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深入秘境: 冒險者之鑰 1.0.3
沙漠深處的古文明遺跡內,石板上的圖騰讓人眼花,而洞穴內逐漸上升的溫度與潛藏的危機,更是讓人心煩意亂。你,喬斯達博士,所踏出的每一步,都是通往聖殿、取得寶藏的關鍵。「深入秘境」是一款結合解謎、拼圖玩法的冒險遊戲。玩家所扮演的喬斯達。瓊斯博士,必須解開重重迷團,才能到達該層關卡的出口,並取得前往下一關的鑰匙。  - 難得的美式風格精巧小品,尋回90年代卡通電影的感動。- 結合觸控螢幕的冒險操作系統,在休閒時光帶來無限樂趣。- 類似三消遊戲的玩法,以更簡單、有趣的方式呈現給您。- 超過 500 個關卡,難度逐漸飆高,挑戰您的腦力極限!- 請在關鍵時刻使用「寶箱」,它可指引您從困境中脫離。  ** 請注意: 雖然本遊戲程式為免費下載及遊玩,但使用者為了增進遊戲體驗而購買的產品包,是須以真實貨幣付費的。建議您可以在googleplay 帳戶設定付費密碼,以管理「應用內商品」的購買行為。Remains of ancientcivilization in the heart of the desert, the people on the totemstone vertigo, and gradual increase of the temperature inside thecave with the potential crisis, more people are upset. You, Dr.Qiao Sida, which take every step, all leading to the temple, thekey to the treasure. "Thorough Fam" is a combination of puzzle,puzzle adventure game play. Players play Qiao Sida. Dr. Jones, youmust unlock the numerous mysteries, to reach the level of theoutlet of the layer, go to the next level and get the key.- American style sophistication rare pieces, recovered 90s cartoonfilm moving.- Combined with touch screen adventures operating system, bring inleisure time fun.- Similar to the three elimination games are played in a moresimple and fun way to present to you.- More than 500 points, the difficulty gradually soared high,challenge your mental limits!- Please use the "treasure" at a critical moment, it can guide youout of the predicament.** Please note: Although this game program for free download andplay, but users in order to enhance the game experience and buy theproduct package, is required to pay real money. We recommend thatyou can pay for your password in googleplay account settings tomanage the buying behavior "in-app products" is.
Mini Witch: Candy Luna 1.0.5
Wind stopped, the earth shakescontinuously,rivers dried up, and it’s like the calmness before themoment ofthe tsunami about to hit. Magic Kingdom suffered an unprecedented disaster! Thoseoriginallyshiny sweet life no longer exists, flowers withered,happinessbecomes tears, and innocent children no longer smile. Inorder torecover whatever was there, "Candy Luna" sets off! The trainee magician “Candy Luna” is determined to save theMagicKingdom, in order to find the truth of the crisis, she beginsherjourney. In the journey, though filled with many wonderfulandinteresting stories, yet it is also accompanied with a varietyofthrills and threats. Let’s follow the footsteps of"TravelingMagician: Candy Luna” together and into the adventurousjourney,help her through numerous levels of tests, get themysterious magiccrystal ball and divine crystal, and help the MagicKingdom throughthe disaster! - Sweet, lovely girl’s adventurous story.- Tour in a soft marshmallow-like magic world.- Move, combine! Innovative gameplay connects wisdomandreactions.- Please help “Candy Luna” to find the correct direction togettreasure.- Hundreds of varied challenge levels, go find the rightpath!- Please use “Crystal” in critical situation, it can guide yououtof the predicament. *** Friendly reminder: This game is free to download and play,butthe virtual products inside the game shopping mall should allbepurchased with real currency. You can pay for your password inyourGoogle Play account in order to manage the"In-apppurchases".