Mincemeat TEAM Apps

Primality Test 1.0
Primality Test is a small application thatlets us know if a number is prime. Similarly, to generate a primenumber with a length concreted.
Sudoku4Kids 1.0
Would you want your son or nephew will becomefamiliar with the numbers and start to develop their potential?.This application is a game for children, which allows resolving atrimmed version of Sudokus lifetime, formed by a single quadrant.The application is able to calculate new boards to resolve, so thenumber is unlimited Sudokus (Sudoku for Kids), allowing also choosebetween sizes: 4 x 4, 5 x 5 and 6 x 6.
Mayan Multiplication 1.1
Mayan Multiplication is a small applicationthat allows us to calculate a multiplication by the graphics systemused by the Maya.
Tree Guess 1.1
Tree Guess is a game based on a binary treestructure so as to simulate an intelligent system to goincorpirando new questions and answers.Sets various aspects to be enriching them with newdistinctions.
Campoamor: the night surfer 1.3
'Mystery in Dehesa de Campoamor: the nightsurfer' is an adventure game in the classic style of the golden ageof the genre. With a gameplay adapted to mobile devices, butkeeping the action menu and typical features in video games click& point. In addition, adventure arcade incorporates certainmoments, making the game more dynamic and risky.We are facing the first chapter of the story. Impregnatedadventure over a thousand summers dreaming of endless afternoons atthe beach, under the sun of a new august. A nearby story, butinspiring, where the problems that arise when the protagonist isjust becoming a support and the push that the character needs.Where reality and fiction merge in a strange mixture that lead theplayer to feel the history as an experience of the past, as ifreliving something that happened (or maybe yes).- 40 different scenarios- more than 30 characters- hundreds of objects that interact- a B.S.O. funny and sometimes intriguingThe game always pursues a relaxed tone, for greater enjoyment ofthe player. At all times, with great respect and trying to paytribute to the different places and anecdotes to which reference ismade.The chapter starts with a new summer looming: the sun, thebeach, sea, surf ... Like every summer, since the tragic accidentof the parents of the protagonist, he spends the holidays at homein your grandparents' west Campoamor area. And remember one of thesayings that his father always said:'The best wave is always is to come'If you love adventure games, this is your game !!!!!!.
Enigma NDS 2.0
EnigmaNDS is a Enigma machine simulator playful and educationalpurposes. Implements the algorithm required to simulate thethree-rotor Enigma machine, and can select from five possibleaddition to the functions of steckers.
Crock 'n' Roll 1.0
Forget everything you were taught inyourchildhood ... remember just what you insistently repeated thatyourhigh school teacher who did have faith in you: the time toexploitthe real potential that you treasure has come.Want to get to have absolute pitch?. You want to educateyourmusical ear of a fun way?. This game allows you to exerciseyourear anywhere, anywhere you have a free moment, without anymusicalinstrument.To do this you have to face music dictates and uniqueness ofunusualmelodies. You will face tests of varying complexity, inwhich youwill be required, from being able to repeat the dictationear torecognize the note sounds more times, failed to detectthenote...Always escenerios and testing all within a rocker andcasualcontext. Trying to be fun, while educational.In each mode, you will see the current score and your best scorebyusing the menu button. Plus it will give you the opportunitytoview a help to know exactly what to do in each mode.
Burning Mirrors 1.1
This is the second installment of the hit video game. Retrieves thelegend of the burning mirrors or heat ray of Archimedes. Legend hasit that Archimedes of Syracuse was able to burn enemy ships duringthe Roman invasion, using esquejos or Greek shields themselves, toreflect the sunlight against the ships. Do you think the legend istrue or was a rumor that survived the passage of time andgenerations?. Here you have the opportunity to discover the truth... and make history.
New Match 1.1
New Match is an app that allows you tomakebalanced line ups, considering the skills of the players andtheirspecific contribution to the team. According to a fewparameterslike power, technical or defending skill, this app willassure youthe best and competitive matches between you and yourfriends. Itcan be used for any sport: Basket, Hockey, Soccer...In the classic way of making teams, in which twocaptainsselected in order, is distributed first to the two bestplayers,then the following two best, and so ... Thus, typicallyleavingthem always line up, if the players are the same. Thisapplicationlets you generate different random teams and these arebalanced. Soget more different teams with the same players, soenjoy it!!
Chords Translate 1.0
Chords Translate is a tool that allows youtochange the pitch of a song. This change is convenient toadjustyour voice tone to the pitch of a song.As well Chords Translate also allows you to calculate thefretguitar where a capo can be placed to make easier theinterpretationeven maintaining the original pitch of thesong.You can add tablatures of songs that interpreters often, so keephischords. And then you can adjust the pitch of the song thatsuits youmore comfortable.
Whispers Jack: lost souls 1.0
After a summer living on the edge,survivingthousand and one adventures, laughing at the destinationandstealing second chances, the gods revenge is charged. They didthatwinter fall, stripping Jack Whispers of his soul and leavingachoice only: to travel to the land of Lost Souls to recover.
Monochord 1.0
This application is a simulator of the ancient musical intrumentMonochord. Moving your finger along the instrument, can be givingdifferent musical tones. And moving your finger to the top of theinstrument, we can give stronger musical note.
JerryCan 1.0
Please allow us to introduce you an original game of quickthinking. The idea is simple: fill a jerrycan. But the method iscomplex. The amounts you can use will be given. You can always dowith 2 or 3 attempts, but if you take a chance and you exceed themaximum weight the result is negative, the same way that if youspend time. Based on Goldbach's conjecture: Every integer greaterthan 5 can be expressed as the sum of two primes if the number iseven or as the sum of three primes if the number is odd. You mustfill the jerrycan before countdowns comes to an end. The fewernumbers need, more points and you accumulate the remaining time.
Tabs Tune 1.0
Tune Tabs lets you know the tonality of atab.You can also regenerate the tab in a different tonic. Bothchords,riffs and arpeggios.
Guitar Exercises 1.3
Make your exercises guitar anywhere. Wheneveryou have some free time, and it is accompanied by your guitar, youcan make some exercises to gain or keep typing speed.No wait, no longer serve the excuses. No class or requireteachers to be nimble, quick and talented.
Qr2AsciiArt 1.0
With this application, you can transformanytext in a text QR. The difference with other applications, isthatthe result is not a picture, but a QR built in Ascii Art.
Harmonica Exercises 1.9
Make your exercises harmonica blues anywhere. Whenever you havesome free time, and it is accompanied by your harmonica, you canmake some exercises to gain or keep typing speed. No wait, nolonger serve the excuses. No class or require teachers to beskilful, quick and talented.
Shuffle Double 1.1
Shuffle Double is a fun game inspired by the famous Shell Game orTrile. Here we find the two modalities: playing cards or cups. Wewill see that in the cards the shuffler or trilero shows more skillthan with the cups, which are less manageable. Still, his skillwith the hands is the result of many years of training on thestreets of different cities, which is reflected in the wealth andcoordinating their movements, which include all kinds of changesand feints. "Para los ricos el amor mueve el mundo, para los pobreslo importante es la realidad pero nada de eso sería posible sinbarajar los cubos de la suerte que, como naipes, danzan para todosen el tablero de la vida. Porque el dinero es en verdad eltodopoderoso agitador del mundo. Así que no pierdas el tiempo,únete a la vida pirata, sueña en el trile HAGA JUEGO"
Step Up 1.0
Step Up: "How to improve your performance: your way to the top" Isa program for personal development and time management, primarilyfocused on improving professional aspects. Allows to define a SWOTfor each point or area in which progress, besides being able totrack the time spent for time management techniques.
Calc Key Chords 1.0
Like improvise on the scale of a song youareplaying a friend?. Now you can quickly learn the key of chordcyclethat is touching someone, this will allow you to improvise ifyouknow that tone scales on it.
NOC list 1.0
In espionage, agents under non-official cover (NOC) areoperativeswho assume covert roles in organizations without officialties tothe government for which they work. Such agents oroperations aretypically abbreviated in espionage lingo as a NOC(pronouncedknock). These agents are also known as "illegals" (seeClandestineHUMINT operational techniques). Non-official cover iscontrastedwith official cover, where an agent assumes the positionat anotherwise benign department of their government, such asthediplomatic service. This provides the agent withofficialdiplomatic immunity, thus protecting them from thesteeppunishments normally meted out to captured spies.
Fractals Pascal Triangle 1.0
Visualize the pascal triangle in different fractals according tothemodule on which the coefficients are calculated for a binomialpowerequal to the calculated module. With this, as many colors areusedas the module used.
Whispers Jack: drunken aliens 1.0
After a summer living on the edge, surviving thousand andoneadventures, laughing at the destination and stealingsecondchances, the gods revenge is charged. They did that winterfall,stripping Jack Whispers of his swing and leaving a choiceonly: totravel to the tavern of drunken aliens to recover.
The Little Baron 1.0
Game based on the cover of the first album of the biggest hardrockband that has given the history of spanish music.
Versómetro 2.1
Con esta aplicación podrás analizar la métrica de un poema ounapoesía de forma automatizada. Al margen de lo que te puedaaportarel poder escribir desde un dispositivo que siempre llevasencima,con la presente utilidad podrás ir viendo la estructura deltexto ylas rimas que vas realizando.