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Jungle Monkey Saga 0.4
Mind Bender
Jungle Monkey Saga is a challengingandinteresting casual game. The monkey needs to eat and you needtohelp the monkey catch fruits while avoiding bombs, if youcatchbombs the monkey dies. Control the direction of the monkey andmakesure the fruits fall into the basket. Banana will increaseyourscore by 5 points, Mango and Cherry by 2 points and Apple by1point.In 90 seconds try to catch all fruits while avoiding bombs, Itischallenging, come and try.How to Play – Tap the side of the screen where you wanttheMonkey to move :-) You can also tap the monkey and move it totheleft side or right side of your screen.
Bubble Diamond Breaker 1.4
Mind Bender
Bubble Diamond Breaker is a freediamondbreaker and bubble popper game. Move the paddle from side tosidewith your fingers to bounce the ball and break the diamonds andpopthe bubbles. Gold coins and birds are hidden inside the bubblesanddiamonds. Diamonds are harder to break but you get more goldcoins.You will be able to free the birds and collect gold coinsafter youbreak the diamonds, bubbles and also increase your score.Engagingmusic and graphics. If you are logged into Google Play thanyou cansave your score on global leaderboard so you can competeagainstthe world.How to play - In Bubble Diamond Breaker move the paddle fromsideto side with your fingers to bounce the ball and prevent theballfrom hitting the bottom.
Flappy Tiny Bee 1.5
Mind Bender
The tiny bee needs to avoid the weaverbirdnest and termite mounds to reach its bee hive. Help the flappytinybee cross all the bird nests and termite mounds so it canreachhome safely. Tap to make the tiny bee fly. Flappy Tiny Bee isafree game that is easy and fun to play but hard to master.
Frog Vs Octopus 0.2
Mind Bender
Frog vs Octopus - new free amazing game.Theoctopus invade the frogs territory and try to snatch thefrogs.Play for the frogs, use the weapon to shoot the octopus. Helpthefrog clan leader kill the octopus before they snatch the frogs,ifthe octopus snatches the frog than it gets stronger and cannotbekilled.. Do not shoot another frog, kill the invading octopus.Frog Vs Octopus features:- Bright, colourful graphics and animation.- Great music and sounds- Addicting gameplay.- Absolutely free game.Tap on the screen to move the frog and to fire theweapon,PlayFrog vs Octopus and help frog defend it's territory.
Little Whale Saga 0.5
Mind Bender
Help little whale swim through thedangerousdeep ocean adventure. Our little whale got separated fromitsmother and now you need to guide our little whale in thisdangerousdeep Pacific Ocean. Little whale is trying to swim andfind itsmother while avoiding giant octopus and angry sea dragons.Tap tomake the little whale swim. Little Whale Saga is a free gamethatis easy to play but hard to master.