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Egyptian Pyramid Treasure Mod C10.1
A supreme battle of epic proportions has takenover the vast deserts of Egypt and it is your mission to see thatthe innocent are protected and the undead are delivered to theirpromised afterlife. Egyptian Pyramid Treasure Mod is an excitingfirst person shooter game set in a rich pixilated 3D universe withmany enemies, but also many great rewards to those with thefortitude to conquer the many challenges set before them.AND SO THE STORY BEGINS...The curse of the mummy began when many terrible events occurredafter the discovery of a mighty king's tomb. The funding of theexpedition and founder of the dig was a wealthy and powerful manfeared by some of the natives to be the God of the Dead, come tolay claim to the earthly possessions of the souls he claimed somany centuries ago. Greedy as a celestial being, this reaper of thekings mislead many great pharaohs not to the promised afterlife,but to a veil that was neither accessible by the living or thedead. Now, upon his fated arrival, the souls of these lost kingshave broken free of their terrible curse to repossess their bodiesand extract revenge on those who have wronged them. As they launchan attack on the mortal realm, the deserts are in danger, for theseundead foes are out for blood and will stop at nothing to get tothe human entity of the god of death.As a lead archeologist in the dig, you are not surprised whenyour camp is siege by these mummy foes. The scrolls have foretoldit, and it is your destiny to protect the innocent as the warbetween these immortal souls rages and threatens all of Egypt.A CURSE AND A CHALLENGE...At the start of each level you will be tasked with a number ofenemies you must seek out and kill, and in limited time. As anintegrated game timer counts down your time, you must run, jump,crouch, aim and kill every last foe and in under the time given.Accomplish this feat and your reward will be that of a megapermanent weapon. If you desire a boost to achieve this goal, avideo upon the launch of this game will prompt you to watch a briefad in return for a power-up. These videos will be a great advantageto you throughout the game too, earning you ammo when you need itmost. Collect powerful blocky weapons or fight hand-to-hand to beateach map. User-friendly touch screen controls allow you to easilyguide and control your character throughout the levels and triumphover evil. Enemy targets are rangers who wields guns, and mummieswho expertly utilize melee weapons. Beware, for these foes can turnup anywhere. No place is safe, so be ever on guard...Game Features:Power-upsMission timersHand-to-hand combatBlocky weapon pickupsTougher challengesEnemies with high damage and intelligenceIncreased level difficultyFPS combatIntense battlesVisually stunning pixel worldsLevels:Pyramid TempleEgyptian Market PlaceEgyptian Pier
World of War: Cube Crafting C10.2
Imagine a world of immense block styleproportions, where savage enemies attack from every angle, wheresurvival is everything and the only thing that stands between youand the ultimate perk is the ticking tock of clock counting downthe seconds to your ultimate victory... Imagine World of War: CubeCrafting!FIGHT LIKE YOU MEAN IT...We told ourselves it was for a good cause. At times, we evenbelieved it. Every night after school, we were dispatched to thedistricts to collect "hopefuls." We knew our best bets, those youthwho rarely smiled, who had a chip on their shoulder, who wereconvinced the world was against them. We used this point of view toour advantage, using clever words and making promises we neverintended to keep. They came. They always came. Who wouldn't when wepromised them the world? They were sent away to camps. These campswere meant to stamp out any and all feeling, rebellion andfreewill. These empty souls were then sold to the highest bidders,like slaves for war. I myself had been one of them once. Iremembered those camps better than anyone. For so long I feltnothing. No happiness. No hate. Nothing. Then one day, I felt...something. It was the tiniest spark. Most would consider itnothing. Not me. To me, it was something. It was everything. Igrasped hold of this spark and nurtured it to life. It became theonly think that sustained me. Then it happened. Feeling bloomedwithin me. Bright, colorful, endless feelings. Suddenly the targetsI was sent to recruit were not mere subjects, but victims. Irecruited a handful more until the self loathing at what I wasdoing gripped me, choking everything else out. I could get out ofthe business. Oh, it wouldn't be easy, but I could do it. I was thefirst after all. They'd never suspect. But I couldn't go alone. Notwhen faced with the blank looks of my fellow "Soulless" were stillsuffering the bane of their punishment in camp. Perhaps I would dietrying. I could only hope I wouldn't. Either way, I was not leavingwithout a fight.ON YOUR MARKS, GET SET... SHOOT!Raise your weapons! This fast paced first person shooter pixel gameis an adrenaline rush. As you start the game, you'll be faced withbeating the clock which is determined to see you fail. Do not fail.You will be given a number of foes to hunt down and terminate. Run,jump, crouch, aim and shoot. Do what must be done to win, but do itspeedily. There is no time to waste! At the onset of the game youwill be prompted to watch a short video ad. In return, you will berewarded with a mega power-up. This advantage will be a good startin racing to the finish line and beating the clock. Run out of ammomid-battle? These video clips will help you get the perks you needto keep up the good fight. Simple touch screen controls allow youto easily navigate and control your character in vast world wheredanger is everywhere. Always be aware of your surroundings.Always.Features:Map-style level selectHand-to-hand combatBlocky weapon pickupPower-upsTimersFPS combatUser-friendly intuitive interfaceAmazing pixel graphicsGame Levels:Level1 - Garden HillsLevel2 - Cactus DesertLevel3 - Cave Site
Cops Vs Robbers: Hardline C10.2
Cops Vs Robbers: Hardline is designed for anamazing mobile experience. Compete in impossible missions,eradicate the enemy, take on epic bosses and become the hero.Navigate landscapes infested with enemies in unique pixel worlds.Intuitive touch screen controls make game play a breeze. However,the enemies are a different matter altogether. They certainly won'tbe so easy to manipulate.THE MAKINGS OF WAR...He grew up on the black market after his mother sold her as a babyfor drugs. He knew the inner workings better than anyone, and itwas this knowledge that would aid him in taking down the empirethat was threatening a nation with its devious and carefullyorchestrated ties with foreign terrorists. Oh, he wouldn't go sofar as to say he was on the side of the government, for he wasloyal to none but himself, but in light of recent events and a rashthreat made on the end of a soon-to-be very unfortunate group offelons... well, let's just say for the time being, the world washis enemy and anyone standing in his way of revenge was as good asdead.EXPLOSIVE FPS GAME PLAY...Do you have what it takes to survive in this block-eat-block pixelblock world? You'll need to protect yourself with your wits,reflexes and any weapon you can find. This game is fully loadedwith extreme challenges, but also powerful rewards. Enjoy the rushof adrenaline you'll experience as you launch the first level and agame timer starts ticking down the time you have to run the map andkill every enemy to earn a mega permanent weapon. User-friendlytouch screen controls allow you to navigate the map, run, jump,choose between weapons, aim and shoot. Collect your daily reward bywatching a brief video clip at the opening screen and gain theupper hand as you begin to fight hordes of brutal enemies. As youmove throughout the levels, you will need to locate and collect arange of blocky melee and firearm weapons. You'll also scout ammoand health perks on your journey as well. However, these items arelimited. If at any point throughout the game you find yourselfshooting blanks or on the verge of death, you may opt to watch ashort video clip and earn the perks you need to continue thebattle. This cool, modern block world is set with explosive firstperson shooting action with a host of weapons to chose from. Lockand load and enjoy epic levels of non-stop shooting action!Top Game Features:-Earn Permanent Power-Ups-Encounter Enemies With High Damage And Health-Earn Ammo By Watching A Short Video Ad Located On The Top Right OfThe Screen-Adjust Level Difficulty For Highest Survival Challenge-Hand-To-Hand Combat-Loading Bar Game Tips-Pause Menu - Able To Pause The Game And Change New Weapons-Mission Selection Map-Entity Map-New Settings Screen Includes Varying Game ControlsLevels:Camp- Be prepared to encounter a range of camp dwellings, many withattic access, rooftop access, and secret passageways. Thisendlessly fascinating map boasts many landscapes to explore... andmany places for enemies to hide.Urban Town- Equip your favorite weapon and hit the streets ofthis urban landscape with houses, a market and gas station withvehicles. Intelligent enemies with high damage and health lurkeverywhere, so be on guard.Floating Casino- Fight for survival while carrying out specialmissions. This exhaustive terrain is loaded with enemy fighters.Hunt down foes in a world with yachts and small boats around thebig floating casino.
Grim is Missing Mod Adventure C10.2
Prepare for a highly dangerous missionthatwill require all your skill and focus. Set in a fun classicpixelenvironment is an exciting FPS world rife with incrediblydifficultenemies, timers, power-ups, mega weapons and so much more.Downloadfor free to discover how truly unique and thrillingthiswar-stimulator world really is.In Grim is Missing Mod Adventure, you are given a series ofassassinmissions in which you must carry through. Your family isbeing heldhostage, so every move is life or death. There is notime to waste.Even if you don't agree with the methods of yourorders, you mustobey or risk everything you care about the most.Scour the distantcorners of the land and odd locations and killall targeted enemiesto earn a pass to the next set of instructionon your journey tofreeing your family and being rid of thisblackmail burden.***GAME PLAY***Descend upon the villages and bring death to them all. Eachmissionis a timed one, leaving you little time to scour the landsforenemy fighters and ensuring their threat is no more. Completeyourmission in the time given and earn a mega perma weapon. Toassistyou in your hazardous mission, you will be offered theopportunityto watch a brief video ad upon launching this game.Accept and earna power up that will give you an advantage at theonset of thegame. These videos can also earn you more ammunitionduring gameplay, so be sure to take the chance when needed. Simpletouchscreen controls allow you to easy manipulate your character asyourun, jump, crouch and shoot your way through each excitingmap!Top Game Features:-Power Ups-Timers features for each level.-Game boasts enemies with higher damage and health-Enemies are more intelligent-Player can get acquire ammo by watching a brief video ad-Hand to hand combat- Loading bar tips- Option to disable ads- Sensitivity settings- Game mode difficulty