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Fingerprint lock screen prank 1.4
This fingerprint scanner simulator game is now available forandroid users that want to enjoy the ultimate fingerprint lockscreen!Fool your friends with this amazing game, that your phonehas the functionality of scanning your fingerprint in order tounlock it.This is a cool app and can also be used as a lock screenfor your phone.IMPORTANT NOTE! Please read the "how to use" sectionbefore using!HOW TO USE: Go to Settings and set the number of scansto unlock (default is 3).Give your phone to a friend and tell him/her to unlock the phone using his thumb. He will fail. Even if hegets the correct number of scans there is a short timeframeavailable for unlocking, only you will know the correct number ofscan times to unlock it. Also there is an extra tip for users tohelp them unlock the screen: watch for the time text changing colorslightly gray, this indicates that it is the right time to takeyour finger off the scanner to unlock it. FEATURES: - Thefingerprint lockscreen prank app has cool HD quality wallpapers andbackgrounds themes gallery to chose from. - The thumb scanner apphas the option to use as lock screen for your phone (default is off- please use the options menu to enable it). - The fingerprintscanner joke has cool sounds and animations that add more realism.- The fingerprint lock screen app has options to set the number ofscans before unlocking. - The fingerprint scanner app has theability to share the app to your friends. - The fingerprint lockscreen has the option to set the background of your phone with oneof the application`s wallpapers in Live wallpaper section. Note:This application is a simulator, joke, prank. The finger scanningtechnology does not yet exist on touch screens.For any suggestionor improvement please send a mail. Thanks and enjoy!