MiniWorld Team Apps

MiniWorld - Word Chef 1.3.0
Word Chef is a new type of the classic word search, scrabble wordfinder puzzle game. In this game, you are the chef, your duty is tofind the right formulas to make great disks. There are many typesof disks such as: ice cream, cake, seafood, salad, national disk,drinks. So challenge yourself and become the master chef ever. Howto play: - Swipe to connect letters and build a valid word. - Fillout all the letter boxes with words.When you get stuck at adifficult level:- Use "Shuffle" function to shuffle letters, thenperhaps you find it easier to recognize the valid word.- Use "Hint"function to open a letter in letter box.- Take screenshot and askyour friends. You can also share the game with your friends thenyou and them can play this fantastic game together.We take pride insaying that Word Chef Search Puzzles is the best word search gamefor Android. The themes are what makes this app interesting,instead of auto generated word search levels. You can spendcountless hours finding words! It's perfect with your daily cup ofcoffee.Game feature:• 540 well-made levels.• Beautiful HD graphics•Beautiful Background• Sweet animations• Many challenging levels•Easy & fun to play, challenging to master
MiniWorld -Unroll Ball 1.3.2
Try to play a puzzler to refresh your brain, Yes, you found it.MiniWorld - UnRoll Ball is very simple objective, is a simpleaddictive UnRoll Ball puzzle game, it makes you keep playing forFREE! How to play MiniWorld - UnRoll Ball? ➤ MOVE the blocks withyour finger to unroll a path. ➤ BUILD the path for moving the ballthe Goal block ➤ Try to get 3 stars ➤ Roll the ball to get out oftrouble Please do not forget to let us know what you think aboutthe game! Let’s go for amazing MiniWorld - UnRoll Ball journey!
MiniWorld - Hook Head 1.1.3
To Play, Just tap on screen to hook the head of animal to the base.Avoid already present heads on the Base. Be aware of speedfluctuations, We don't want you to loose :) as colliding withexisting head will result in a loss of game life and you will haveto play again then. It's a simple, amazing and super addicting minitype game with lots of lovely graphics, sounds and animation. Wehave more than thousands levels, so you will be loving it as hellbecause fun is not going to finish any sooner. Play nice and seeyour rank among friends through social leader-boards, also thereare many achievements to unlock, so you can always stand proudamong your friends. Get free diamonds, have more lives to playinfinitely. Brag about your score by sharing over Facebook. Inviteyour Facebook friends and play together.
Jewel Journey 1.0.5
Jewel Journey is a match 3 puzzle game. It is the all-timefavoritecasual game of 2018. For each level of the game, youcollectdiamonds to adorn on Heather’s barrettes. There are morethan 100levels. Each one was filled with fun and amazingchallenges. Afterthe final level, you will get tons of gems. Thosewill turn yourbeloved Heather into a charming princess. Connectthree or moregems with same color to make a hit. That will turnthem into flowerpieces, and the diamond will fall. When the diamondgets to theappointed location, Heather will get it. Finish the goalbeforeusing all your moves! Jewel Journey uses a cartoon stylegraphicwith well-constructed interactive experience. We made thegame withcreativity and innovation to enlarge its playability. Youare goingto have a very unique gaming experience with us. Now getinto thisgreat puzzle solving journey. Connect the beautiful gemstodecorate your road. You either go alone or play with yourfriends.Go beat the high score! And you can play offline!
West World - Crazy Gun 1.5.2
Crazy Gun is the most lively addictive shooting game! This gamewill let you think ahead before you make any shoot while playing.In the western town where Jack is located, a shooting competitionis about to take place. Jack is training hard to get the bonus ofthe event. Let us help him to let him be the hero of thiscompetition! How to play: The goal of this addictive shooting gameis to tap the screen to shoot and break all the given bottles. But,keep in mind that you should be very precise in this endless gamebecause the wheel keeps turning faster and you only have specificnumber ammunition and you should break all bottles before with thegiven ammunition or you will lose. Not only that! There are alsomany challenges that you can take to improve your skills. Soundseasy? But, would you be able to score the highest possible score inthis addictive shooter game without mistakes? Why choose to playCrazy Gun on your Android smartphone or tablet instead of othershooter games? ✓ We made some 2D Cool and smooth high-qualitygraphics to give you the best experience while playing the greatestshooting game ever! You will enjoy it! ✓ With our realisticgraphics, you will have the feeling of shooting from a real gun andnot playing Crazy Gun. ✓ We care about you and that's why we madeour shooting game very easy to play, so all that you have to do isto tap the screen to make a shoot. Super easy! ✓ Our shooting gameis FREE and it will stay Free for life, so there are No hidden feesor annual subscription to enjoy playing it! ✓ Make sure tocontinuously shoot the randomly appearing treasure chests to havethe opportunity of obtaining some new powerful weapons. ✓ Endless!Yes! our game is endless and you can enjoy playing as much as youwant because the only one who can stop you is you. ✓ Enjoy playingeven without having a 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi internet connection. ✓ CrazyGun is a free game and it can be played by Adults and Teens. Yourwhole family can play it and they will enjoy playing it for hoursnonstop! Don’t forget to compete them on the leaderboard. What areyou waiting for? Download Crazy Gun and enjoy the most addictiveshooter game ever!
Color Master - Pixel Art 1.0.6
Color Mater is a stress-releasing game. It helps the kidsbuildtheir creativity and sense of color. It can reduce the stressfromwork and life. Right now, it has the best pixel art effectinGoogle Play. This is a game for all ages. You put correct coloratthe correct place by numbers, and then you’ll get aninterestingpainting. No skill required. The game has a lot of funpictures tochoose from. Some of them will be your favorites. How toplay:Choose a picture that you like Fill it with colors accordingtonumbers You can fill a whole area at once Features: Use thepaintbucket items to color faster Hundreds of different pictures.Findone from categories of cartoon, anime, animal, automobile,andwhatnot Fun for all ages Save your work and share on thesocialinternet Color master is a free game for everyone. What areyouwaiting for? Download it and start to paint! Enjoy thispeacefulpainting game!
Drunk Glass 1.0.3
It’s the time to refresh your mind after a daily grind and jumpintoa new puzzle game full of versatile challenges. Get ready tounpackthe fun filled puzzle game, Drunk Glass, that brings youneverending surprises and superb experiences. Drunk Glass, is yetsosimple but at the same time a stimulating puzzle game that willmakeyou think out of the box. This game is a captivating storyabout awine glass that is sad because it is empty and you are theone tomake the wine glass smile again by filling up with wine. Howtoplay? In Drunk Glass you would be doing nothing more thanjustdrawing an obstacle free path from wine dispenser to the glassthatis sad. All you have to do is to draw lines and otherdifferenttrigonometric shapes based on the present scenario, sothat thereshould be no blockade from wine dispenser to glass KeyFeaturesDozens of levels with varying difficulty and more are to beaddedsoon Use hint to clear hard-hitting situations Captivating 2Dartwork with splendid sound effects A productive gameplay toboostyour concentration, creativity and imagination For all agesNoactive internet connection required Hints! Don’t worryaboutdifficulties And much more… So what you are waiting for?Thistwisting puzzler is just one tap away from you. Note!Morechallenging levels are going to be added soon! Grab it today,havefun. Cheers!
Merge Cats - Cats vs Dogs 1.7.0
Build a home for your cats. Nurture them and be a friend of them.Want to be an expert in petting cats and to be a cat collector? Youcan make money from it! You buy, merge, and manage your cats. Youtap them to touch them, feed them, and make them happy. You canincrease the cats’ mood which will increase the earnings of yoursso that you get more gold. Features: More than 30 different cats,including Korat, Russian Blue, and Sphynx, etc Earn both online andoffline! Start a new life with cats!
Merge Dogs - Cats vs Dogs 1.1.9
Want to be an expert in petting dogs and to be a dog collector?Merge dogs to discover new dogs. Try to complete the set of allbreeds! How to play: Buy, merge, and manage your dogs. Tap them totouch them, feed them, and make them happy. Increase the dogs’ moodwhich will increase the earnings of yours so that you get moregold. Feature: ● More than 40 dog breeds unlocked: goldenretriever, Alaskan, French bulldog, shiba, corgi, etc! ● Online andoffline income, gain coin even when you are offline. ● Greatgraphics and cute puppies.. ● No WIFI? Don't worry! You can enjoythe game anywhere! ● Make purchases with your earned money to raiseyour efficiency This is a simple and addictive game, suitable forall ages, do not need traffic, anytime and together with these cutedogs, experience an unexpected addiction!