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Night Mode - Blue Light Filter, Eye Care 1.1
Eyes ever feel tired or burning while texting at night?Havingtrouble in getting good quality sleep due to using mobile phone?Eyeprotector from harmful mobile light is an app which gives youcontrol for choosing different color filter to give you good userexperience.You will have four color filters with screen dimmer oropacity seekbar will be very helpful to maintain the opacity ofoverlay over screen.The app has very simple and easy to useinterface its working on just one tap, you can can activate anddeactivate this app by tapping its icon on notification bar aswell.Note: this app is using overlay so you should turn off thisapplication while you are using screen capture or such type ofapps.please consider rating to this app your valuable comments areso important for us to provide you better and better products.
Clash Royal Random Deck 1.4
Tired of choosing which card should be put in your deck? If yesthen we have a great solution for you to choose your battle deck toimprove your winning rate in Clash Royale.Clash Royale DeckGenerator let you create and save unlimited decks, so you can playa fair game with your friends.The app generates random deck everytime to enhance user experience, every time you generate deck ashort message will be displayed about the deck.* This applicationis not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or specificallyapproved by developer of original game.* This application has beendeveloped Fan Content Policyhttp://supercell.com/en/fan-content-policy/. All images are from"Fan kit" that is free for download on official site of the game.*This app can not update your deck in Clash Royale or cheat card foryou!Please feel free to put your reviews or email us forsupportminhajalikhan909@gmail.com
Battery Booster (Smart Battery Charger) 1.1
Increase your battery performance and enjoy browsing your phone forlonger time by boosting your battery. "Battery Booster" is a greatapp to increase your battery lifetime. Just one tap and you canturn off the applications that takes up extra battery. "BatteryBooster" is designed smartly to ensure that you make maximumutilization of your running applications and turn off all theunnecessary applications running in your device. The app is mustfor all the users to improve your battery performance and in turnenjoy fast browsing of data in your device."Battery Booster"monitors your battery performance 24x7 and sends push notificationsoccasionally to keep you informed. The app is designed with greatuser interface and intuitive tap mode controls. Just one tap andyou can turn off the unused applications. Alternatively the appalso provide an option to individually select or unselect theapplication. The app has got very useful features and is frequentlyupdated for better experience of the users. One of the bestfeatures the app provides is its auto pop up feature. "BatteryBooster" automatically reminds you to turn off the unusedapplication whenever the device is plugged in for charging.Download the most useful and needed app "Battery Booster" for yourandroid handset and enjoy fast browsing of data for longer time.Battery Booster is a lightweight application and ensures highperformance of the device by decreasing the batteryconsumption.CONTROLS- Wifi- Bluetooth- Brightness- Screen Rotation-Silent Mode- Time Outyou also select unselect them individually theapp keeps you monitor temperature of your android set.the bestfeature is its auto pop up when you plugged in your device forcharging, app reminds you to turn off your extra things to decreasebattery consumption.************************SAYHELLO************************We are constantly working hard onmaking the “Battery Booster” app better and more useful for you. Weneed your constant support to get going. Please feel free to emailus for any queries/suggestions/problems or if you just want to sayhello. We would love to hear from you. If you have enjoyed anyfeature of the “Battery Booster” app, do not forget to rate us onplay store.Battery Booster is a great app to use your batterysmartly. Everything has been design for the better userexperience.what you can do, you can turn off all these in just onesingle tap.
Screen Recorder 1.7
Video Screen Recorder is an amazing app to record high qualityvideos of your mobile phone. its great app working lollipop andabove versions.this app is totally free and no in app purchases init you can easily make promo videos, tutorials, record your gamesbest hits, record you video call, chats each and everything is isdisplaying on your cell screen in good frame rate and soundquality.-Capture screen video in different resolutions.-Unlimitedvideo recording.-Trim option is available.-Video OrientationOption-Bitrate Option-Show screen touch option-Record with audiooption-Capture ScreenShot Option
Voice Changer With Funny Effects 1.0.7
looking for some fun! Enjoy your time in recording and playing coolsounds by using our amazing free Voice Changer With Funny Effectsapp. Download this fabulous voice modifier and audio editor forfree to make your voice really different and very funny. This soundchangers is fantastic for all kinds of pranks, so don't hesitateand try it, do something really good and funny just laugh all daywith this new voice recorder app. Cool ringtone maker! this appwill give you best comedy ringtones, funny alerts and sms soundswith funny sound effects.Now you can Record your voice and use thismale to female voice changer to get something really crazy andcool. These funny sound clips will make you laugh out loud all daylong. Funny Voice Changer best features: Send you voice directly towhatsapp! Hilarious funny voice recorder with too much fun! Awesomeprank sound changer! Cool voice changing app with cool soundseffects Instant record and play of a voice! The best funny ringtonemaker! A big range of funny voices and scary sounds! Great newfunny voice changer software free download! Notification sound andalarm sound editor! Illusion Male to female voice changer! Save andshare your new sounds with your friends! You can share it onwhatsapp, dropbox, email etc Set as ringtone Set as a notificationsound wherever you want to have a funny deep,shrink or a tinyvoice, use this funny voice changer free download to play somefantastic sounds. Use this voice recording software to recordeverything you say and then modify the tone and speed of yourspeech with this fantastic voice modulator. using its hilariousspecial sound effect nobody will recognise your voice, so you canuse them to make fun of your friends and family and have the besttime of your life. Best voice changer with funny sound effects!Download Funny Voice Changer free download and play do some funwith your voice. Use this fake voice call changer male and femalefor fun with you friends and family. Customize your voice andsound. The prank sound effects are here for you to play with one ofthe best voice changing games ever! Enjoy Here are the list ofThose funny and hilarious sound effects you will get for free inthis app. - Helium - Giant - Robot - Cave - Monster - Nervous -Drunk - Squirrel - Child - Death - Reverse - Grand Canyon pleaserate our app so we can offer you more fun… if you have anysuggestion tell us at “minhajalikhan909@gmail.com” follows us onFacebook “https://www.facebook.com/coolappscollection/” Youcomments and feedback are really valuable for us.
Deleted Photo Recovery (Easy Restore) 1.6
Best solution for Deleted Photo RecoveryDoes Recover deletedpicture app really work? - Yes 100% its free you must tryit.Why not download and install the app on your mobile? -There is no reason not to download this appDeleted Photo Recoveryapp gives you free scan function, you can see your recoverablephotos, pictures and images without purchasing or buy anything .Itworks superb on Samsung, s6, s7 ,s8 note 5,6,7 etc.We came withextraordinary and exclusive Smart Recover Android apps completesthose impossible data recovery tasks that other apps cannot eventhink of it -- this data recovery app quickly locates and restoresdeleted files that other recovery apps could never find and youdon't need to root your mobile. it works even better if your mobileis already rooted Easy, Safe and Quick Recovery Process.Apartfrom other photo recovery Application, this software provide usersa much more easy and simpler interface. With few clicks, you canperform the whole recovery process on your own. The restore processis 100% safe. Don’t hesitate! Choose the fastest way to recoverphotos from your mobile and SD card.SimpleNow recover your Lost orDeleted Photos, pictures and images but not Videos at this time butwe are working to get videos also,with just a few clicks – Scan,Preview & RecoverFastIts powerful scanning coding effectivelyscans and preview your deleted or lost photos in notimeSecureRecovers your Lost or Deleted Photos securely withoriginal format intact.EasyIts as Easy as enjoying music or eatingbanana , just few click and you will get your data backUsingDeleted Picture Recovery is safe and risk-free. The app performsREAD-ONLY operations on your Mobile and memory card. It doesn'tmove, delete, or modify the data on the card to avoid causingfurther damage or overwriting. It recovers the images and mayrecover some movie clips and Apk fies from the source memory cardand saves them to your gallery.App Features:· Recover deletedphotos from mobile & memory cards· Recover lost or accidentallydeleted photos from mobile & memory cards· Recover images fromformatted memory cards· Undelete images, video files from mobilephones· Restore deleted pictures without rooting your mobile phone.Best data recovery app for 2017-2018
Glow Shape Skip 1.0
Get the coolest and greatest Glow Shape Skip game on your androidsmartphone or tablet for FREE now. Glow Shape Skip is the latestand coolest ball jump game on play store. The main objective ofthis addictive arcade game is to guide your ball and let it pass itthrough the shapes without hitting any shape or obstacle. But, keepin mind that there is no timer so you can take as much time as youcan to score the highest possible score because our game isendless. The game will get harder as your progress on it, but youneed to show your reflection and speed skills to score the highestpossible score in this addictive endless Glow Shape Skip.Soundseasy, but can you really do it and jump highly with the ballwithout any mistake?Why do you need to download and install GlowShape Skip on your android smartphone or tablet instead of othercolor ball games?✓ We made some Cool and smooth high-quality shapesand awesome colors to give you the best experience while playingthe greatest shapes and colors game ever! You will enjoy thisendless game!✓ Our ball jump game is FREE and it will stay Free forlife, so there is No hidden fees, no special members, and no annualsubscription to enjoy the best arcade game ever!✓ Fantastic themegraphics and immersive sound effects. We took design seriously andwe want our users to enjoy this game immensely.✓ Our game isendless. Yes, Endless! You will enjoy playing this free addictiveGlow Shape Skip game and test if you will be really able to scorethe highest possible score.✓ We added many balls to let you chooseanyone that you like. You can play with any ball you want withoutunlocking it.What are you waiting for? Download Glow Shape Skip nowand start playing the best free addictive game to tickle yourbrain!
Deleted Photo Restore (Easy Recovery) 1.3
Did you ever delete some images from your Android smartphone ortablet by mistakes and wanted to restore them? Do you have somesecret and confidential pictures and you don't want someone to seethem when he uses your device? Are you looking for a powerful imagerecovery app that can recover any deleted image easily and fastly?If your answer is yes, then you will have to download and installDeleted Photo Restore (Easy Recovery) on your Android smartphone ortablet because it is the perfect app for you right now.DeletedPhoto Restore (Easy Recovery) can find all your deleted images in afew seconds and let you restore them back to your Android device.And the best thing is that our app can also work as a photo vaultbecause you can delete images before giving your smartphone tosomeone else and then recover them when you get back your device.Not only that! when you restore images you will find them in theiroriginal quality and we will never compress their size orquality.Delete Photo Restore (Easy Recovery) works as a perfectrestore photos app and is a perfect photo keeper. With our app,your best memories will remain because they will never be deletedpermanently and once you install our deleted image recovery app youcan restore any deleted image in a few seconds. Best of all,there’s no chance of losing your deleted images because you canrecover them in no time.Why do you need to download and installDeleted Photo Restore (Easy Recovery) on your Android smartphone ortablet instead of other restore images and recover pictures apps?★Easy ★ ✓ Our app is very easy to use. All that you have to do is tolaunch a quick or deep scan, see how many photos did the apprestore, click on Show pictures and choose which pictures do youwant to restore. It's a very easy process!★ Free ★ ✓ The best thingis that our Deleted Image Recovery app is Free and it will stayfree for life, so there is no hidden fees, no special membershipsand no annual subscription fees to recover your images.★ Deep Scan★ ✓ We integrated a deep scan that you can find all deleted imageseven if you deleted them a long time ago.What are you waiting for?Download Deleted Photo Restore (Easy Recovery) for Free and enjoythe best free image recover and picture recover app ever!
Cooking Food Restaurant Game 1.3
You own a restaurant and you have to cook delicious foods foryourcustomers. There are more than 100 tasty foods you need to bakeorfry to serve.Game play is very easy and simple there are twomodeplay,★ Challengy Mode★ Time ModeChallenge mode push you toincreaseyour cooking and selecting best foods recipes, it willincreaseyour cooking or baking skills because you need to servemouthwatering food to your customers without delay and waitingtime.Timemood is specially design to keep the game simple and forbeginnersyou can become an expert in cooking for this mode. Thereis no needof any cooking and baking recipes for this mode.Deliciousfoods youwill cook and serve in this game.★ Doughnuts★ Sushi★Lettuce★Liver★ Bread★ Cookies★ Potato★ Pancake★ Chicken★ Pork★Fish★Carrot★ Mashroom★ Beef★ Onion★ TomatoThis is the best cookinggamefor girls and boys. you will got cooking fever after playingthiscool game.Please play and rate our game we will appreciateyourfeedback and try to produce better and bestgames.Emailminhajalikhan909@gmail.comfbhttps://www.facebook.com/coolappscollection
Recover My All Photos Free 1.3
Did you ever delete your images from smartphone or tabletbymistakes and wanted to restore them back? Do you have somesecretand confidential pictures and you don't want someone to seethemwhen he uses your device? Did you hide your secret picturesintoyour photo vault and now you lost its password and want to getthemback?Did you lost your whats app photos photos?Are you lookingfora powerful Photo recovery app that can recover any deletedimageeasily and fastly? If anyone of them is yes, then you willhave todownload and install Recover My All Photos Free on yourAndroidsmartphone or tablet because it is the perfect app toachieve yourpurpose for you right now.Recover My All Photos Free onyour canfind all your deleted images/Phtotos in a few secondsspeciallythose which come and sent through WhatsApp and let yourestore themback to your gallery. And the best thing is that thisis free Photorecovery app and can also work as a Secret photo vaultbecause youcan delete images before giving your smartphone tosomeone else andthen recover them when you get back your device.Not only that!when you restore pictures you will find them in theiroriginalquality and we will never compress their size orquality.Recover MyAll Photos Free works as a perfect restore photosapp and is aperfect photo keeper. With our app, your best memorieswill remainsave because they will never be deleted permanently andonce youinstall our deleted image recovery app you can restore anydeletedimage in a few seconds. Best of all, there’s no chance oflosingyour deleted photos because you can recover them in notime.Why doyou need to download and install Recover My All PhotosFree on yourAndroid smartphone or tablet instead of other restoreimages andrecover pictures apps?★ Easy ★ ✓ Our app is veryeasy to use.All that you have to do is to launch a quick or deepscan, see howmany photos did the app restore, click on Showpictures and choosewhich pictures do you want to restore. It's avery easy process!★Free ★ ✓ The best thing is that our DeletedImage Recovery appis Free and it will stay free for life, so thereis no hidden fees,no special memberships and no annual subscriptionfees to recoveryour images.★ Deep Scan ★ ✓ We integrated adeep scan that youcan find all deleted images even if you deletedthem a long timeago.What are you waiting for? Download Recover MyAll Photos Freeon your Phone and enjoy the best free image recoverand picturerecover app ever!
Photo Memory Game Free – Brain Exercise & Mind Gym 2.2
Boost your memory and have fun by playing our Picture MindGameFREE! This is a memory test game where you have to look atpictruesand memorize them. Then you have to answer questionsrelated tothese pictures. It’s a good way to boost memory and havesome brainexercises when you have free time. Our brain boostingbrainy gamefor adult is pretty simple, but it’s so addictive! Youwill want toplay our picture quizzes again and again. We all liketo have somefun and play some games when we have free time. Why notplay brainygames for adults that will sharpen our momory?Ingelligenceincludes problem solving, memory, and math skills soit’s veryimportant to keep our memory sharp. Without good memory,it’suseless to be ingelligence because we will always misssomethingwhen we solve problems at hand. There are many brainboosting andmind game free out there but we guarantee that ourbrainy game foradult is addictive and fun. That means you will playagain andagain and never get bored. As you practice your momorythrough ourpicture quizzes, your short term and visual memory willget better.Our qiuzes are not time waster at all! Our pictrueqiuzes are veryuseful for people ofallages.================================================FEATURESOFPHOTO MEMORY TEST – MIND GAMEFREE:================================================ • Colorfulandattractive images • Simple gameplay, simply choose thecorrectanswer by tapping on it • Play every day when you have timetoboost memory • Simple game concept but hard to master •Addictiveand fun for people of all ages. • Collect coins when youanswercorrectly. • Game statistic to see how you perform in ourqiuzes •Reset statistic if you want to try new memorizationtechnique •Report problem within the app if you find any issue •Watch a vidto get more coins in our mind game FREE! How to play: •View apicture for 15 seconds (or you can speed it up) • Remembereverydetail about the image. • Answer the memory test questionsafterthe image. • After you answer all the question for that level,wewill calculate your score. • You will get coins if youanswercorrectly. • We will deduct your score if you answerincorrectly.This momory game is also great if you want to try outmanymemorization techniques and see which one is best for you. Itonlytakes a few minutes each day to practice yourmemorizationtechniques and maintain or even improve ingelligence,particularlymomory. Although we mention that this is a memory test&picture quizzes for adults, kids will also love our game. Ithelpsthem concentrating and stay focused on task at hand. Theywillenjoy this qiuzes because the images we use for this gamearecolorful and funny. ---We hope you have fun playing ourbrainboosting mind game free. If you find any issue when you playourgame, simply go to Setting, press Create Report and tell usaboutthe problem. We will fix it as soon as possible because wewant youto be able to play our brainy game for adultswithoutdistraction.Love our memory quiz? Please take a moment andleave usa rating and review!
Tap Booster (Memory Cleaner) 1.1
One Tap booster is great and easy to use free android appwhichhelps you to clear you junk and extra files on just one tap.app isdesign to clean your ram to boost up your mobile speedandperformance, its easy to use interface is very simpletounderstand, the app is specially design for better userexperienceit don't have any pop ups to tease users. it clean yourcache soyour mobile can load your desired data more rapidly, itkills downextra process so your battery will last longer