Midea Kama True Apps

Hero Spider Simulator 3.0
Become a hero with a hand spidersimulator!Do you want his phone hand and spider web of release character?Pick up the phone in your hand and start to produce a web of ajoke!If you like a hand with the device. Begin to shoot spider web, themore released, the steeper will be!For a more realistic effect using the camera. Lead the phone in thedirection where you want to release the cobwebs and get her!Attention! The game is designed for fun and entertainment, it doesnot bear any harm to health!
Hand Incredible Hero Simulator 3.0
Put the phone in the hand like a glove andbecome a superhero!This game will give you the opportunity to feel like a superhero.Once you turn on this game and put the phone in his hand, once yousurrenders ability superhero. This simulator has everything thatyou need a real hero, power, technology and agility, use it allwisely.If you want to turn your hand into the hand of a hero, then thisapp is for you. For a more realistic effect using the camera. Youcan entertain with friends or with their parents.Attention! The game is designed for fun and entertainment, it doesnot bear any harm to health!
Hardcore Hero Parkour 2017 1.0
This Parkour will be very difficult,evensuperhero!You are given a unique opportunity to try to run on the roofsofhouses using parkour as a superhero. For you were made aspecialsuit of powered exoskeleton to increase your ability toparkour.But you will not only have increased the ability toparkour, butstill became a superhero. You fight with the evilrunning acrossrooftops and watching the city.Features Hardcore Hero Parkour 2017:1. Play for superhero2. Run through the rooftops3. Do incredible stunts
Hello from Hell my Neighbor 2.0
From Hell you betray Hi neighbor!You play as a little boy who found out that his neighbor worshipsthe devil. He decided to start watching him and every time he spokekindly hello neighbor. But neighbors suspected something in the boyand wanted to catch it. You do not have to catch yourself. At yourdisposal the entire city. Fleeing from his neighbor Satan. Andyou'll have to convey greetings from hell. Run only must stillremember to learn the secret.Features Hello from Hell my Neighbor:1) Open City with its secrets2) The evil neighbor who is chasing you3) Excellent graphics and easy control
Flying Futuristic Robot Battle 2.0
Play for flying futuristic robot and save theworld!You had the honor to wear the latest suit flying futuristic robotand start the battle with evil. The robot is equipped with theflight system and the strengthening of human strength. You'll flythrough the open city and helping civilians to fight evil. Yourfuturistic flying robot the last frontier in the battle againstevil. Save the city and become a hero!Features Flying Futuristic Robot Battle 3D• Play for flying futuristic robot• Participate in battles against evil• You will find a huge open world
Spider Hero vs Carnage Spider 2.0
This is your final battle with the Carnagespider!You superhero Spiderman and you defend a city from villains. Yoursuper abilities are varied, you know how to fly, to let the web andhas enormous power. In the city was attacked by a terrible villainCarnage spider. And you as a superhero of this city have to savepeople. Fight in an unequal battle, vid only you will be able todefeat this villain! Are you a superhero!Features Spider Hero vs Carnage Spider:1) Play as the superhero Spider2) Use the cobwebs to climb on houses3) Fly if you want to move quickly4) Fight with Carnage spider for humanity
Futuristic Robot Dino Battle 2.0
Play as a futuristic robot dinosaur and takepart in the battle!Are you a huge futuristic robot dinosaur and you have arrived inthis city to win autorobot. At your disposal just a huge force andhorns. Develop great speed to ram enemy. Autorobot captured thecity and once you have a futuristic robot dinosaur will be able todefeat them in the battle. Beysya to the latest gear and only thencan you win autorobot.Features of this app Futuristic Robot Dino Battle:1) Play as a futuristic robot dinosaur2) Fight against aгtorobot3) Run around the city and destroy all in its path
Futuristic Robot Excavator 2.0
Feel like a real action-packed robotexcavator!In this game you will play for a futuristic robot excavator, whichgoes through the city. The game is an open world, you can ridethrough the city and outside the city. You futuristic robotexcavator is able to fly. In difficult places you can be reachedquickly by using the pallet. In a futuristic robot excavator isonly one purpose in this world, to find a job!Features of this fantastic game:1) Play for the robot excavator2) Fly around the city and explore the area3) Open the world, you can go anywhere
Rocket Superhero Battle 3D 2.0
Play as the hero rocket and fly to the end ofthe world!You gene modified hero missile that is capable of saving the world.You do not want to become a superhero, but it so happens that youbecome them. This easy life you have to save people and prove thatyou are a real hero. In your arsenal of super hero hassuper-strength and the ability to fly. But do not forget that youhave a cat hook, like any superhero.Features Rocket Superhero Battle 3D:1) Play for the hero rocket2) Save the planet earth3) Use the superpowers
After Apocalypse in City 2.0
Survive in the city after theapocalypse!You are one of the few survivors of the apocalypse. You have to gothe way of the hermit and to understand that this world is not so.The city is full of jumping spiders, they are the most dangerouscreatures. The city is filled with cars and people. Your only goalis to survive after the apocalypse!What kind of game After Apocalypse in City:1. This game is about survival after the apocalypse2. This is a game about a guy who has no friends3. This game is about the study of peace and relief society
Transformation Robot Battle 3D 2.0
Transforming robot went well, prepare forbattle!You Transformation a robot that used to be a simple machine. Yourwhole life preparing to do battle with other futuristic robots.This battle will be very difficult and you need to Transformationthe robot to win it. If you stay a machine, then you will not seethe victory. Do everything in your power and defeat in this battle.Transformation your car into a robot!Features Transformation Robot Battle 3D:1. Transformation your car into a robot2. Beat all futuristic robots3. Evaluate the classroom physics and big city
Last Raft Mutant Shark 3D 1.0
This city is the last rescue canvases inthisworld!On the ground has long reigns House, people survive in smalltowns.But there is a city that will help all to stay alive, he wasnamedthe raft. You have to clean the city of monsters and sharksbeginto live a peaceful life with his people. While shark peopleareasleep, they jump on the ground, you need to push them out ofthecity, then your people will come here to live. This city isthelast life raft humanity!Features Last Raft Mutant Shark 3D:1. A game in which you need to survive2. A huge open city3. The set of monsters4. Save the city, which is the life raft
Broken Zhdun Simulator 3D 2.0
Zhdun broken while he awaits!You have been given a rare opportunity to break Zhdun.This game is designed to allow you to beat and shoot Zhdun.At your disposal are 3 types of weapons:1) Fists2) Pistol3) AutomaticChoose any weapon to smash Zhdun.The game is designed for fun, all the elements in the game are notreal!
Russian UAZ Traffic Police 1.0
Play for Traffic Police employeeinAlaska!In Alaska, it has developed a bunch of criminals and youarrivedthere to catch them all. You are the best and the employeeTrafficPolice you have the most powerful car UAZ. UAZ is not afraidofdirt roads and it is not a hindrance. Catch criminals and rideonthe road in Alaska. Around snow and you need to catchotherpeople's jeeps, but not one of the UAZ jeep will not go away.Soyou become a better employee Traffic Police Alaska.Features Russian UAZ Traffic Police:1. Conquer Alaska UAZ Traffic Police2. Catch all the criminals3. Reach your destination
Strange Hero: Mutant Spider 1.0
In the old city of villains took over.Thepolice can not cope and the city panicked. This is your chancetobecome a hero of the spider! Shoot the web, climb walls,winningthe battle, save the city from villains! You are the lasthope ofhumanity. Stop crime, become a hero of the spiders and savethecity from capture. You will help the web, intelligence, ropesandof course your superpowers. Remember, superheroes do notsurrenderand defeat evil. So, who will win, hero Spiderman and hispatheticsuperpautina or villain? All responses match.Features:1. Shoot the cobwebs2. climb walls3. To navigate through the city4. Stops crime5. Save the innocent souls
The Neighbor's Coming for You 1.0
Welcome to the house of thefriendlyneighbor!You are a small boy and you really want to learn the terriblesecretof his neighbor. But just to say hello to a neighbor you donotsucceed, because your neighbor is hostile. You need to find andgetinto your neighbor's house that he did not see you, and learnof histerrible secret. But if you do not get caught just say helloto aneighbor, you have to escape from there.Features The Neighbor's Coming for You:1) The game will force you to find a neighbor2) The game will force you to get into the neighbor's house3) The game will force you to learn the secret of which you havenotheard
Strange Iron Hero Battle 3D 1.0
It's time to hero in iron armor!You created a perfect iron armor, but you have it stolenbycriminals. These villains began to terrorize the city, and youlikea real superhero decided to save him. You have created a brandnewiron armor, which is capable in one moment to blow otherironarmor. It gave you the power of a superhero, and you went tolookfor criminals and destroy their costumes.In this game about the iron hero you have to defeat allthecriminals and clear his good name. Fly around the city and lookforcriminals, your task is to blow up their iron armor. You areasuperhero and that is your goal!Features Strange Iron Hero Battle 3D:1. Play as the hero in an iron armor2. Fly on the open city3. Fight against criminals in iron armor
Strange Hero Robot Battle 3D 1.0
The city was captured by the supervillain.Itseemed, nothing could stop him. This city needs a hero! If thehelpdoes not come, the city is doomed!And then comes to the aid of a strange superhero - a robot! Hewantsa battle with the supervillain! This duel will not be forlife, butto death!Show all that you are capable of! Remember that the battle withthesupervillain will not be easy! You are an Strange hero-robot,andfor you there can be no mistakes! You have every chance todefeatevil!Become a superhero, participate in battles, and prove that youarethe master of this city!Are you ready to become an strange robot hero, to defeatthevillains, and save the city? Then-forward!Features:1) Excellent graphics2) A lot of Strange superheroes, including the hero-robot3) Well-developed plot4) Epic battles with supervillains
Robot Airplane Transformation 1.0
The city was destroyed and finally destroyedbyrobots in 1984. They can only be stopped by you - the commanderoffirst-generation Carobots.Destroy the robots in 1984, transform into a Airplane and freethecity! Become the hero of your time.But remember that everything is not so simple - the robots of1984so simply will not give up.You are the first generation of Carobots, you can easilytransforminto an airplane. You can crush the enemy!Destroy everyone who stands in your way!Are you ready to become the first generation of Carobots andlearnhow to transform yourself? Good luck then!Features:1) Excellent management2) Realistic first generation Carobots3) Great graphics4) Robots of 1984 with high IQ5) Many types of transformation, including the Airplane
Power Robot Ranger Battle 1.0
The villains invaded the city and seizedpower.Stop the evil can only be a real superhero! This cityneedsyou!You are a robot ranger, and your task is to defeat the villainsinbattle! Destroy criminals with the help of superpowers,travelaround the city, become a superhero and put things inorderhere.Prove that you are worthy to be a robot as a ranger - causethevillains to fight and win! But remember that being a hero is notaseasy as it seems. Because the more power, themoreresponsibility!Can you meet the expectations of citizens? Everything dependsonyou! To defeat the villains will help your superpowers.Are you ready to become a robot ranger and defeat evil inthisbattle? Then - forward!Features:1) The realistic graphics.2) More than 15 heroes, including a robot ranger!3) Epic battles involving superpower.4) Destroyable objects
Robot Transform in Dino X-Ray 1.0
This is the end! The city is finallydestroyed,and now there are futuristic robots dinosaur. Each ofthese roboticreptiles is endowed with X-Ray vision and cantransform!The authorities have thrown all their strength into thefightagainst robots, but failed. This city is doomed.But you're not playing for custody, but for adinosaur-transformer!You have to go through a difficult path tosurvive, because yourrelatives are not on your side!Destroy the city, make battles, look through the walls of X-Raywithyour eyes and destroy other futuristic roboticdinosaurs!All the skills gained in the battles add to yourexperience.Remember this when you arrange another battle.Unlike other futuristic robots, you have a goal - to becomethebest. And the transformation will help you! To become the bestonex-ray view is not enough - you need combat skills that you cangetin the training mode.And when you learn to control the transformation, it will notbedifficult to win! Are you ready to take part in the mostdangerousbattle in the history of mankind? Then - forward!Features:1) Realistic futuristic robots in the form of dinosaurs.2) X-ray vision will allow you to peek behind housesandbuildings3) More than 10 transformation models4) Epic battles involving the weapons of the future
Survival in City of Nukem 1.0
Survive in the terrible city of Nukem!You do not remember how you ended up here. Freddy is chasing you -apig-monster! You want to kill him, but first you have tosurviveyourself and stay for five nights in a city of horror!You have a purpose in life! Kill the monster! Survive at anycost!But most importantly - do not fall for Freddie's eyes!You can distract a monster, hide, shoot a shotgun and otherweaponsand travel around the city.After you survive for five nights in a city of horror, you haveachance to kill Freddie! Do not miss it, otherwise they willkillyou!Will you be alive if you kill the monster? Or will the monsterkillyou? It all depends on your agility and stealth!Are you ready for the five nights of horror among the monsters?Then- forward!Features:1) The plot is striking in variety2) Five nights of survival with Freddie3) Convenient operation4) Monsters that inspire terror
Yakuza vs Mad City 2017 1.0
Welcome to Mad City - the most criminal cityinthe world! In this city, the police can not cope withtheresponsibilities and Mad City panicked. Many criminals havefound arefuge from the authorities here to see prices.You have to play for the Yakuza, a taxi driver. Show everyonewhatyou can do! Explore the city on foot or by car, earn moneybyworking driver or yakuza, flee from the police, or just killpeople- because you yakuza!But remember that the police are looking for you. Show the cops,whois in charge! Become the king of criminals and subdue MadCityitself - the police you do not an obstacle! Can you becomeasuccessful driver-yakuza? Good luck!Features:1) Run away from the police and be the culprit!2) Realistic people and drivers competing3) This is not just a simulator driver, the offender simulatororsimulator Yakuza, it - a simulator of the driver-yakuza!4) Conquer Mad City itself - is in your hands
Crash Test Classic Robot 1.0
Welcome to the game "Crash Test ClassicRobot".In this game you can break the 1984 Carobot! Here you arecompletelyfree, and you can do whatever you want.Carrying out crash tests on robots, you do a useful job, becauseyouhelp to improve the design.Put experiments on classic robots and identify the design flawsofthe 1984 Autobots. Will your robot break under the onslaught ofthearmy?It all depends on your choice - reject, or use. The productionofCarobot in 1984 is a very important task! Conduct crashtests,because only so you can identify the shortcomings ofclassicrobots!You do not just break down the 1984 Carobots, you - watchtheresults, write characteristics and, most importantly, choose,userobots or reject the lot.Are you ready to take responsible work on the crash test? Then-forward!Features:1) Great graphics2) More than 10 models of classic robots that you can break3) Innovative gameplay4) Convenient operation
Russian Driver Truk Zil 3D 1.0
Are you ready to become a zil driver andclimboptimize off-road? Then - forward! At your disposal Russiantrucks.Sit behind the wheel of the zil and ride off-road!Overcome the impassability on Russian trucks, climb optimize inthezil, show who is the best driver, and remember, you will nothavean easy journey.Are you ready to become a zil driver and off-road king?Goodluck!Features:1) Become a driver of a Russian truck!2) Climb to the mountain in the zil.3) Feel the full power of driving - at your disposal more than12Russian trucks!4) Be the king of off-road!
Rocketball: Football on Car 3D 1.0
This is football? it's a race? ...OrBoth!Now you had the opportunity to take part in the championship ofalltime - football on the cars!To drive on the city cars, where the law has long been forgottenandsimultaneously hammer the rocket ball into the goal!Win in the league, the league passing on higher and higher,untilyou finish the championship! But remember that your opponentswillnot give up without a fight! They will intercept the rocketballand ram your car your car!Be ready to fight them! Prove that you can take the championship-go from the start to the League of Champions league. It's notjustfootball, it's - Football on the cars, so no time to lose -youneed as quickly as possible to score the rocket ball!This championship is not for wimps. If you're ready - go!
X-Hero vs Spider Hero 1.0
The Spider hero and the x-hero encounteredinthe battle! You have to save humanity from a merciless mutant!Thewhole city is empty, and now belongs to you! You must stopthex-hero who settled in the city!Go to the roof with the help of cobwebs, make battles right inthecity, defeat the mutant and return the city to people! Will youbeable to defend what is rightfully yours? This can only be arealsuperhero!Mankind is counting on you! Do not fail him! You are not justasuperhero, you are a Spider hero! For you, there can benomistakes!Remember that x-hero mutant without a battle will not give up!Tryto defeat him with all your strength! Prove to all that theSpiderhero - also a superhero!Features:1) Epic Battle2) Many superheroes, including Spider hero3) Strong mutant - x-hero