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Moshi Monsters Music
Get ready for the OFFICIAL Moshi MonstersMusic FREE app! It's crammed with music videos from a goopendousarray of Moshi characters!Follow the on-screen lyrics as you sing along to insanely catchysongs by your favourite Moshi gooperstars, from Zack Binspin andBlingo to Coco Loco, Iggy and Big Bad Bill. These vids aremonsterific!As a fangtastic extra, you can also check out the official trailerfor Moshi Monsters The Movie!Moshi Monsters Music: it’s the must-have app for every Moshi fan.Let’s Rox!Key features:- Watch monsterific Moshi music videos on your mobiledevices!- Includes the Zack Binspin smash, Head over Heels!- Sing along to eye-popping Moshi music videos!- Check out the official lyrics!- Watch the official trailer for Moshi Monsters The Movie!Extra Info:Please note:Requires Android 2.3 and UpThis app is available in English only & may containadvertising.For our Privacy Policy, please visit –www.mindcandy.com/privacyFor our Terms and Conditions, please visit -www.mindcandy.com/tosGot a question? Having problems? Get in touch with us at:[email protected] MOSHI MONSTERSMoshimonsters.com is an online game where you can adopt your veryown monster, explore, play games, collect Moshlings, solve puzzles,get creative and chat with friends. You can even join forces withthe Super Moshis. Monsterific! www.moshimonsters.comMoshi Monsters™ and © 2014 Mind Candy Limited.
World of Warriors: Quest 1.5.8
Vikings, Romans, Ninjas! Let battle commence in this epic RPG questacross the mysterious Wildlands.Discover lost stories from theamazing World of Warriors as you attempt to save this war-tornrealm from destruction. WORLD OF WARRIORS QUESTKey Features:- SPEEDAND STRATEGY: Fast, turn-based strategic combat. You'll needbalance, tactics and speed to succeed!- AMAZING BOOSTS: Freeze,poison or blast your enemies to oblivion with EPIC power ups-TEAMWORK: Command 3 unique warriors, each with different strengthsand fighting styles. (Some also have large beards!)- VAST WORLD:Explore the Wildlands and its war-torn past, and battle to unravelthe mystery of the Black Shards!- JOIN THE ADVENTURE: Triumphagainst impossible odds, save your friends and defeat theterrifying General Obsidiux!= COMMUNITY AND SOCIAL =Check out theofficial World of Warriors website for all the latestnews:http://www.WorldOfWarriors.com/Our official Facebook page withnews, behind the scenes and muchmore!https://www.facebook.com/WorldOfWarriorsHaving problems? Anysuggestions? We would love to hear from you! Reach us at supportat: [email protected] of Service:http://mindcandy.com/tos/Privacy Policy:http://mindcandy.com/privacy/May contain advertising. World ofWarriors and all related elements © and ™ 2015 Mind Candy Limited.All rights reserved.
Talking Poppet 1.0.2
POPPET IS GOING SOLO WITH HER FIRST EVER APP! Talk to Poppet andshe’ll repeat in her own funny voice! You can also poke, tickle andinteract with her to bring her to life! Explore the Fun Room, do aphoto shoot or have a boogie in the Disco! Key Features * Talk toPoppet and she’ll repeat in her own funny voice! * Feed, tickle& bathe Poppet. * Let Poppet pose in your photos! * Give Poppether pencil & watch her draw. * Watch Poppet dance to herfavourite music! * Explore the magical Moshling Garden. * Play with8 hilarious Moshling voices. ------------------------------ TalkingPoppet is free to download, some additional functionality can beunlocked through a one off in-app purchase. If you choose to make aone off in-app purchase the prices are: £1.99 (UK), $3.24 (US),$3.59 (CA), €2.40 (EU), $3.64 (AU) and $3.98 (NZ) (excludes specialoffers). Please check other local prices in-app as they might varyby country. Parental consent is required in-game for any in-apppurchase or before emails can be sent from the app. You can disablein-app purchasing by adjusting your device's settings. TalkingPoppet is available in English, French, German, Italian, LatinAmerican Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese (Simplified),Japanese and Korean. Please note: This app requires OS 2.3 orlater. ------------------------------ Privacy Policyhttp://mindcandy.com/privacy Terms of Servicehttp://mindcandy.com/tos Got a question? Having problems? Get intouch with us: [email protected] Talking Poppet ™ and ©2014 Mind Candy Limited. Mind Candy Limited Mind Candy Ltd is acompany registered in England & Wales with company registrationnumber 05119483 and with its registered office at 15 BonhillStreet, London. EC2A 4DN
World of Warriors: Duel 1.1.2
Whose finger’s fastest? Let battle commence in this simple butfist-bitingly tense reaction game! Ready… Steady… FIGHT! Defeatcountless warriors as you tap your way to triumph. Make mincemeatof Vikings, Romans, Ninjas and more! It’s hilariously ruthless! KEYFEATURES: WHOSE FINGER’S FASTEST? You'll need nerves of steel andlightning reactions! AMASS AN ARMY: Unlock 30 of history’s finestwarriors! MULTIPLAYER: Who will reign supreme? See who's got thefastest finger! Share your favourite warrior and show off your highscore. Check out the official World of Warriors website for all thelatest news:http://www.WorldOfWarriors.com/ Our official Facebookpage with news, behind the scenes and muchmore!https://www.facebook.com/WorldOfWarriors Having problems? Anysuggestions? We would love to hear from you! Reach us at supportat: [email protected] contain advertising.
The 7 Second Challenge 1.3
Mind Candy Ltd
Have you got what it takes to beat The 7 Second Challenge?OFFICIALAPP - As made famous on YouTube - compete against your friends tobeat hilarious challenges in just 7 seconds, then share yourvictory or defeat with the world!100's OF CHALLENGES - Play throughhundreds of ridiculous, brain-melting challenges hand picked by Dan& Phil!SHARE YOUR WINS AND FAILS - Share videos of yourchallenges with friends and The 7SC community!Join The 7SCcommunity:Facebook: http://facebook.com/The7SCTwitter:http://twitter.com/The7SCTumblr: http://The7SC.tumblr.comInstagram:http://instagram.com/The7SCGood luck! - Dan, Phil and The 7 SecondChallenge TeamCreated by @AmazingPhil & @Danisnotonfire incollaboration with Mind Candy LtdWe <3 feedback - email us [email protected] note - When sharing videos,please use your Wifi connection to avoid data charges from yournetwork provider.If you are aged 16 and under, you must get yourparent's or guardian's consent before you can play this game
Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt 4.3
Join Buster Bumblechops in this goopendous adventure to completethe ultimate Moshling collection. Catch and hatch up to six newMoshlings every day. You can even hatch Ultra Rare Super Moshlingsusing special Golden Spoons! Along the way you will adopt, name andcustomize your very own unique pet Moshling, play fun mini-gamesand solve puzzles as you explore the ever-expanding world of Moshi.This app is completely free with no in-game payments ortransactions - just 100% Moshi fun for everyone! • Find, hatch andcollect Moshlings - Adopt, customise and name your very own uniquepet Moshling - Hatch up to six new Moshlings every day - Care foryour Moshlings, feed them and decorate their home to make themhappy - Find Super Moshlings, ultra rare superheroes intough-to-crack eggs • Play together - Add your friends’ uniqueMoshlings to your collection - Send your friends gifts - Visit yourfriends’ homes to see who has the best items and rooms - Browseyour friends’ moshling collection • Solve puzzles, play funmini-games, collect items - 19 fun mini-games including: PotionCommotion, Glumpageddon, Flick ‘n’ Mix, Moshi Slide, Math Mash,Monster Maze, Time Tangle, Ice Scream Parlour - Learn as you earnRox: memory, maths, spelling, shapes, mazes, geography, telling thetime - Use the Googenheim drawing tool to create magnificentmasterpieces - Take a spin on the Wheel of Moshiness for dailyrewards - Custom Moshling house with expandable floors, updateddecorations and room items - Moshi Shopping Mall with SnozzleWobbleson’s Grossery Store & Dewy’s DIY Shop Moshi Monsters EggHunt is free to play with your parent’s permission. • SAFETY andCOPPA compliance We do NOT automatically collect personalinformation through this App. To save game data, users are berequired to create an account and submit an email and password. •Customer Service We create worlds that fire the imagination. If youhave any questions or recommendations please get in touch [email protected] Mind Candy Limited, 4th Floor, BonhillBuilding, 15 Bonhill Street, London, EC2A 4DN UK.
Petlandia:Create Your PetEmoji 2.1220.1
Welcome to Petlandia, a place where any real life pet can become astar, including YOURS! Share personalized emojis starring ahilarious virtual version of your real life pet. Because expressingyour feelings via furry friends is fun! You can even drop yourPetlandia-fied pal into any photo you fancy. Dog on the head? Easy!Cat in space? Simple! Self ‘pawtraits' have never been sillier!Petless? Fear not. Anyone can create their very own Petlandia pet.Woof! Meow! Squeak! - A world where PETS and POP CULTURE COLLIDE!-Where FURRY FRIENDS are obsessed with FAME!- Where RABBITS race torack up INSTAPAW LIKES!- Where CATS star in UNBOXING VIDEOS!- WherePUGS and POMERANIANS love PHOTOBOMBING! From Mew York to Hollywoof,Hamsterdam to Barkelona, this pawsome world is the dreamdestination for starstruck pets everywhere! APP FEATURES- CREATE anadorable virtual version of YOUR PET!- Express yourself with tonsof personalized pet emojis via social media, email or SMS. (It'sthe Bitmoji for pets!)- More pets coming soon! COMMUNITY ANDSOCIALCheck out the official PETLANDIA website to order acustomized storybook starring your pet and view the latestnews!http://www.petlandia.com/ Our official Facebook page withnews, behind the scenes action and muchmore!https://www.facebook.com/PetlandiaPost/ Having problems withthe app? Any suggestions? We'd love to hear from you. Reach us at:[email protected]
Moshi Twilight Sleep Stories: Calm Bedtime App 3.7.1
Help your kids to stay calm at story time and sleep better withover 90 bedtime stories from Moshi Twilight. Take a deep breath andrelax with Moshi Twilight Sleep Stories, the revolutionary newaudio-only story time and kids meditation app that’s created inpartnership with the leading health and wellbeing Calm app to helpkids fall asleep better. Kids become calm and fall asleep easilywith bedtime stories or soothing lullabies. Moshi Twilight’srelaxing story time audio content follows kids’ natural sleeppatterns, allowing them stay calm and fall asleep. With calmingbedtime stories, Guided Meditations, Sleep Sounds and Sleepy Musictracks, the Moshi Twilight app offers 30 hours of audio content tohelp kids sleep better. Try our FREE 7 DAY TRIAL and enjoy 30 hoursof sleepy content. Choose from 90 different Sleep Stories, GuidedRelaxations, Sleep Music Tracks and Sleep Sounds. Why try MoshiTwilight Sleep Stories? • 97% of parents surveyed agreed that MoshiTwilight helped get their child to sleep quicker than usual with afurther 95% saying using the app made bedtime less stressful* •Enjoy one of 40 bedtime Sleep Stories to help kids sleep better •Choose from over 90 pieces of dreamy bedtime content to create arelaxing audio playlist to help kids fall asleep more easily andpeacefully • Try a guided kids meditation with hours of calmingsounds to calm little minds • New content added weekly to keep kidsengaged and satisfied • Ease bedtime transitions, gifting parentswith more time the enjoy their evenings *Moshi Twilight Poll of 600users, March 2019 Created by the BAFTA award-winning team behindMoshi Monsters and starring SleepyPaws the Snoozy Koala, Yawnsy theSleepwalking Otter, Nodkins the Bedtime Bunny, ProfessorFeathersnooze the Owl of Nod and many more. SUBSCRIPTIONS MoshiTwilight Sleep Stories for kids is FREE for non-subscribers toenjoy with limited access to Sleep Stories, Guided Meditations,Sleep Music Tracks and Sleep Sounds. Or sign up for a FREE 7 DAYTRIAL to enjoy more than 30 hours of sleepy content. Subscriberscan choose from over 90 different Sleep Stories, GuidedMeditations, Sleep Music Tracks and Sleep Sounds and with newcontent added every week, parents can make bedtime stories a dreamevery night of the week. Subscribers have access to the fullcollection of Moshi Twilight content and can access content on upto 3 devices. A lifetime subscription is a one-off payment. Allother subscriptions are recurring payments charged through yourGoogle Play account, non-refundable and non-transferable. The samepayment method you used to buy the subscription will be chargedwhen your subscription renews. Any renewals or payments will takeplace within 24 hours before each subscription period starts. Ifyou have previously had a free trial, payment will be takenimmediately. You can cancel recurring payments in Google PlaySettings for cancellation to take place at the end of the currentsubscription period. Deleting the app will not cancel yoursubscription. Please see our Terms and Conditions athttps://moshi-twilight.com/twilight-terms/ for full details on howto cancel your Subscription plan. We do NOT collect personalinformation through this App. To find out more please read ourPrivacy Policy: https://www.makebedtimeadream.com/twilight-privacy/We do NOT collect personal information through this App. Questionsor recommendations? Please get in touch [email protected] Follow @twilightmoshi onFacebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest