 3D-graphics with realistic atmosphere and incrediblydetailed vehicles.Your dream carImprove your car to the limit, giveit a personal touch with colors, wheels and bumpers.Make it better,faster, more powerful and more beautiful.FAST chase andfearlessTunable their cars as often as possible, including the hugeflow of cars.Features:- 3D-graphics of the first level and gnarlyimpact-crash sound effects,- Upgrade and customize your own car,-Earn free money to unlock new cars,- Race for your own ways: youcan touch and mouse, tilt,- Enjoy more than 10 hours of gameplay inthe massive career mode with 48 levels,- Realistic car racingexperience,- Excellent high quality graphics,- Enjoy the race fromdifferent angles,- Real-time car racing physics,- Ability to useanother machine,- HD-quality games to enjoy,- Wacky Races,-Excellent 3D graphics,- Racing cars and improved bumper, spoiler,-Ability to pump the car for themselves,- A wide choice of routes,-Dynamic gameplay arcade racing - board hated rivals,- Pleasant andrealistic management- Different cars to choose from: bizneskary,sports cars, luxury cars,- Detailed environments of the world,-Exciting engine sounds and excellent background music,- Easymanagement,- Coloring car unexpected colors.Control:-Use Gyroscope,keys,-No Brakes, only forward!Later:- Increasing the level Subcars- Increasing the number of runs,- More colors, vinyl upgrade.
Matchsticks Puzzle: Free Game 11.0
Play the newest puzzle with matches!Hmm, what is it? Matches !? Itturns out that the matches can not only to kindle fires and gasstoves. It turns out that with the matches you can play is not bad!Various tasks with matches are waiting for you! You will need tobuild the figure of matches, as well as to solve the equation withtheir help! It is incredibly interesting! This game has a lotof years before there were mobile phones. People used to solvepuzzles with matches using these matches, looking for jobs inbooks, newspapers and magazines, and then lined up the levelsthemselves, and then decide. In this game you can only play at homeand enjoy all the tips that have been in the same journals. Now thegame is released on the phone and you do not have to lay out thelevels! You will only need to solve interesting problems andequations. Once you decide to correct the problem, the game will betranslated by you to the next level! A wonderful game withmatches, unusual, colorful design and the beautiful sounds of thegame. You can play anytime and anywhere. The game is free andaccessible to all, the puzzle does not require a lot of space onyour phone as well as there are no age restrictions. Marshallfigures of matches, as well as to solve the equation a lot offun!Features:• various tasks with the matches;• need to buildshapes and solve equations using matches;• a great game;• unusual,colorful design;• beautiful sounds of the game;• fun game for yourbrain;• Free puzzle;• Hundreds of levels;• does not require a lotof space on your phone;• You can play anywhere.How to play:You willneed to build the figure of matches, as well as to solve theequation with their help.
Cookies & Puzzle: Mahjong 14.0
You love to play puzzle games and board games? Then try our newmahjong games! New levels, new jobs and new pictures on the majongtiles! Instead of the usual characters and points we have drawn abunch of a variety of sweets! Now play mahjongg much moreinteresting! In addition to new images with cookie, we have anunusual game levels, tiles are located most unusual ways to formdifferent shapes.For beginners of mahjong solitaire, we willexplain the rules. You need to find all the identical tiles withthe same picture. Select the one, then the other, and they bothdisappear. You can choose only those tile that are not pinched byother chips, they are on the edges of the figure. Your goal — toremove all the chips with identical cookies from the board, thenthe level will be considered passed.In our game has several levelsof difficulty, so that every player can play comfortably. In eachlevel of about a hundred levels, you can start the game from thesimple level of difficulty and finish the most difficult.GameFeatures:➢ mahjong solitaire free;➢ new levels and new cookies!➢unusual game levels;➢ several levels of difficulty;➢ beautifulgraphics;➢ great animation;➢ pleasant sounds and music.How ToPlay:You need to find all the identical tiles with the samepicture. Select the one, then the other, and they both disappear.Your goal - to remove all the chips from the board, then the levelwill be considered passed.Follow Us:VK:https://vk.com/public118532025TWITTER:https://twitter.com/MicrowaterMediaFACEBOOK:https://www.FACEBOOK.com/groups/759200277515466
Sniper Bowman Archery 14.0
Sniper Bowman ArcheryBowman archery game - discover this completelyfree game Sniper Bowman Archery Game - fun and interesting gameplay.- Intuitive and super precise aiming, you feel how much can berealestichnost archery.- Several locations for shooting with theamazing and unique graphics.- Great sound, visual and tactilesensory effects, in addition to the actual shooting.- Thepossibilities are endless mode, everything depends on yourresults.- Puzzle elements in each levelArchery arrows and give youa great experience and skills of the best shooter on the planet.Strive to learn to hit the target from a distance. Touch screenphone and aim for the bull's-eye. To get right on target is a featin archery. How far can you shoot? You are as good as super archer?Take your bow and arrows and do not hit the dirt face. Feel theemotions and do not forget to tell about this game to yourfriends;)Key features of the game:✔ Physics based on reality✔excellent 2D graphics✔ absolutely free game✔ easy and comfortableto play✔ accurate touchscreen control panel✔ Sniper bowman gameIfyou like bow and shooting - you will like this sniper game.Everylevel is samll puzzle and you need to think before shooting - oryou can just have fun playing this archer shooting game.
Top Down Speed Racing 9.0
Feel the exorbitant rate for the best!This racing game usesrealistic physics of cars, which will give the real feeling ofdriving and racing. Dynamic change of day and night gives you theopportunity to ride at any time of the day. At night, you will feelthe realism of the present, which will give you our racingsimulator. If you are confident in their abilities and skills ofdriving, choose the fastest race and take full control of thevehicle. The choice represented a lot of race cars with differentspecifications. The supercar will give you a pleasant feeling ofdriving fast and safely allows to maneuver in the dense flow ofroad traffic. Sport Coupe is not as powerful, but also more easy tomanage. Heavy truck and a huge SUV - the car for those who areconfident in their abilities. Pick-up is not so easy to manage, andits dimensions have to be taken into account by performing a riskymaneuver!Super Street Racing is a super 2D arcade racing game thatwill provide enough depth and variety of gameplay, in order tosatisfy every fan of the genre. Improve your driver skills when youare in traffic. Now you can feel like a super car driver on thestreet. Do not crash your car into oncoming cars at high speeds, tobe on the top of the street! Super Street Racing 2D is a free game!Tell your friends, call them on the competition!SPEED RIDINGTakepart in high-speed races, drive a car in the flow of traffic andovertake other cars!The street racing has no restrictions. Moredanger - more coins!Real simulator DRIFTepic physics andinexpressible beauty drifts are waiting for you.MOST REALISTICMOBILE RACING GAMEwe use the newest 2D HD graphicsTHIS SOUNDS OFMOTORS AND TURBINESMost coveted DRIFT GAMECAUTION! This game canabsorb you for many hours, do not forget to take a break every 40minutes!WE LOVE TALKIf you have anything to add about the game,please contact us.Game Features:- Dynamic change of time of day;-Realistic car physics;- Huge variety of race tracks;- Unlock carscan only earn points;- Ability prodelyvat extreme stunts;-Intuitive controls;- Thanks to the simple management, you willquickly adapt to the game;- Ability to improve the racing car toyour liking;- The roar of engines;- A huge fleet;- Detail of theworld environment;- Realistic acceleration;- Superski 2D graphics;-Cool music.Future plans:- Increase the number of machines to 50-Create more cards- Enter multiplayer mode
Bubble Shooter - Classic 10.0
Let's pop the bubbles with us!Fun and addictive game shootingbubbles. You need to clear all the bubbles on the screen tocomplete the level. It's long been known for the popular puzzlegame. A classic game that is popular around the world! Regardlessof age and sex, like all bubbles burst. Shoot bubbles is very funand funny, play your entire family. Like most classic puzzlegame Bubble Shooter is popular for a long time. In this game youcan train your brain, and shooting skills. And also just relax andplay your favorite game. Simple operation, explosive animations andcolorful pictures, it's something for which you can fall in lovewith this game. And of course the colorful bubbles! Theessence of the puzzle game is to burst all the bubbles and clearthe entire screen of them. In order to burst the bubble, you needto shoot the gun out of his bubble of the same color. You need toshoot where there are many identical bubbles. In order to make you,the game has a subsidiary balls, they will help you to cope withunwanted balls.Features:- Puzzle Mode, using a limited number ofbubbles in the game.- Arcade Mode, uses an infinite number ofbubbles, you lose if the screen is filled with bubbles.- Over 300different levels!- More than 20 kinds of bubbles!- Colorful game.-To burst bubbles.- Funny music.- Free game.How to play:You need toburst all the bubbles and clear the entire screen of them. It isnecessary to shoot the bubbles of the same color.If you liked toburst the bubbles together with us, join our group and discuss thegame with other players! :)))
Unblock Puzzle 10.0
Download a new challenging puzzle game on your smartphone!This is asimple and exciting game - puzzle. The main purpose - to bring thegreen block from the field in fewer strokes, while removing theremaining blocks that get in the way. In this puzzle game you canplay at 3 levels of difficulty: easy, normal and expert. There areabout 200 levels, but with each update we will add more 50 level.Update out every week! The game can be played in two ways: 1 -you can place the puzzle without haste, without thinking about thegeneral account and the maximum reward for the level. 2- youconstantly challenge yourself, trying to complete the game with thehighest possible award of 3 stars. To do this, bring the unit outof the field in fewer strokes. Great game for the developmentof mental abilities, supports your mind in good shape. Puzzle isdesigned for sharing, it is absolutely free and suitable for allages, types. Simple operation. Horizontal blocks can only be movedto the left or right. Vertical blocks are moved upward. Move theblue horizontal and vertical blocks to clear the way for the greenbox.Play the most beautiful game - the puzzle with the unlockingand beautiful blocks. Enjoy the pleasant sounds of the game1000puzzlesYou get amazing gaming experience with hundreds of hours ofgameplay and more than 1000 puzzles.Unlimited number of CANCELMOVESYou made a mistake? Do not worry. Do you have an unlimitednumber of undo moves made.Start overYou can restart the game bypressing the RESET button, which cancels all your moves.INTERACTIVETIPSHelp is needed??? Do not worry. We will give you free advice onthe passage of challenging levels.Features:✦ beautiful graphics✦Free tips✦ 1000 levels✦ 3 difficulty levels✦ absolutely free✦ defyhimself✦ game - Puzzle✦ for the development of mental abilities✦pleasant soundsHow to play:You need to bring the unit out of thefield in fewer strokes.Any questions or suggestions? Do nothesitate to write to us about all !;)
Super Solitaire Klondike 9.0
Welcome to the world of card games!Solitaire - Klondike, one of themost popular solitaire games, now for your mobile phone! This gameis free and is required for installation!In this game of solitaireyou need to collect all the cards in the house, putting them infour stacks by suit from King to Ace. Join an exciting game withthe famous audience of millions around the world in this version ofHD! The game has a lot of settings, from choosing thelanguage, the speed of the animation or sound settings, and endingwith the mode of operation of the abolition of travel (from thelast to the infinite) and support for the left-handed version. If aclassic solitaire variation you pall, you can change the difficultysetting and game, giving it a second wind!  Have fun,play on mobile phones and tablets. Our game supports all types ofdevices and both kinds of orientation: horizontal and vertical. Wehope you enjoy our Solitaire. In this type of game there are a fewtitles: Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, Klondike solitaire - but it isone and the same game is like not one generation of theirfans! You need to collect cards and solitaire, so that no onecard is not left on the playing field. The game has a count ofcorrect choices. If you make a mistake, and there are no moremoves, the game will give you know about it and you have to gothrough it again.  Solitaire is never boring. Before youdo this on your computer, at home or at work. Now you can take yourfavorite game wherever you go and enjoy it anywhere,anytime!Features:- Stunning HD graphics- Support for vertical andhorizontal orientation of the screen- A wide choice of backgroundsand shirts- Mode for left-handers- Automatically save and loadunfinished games- Ability to set the degree of "zatёrtosti" cards-Adjusting the travel cancellation (last move, endless, 3, 5 and 10times per game)- Collecting element: for the victory you will begiven a special card- Support for smartphones and tablets- GooglePlay Ranking playersHow to play:Required to collect all the cardsin the house, putting them in four stacks by suit from King to Ace.
Connect Monster Puzzle 12.0
Download a new puzzle in the style of Gothic!Test your brain withan amazing puzzle game. Can you guess how to connect the dots toget the figure? Think through a few moves in advance. You have toconnect all the lines without repeating.  Puzzle connectthe dots is made in an unusual style, colorful, and also has morethan 100 levels!The rules are simple, but actually it is not soeasy as it seems. The game requires serious thinking to solve. Thisis ideal if you want to train your brain. Connects the dots ina certain sequence, draw different figures, sozdavay.Zapomnidrawing, connecting elements in order to play it. Do it correctlyfor a certain time to get maximum points. With this free game youcan improve memory, develop concentration skills and logicalthinking. Throw challenge your friends with this puzzle you willnot be equal! Each level can be played an infinite number of times,it allows you to improve your score to the maximum. We createdthis game in an unusual style of puzzles. Instead of the usualbright colors we used the mysterious dark tones, which gives a grimsituation. Also, instead of points, we used the skull. The resultwas pretty good style, which is sure you will enjoy. And surpriseyour friends when they see this game with you. Maybe you donot get to connect lines correctly the first time and not be ableto build the shape of the points, but in this it is of interest,because poraskinut have brains to go further.Features:• Unmatchedgraphics• More than 100 levels• Clear management• Free game• Savingthe best results• Unusual interface• Unusual geometric shapes•Excellent sound• Beautiful animation• Colorful design in the styleof GothicHow to play:It's simple. Move the line with his finger soas to connect the dots. Each line can be used only once, but everypoint can be used repeatedly. The victory comes when all the linesare connected.In order to connect the dots and build of thesefigures, no need to hurry. To calculate their moves early in thegame.If you happened to some problems with the game, please contactus and we will eliminate all problems as quickly as possible.
Laser World: Puzzle Game 9.0
Play new laser puzzle!Welcome to the new world of the laser fromour developers! The excellent combination of interesting puzzlesand stylish design. Bright violet laser to be directed to the pointto highlight them. The laser itself can not twist, you can onlychange the direction of the beam. To do this, you need the blocks.Your task is to move the blocks to the laser reflected by them inthe right direction and eventually highlight point. In thegame you will find many different levels and units. Blocksdifferent from each other in their properties, one reflected beam,the other is taken, the third pass through. As you progress throughthe puzzle will increase the complexity of the games, as well asthe number of rays and points that need to be highlighted. Anice way to pass the time and poraskinut brains. And yet, yourphone will clearly stand out, thanks to the bright design of thegame!Features:- An interesting puzzle- stylish design- Brightviolet laser- Many different levels and units- To help pass thetime and brains poraskinut- Free gameHow to play:Your task is tomove the blocks to the laser reflected by them in the rightdirection and eventually highlight point.
Can You Escape Prison 13.0
Help the prisoner escape from prison!This time you play as the badcharacter and your task is to escape from prison. Prison - awell-guarded object and leave it no easy task, even for experiencedprisoner. On his way to freedom you will find surveillance cameras,motion sensors, laser doors, moving lasers that react to foreignobjects, collapsing walls, self-guided guns and naturally livesecurity guards, some of them will patrol the site, while othersnap. Do not even think to wake them! It takes a lot of patience toavoid obstacles, and in some cases have to run without lookingback, you are not pinned to the wall, always be careful! Counts thetime required to turn the cameras and motion sensors and activateat the right moment to pass through them. If at least one devicereacts, the siren is activated and you will have to take place allover again. Collect keys to open doors laser, hide from the guardsbehind the boxes of food. An unusual and fascinating puzzle inwhich every step of the account, one wrong move and have to takeplace all over again. This game is for negative character, so youneed to be clever and daring for this game. Simple controls andchallenging levels are waiting for you. Each level has its ownclever traps that you have to overcome. A game for those wholike to think of challenging levels, and for those who like riskand everything connected with it. The further you will pass theharder it will puzzle. The game is addictive for a few hours, Iwant to pass on and on. Help the poor prisoner escape fromprison.Features:- A game of bad character.- Surveillance cameras,motion sensors, laser doors, self-guided machine guns, guards andmore.- Unusual and addictive puzzle game.- Simple control andchallenging levels.- Excellent graphics of the game.- Impeccablephysics.- A free game.- exciting plot.- More than 50 challengingand dangerous levels.How to play:You need to escape from prison. Todo this, avoid obstacles and collect keys to open doors. Counts thetime required to turn the cameras and motion sensors activated, soas not to be caught.For any questions and suggestions pleasecontact us comments, as well as join our group, we are glad youalways)
Bike Jump - Mountain Extreme 5.0
Cult game Bike Jump will plunge you into the world of extremedanger. Get on your bike and mchi at high speed on the slopes ofthe mountain, performing various tricks!You play as a cyclist, youwill have to conquer the steep slopes of the mountains, fly overhuge gap and perform crazy tricks. On top management it will seemcomplex and inconvenient, but after a short time you will learn tocontrol your bike and even perform complex tricks in the air. Donot expect to pass the level from the first time, this game is forreal professionals. Every centimeter of the track is dangerous, becareful and do not relax even for a second. As in life, to become agreat athlete, you need to go through many failures and falls. Butonly the strong and persistent become champions. Will you be ableto do tricks on a bicycle? Jumping on the bike differ fromothers in that they are not so easy to do. For this to happen, youneed a good mountain bike  Ride a bike is not easy, youhave to, just as in real life, to keep the balance. If you're goingfor a long time to clamp one of the buttons, then oprokinesh bikeitself, or simply fall off. In order to call up a high mountainhave to be dispersed properly and rotate the pedals. Bouncing on atrampoline, do not forget about the tricks, do flips, it will helpyou cope with the obstacle. At any time, you will need to eitherspeed up or hit the brakes, be on the alert. Bike jump, theydo not just biking around the park, it's a real extreme inmountainous terrain. When control your character, then you worryfor him, though he is now break it. Extraordinarily beautiful 2Dworld is very accurately conveys the extreme atmosphere of the gameand allows you to better control your bike. Perform jumps on thebike as much as possible, in order to get more points and to buy anew mountain bike.Not everyone will be able to perform dangerousstunts on a bike, but you can do it. Prove to everyone that you arethe most fearless extremals and the most experienced rider. Walkfrom the beginning to the end of all the tracks. Amaze your friendswith your bales and manner of driving. Show who is the king ofjumps and dangerous jumps. Earn as many points and buy new mountainbike. All this only in our game called Bike Jump.Features:-Stunning 2D graphics;- Very cool music;- Most new mountain bikes;-Dangerous stunts;- Uneasy management;- Free content;- A largenumber of challenging trails;- Summer and winter time;- Realisticanimation of falling off the bikeIf you find any defects on thegame or if you have suggestions, write to us about it. And also donot forget to put a rated us;)
Old School Tank Battle 9.0
Old story, new style!And here is the old tanks for you! For allthose who grew up on games of 90 years. Now a great arcade game bythe host phone! Remember how fun it was to keep the defense againsta variety of tanks just one of its tank. It was hard to not onlyprotect your tank and its base. As anxious to pump your tank tobecome stronger and more powerful! All this is again returned toyou, and now you can experience all the emotions again! Playtanks, collect bonuses, destroy the enemy! This is a very fun andinteresting. More than 50 new levels waiting for you! Contemporary,a new interface, easy management, new models of tanks. You can playanytime, anywhere. Free game, takes up little space on your phone,almost sits down your battery. This strategy game has beenestablished for a long time and is still in the world has a hugepopularity among both adults and children alike. Suitable for bothbeginners and experienced tank! If you want to shoot and do notknow what, then Download this game and you will notregret!Features:★ Excellent arcade game;★ More than 50 new levels;★contemporary music;★ A new interface;★ Easy management;★ new modelsof tanks;★ Free game;★ occupies little space on your phone;★Strategy game;★ Colorful graphics;★ New missions, goals andpower-ups!How to play:You need to keep the defense against avariety of tanks just one of its tank, to protect not only yourtank and its base. We need to destroy as many enemy tanks aspossible and their main center. Management crosses in the lowerleft corner. Shoot the button in the bottom right corner.★★★ Do notforget to write your assessment and comments !!! ★★★
Box Move Puzzle 16.0
It's time to work on a bulldozer!Greet a new puzzle in the genre ofSokoban. You will manage a bulldozer and you need to move the boxeswith the goods. At first glance, it is an easy job, but do notbe so self-confident, our developers have tried to make the levelsare very complicated, so you can not just go through the game. Morethan 200 different levels are waiting for you. Qualitative study ofanimation bulldozer, he shakes and emits sounds like a real! Twotypes of control. Sound settings. Bright and colorful design of thegame. Simply stunning design, download, and you like it! Theessence of the game is to move the bulldozer boxes, they need toget back on terms. As soon as you put the box on the point, it willbe highlighted in blue. You can move only forward or a box on theside, you do not get to drag a box back. So be careful and do notput the box in the corner. But if this happens, you can cancel thecourse or to start the level over again. Simple operation, youdo not have to press buttons randomly or possess certain skills.The game in which you need not hurry, it is better to think asfollows, before making any move. Puzzle for all the family, thereare no restrictions. It is a free game, it does not require aninternet connection. You can play absolutely any time.Features:- Anew puzzle game in the genre of Sokoban;- More than 200 differentlevels;- A qualitative study of animation bulldozer;- Two types ofcontrol;- Sound system;- Bright and colorful design of the game;-Stunning design;- Easy operation;- A free game.How to play:It isnecessary to move the bulldozer boxes, they need to get back onterms.All questions and suggestions in the comments, as well as inour groups.VK - https://vk.com/public118532025Twitter -https://twitter.com/MicrowaterMediaFacebook -https://www.facebook.com/groups/759200277515466Have a nice game! =)
Puzzle Games: Candy, Jelly & Match 3 13.0
The sweetest Match of the match 3 games free and puzzle games freeof the year! Play for free and match three games.Join the fantasticsugary adventure in the candy kingdom and collect all delicioustreats. Explore candy world and discover over 100 joyful andcolorful levels. Make combinations to get more scores to win level!Get the scores and buy sweet boosters that will help you succeed.Crush all the sweet candies to unlock unique bonuses.Try to get 3stars on every level and will be the best in the candy world! GameFeatures:🍬 Classic match 3 games genre — match three games forandroid!🍬 NO INTERNET CONNECTION REQUIRED to play! 🍬 Excitegameplay and interesting game modes;🍬 One-touch game control;🍬Friendly user interface;🍬 Extremely addictive;🍬 Deliciouslollipops;🍬 Hundreds of challenging levels;🍬 Cool combo and amazingexplodes;🍬 You can play anywhere;🍬 Candy world for all ages — forchildren and adults;How To Play:✔ Get Puzzle Games: Candy, Jelly& Match 3 from Google Play✔ Collect candies 3 in a row.✔ Enjoyone of the best 3 in a row games!Follow Us:VK:https://vk.com/public118532025TWITTER:https://twitter.com/MicrowaterMediaFACEBOOK:https://www.FACEBOOK.com/groups/759200277515466
🏀Play Basketball🏀 10.0
Boad ball straight into the basket!Amazing game of basketball onyour phone! Here it is necessary to throw myach🏀 in a basket withdifferent distances and with different angle. At your disposala number of gaming locations, and levels of complexity. There is agame for a while, scoring as many balls in 30, 45 and 60 seconds!Choose how you want the ball brosat⚽️⚾️🎾, sight color, and muchmore! The game is great for all lyubiteley❤️ basketball, no onewill remain indifferent!At the very beginning of the game you havefive goals, one will be taken away only if you do not hit thebasket. If you get into the cart, its location is changing, and youhave to get there again. Your best score throws will be maintainedand you can always fight with yourself. Beautiful graphics andcool interface. Simple and convenient operation. Play anytime,excellent reduces stress and tension. Become a true professional inthe game of basketball!Features:🏀 amazing basketball game;🏀 severalgaming locations;🏀 game at a time;🏀 choose the type of ball and thecolor of the sight;🏀 beautiful graphics;🏀 cool interface;🏀 simpleand convenient operation;🏀 free game.How to play:We need to throwthe ball in the basket with different distances and with differentangle. To do this, how to aim directly at the point-basket.Leaveyour reviews and comments, as well as subscribe to our group!VK -https://vk.com/public118532025Twitter -https://twitter.com/MicrowaterMediaFacebook -https://www.facebook.com/groups/759200277515466
Labirinth: Roll the Ball 9.0
Control the ball, rolled it to the finish line!The newest puzzlegame in its genre! Cathay ball through the maze, go aroundobstacles and holes! You play on a wooden board with a mazeand your task is to be pushed to the ball in the finish. Do not letthe ball to fall into the hole, avoid obstacles and beware oftraps! Two types of control, you can change the trajectory of theball by tilting your phone! Collect the key and drive the button toopen the door. Circle hole depends on your skill the way throughthe game. Fun and interesting maze game, suitable for bothadults and children. Kata and ball control is very fun, and mostimportantly comfortable, choose the control with which the mostlike to play!Good music will not let you get bored. More than 100different levels are waiting for you right now, do not miss yourchance for a good time with an interesting game!Features:- Thenewest puzzle;- Wooden board with a labyrinth;- A lot of obstaclesand traps;- Two types of control;- It depends on your skill the waythrough the game;- Funny and interesting game maze;- Suitable forboth adults and children;- good music;- More than 100 differentlevels;- A free game.How to play:Your job could be pushed the ballinto the finish. Control the ball, give him to fall into a hole.Weare waiting for you in our group!VK -https://vk.com/public118532025Twitter -https://twitter.com/MicrowaterMediaFacebook -https://www.facebook.com/groups/759200277515466
🍬Sweet Plate - PaoPao🍬 11.0
Play the most sweet and beautiful puzzle game!Love sweet cake? Thenthis great puzzle game for you! A huge range of the most deliciouscakes and candies! Your task is to find all the same goodiesand remove them from the playing field. It is necessary to connectone image with another of the same. Pictures connected with a line,which can be bent twice. Only under these conditions you canconnect the two identical pictures. Great colorful Pao Pao, apleasure to play at any age, it is very simple and convenientoperation! Soothing music to help you relax and relieve stress. Youcan play anytime and anywhere! Just download the game and look foryour favorite pictures, wherever you are! Colorful game willgive you unforgettable pleasure of the passing game! About 50exciting levels, which will be supplemented by new no lessinteresting levels! If you like to look for the same image in apleasant environment, then this is your game!Features:🍰 wonderfulpuzzle;🍰 a huge range of the most delicious cakes and candies;🍰 PaoPao in the genre of games;🍰 a pleasure to play at any age;🍰 simpleand convenient operation;🍰 colorful Pao Pao;🍰 soothing music;🍰 50exciting levels;🍰 colorful and diverse images;🍰 game to relievestress;🍰 free game!How to play:Your task is to find all the samegoodies and remove them from the playing field. It is necessary toconnect one image with another of the same.We welcome your commentsand ratings !;)Places where you can contact us as well as to seenew games from our developer:VK -https://vk.com/public118532025Twitter -https://twitter.com/MicrowaterMediaFacebook -https://www.facebook.com/groups/759200277515466
Puzzle: Collect the Picture 7.0
Collect a fun puzzle!Draw pictures of the pieces, and like a lot offun for everybody! For you, we have made a new, colorful mosaicwith beautiful pictures! We picked the most popular topics ofpictures, there are special games for children! Three levelsof difficulty, variety of games at a time without it. You cancollect any picture of any category. Tip for pictures. Take a pieceand put it in its place, make a picture! Exciting game willtake you and your child for a long time. Very simple and easy tocontrol, nice music, a lot of bright pictures. Collect a mosaic ofthe whole family, this is a very fun and rewarding!Features:✰colorful mosaics;✰ great pictures;✰ most popular themes for thepictures;✰ pictures for children;✰ three levels of difficulty;✰ tipfor pictures;✰ exciting game;✰ simple and convenient operation;✰pleasant music;✰ lot of bright pictures.How to play:Take a pieceand put it in its place, make a picture!We welcome your commentsand suggestions, you pleasant game!VK -https://vk.com/public118532025Twitter -https://twitter.com/MicrowaterMediaFacebook -https://www.facebook.com/groups/759200277515466
World of Words: Puzzle 7.0
Look for words among the letters!An interesting puzzle with thesearch words. Choose one of 15 popular themes and look for thewords, highlight the letters in the words. Word - tips at thebottom of the screen, your task is to find them on the field ofletters. Words can be written diagonally or backwards, becareful! Three levels of difficulty, the game is on time,night mode, the letters on the grid - this is only part of thesettings you selected. Choose a style of play that is convenientfor you! Two types of language, Russian and English. A nice way tolearn words in another language. Beautiful interface and easyselection of words. Play can be as an adult and a child. Try toplay with the baby, because the search for words is veryinteresting! Form words with our game!Features:- An interestingpuzzle game;- Search for words;- Selection of letters;- Interestingtopics of words;- Word - tips;- Easy customization of the game;-Three levels of difficulty;- Game at a time;- Night mode;- Net onthe letters;- Two languages ​​- Russian and English;- Beautifulinterface;- Easy selection of words;- For the whole family;- A freegame.How to play:Choose one of 15 popular themes and look for thewords, highlight the letters in the words. Find the word and shareit with your finger.We appreciate your ratings and comments, thankyou for choosing our game it !;)VK -https://vk.com/public118532025Twitter -https://twitter.com/MicrowaterMediaFacebook -https://www.facebook.com/groups/759200277515466
Feed the Cat - Rope Cut 9.0
Feed your cat, get a candy for him!Your cat loves sweets, but cannot get them. Your task is to get it for her cat candy. Sugarweighs on a string, you need to deliver the candy into the mouth.To do this, navigate the platform, kill the rope and burst bubblesand stripped of spiders! Be careful, one wrong move and candywill fall or will break, your cat will be sad. Very funny and cutegame, the cat seemed real! More than a hundred of interesting anddiverse levels! Stunning colorful graphics and fun music. A gamefor the whole family, a pleasure to play! Easy management, breaksoff the rope and mining candy!Features:🍭 fun and cute game;🍭 reallive cat;🍭 over hundreds of interesting and diverse levels;🍭colorful graphics;🍭 merry music;🍭 game for the whole family;🍭 easymanagement;🍭 free game;🍭 delays for several hours;🍭 interestingstory;🍭 unusual puzzle.How to play:Your task is to get it for hercat candy. Sugar weighs on a string, you need to deliver the candyinto the mouth. To do this, navigate platform, Cut the rope,Popping bubble and stripped of spiders!Leave comments and subscribeto our group!VK - https://vk.com/public118532025Twitter -https://twitter.com/MicrowaterMediaFacebook -https://www.facebook.com/groups/759200277515466
Crush Block: Arkanoid. 7.0
Break the blocks, destroy the levels, the new Arkanoid!The mostpopular shooter in the new grand design! More levels, action andfun! A lot of useful and cool bonuses! Shoot the ball on the blocksand do not drop it! For all fans of the games genre Arkanoid.Shoot the ball on the multi-colored blocks, knock out bonuses,double the balls, make them fiery, increase your platform. Two gamemodes: standard and survival! Try to hold out the longest, the bestresult will be recorded on the honor board and you will go down inhistory as a hero! Excellent shooter, suitable for any age,play at work, at school, in transport. Does not need a constantconnection to the Internet and does not take up much space on thephone. Compact and beautiful Arkanoid now on your phone!Features:☠️popular shooter;☠️ beautiful graphics;☠️ many levels;☠️ fascinatinggameplay;☠️ various bonuses;☠️ survival mode;☠️ great shooter;☠️free game.How to play:Shoot the ball on the blocks and do not dropit!If you liked our game, be sure to rate it !;)Our contacts:VK -https://vk.com/public118532025Twitter -https://twitter.com/MicrowaterMediaFacebook -https://www.facebook.com/groups/759200277515466
Monsters and Planets 6.0
Play monsters, jump on the planets!A fun game in which you have toplay for monsters! Jump on the planets, collect coins, buy newmonsters! The game was created for entertainment, you will notbe able to play for a long time. If you need to kill a little timeor take a little rest, then this is exactly what you need. Jump onthe rotating planets, save on new monsters. Our game will give youa lot of positive emotions and good mood. Funny monsters will notlet you get bored!Features:- fun game;- A fun arcade game;- jumpingon the planets;- Great time killer;- beautiful graphics;- anendless plot;- Different monsters;- funny music;- Free game.How toplay:Jump on the planets, collect coins.Here you will find allinformation about our games:VK -https://vk.com/public118532025Twitter -https://twitter.com/MicrowaterMediaFacebook -https://www.facebook.com/groups/759200277515466
Frog: Ball Shooter Quest 20.0
Frog: Ball Shooter Quest - one of the best casual zuma frog gamefor family!If you like shooting ball games and zuma shooter -welcome for fun!Explore magic Zuma World and discover many joyfuland colorful levels. Smash all the balls to unlock unique bonusesand power-ups. Try to get 3 stars on every level and will be thebest frog in the Zuma World! Google Play Games - earn XP and levelup as you master games across Google Play. Complete challenges,earn awards, and track them all right from the app. Then, see howyou stack up against other players.The Frog goes on mobile phonesand tablets. You can play the ball shooting games free with noWi-Fi or 3G internet.GAME FEATURES:🐸 Classic-style zuma free gamesgenre;🐸 No internet connection required to play - you can playoffline;🐸 Interesting game modes and many challenging levels;🐸 Thebest of time killers games;🐸 Easy to learn but hard if you want tobecome a game master;🐸 Achievements & World Leaderboards inGoogle Play Games;🐸 Amazing graphics, excite animation andbeautiful music;🐸 Friendly user interface and one-touch gamecontrol;🐸 Timekiller games for all - for children and adults;HOW TOPLAY:✔ Get Frog: Ball Shooter Quest now from Google Play✔ Shootingto match three or more colored balls. Switch colors!✔ Enjoy thebest bable shooter games and share to friends!FOLLOW US:VK:https://vk.com/public118532025TWITTER:https://twitter.com/MicrowaterMediaFACEBOOK:https://www.facebook.com/groups/759200277515466
Puzzle: Find The Difference 6.0
Find The Difference - best free casual puzzle game of logic gamesfor adults and kids! This spot the differences game free is amongthe best fun games for kids and for adults!Classic Find thedifference puzzles, known as photohunt game. The goal is to guessthe differences between 2 photos. If you like find the objectgames, you're at the right place! Are you ready for an awesome“find the differences” adventure?Play for free spot the differencenow!GAME FEATURES:🖍 Brain puzzle game in find the differences logicgames free genre;🖍 You can play hidden object with your friend andyour family, it's all free.🖍 Super hard quest and logic puzzles;🖍One-touch game control;🖍 Free hint in each level - find it!🖍Excellent graphics and beautiful music;🖍 Relaxing game;🖍 Puzzlegames for all - for children and adults;HOW TO PLAY:✔ Get Puzzle:Find The Difference now from Google Play✔ Find five differencesbetween two pics and tap it. If you find the right difference, itwill be spotted. Find all ten differences on one level.✔ Enjoy thebest puzzle of logical games and share to friends!FOLLOW US:VK:https://vk.com/public118532025TWITTER:https://twitter.com/MicrowaterMediaFACEBOOK:https://www.facebook.com/groups/759200277515466
Parking in the City 8.0
Parking a car in a big city!A great driving simulator on the phone!If you still do not know how to drive a car, park your car in anarrow space, then this is the application for you! Thanks to thisgame you will learn how to park properly! Parking simulatorgives you the chance to learn how to drive without leaving yourhome. Excellent 2D graphics and easy management. Turn the steeringwheel, press the pedals, learn to drive in reverse. Manypeople do not know how to park properly, so this application isaimed at driving training. Hone your driver skills in any placeconvenient for you, without fear to break the car. A lot ofdifficult tasks, which will be difficult to cope with even aprofessional driver, test your driving skills in a new gamingapplication!Features:☆ driving simulator;☆ car parking;☆ 2Dgraphics;☆ great music;☆ beautiful interface;☆ realisticmanagement;☆ huge car park;☆ beautiful cars;☆ free game.How toplay:Drive the car, park it in the free space, which is indicatedby the stars.Join us!VK - https://vk.com/public118532025Twitter -https://twitter.com/MicrowaterMediaFacebook -https://www.facebook.com/groups/759200277515466
Billiards: 8 Ball — Pool billiards 6.0
If you like pool and pool billiards - you will love thisbilliards!So, you are in cue club now. You need to pocket all thecolored balls on the table. Get the pool cue and play with friendsor against AI on your mobile and become the best pool player!BIGBETS! BIG WINS! Let's PLAY NOW!Game Features:🎱 Pool, pool cue andball pool games genre;🎱 No internet connection required to play —you can play offline;🎱 Realistic physics of balls;🎱 You can play inreal pool with friends or AI;🎱 Realistic 3D ball animation andbeautiful graphics;🎱 Look great on any phone or tablet;🎱 Timekiller games for all — for adults and kids;How To Play:🎮 GetBilliards: 8 Ball now from Google Play.🎮 You need to pocket all thecolored balls on the table.🎮 Enjoy the best real pool 3d of ballpool and share to friends!Follow Us:VK:https://vk.com/public118532025TWITTER:https://twitter.com/MicrowaterMediaFACEBOOK:https://www.FACEBOOK.com/groups/759200277515466
Hill Racing: Stunt Car Racing 6.0
Brand new crazy climb racing — Hill Racing: Stunt Car Racing!Amazing physics based extreme racing game. Lots of cars: monstertrucks, motorcycle, truck, 4x4, jeep, classic cars, tanks, fireengine etc. Choose a vehicle and hit the gas! You should drive andcollect all coins and petrol on your way! Let's start xtreme!GameFeatures:• Hot Mix of game genres — hill racing, car stunt gamesand climbing games genre;• No internet connection required toplay!• Realistic car physics;• Challenging levels;• Lots ofdifferent vehicles!• Car tuning — PIMP UR RIDE!Follow Us:VK:https://vk.com/public118532025TWITTER:https://twitter.com/MicrowaterMediaFACEBOOK:https://www.FACEBOOK.com/groups/759200277515466
Classic Solitaire Free 5.0
Beautiful spider solitaire on your phone!Excellent card gamesolitaire spider! A game in which you need to lay out cards fromthe king to the ace. Is the most popular card game solitaire.Forsolitaire, you need 2 decks of 52 cards. Initially, 54 cards areevenly decomposed into 10 columns (i.e., 4 columns of 6 cards and 6on 5 columns are obtained), the remaining 50 are added to 5 heapsof 10. In each column, all but the upper ones are closed. You canmove cards from a column to a column.Maps are moved according tothe following rules:- on the empty space you can move the top cardof any column;- the top card of the column can be moved to the nexthighest card, regardless of its suit and color;- A stack of cardsof the same suit, lying in order, can be moved as onecard.Features:♠ card game solitaire spider;♠ classical rules;♠win-win distributions;♠ unlimited number of refunds;♠ victoryanimation;♠ prompts;♠ selection of the layout for 1,2 and 4 suits;♠convenient settings;♠ change the game interface;♠ free game;♠ doesnot require an Internet connection;♠ beautiful decoration;♠pleasant music.How to play:Lay out cards of the same suit from theking to the ace.Do not forget to rate the game!Our coordinates:VK -https://vk.com/public118532025Twitter -https://twitter.com/MicrowaterMediaFacebook -https://www.facebook.com/groups/759200277515466
Jelly Match 3 Free Game 5.0
Play a challenging puzzle game!A colorful and addictive puzzle gamefor you! Bright candy, sweet mermaids and other sweets are waitingfor your sweet tooth! The puzzle in the genre of 3 in a row,very popular and incredibly addictive game. Try to plunge into theworld of sweets and adventures. Collect the same items of three ormore in a row! The more identical objects will collect, the morepoints and bonuses! More than 200 different levels! Cheerful musicand much more you will find it in our game! The game will appealnot only to adults but also to children!Features:🍭 colorful andaddictive puzzle game;🍭 bright candy;🍭 sweet mermaids;🍭 puzzle inthe genre of 3 in a row;🍭 interesting game;🍭 world of sweets andadventures;🍭 more than 200 diverse levels;🍭 merry music;🍭 fun toplay for both adults and children;🍭 free game.How to play:Collectthe same items of three or more in a row.Leave ratings and reviews,we will be very pleased!VK - https://vk.com/public118532025Twitter- https://twitter.com/MicrowaterMediaFacebook -https://www.facebook.com/groups/759200277515466
Chess Multiplayer 2D 4.0
Brand new chess game! Like everyone who likes board games.Therulesremained unchanged: a logical game on a 64-cell board fortwoopponents. The game is built the right strategy, tacticsandcunning maneuvers. We need to alternately make a move withourfigure and wait for the opponent's return. I put the opponentonthe mat.The game has a mode that allows you to play with afriendon one device. Arrange a chess tournament and find out whichof youis the best chess player!GAME FEATURES:🏆 Classic chessgamesgenre;🏆 The game is completely free!🏆 Beautiful andstylishgraphics;🏆 Three levels of difficulty;🏆 Simple andone-touchcontrols;🏆 You can playanywher!;CONTACT:VK:https://vk.com/public118532025TWITTER:https://twitter.com/MicrowaterMediaFACEBOOK:https://www.FACEBOOK.com/groups/759200277515466
Marksman: Weapons 4.0
Do you want to shoot like a pro and use a weapon like arealmarksman? Our new shooter will teach you!What do you prefer —arevolver or a pistol? It does not matter, go our shootingrangewith the targets and learn how to shoot from any weapon! Shootatstatic and moving target, perform interesting and varied tasksandbecome a real marksman!The simulator of shooting from the weaponiscompletely free, does not require an Internet connection anddoesnot take up much space on your smartphone. And this means thatyouwill be able to train your shooting skills anywhereandanytime!Features:⚙ Shooting simulator genre;⚙ Amazing 3DHDgraphics;⚙ Entertaining missions;⚙ Realistic gunfiresound;⚙Different types of targets;⚙ The game is completely free!⚙Nointernet is required for thegame;Contacts:VK:https://vk.com/public118532025TWITTER:https://twitter.com/MicrowaterMediaFACEBOOK:https://www.FACEBOOK.com/groups/759200277515466
Puzzle Games: Cubes 3 in a Row 3.0
You searched for brain and logic games for free? You havefound!Brand new puzzle in the match three games genre — «PuzzleGames:Cubes 3 in a Row».The rules of the puzzle very simple — movethesquare so that blocks of the same color stand in a row. Thenumberof moves is limited, but you can always go back one step.Thelogicgames free will appeal to both adults and children.Features:🔳Match3 games free genre;🔲 There is a cancellation of a coursewithoutrestrictions;🔳 Train logic, mindfulness and visual memory!🔲Amazinggraphics and beautiful music;🔳 Lots of levels ofdifferentcomplexity;🔲 Simple one-touch control;🔳 The game isabsolutelyfree!🔲 Does not require an internet connection;Write tous:VK:https://vk.com/public118532025TWITTER:https://twitter.com/MicrowaterMediaFACEBOOK:https://www.FACEBOOK.com/groups/759200277515466
com.microwatmedia.games.archer.target.arrow.bowmasters.marksman.archery.bow_and_arrow_games.free 4.0
Archer! Take the weapon and carry out the tasks. But do notthinkthat shooting is easy. Assignments for the archer are realpuzzles,in which you have to strain your mind and make think. Youonly havea bow and arrows. And also logic, which will help you tosolve allthe puzzles. A real puzzle for logic and intelligence,including ashooting simulator! Complete all quests and become anArcheryMaster! Features of bow and arrow games: 🕸 Archery gamesgenre; 🕸Amazing bow and arrow; 🕸 Realistic physics; 🕸 Pleasantgraphics; 🕸Funny soundtrack; We are in social networks:VK:https://vk.com/public118532025TWITTER:https://twitter.com/MicrowaterMediaFACEBOOK:https://www.FACEBOOK.com/groups/759200277515466