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Linedoku - Logic Puzzle Games 1.9.18
Linedoku is a collection of the best thinking games all about lines- no internet games! Enjoy colorful logic puzzles, such as pipes,one-line, maze games, connect dots, make infinite loops or linknumbers - The perfect time killers! Challenge yourself, train yourmind and become the puzzle king! ...or just relax and solve somelevels. One Stroke One of the kings of line puzzles. Draw a linefrom dot to dot and connect all the paths in 1 line. Block Puzzle:Lines A classic Block Puzzle Game interpreted in a new way. Dragand drop the blocks over the board and cover all the dots. Blocksshouldn't overlap and only be placed on the paths they fit into.Number Maze Find a way; Connect the numbers smartly in ascendingorder and draw puzzling one-line-mazes. Connect all the dotssmartly and fill the grid to solve the level. Loops Fun level:Infinity. Loop puzzles about spinning and connecting cells tocreate infinite loops. Discover all the unique art pieces thatunfold themselves. Cross Path Tired of Sudoku? Here's a simplealternative. Fill the grid by drawing traces on the board. Thenumber of traces per knot are limited and can only be drawn asstraigt lines. The level is completed after every cell in the gridis filled. Connect Draw traces between dots of the same color andcreate color lines. Fill the whole grid and connect all the dots tomaster the level. Slide The Blocks A classic slide puzzle. Shiftand move the blocks and let the colors unroll through the path.Solve the level by connecting all the color sources with eachother. The path also has to be a closed line. Game Features *Minimalist and adult design * Play the best offline logic games allin one app * One touch gameplay - play smoothly one handed * BrainGame with 4500 levels completely free to play * no internet games -no wifi required * Clear your mind in the 'relax'- mode * Fill upbrain power in the challenge mode * Free content updates * Compareyour progress with other players on the leaderboards
Block Puzzle Box - Free Puzzle Games 1.2.21
Block Puzzle Box is a collection of free puzzle games focussing onblock puzzles & brick puzzles. Play addictive block game modeslike Slide, Merge to 10 and various types of tangram puzzles withdifferent colorful block puzzle shapes: Square, Hexa & Tetra.Choose between 12 wooden boards of different shapes and sizes suchas 8x8 or 10x10, drag & merge lines and find all the stars - Afun and stress reducing collection of addicting games for all ages.How to Play: Slide the blocks from below onto the board. Each timeyou build a full line, it disappears. The game ends once the boardis too crowded to fit the remaining blocks - How many points canyou get? Modes: Block Puzzle - Drag & merge the jewel blocksonto the board and try to erase the lines. A classic and relaxingpuzzle game with different shapes like tetromino blocks or hexablocks - The most popular block puzzle game. Slide Puzzle - Movethe jewel bricks to the left or right side and drop them to filland clear a line. A fun & addictive time waster. Make Tens -Drag and drop the bits and pieces onto the board and merge them toa number of 10 to clear the lines. A relaxing and challenging logicgame that trains your brain. Features: - Relaxing logic puzzles -Free block puzzle games, forever - 12 wooden puzzle boards withhexa & tetra shapes - 5 free puzzle games in one - Designed tobe playable in one hand
Polygrams - Tangram Puzzle Games 1.1.51
Polygrams is a logic puzzle game that takes the classic woodentangram puzzles to the next level - Are you ready for the mostrelaxing puzzle games 2020? Slide and connect the pieces onto theboard without overlapping them and create colorful shapes.Completing a puzzle can be relaxing, but also make the gears inyour head rotate, which makes it an addictive time killer for kidsand adults! Tangrams & Blocks features tons of different levelpacks variating in style and colors. Choose between squared boards,walls, classic tangram pieces or other special shapes such astriangles, hexagons and more. Might it be after a long day tounwind your mind or just to challenge yourself, fitting the piecesonto the board feels simply satisfying - A brain teasing logicpuzzle game one can only love! Features ☆ Most relaxing puzzlegames 2020 ☆ One Touch gameplay - Designed to be playable in onehand ☆ More than 2500 brain sharpening tangram levels ☆ Beginnerand master levels ☆ Colorful and minimalistic design ☆ No WifiGames: No internet needed ☆ Free content updates