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Mighty-Office 2.01
Mighty GmbH
When you work in a large enterprise, with the Mighty-Office App youfind your offices worldwide and leverage the potential of yourcompany. Office data can only be downloaded after successfulverification process. Therefore the office email address ismandatory. Starting with this version the installation for GooglePlay Services is required. Functions: - Find offices worldwide -Browse offices in your vicinity - Interactive indoor maps - Routewith your favorite app - Photos, files, messages and widgets perlocation (company internal) - Upload photos and messages - Pushnotification in case of warnings for favorite locations - Telemetrydata like car park occupancy can now be displayed live - Searchlocations by tags (#Video, #News, #Telepresence, #canteen etc.) -Cloud Services enable interactive features like checkins,accreditations, polls etc. - optional geofencing - remote wipe oflocation data on your device if your Phone is lost - NO connectionfrom your Phone to the enterprise network needed - NO enterprisecredentials needed (And we will never ask you for company internalcredentials)
Mighty-Helper 1.01
Mighty GmbH
Helps employees to find the nearest corporate first responders intheir vicinity.- Corporate first responders can check-in- Employeescan contact the nearest first responders- Can also be integratedinto company PBX telephone systemMighty-Helper works likethis:Corporate first responders check in when they enter theoffice. Mighty does not track the position during the day. When therist responder moves to another campus, they should check in to thenew office. This updates the position.Should a colleague needassistance, they can alert the checked-in first responders at thecampus. Contact is normally established within 10 seconds.
Mighty-Service 2.01
Mighty GmbH
With Mighty-Service you give your clients and employeesimportantlocation relevant functions on their smartphone - initiateandmaintain logistics processes - Start incident tickets on the go-Internal relevant information for each corporate location -Mobiletimesheets - Security patrols - Mobile view on your CRM