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Russian Crime Simulator 1.71
* Amazing graphics and realisticanimation!* Exciting gameplay: car theft, fights, murders, gunfights!* Powerful arsenal of ammunition and weapons!Would you like to take part in ruthless gunfights with policemen?You hit to the streets of criminality in the role of the mainvillain and now you have to defeat the police and capture theentire city. Many different ammunition and weapons are at yourdisposal. Perform a lot of interesting criminal missions and becomethe king of the gangland!
Russian Crime Truck Theft 3
* Enthralling gameplay: truck theft and fightsbetween truckers!* A big arsenal of ammunition and weapons!* Exciting racing on trucks and tense dynamic missions!* Fights between truckers in full 3D!You are waiting for the new interesting adventure game! Truckersare fighting for trucks! A huge arsenal of weapons and a lot ofpunches will help you to defeat the opponent. Plunge into dynamicbattles of the truckers with realistic animations! Build your gametactics and don't leave rivals a chance!
Rope Hero 2 1.41
* Super abilities: climb the walls, jump onthe roofs of buildings!* Exciting fights with the most bitter enemies one on one!* Incredible strategic opportunities!* Ammunition and weapons which will endue with strength your heroto defeat enemies!Develop and improve the abilities of your hero, destroy enemies inthe most enthralling adventure game! Use deadly skills to save theworld from the forces of darkness. Develop correct tactics andsweep away enemies from the face of the earth!
Gangster Simulator 3
* Shootout with police in full 3D!* Incredible strategic opportunities!* Enthralling gameplay: real crimes of a gangster!Gangsters appeared in the city. They steal cars, attack ordinarypeople and even kill policemen. You got a chance to become one ofthem. At your disposal will powerful arsenal of weapons andammunition which will be endue you with incredible power. You arewaiting for fights, race and even shootout with police! Tryyourself in the role of a gangster!
Mad Man Road of Suffering 3.0
* Crazy races of the mad man on supercars!* Tense fights with devastating combinations of punches!* Enthralling missions aimed at the destruction all theenemies!The most exciting adventure will begin here and now! Your taskconsists is that you need to destroy all the enemies and win abattle! An arsenal of powerful weapons and ammunition will help youin combating with armed opponents. Take part in the mostfascinating game!
Russian Crime Simulator:Sci Fi 1.3
* Breathtaking flights on the spaceship!* Amazing graphics of the city of the future!* Enthralling missions on the space base!Gang of cosmic criminals captured the city of the future. Your taskconsists is that you need to destroy all the enemies and win cosmicwar. You are waiting for a magnificent journey to the space base!Exciting flights on the spaceship, shootout with criminals, uniquecosmic weapons - all this in the new adventure game! Save the cityof the future from cruel criminality!
Crime Driver in Future 4
* Exciting criminal missions of the futurewith extremely topical gameplay!* Different kinds of weapons and ammunition of the future!* Intense battles with devastating combinations of punches!Welcome to the streets of criminality of the future! You have toattack your opponent, deal him deadly blows and eventually destroy.Firepower of weapons can help you to crack down with enemy withoutproblems. Feel yourself like the most cruel criminal of thefuture!
Stop Terrorist 1.2
* Destructive kinds of weapons andammunition!* Exciting antiterrorist missions!* Enthralling gameplay: the real fight against terrorism!Play the role of a brave fighter against cruel terrorists! Yourproblem consists is that you need to wade into enemy territory anddestroy all the terrorists. Powerful kinds of weapons help you toeliminate enemies from the battlefield. Whether you can defeat allthe terrorists in this deadly war?
Crime Police 3
* Exciting missions with police chases,shootout and even murders!* Crazy races on a police car!* Different kinds of powerful firearms!Have you ever dreamed of becoming a police officer? We will fulfillyour dream come! You will have to chase criminals, shoot them andeven kill. During the pursuit of criminals policemen exposethemselves at risk of. But after all their main goal consists isthat they need to catch and eliminate criminals. Show them on whatpolicemen are capable!
Crime Moto Theft 3
* Exciting missions that test yourskills!* Enthralling combat capabilities!* Many different motorcycles for theft!Now you became a real thief of motorcycles. Destroy everythingaround, bring down innocent civilians and take pleasure by drivingfast! Steal as many as possible of motorcycles! Also you have todeal with dangerous and insane criminals. In your possession is ahuge amount of various kinds of weapons and ammunition! Begincriminal theft of motorcycles!
Army Car Driver 3
* Crazy races on military vehicles and even onbattle tanks!* Enthralling gameplay: tense battles with devastatingpunches!* Firepower of weapons for eliminating resistance!Join the battle soon! You are waiting for breathtaking militaryadventure! Namely fights, combat shooting and even races onmilitary tanks. Use your special skills for combating with armedenemies. Deal a fatal blow and defeat your opponents - is yourgoal!
Four Night with Animatronics 1.1
Tense atmosphere 3D fps.Challenging levels where each round counts!Popular revived dolls.Spooky dungeon and foes.The rumor says that everyone got his own skeletons in a closet.Prove you’re not a child anymore and able to fight yourfears.Experience the endless horror in dark ancient catacombs. You’llhave to face your nightmares and fight them back. Destroy the evillurking in the darkness and survive 4 nights. Try to be quiet andnimble, but fight fiercely if there is no other way.Save ammo and grenades for hard fights. Collect medical kits. Finda saving portal on each level and prove there is still ahope!
Cartoon Gangster 3
* Colorful cartoonish graphics!* Dynamic missions that test your fighting skills!* Furious battles, shootout, fights with policemen, cartheft!The most exciting game about gangsters! Fight with police for powerin the city. You are waiting for race, shootout, fierce battles oneon one! Also in your possession a huge variety of weapons - pistol,rifle, Rpg, shoker, grenade, bow and different kinds of ammunition!Arm yourself and become the king of the criminal world!
Gangsta Christmas 1.0
* Action car thief simulator.* Rich 3D graphic and special effects.* Destroyable cars, motorbikes, tank and helicopter.* Lots of lethal weapons.* Christmas town with hidden surprises.My gangsta boy.. my gangsta boy.. Peaceful xmas town is asleepand don’t know what bandits planned. He have many quests for you.Complete this tasks and upgrade your skills. You may use fire powerof weapon, pick missile launcher and show who's the city boss. Autotheft, devastating weaponry, military vehicles - everything is openfor you. Kill anyone who stands on your way. Don know how to begrateful.
Russian Crime Street 1.0
*Exciting 3D action game.*Crazy chases with cops and bandits.*Realistic melee combat and dynamic gunfights.*Russian car models.Find yourself on the streets of matushka-Russia.Put on a black sport suit, get a hard toned car with avodkaair-fresher, pick your favorite golf club and go check what’sgoingon outside!You can find any weapon in the shop nearby. Just pay and chooseagun.Playing in the atmosphere of half ruined second-rate city youcanalmost feel the taste of dirt in the air.
Clash of Gangs 1.0
*Dynamic car theft game.*Beautiful 3D graphics and special tuning options.*Lots of quests with different rewards.*Destroyable environment.*Special secrets hidden on the map.You’ve always been dreaming to get into the crime gang andrulethe city, but the way for your dream is thorny anddangerous.Welcome to the city full of confronting clans where everyonecaneasily kill you.Bandits can shoot you right on the street and cops can use armsatwill.Your only hope is you your skills and your gun. Than bigger gunthanbetter.Find yourself a way to get cash, commit crimes or completequestsfor gang members and other citizen.Get through the storyline and finish all tasks. Find cool carsandmilitary vehicles. Other words taste the life of an outlaw.Fight for your life and become the best!
Death City Race 1.00
* Wide sport cars selection.* Variety of car upgrades and customization.* Tricky streets and hard opponents.* Rich 3D graphics and realistic car dynamic.* Different game modes.In a deserted city pro drivers decided to make their ownracingplace with competitions, elimination rides andcrash-dollsdemolition. Join this race with tricky turns, angryopponents andgreat rewards.The vast selection of car upgrades will help you to dominateindifferent game modes. Choose your car, fasten your belt anddriveahead! You’ve got limited time for completing your goal sodon’twaste even a second! Drive fast but try to be accurate, you’llneedall of your driving skills in this game to be the best.Remember speed is crucial but sometimes slow and steady winstherace!
Crime Street Wrestling 1.2
* Fierce combat battles with the mostdangerouscriminals!* Magnificent graphics of attacks, defense anddevastatingblows!* Strategic gameplay!Adventure in the streets of criminality begin! Experiencetheincredible thrillfrom street fighting with the strongest and the mostruthlesscriminals. Choosethe best combat techniques for their destruction. Plunge intothecriminal worldwith his gloomy secrets about crimes!
Criminal Fight 1.0
* An unique opportunity to choose your heroandhis rival!* Fierce battles with dangerous fighting techniques!* Amazing graphics and realistic animation of fights!You are waiting for a huge amount of exciting battleswithincredible fighting tricks and techniques! Work out yourtactics ofa battle and destroy opponents. The outcome of a battleis in yourhands! Try to win a decisive battle and become awinner!
Stop Terrorist 2 1.0
-An advanced military weapon will help youtofight against ruthless terrorists!-Each level - is a new anti-terrorist operation!-An enthralling gameplay: shoot and kill terrorists!You will have to play a role of a brave fighter to combatterrorism!You arewaiting for exciting anti-terrorist missions aimed atthedestruction of cruelvillains. Can you penetrate on an enemy base and destroy alltheterrorists?Immerse yourself in a real fight against terrorism!
Christmas Rope Hero 3
* Action car thief simulator.* Rich 3D graphic and special effects.* Destroyable cars, motorbikes, tank and helicopter.* Lots of lethal weapons.* Christmas town with hidden surprises.Peaceful christmas town is waiting for the hero who will savetheholidays. Citizen have many quests for you. Complete this tasksandupgrade your skills. You may fly on a rope to evade enemyattacks oruse firepower of hero weapon, pick missile launcher andshow thebandits who's the city boss. You are a true hero and maychoose anyway to protect people. Auto theft, devastating weaponry,militaryvehicles - everything is open for you. Kill anyone whostands onyour way.
Grand City Hero 1.0
*Dynamic 3D shooter with rpg elements.*Highly detailed city map.*Wide vehicles and weaponry selection.*Lots of different quests.*Skill upgrade system.Not everyone in megalopolis are quiet and diligent. City givesagreat potential. Citizen that suspect nothing, weapon shops,coolcars, military base nearby. Show your explosive temper.Makeeveryone tremble hearing the whisper of your name. Begin as arunboy and make your way to the top of gangster world.Everythingdepends on you. Will you dare?!
Gangster Miami 1.00
*Adventures of a crime world rookie.*Advance battle system for better realism.*Different facilities tasks.*Astonishing 3D graphics and visual effects.*Dynamic TPS with RPG elements.*Mad BMX for stunts and smashing citizen.Get into the endless confrontation of police and thieves.Findyour way to get money.Rub, steal cars, or complete tasks for quest givers all overthemap. The crime level in the city is too damn high, so becarefuland try not to get shot.Crazy chases and gunfights won’t let you get bored. Just findsomefunds and get the best equipment in the shop nearby.When you die you lose a part of your weapons and money, so trytofind lifesaving med kits when you are injured.Become the real gangster on the merciless streets of Miami!
Girl Fighter 1.2
3 game modes:"Story": Each level - is a new opponent!"Arcade": Fights of different genders without rules!"Survival": Every mission - is a battle for survival!High-tech weapons and outfit!A new unique combat system!A struggle for a victory begin! In the game mode "History" youarewaiting forstunning battles of a fragile girl with the strongest enemies withaview to getnew weapons and outfit and with a view to improve abilities ofyourhero. Next,you will have to play in the mode "Arcade" in which you will needtofight withabsolutely random fighters. And, finally, the mode "Survival"whereyou willhave to fight to the last breath. Arm yourself with anindividualkind of abattle and fight to the end!