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com.minicades.stockcars 3.2.12
Drivers start your engines! Professional oval track racing thatexplodes with stock car racing action! RACE MODES : Multiplayer -Race head to head against other players in realtime. Regulation -Race and set the difficulty for higher prizes. Ladder - Race 10laps against progressively faster opponents for increasing prizes.Endurance - Race the full 400 lap distance. Hot Lap - Set yourfastest single lap on the leaderboard! Practice - Practice racinglines and setup your car for race trim. CARS: Choose 18 differentcars from the golden-era, super trucks right up to the modern-erastock cars. EXPERIENCE THE SPEED Feel your car on the absolutelimit of adhesion around 1 to 4 mile banked oval tracks. Earnin-game cash to buy, upgrade, repair and adjust your Stock Car.Qualify to unlock new tracks for increasing prize money. REALTIMEMULTIPLAYER RACING Race your friends, win prize money andchampionship points to make it onto the online leaderboards.MULTIPLE TRACKS 5 unique tracks night and day from a 1 mile shortoval to a 4 mile super speedway. REAL CRASH PHYSICS Simulatedcar-damage with sparks and smoke for a more realistic racingexperience. CUSTOMISE YOUR STOCKCAR Design your Stock Car with teamcolours, hood decals and racing numbers in the Paintshop. UPGRADEYOUR STOCKCAR Engine, tires and chassis increasing your car'soverall performance. SETUP YOUR STOCK CAR Allows you to Advancetune adjust your tyre pressures and suspension setups on your carfor race trim. REAL SIMULATION Visually stunning 3D graphics andrealistic physics. RUBBER-BANDING ASSIST Helps gets you back intothe race quicker. EARN IN-GAME CASH Based on finishing position andcalculated each lap round, the higher you place the more you earn.Drivers start your engines!
Mopar Drag N Brag 1.2.5
Experience the thrill of burnouts, test your reaction time and golightning fast with Mopar® drivers Allen Johnson, Jeg Coughlin Jr.and Matt Hagan.  Don’t just watch the race, strap in and hitthe strip yourself and show everybody how it’s done!  Take thewheel and share your time on Facebook and Twitter!  Experiencepower, Mopar Power!  Get behind the wheel and feel the thrill,power, and performance of Mopar!  Mopar or No Car!_____________________________________GAME FEATURES:• PRE-STAGEBURNOUTS. Before each pass drivers are allowed to perform a burnoutwhich cleans and heats your Mopar’s tires for improved traction.Watch the temp bar on the left but be careful, too much throttlewill overheat the tires and reduce grip.• MOPAR POWER!  Getbehind the wheel of Allen Johnson’s or Jeg Coughlin Jr.’s Pro StockMopar Dodge Avenger! Then grab the throttle in Matt Hagan’s FunnyCar Dodge Charger R/T! • Drag and then BRAG: Once you take thecompetition by storm, share your results on Twitter and Facebookand encourage your friends to take the challenge!  Bet theycan’t beat you! • 8 Classes of cars including• MOPAR FEATURED FUNNYCAR• MOPAR FEATURED PRO STOCK  • JET DRAGSTERS• PRO EXTREME•PRO NITROUS• PRO MODIFIED• SUPER STOCK• STOCK• Compete on theLeaderboards• Realistic 3D graphics, car physics and performance.•Multiple cameras including in-car driverperspective.____________________________________GAME TIPS:• Heat upyour tires for better grip but don’t overcook them!• Go after the 3yellow lights, don’t wait for green!• Win 4 rounds in a row for afinal elimination victory.• Prize money increases after each roundwin.• Spend winning credits on upgrades and new cars.• Unlock newClasses for bigger prizes and new opponents.• Remove ads within-game credits.Throttle down and post a top time today. Goodluck!Dodge and Mopar are registered trademarks of Chrysler GroupLLC. 1.12.5
Welcome to the World Karting Championships! Play with your friendson multiplayer or race through a single player campaign. Feel therush as you play through vintage, sprint and super karts in amassive 300 round world championship season. Outrun the competitionand finish on the podium to earn coins, upgrade your kart, andbecome the World Karting Champion. EXCITING CAMPAIGN MODE! Testyour skills in 300 super-fun and surprising race modes and unlockexclusive rewards! RACE THE STARS! Jump behind the wheel and raceas James Courtney or over 150+ other featured real drivers.CUSTOMIZE AND UPGRADE YOUR KART! Progress through Vintage, Sprintand Super Karts with tons of options to customize and upgrade.CUSTOMIZE YOUR DRIVER! Choose from a huge selection of Helmets,Suits, fun Headwear and stand out from the crowd. POWERFULBOOSTERS! Use engine blueprinting or tyre boosters to help you windifficult rounds. AMAZING VISUALS! Race around the world withenvironments from night, city, snow and ice to the outback desert!ACTION PACKED TRACKS! Race over 30 Tracks in a massive 300 roundworld championship season. BEAT YOUR FRIENDS! Play with friends onPlay Game Services or share your progress on Facebook. MUCH MORE TOCOME! Kart Stars has just begun – so look out for many more funthings coming your way in 2017! Contains in-app purchases. They areoptional and not required to play the game.
Dragster Mayhem - Top Fuel Sim 1.13
Experience the thrill of piloting a nitro-methane guzzling Top FuelDragster drag car producing over 9000 bhp on your phone!Wait forthe three yellows and throttle down in the blink of an eye as youcover 1000 ft in less than 5 seconds.Race on 4 different racetracks with increasing prize money. Win races and earn money toimprove your dragsters chassis, engine and tires.FEATURING DARRENMORGAN RACINGRace against 4x ANDRA Top Fuel Dragster ChampionDarren Morgan.QUALIFY AND RACEWin your way through four rounds tothe final round. EARN IN-GAME CASH Race on 4 different race trackswith increasing prize money.UPGRADE YOUR CAR 30+ performanceupgrades engines, tires and reduce chassis weight.ONLINEMULTIPLAYER RACING Race against other drivers from around theworld.REAL CRASH PHYSICS Realistic 3D graphics, car physics andperformance. PRE-STAGE BURNOUTS. Before each pass drivers areallowed to perform a burnout which cleans and heats the drivingtires for improved traction. Watch the temp bar on the left but becareful, too much throttle will overheat the tires and reducegrip!RACE TIPS:• Pre-stage heat up your tires for better grip butdon't over cook them!• Go on the 3 yellow lights, don't wait forgreen!• Win 4 rounds in a row for a final round victory.• Prizemoney increases after each round win.• Spend winning credits onupgrades and new liveries.• Unlock new Tracks for bigger prizes andnew opponents.Throttle down and post a top time on the leaderboardstoday. Good luck!
Woodblox Puzzle - Wood Block Wooden Puzzle Game 1.3.1
Woodblox Puzzle is a addictive block puzzle game with uniquecolorful woody shapes, higher scores and more rewards. Place woodenblock shapes and clear the play area by completing lineshorizontally or vertically. Build a high score by connecting shapestogether on a 1010 grid. Relax and calculate each move slowly ormatch lines fast to receive huge bonus score multipliers!•Excellent x2 bonus• Spectacular x4 bonus• Incredible x8 bonus•Unbelievable x12 bonusCompleting lines of challenging blocks hasnever been more fun, Woodblox Puzzle is an addictive puzzle gamethat will keep you entertained for hours.Checkout over 50 colorfulbrick themes, If you’re a fan of puzzles then you’re sure to lovethis new puzzle game to hit the block. Exercise your brain everydaywith Woodblox puzzle!Leave a review or talk tous!