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Dark Lands: Combat Runner 1.4.2
Mingle Games
Run through traps and clash with monsters! Dark Lands is an epiccombat runner action game. Develop your Warrior Hero to survivethis infinity combat and run as long as possible! Dark Lands is anaddictive mix of an infinity runner fantasy horror game with Hack& Slash combat system. Take your warrior hero on an epicjourney of defeating evil forces who corrupted the land. Clash withenemies like goblins, orcs, skeletons and monstrous trolls andogres! Crush unique bosses like the fierce Giant Scorpion or thedeadly Minotaur! Avoid dangerous traps and treacherous corruptedterrain! Show other players that you are the best warrior of themall! FEATURES - Overcome the 40 missions of the adventure mode andsurvive the endless mode. - Run and Crush with easy to use controlswith sharp reactions! - Develop your warrior hero! Improve statsand buy mighty weapons and armor! - Fight hordes of fantasyenemies! - Get into epic fights with mighty bosses such as theminotaur or the giant scorpion! - Learn to avoid deadly traps anduse them in your favor to lure enemies into them! - Enjoybeautiful, original, atmospheric music and great sound effects! -Artistic silhouette graphics with a changing environment! - Unlockmore than 50 achievements and write your name in the hall of famepantheon of Dark Lands.
Calming Lia 3.165
Mingle Games
Help Bao to calm Lia with her nightmares and save the dream!Calming Lia is a glamorous match 3 adventure game. Travel throughfun worlds, Deep Sea, Spooky Circus and much more in this glamorousmatch 3 adventure of Lia’s dreams. Slide and match 3 or more tosave Lia’s dreams! Beat challenging match 3 levels and relax yourmind. Collect magic charms, beautiful diamonds and shiny gold!FEATURES ● 600+ match 3 adventure levels to beat ● An adventure setin a dreamland of Lia and the brave bear Bao! ● Hand-drawn art andlovely animations! ● Magic box with chances to win goodies! ●Collect unique bonuses! ● Magic charm collection! ● Leaderboards towatch your friends and compete for the best score! ● Play dailygold mine challenge! ● Invite your friends to help you on thisjourney and get your rewards! ● Unlock magic treasure chests as youtravel through the game! ● Easy to play and challenging to master!Play Calming Lia and embark on glamorous match 3 adventure game! Wevalue your feedback, so let us know if you have any dream ideas forus to implement: http://bit.ly/CalmingLiaContactUs Find out moreabout Lia and brave Bao quest at http://www.mingle-games.com/Connect with Lia and brave Bao quest on Facebookhttp://www.facebook.com/calminglia Follow Lia and brave Bao onTwitter http://www.twitter.com/calminglia Follow Lia and brave Baoon Instagram https://www.instagram.com/calmingliagame/ NOTE:Calming Lia is a completely free-to-play match-3 adventure game,but some items in the game are offered as in-app purchases. You canturn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in yourdevice’s settings if you choose to.
Inward! - Marble Hit 1.3.6
Mingle Games
Tap to hit marbles. Watch out for empty spots! Hit all the marblesand collect your rewards at the end of each level. Collectbeautiful marbles and complete your collection. Strong audiovisualswill strive you to perfect the hit and increase your score! Don’thesitate and become the master of leaderboards! Features: - Simpleone-touch control - Amazing infinite levels - Soothing music andsounds - Minimalist art - Mesmerizing procedural marbles -Leaderboards to compete with your friends Inward! supports twographics settings, one for low-end devices and one for high-enddevices. We detect if the device is able to support high-resolutiongraphics or not. To turn on HD Graphics, tap on “Settings” ->“HD Graphics” toggle. Please keep in mind that this toggle is notavailable for some devices.