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Mill Outdoor Heating 1.09
Keep warm with style by controlling your MillUltra Low Glare patio heater (model CB2000BT-ULG only) with yoursmartphone. The app has an easy to use installation wizard, so youwill be connected with your heaters in no time.You can control each heater individually with the touch of abutton. You will also be able to see and connect to the heatersnearby and set up a secure password for all your heaters. Enjoy thenight and let the app turn off your patio heatersautomatically.Keep warm with style!Note: This app was tested on Nexus 4/5 and RedMi. We suppose itcan work on Jelly Bean and above but can't guarantee it. So if anyproblem, let us know to help us improve it. Thanks!
Millheat-keep warm with style 4.1.14
Millheat app gives you freedom to control your Mill devices fromanywhere in the world, at a touch of a button. Make your homesmarter with the Millheat app The Millheat app lets you add,configure, monitor and control your connected Mill devices fromanywhere. You can schedule your Mill devices to turn on or offaccording to your schedule and effectively reduce your electricheating bill. Stay in full control of your power consumption withour new statistics function and do changes to your schedule andtemperatures to optimize according to cost and/or comfortCompatible Mill Wi-Fi devices: • Mill Wi-Fi panel heatersgeneration 1 (2.4ghz b/g) • Mill Wi-Fi panel heaters generation 2(2.4ghz b/g/n) • Mill Wi-Fi convector heaters (2.4ghz b/g/n) • MillWi-Fi socket generation (2.4ghz b/g/n) • Mill Wi-Fi oil radiators(2.4ghz b/g/n) Features: •Weekly program with pre-definedmodes(Comfort, Sleep, Away & OFF) •Power consumption &temperature statistics •Multi house support, control your house andcabin from the same app •Vacation mode for saving energy while youare away •Share your house with other family members, makingcontrol easy •Cooling mode, turn on your fan/air-condition when thetemperature rises •Timer, loop timer Integrations: •Tibber- Controlyour heaters with the Tibber app Purchase a Mill Wi-Fi device anddownload the app to get started today Need support? Contact us or visit our website for more Privacy policy: