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Critical Strike Shooting Mission 1.1
Mini Studio
Are you a fan of FPS games? the is a brand new first personactionshooting game. Counter-Terrorism Shootout Use powerfulweapons tofight terrorists. The enemy attacked our town andcounterattackedby the modern strike force. In the anti-terroristterroristshootout game, you have not only powerful weapons, butalso have astrong teammate. Give full play to your fighting skillsin combat,show your superb shooting skills. Teammates will coveryou when youcharge, you have to seize the opportunity to play a keyshot.Protect yourself and soldiers against terrorist attacks. Pickupenemy submachine guns and medical cases to strengthen andprotectcombat players against terrorism. Critical Strike ShootingMissionFeatures: - Realistic 3D environment - Fast paced game - Theradarsystem detects the enemy's position - A lot of advancedweapons -Simple and smooth control - real combat effect - Simpleuserinterface
Fit Note 1.4
Mini Studio
The operation of the game is very simple. When appropriate, findtheright time and combine them to make you bigger. Make yourselfbiggerand bigger and collect notes. Enjoy music and have fun inthebeautiful world. Get higher scores and improve your rankings.
Mountain Sniper : Killer Gun FPS Shooting Game 3D 1.0
Mini Studio
😘Mountain Sniper : Killer Gun FPS Shooting Game 3D is anewbattlefield FPS shooting game😍. In a realisticbattlefieldenvironment, modern enemies are used to shoot theenemy👽. As a warcommando, you are given the responsibility ofclearing dangerousterrorists, completing challenging missions andsaving the countryin distress😎. the is a challenge to complete yourmission🙋. When anenemy invades your city🌆, you must shoot allenemies. The enemydoesn't know your existence yet, but when youstart shooting😏. Theenemy will notice your presence. So after youstart shooting, keepyour attention, avoid the enemy's attacks,survive in the war, andcomplete the mission. the FPS sniper game iswhat you have alwaysbeen looking forward to😁. Join the war,struggling to shoot! Like amission agent, experience extremelyrealistic images, design yourskill set, upgrade and customize yourweapons. Convene your troopsand fight the enemy on thebattlefield.🙆 Enjoy the real experiencethat the game brings to youand let you feel the joy of fightingterrorists on the battlefield.😆Mountain Sniper : Killer Gun FPSShooting Game 3D Features: - Realcombat effect - Simple and smoothcontrol - Excellent 3D graphics -Amazing music and sound effects -Various high quality advancedweapons - Realistic 3D shootingbattlefield environment - Playanytime, anywhere
Counter Terrorist FPS Shooting 1.0
Mini Studio
Terrorists are destroying the city. The lives of the peoplearethreatened and they are quickly equipped to defend thecity.Critical Strike Shooting Mission is a war game againstterrorists,allowing you to experience and use combat survival andfirearmingskills in intense and complex war environments. You arethe bestarmy shooter in this country. To become a military heroesof amilitary commando, you have to defeat all terrorists. Youareequipped with modern weapons and advanced combat guns that canbeused to kill relentless enemies and criminals. Trying toprotectcivilians, killing criminals and enemies hidden in thesurroundingin this brutal war, to restore the peace in your city.In this waron terror, you have to concentrate and be an accurateshooter tomake sure you survive and win this fight like a real warhero.Critical Strike Shooting Mission Features: - Smart AI makesthegame more fun - First person action shooting game - Simpleandsmooth control - advanced weapon - realistic shooting effect-Shocking music and sound effects - Play games anytime, anywhere