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Jumping Mutant Ninja 1.0
Jumping Mutant Ninja is a fun and simpleaction game perfect for Kids!Help Ninja turtlescollects pizza by jumping from one gear toanother, to get the highest score and combo you can get!!Jumping mutant ninja is an ordinary human with like handsome, andhe wants to fly and jump. He collect all the pizza in all area.Jumping ninja turtles is an arcade/action games with simplegameplay intended for Kids. This game is an adaptation from cartoonthat kids will love to play. Simply an addicting game for kids withgraphic to tmnt on! This game is free!! Try to beat your own highscore and be the Best! The strongest there is!!
Super Mutant Ninja 1.0
Super Mutant Ninja is the greatestplatformadventure for your android! Everything has been carefullydesignedfor you to have a lot of fun! We warn you, it´s not an easygame sogood luck!This is attractive adventure game type.If you arefan ofplatform game. If you like adventure, exploring. Super ninjaturtleis game for you :) .A lot of level with with manydifficulties andchallenges is waiting for you. Now let's be thebravery hero withworld.All this completely free, so you should at least try it.Wehopeall our players have a great time playing it, please rateandthanks a lot for playing!Super mutant ninja, In super Adventure's world,Tap buttonstomove and jump!Your goal is to overcome all difficulties and defeatallenemies.Attention:Long press the bullet button to jump higher and farther.FEATURES:* Classic platform game style.* Cute characters and many different enemies to defeat.* Well-designed graphics and cool sound effects.* Many worlds and levels to explore.* Collect coins and other valuables along the way to increaseyourscore.* Easy to control.Download free not tmnt, just super mutant ninja adventureWorldnow.