Mind For Books Apps

FanFiction 1.1.6
== A MUST HAVE ==- FanFiction Makes Archiving Fan-Favorite Stories a Breeze(148apps.com)- Over 300,000 download! and counting. (This many people can't bewrong!)- "Best app for FanFiction readers" - AppsFire.- Featured at 15 places on App-Store, in books & literaturecategory.FanFiction provides the most detailed coverage ofFanFiction.net, providing access to all major features. FanFictionbrings all the scattered archives at your finger tips. Currently wehave 150,000+ stories and still more coming. This is a must havefor fanfiction readers.== FEATURES ==• Make the stories available offline.• Simple, sleek and elegant design for enhanced readingexperience.• Keep track of your readings. See a list of stories you have beenreading.• Mark stories as your favorite.• Search from thousands of stories and communities.DISCLAIMER: All stories are property of their respective ownersand has been submitted, to the archive, by them personally.
Sherlock Holmes 1.1
Sherlock Holmes is the legendary great detective who solves eventhe most baffling cases with astute observation, deductivereasoning and very little people skillsNow you can read SherlockHolmes in more friendly and easy way. Use the color and backgroundsettings according to your choice to have batter readingexperience.
Gutenberg Books 0.8.5
Live from Project Gutenberg, with more than 50,000 collections ofall timeless classics and top hits, it features all the importantbooks ever published in history. It consists of all the digitisedcultural e-books that allow you to carve your way to magical andperfect reading experience.Our app has finally opened the portal ofall the riches of Project Gutenberg in all your apple devices. Comealong and embark your long and beautiful journey with so much easeand comfort. The entire text is represented in a sophisticated bookformat with elegant design, dainty user interface and graceful pageturning. Now, you can carry your books library along with you inyour pocket, escaping into your favorite master piecesanytime.Note: Project Gutenberg books are in the open domain. Weare not associated in any way with Project Gutenberg.
Quran Pro-القرآن برو 1.0
Read the most simplest and beautiful book Al Quran (القرآن الكريم).It does not require any active internet connection, read it on thego, anytime anywhere. Complete 114 Surah in Nastaliq font and subcontinent script which is most familiar and easy to read and learn.A simple, user friendly interface helps you discover and explorethe divine message of Allah. Quran app has the exact same Arabictext of the Holy Quran found in all versions of the original book,and it has been carefully authenticated. Having the Quran on yoursmartphone or tablet is very useful in case you do not have thetime to stay at home. You can read it on your way to school, workor when you are traveling or taking a break. It can also be used toteach kids the Arabic language and help them learn the Quran. Withthis app you can now keep the magnificent book with you at alltimes. So learn, memorize and acquire the beautiful message ofQuran and share it with your loved ones.Key Features:- Recitationof the complete 114 Surah.- Swipe from left to right to go to theprevious page or from right to left to go to the next page.- Searchfunctionality for greater ease in browsing through chapters- Listview display of Surah’s for further convenience- Ability to addmultiple bookmarks to help you keep record of your lessons andreadingsInstall now to get this Al Quran app in your phone andstart reading the Al Quran anytime anywhere.