Midland Europe Apps

With BT SET APP application, it is now possible to set up all themain functionality of your BT device, without enter the SET UP modeon your unit or using the "BT Updater" PC software.To use the BTSET APP application your phone and your Midland BT device must havebeen paired together and both of them turned on and connected! Youcan use the app to change all the main features, like VOXsensitivity, the FM radio stations, Speed dial number, etc… Justafter you saved the new information, you can immediately startusing it.BT SETAPP is compatible withy the following models:BTX1,BTX2, BTNext, BTCity (Including the FM and Conference series)Theold models BT1, BT2, BTSingle and BT Intercom are NOT compatible.Touse the new BT SET UP application , your BT device must have afirmware version released in the year 2015. If you don’t have afirmware version from 2015, please first update your device.
com.midlandeurope.bttalk 2.2.0
BTTalk is the Midland App for two-way radio communication betweenpeople and groups, especially created for the motorbike riders.There are no limits of distance or number of people who can talk toeach other. Everyone can talk to everyone, just like a walkietalkie. BTTalk uses any Internet connection: 2G, 3G, 4G or a WiFinetwork. Combined with Midland BTT Button, the handlebar wirelessPTT button, it becomes even easier to talk bike to bike.
CB TALK 1.2.3
CB TALK is the new revolutionary mobile application that allows youto communicate with your CB. With CB TALK you can select users whospeak your own language without distance limits, localizing theirposition on the map. You can easily talk through the DUAL MIKEmicrophone with the entire CB community, with an excellent soundquality and in total safety.