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Fairy Princess- Game for Girls 1.0.1
There are times when every parent needs to keep the kids busy.Popular 3D Running Games too tough for little kids? Well, we wantedto change all that. We made a game for little children to play withease with as less hindrances as possible. Keep your kids hooked onto this game keep them busy for hours.Get ready to be bedazzled by the fairy world endless adventureespecially designed for kids!The game revolves around Jasmine, whose eyes sparkle like astarry night sky, hair shines like diamonds and her magic makes herspecial. Experience the mesmerizing music and feel like a beautifulfairy collecting dazzling gems in this enchanted fantasy world.But, beware there is an evil rabbit in the fairy world who canstop you from collecting gems. Escape the evil rabbit by gettingthe power-ups like shield, magnet and boost.Fly through this fantasy forest world with beautiful mountains,striking waterfalls and lovely rainbows.Being kids friendly, the game has easy controls with the simpleswipe up, left, right, down – which will keep kids engrossed inthis dreamland.In the fairy world, the beautiful fairy named Jasmine liveshappily. She loves collecting glittering gems. But the evil rabbitdoesn't enjoy seeing her collecting all the gems. He createsobstacles in the path of sweet fairy so that she cannot collect thegems.Enter this amazing and adventurous fairy world to experience thelife of the beautiful fairy. Fairy Game follows the magical tale ofa fairy who loves exploring and collecting gems. Escaping theobstacles set by the wicked rabbit she flies through the fantasyland and collects the dazzling gems reaching the end of the game. Asuper addictive and exciting game that every kid will surelylove!Take the magical wand and become a beautiful fairy for the day.Get power-ups and fly through the magical adventure land.- Become a beautiful fairy and fly in the fantasy world!- Avoid dangerous obstacles and enjoy the breathtaking views ofmystic mountains, wonderful waterfalls and celestialrainbows!- Get power-ups along the way and increase your high-score in thisendless exciting game!
TinyTown™ Car Parking 3D 2015 1.0.5
"TinyTown™ Car Parking is one of the best designed games on thestore. Hands down no other parking game comes even close" 4.8/5-AppReviewNation"I fell in love with the mood and the music of thisgame... If you like Parking Games, You need to play this" - 4.8/5AppMotionNews"Snow, Rain, Sunny, Night and Many Vehicles. All this,in one single game. I've played parking games before, but no otherparking games beats the graphics, usability, features of TinyTownCar Parking" 5/5 AndroidGamerzThe Story of the Game:You play thisgame as John, a young man going through a bad time. John is new inTinyTown™. You have no job and are out of money. Looking for somework, you stumbles across Mr. Bones who owns a company called KingCars. Mr. Bones could be the textbook example of an evil boss. Heis always in a frenzy, fires people in a second, and never everlistens to an excuse. You are called for an interview, and the EvilMr. Bones understands your desperation. He hires you at King Carsas a car delivery boy. Low wage, Crazy working hours, and terriblerules. Rules any person would reject.. But not you.You need thisjob to keep you going. But would it be easy working for Mr. Bones?Would you be able to keep going and make it out of your bad time?Download this Car Parking Simulator Today.. Features of TinyTown™Car Parking 2014:1) Rich Cartoon 3D Graphics with Real Animatedeffects.2) The Best Car Parking Simulator experience with Steeringan Accelerometer control. 3) 34 Entertaining levels of AutomobileMadness4) Test your Car Driving and Parking Skills in 4 seasons ofthe game. a) Sunny Country Side: Enjoy driving through the countryvillage and Farms. Watch as the birds fly in the sky while youdrive.b) Winter Alps: Drive Carefully through the Dangerous SnowMountains During Christmas time. One mistake and your car would gotumbling down!c) Rainy Town: Enjoy Driving in the rain? Well we'vegiven you just that. It's raining cats and dogs, but you still haveto transport cars. Don't speed up..the roads are slippery.d) AutumnMid Town: Its Night time and everyone is sleeping. Enjoy thisperfect drive alone in lights. Roads are open, but don't drive likea maniac..5) Multiple Camera Selection For Easy Parking6) WeatherControl, Enjoy the weather how you like it7) Enjoy ParkingDifferent Vehicles. We have included Sports Cars, Buses, Trucks,Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV's), Light Equipment Vehicles (LEV's),Vans.8) Quick Car Service 9) Multiple Lives 10) Enjoy Lightentertaining music while Driving...and much much more. We hope youenjoy the as much as we have making it.Like us on Facebook to knowmore about new gamelaunches.https://www.facebook.com/miraclestudiosgames
Doodle Dots & Box Puzzle Game 1.0.1
Joining dots are perhaps one of the simplest actions even the kidscan perform. In the game Doodle Dots, you have to play with lots ofdots online where you have to join two dots in straight line ateach attempts of connecting dots. Apparently it seems to be asimple task, but once you will start the play you will find achallenging algorithm in its entire game plan.The most attractivequality of this Dots puzzle game is its simplicity and amazingdynamics. It is a real time pass on your android device where youcan play the game in single player mode as well as in double playermode. The user interface looks amazingly simple one and offers 100%clarity to understand the game play at one go. How to play thegame:There is nothing complicated in the game play: regardless youare playing single against computer or against another player youhave to join dots as fast as possible in straight vertical andhorizontal lines. Now the game is to join and close these initiallines into a square. Faster you wool be completing the squares, youwill be the winner of the game.The features:Check the cool featuresof this joining dots game: it will help you to get maximum fun andexcitement on board.• User friendly interface: it is easy tounderstand the game play,• There is music in the background: themusic will keep your engrossed on your target,• It is an arcadegame: each of the game session has to be completed within a fixedtime,• You can play the game in single player mode as well as indoubles,• It can be played on both Android phones and tablets.•There is a rate button; once you love to play it you can rate thegame for sharing your delight.• Want to learn the game: you willget the support on online tutorial here.Download the game now andstart playing its dots joining game play. Its amazing graphics areentertaining enough and the game is super addictive! You can askyour kids to play the game: it will help them to enjoy better levelof concentration. Joining dots: a game about connecting andenjoying puzzle at your fingertips.
Crossy Mafia Transporter 1.2
The year is 1950, Downtown, New York. The streets and alleys of thecity have been quite for a long time… The Italian mob has just cometo town, and things are about to change. The Italian mafia tycoonsare going to take over.You are a young Italian fellow looking for asmall time job. You only have two skills. Driving and PlayingPoker. Call it good luck or a bad fortune, you are now hired in themob and have been given the responsibility to transport all sortsof illegal weapons and cash. “The Boss must really like you Tommy.Said Jimmy, the Trucker..I have never seen anyone getting so closeto the Don the Godfather so quickly. He isn’t an easy man toplease, and you must be doing something right. He’s put you incharge of the supplies and transportation just four months afteryou joined. The other guys in the Gang don’t really like it thatmuch. It seems you’ve been promoted in a rush” “I ain’t botheredabout them, said Tommy – looking into the car mirror and makingsure each strand of his hair is well set.. Italians and theirhair..a connection made by god..“Let those gangsters say whateverthey want. I know how to drive well, and stay below the policeradars. I get the deliveries done on time and make sure the cashreaches the Don. It’s pretty simple you know. All I need to do isnot mess up the boss’s car, and not get caught by the cops. Also,Stay away from any shootouts or fights”“Well, that’s true. Butremember kid the downtown isn’t a safe place. Soon you are gonnamake enemies. Not just The other Gangsters across the town, butalso within our own mob. You gotta play your poker cards rightson”“You worry too much Jimmy.. But thanks for the heads up. I’llkeep an eye out."Mafia Transporter 2014 brings you a simulation youhave never played before. You play as Tommy Versetti and your jobis to transport all mob supplies around the busy city of New York.You have to keep a low profile as the cops are on the lookout of asuspicious person. The police chief is after the Don like a madman, and you just cannot let them catch you or the supplies. Thecity demands to be crime free – but the business has to go on.Thisis not just any other Car Parking Simulator Game. This is a test ofyour Driving/ Parking Skills to the max. Drive around downtown andmake sure you do not get into an accident. Features of this Game:-Drive your Vintage Cars and Trucks through the busy streets of NewYork- Over 30 Exciting levels to play- Realistic 3D Environment-Get back to the retro era- Play the game using various drivingmethods. Steering and Tilt control.- Multiple Camera Angles-Exciting music to keep you playing- The only Mafia Drivingsimulator game on the store!- Help your Godfather Don, reach newlevels, and create the Mafia Empire- Dominate the city
Real Street BasketBall Dude 3D 1.0.6
Real Street BasketBall Dude 3DHey Dude! Are you are a Basket ball Freak; so play this new 3Dreal street basketball ..dribble the ball, dunk the ball in the basket.A very addictive and fast paced sporty game to immerse you inthe real streets of the NY..This game comes with three play modes:You miss you lose: Don’t miss the goal else the game isover..Under a minutes: Dunk as many balls you can in just oneminuteFive Lives You have 5 lives so make it happen play like a proKeep your eyes at basket, set the pace and angle right to makegreat striking moves in the basket.Unlimited fun awaits you with these 3 game modes. Check for yourscores and watch out for the time too...Features:- Realistic 3D HD graphics- 3 different game modes- Challenge and test out your basketball skills- Easy controls to aim and shoot- Great sound effects & music- Life saving 5 life modeShow your swag .. it is time to play basketball in 3d and thattoo in street style ...
Startrix Space Adventures 1.0.1
Startrix : AVOID THE SHARP SPIKES!Feel like playing a hard game..The most impossible game evermade.. dash your way through the endless space journey..You need toavoid the deadly spikes and the cube hindrances.Use the twomagnetic startrix to dodge the cubes and the spikes to fly in theouter space...The game Startrix comes with some really addicting sound effectsand music SFX to keep you glued to the space scifiadventures.SplitJoinScrape and play this endless Startrix journey...Startrix is a challenging high speed game which has Rapid moves,extreme turns and easy controls to play.Test your reflexes and try out this game today
AA Las Vegas Casino Slots HD 1.0.2
Hit a Jackpot as you spin the reel on your setof Casino slot machines.Win many exciting prizes and bonus rounds with each spin, thisand all you can do at your comfort zone, as Las Vegas is here onyour mobile phone.What makes the game different is its versatility and appeal asthere are many beautiful themes to immerse yourself in.It is an easy to play and easy to win. You only have to play andenjoy.You can win thousands of coins and millions of Jackpots in aday.Features:• Exciting bonus Rounds• Lots of Coins to Win• Huge Jackpots• Tips to make a Winning Streak• Many Exciting themes to Choose from• Funny bonus rounds with spin bonuses• 5 reels- 5 symbols, 5 reels- 10 symbols, 80 lines and more!• Gain free spins, with triple diamonds, and special wilds.• Scatter symbols with free spins• Increase of winning lines with an increase of your bet amountSo, you play, socialize, Relax and Chill as you bet and all thisyou are doing only through your Slot GameHere you are. Download this app and get going!
Pinball Candy FF 1.0.1
Love Pinball? Well, here's a game with an awesome twist to it.Thiseasy to play game keeps you hooked on when you try to keep the ballwithin the gameplay zone. If that wasn't tough enough, you have tocollect the candies within the game before the time runs out.Youneed sniper reflexes to keep the game going on..This is a simpletouch game which you can play between those boring meetings, and onthose bus travels. Compete with players all over the world to reachthe top score. How to Play the Game:- Use left and right tap tomove the levers- Make sure the pinball does not fall down- Collectand crush the Candies before the time runs out- Reach as much scoreas possible
777 Hercules Zeus Slots Game 1.0.1
Experience the excitement of amazing VegasSlots and unleash the power of the Greek gods for BIG WINS withfree spins in a new Greek mythology slots.Get transported to the ancient Greek world and experience thegrandeur of the Greek gods. Offering a wide variety of thematicreel styled slot machines inspired by the ancient Greek world, thisnew slots games offer you a chance to hit billions of riches.Explore a mysterious Greek world full of Greek Gods, warriors anddevils, all with beautiful HD graphics just like the slots in Vegascasino.Packed full of fun and thrills, this Greek themed Slots will makeyou go crazy.Game Features• No internet required! Play slots anywhere!• Amazing HD graphics and sound effects• Practice and play slots just like you are in a real Las VegasCasino• Get FREE chips alongwith unlimited free entertainment• Spin your way through Greek themed free slot machines• Go crazy with your chance to hit billions with a big bet!• Bet big and win big!• Exiciting Bonus Games inside to keep you glued for hours• Unique three themes : The Greek Gods, The Hell Devils and theMighty Warriors• Experience super mega big wins !!• Discover new and big jackpotsUnlimited hours of full entertainment guaranteed!
Jurassic Parking World 3D 1.0.4
Welcome to the World of Prehistoric Land of Dinosaurs! A DrivingSimulator Adventure in the Ice Ages..A thrilling adventure awaitsyou, as you enter into this pre historic world of Killer Dinosaursand treacherous terrain. As soon as you download this game, youenter the world of these gigantic Trex Dinos, Fire breathingDragons and many more creatures.. You have no guns, no weapons tohunt these Dinos.. The only way to survive is to be the best driverand park your vehicle into the safest zones.This game is a perfectblend of Car Parking Simulation games and the Prehistoric JurassicEra This is not a racing game where you could drive fast and bedone with each level. You have to be a very skilled driver to drivearound these Harsh Zig Zag Terrains, making this one of thetoughest driving games available. Come be a part of this DinosaurWorld Safari, and experience the most thrilling game of2014.Awesome Features that await you in this game!- One of the bestdriving simulation physics. - Multiple Vehicles such as Trucks,Cars, Jeeps and 4x4’s- Drive easily via tilt control(accelerometer) and Steering control- 33 Levels of pure terror asyou enter the backyard of these Killer Dinosaurs that lurk aroundto hunt and kill you.- A Real Car Parking experience with highquality 3D Graphics and Animations- Drive through Various Terrainslike The Lava filled Volcano mountain, the Frozen Ice AgeLandscapes, and The Dense Jungles.- Have a one of kind weathercontrol button to play god and change the weather as per yourwishes- Many Steering designs to choose from- Awesome Backgroundscore/music to keep you moving ahead- A really tough andchallenging game play- Time based Challenges - Quick RepairFeatureSo what are you waiting for, Download this simulator todayand have fun!
Chibi Adventure 1.0
In a time before time, a little townprospered, nestled in the magical forest of the Land of Chibis.Led by a king who was both kind and wise, the town hadflourished for centuries. When danger threatened, the town reliedon a tiny band of joyful warriors—the Chibis. The skill of theChibis and the guidance of the king kept the town safe. But theking’s long life was near its end.On his dying bed, the king called upon his last born—hisyoungest son, Prince Roland.“There is a secret I have kept from you my son,” the old mansaid. “The forest is not our home. Our true kingdom lies towardsthe east, far across the two seas. More than 200 years ago, theEvil Witch of the North captured our kingdom. She destroyed theChibi Empire and slayed many. To save what was left of our people,we had to leave the kingdom and take shelter here.”“Long ago, I swore an oath to reclaim what was ours. Bravesoldiers tried to make good on my promise, led by your olderbrothers. None returned. And now my time is over.”“Before my last breath, I ask of you, my son: Recover ourrightful kingdom. You have heard of the four magical swords? Youwill need all four to kill the witch. Your journey will not beeasy. The world is full of perils, and the witch waits for you atjourney’s end. But my soul will not rest until my oath isfulfilled. You are my last chance. May the spirits be withyou.”So the old King died. Roland was determined to make good on hisfather’s oath. What dangers would he face? Would Roland discoverthe fate of his two brothers? Would he be able to gather the fourswords and defeat the Witch of the North? And so began the greatestadventure of the Chibis.
Beach Basketball Shooting King 1.0
Welcome to the world of virtual basketball.No matter if you are a seasoned player of this sporty game or anovice one, the awesome crescendos of the app Beach Basketball willkeep you entertained and amused at your fingertips.The best part of the Basketball Shoot game is its single playermode as well its awesome leverage to play against hundreds ofskilled and seasoned basketball players: you will be able to enjoythe game as well as can upgrade your personal skill to playbasketball.The entire game is designed on a cool background of sunny beachsurrounded by blue seamless sea and greeneries of palm trees andcool basketball players are found in shorts and smart jerseys toplay the game! No matter you are traveling or you are on a shortbreak! This sport game Beach Basketball can be played on yourandroid device whenever you are free and is great time passgame.Before you download the game take a look at its engagingfeatures. We are sure you will love to get the hang of all thesefeatures.Brilliant and cool user interface: you will love to navigate thegame,The game presents multiplayer mode:Virtually you can play with the world’s best beach basketballplayers.You can not only hone your real basketball personal skill, youcan check your perfection level while playing with some of the bestplayers around you.When you play against a competitor, you are putting your XPearned on bet: if you win you are the basketball superstar but ifyou lose the bet, you will lose your XP too. This is a simple rulethat makes 1 on1 match super exciting!Mission and rewards:You will get to unlock more than 100 trophies and innumerableexciting missions. With each trophy, you get to achieve someperfection level to play beach basketball better on your androiddevice.Mode of game play:You can play the beach basketball throw game in 4 modes: careermode, 9-lives mode, 1 ball hero: You miss you lose the game, and60-second rush: complete game in 60 seconds3 Famous beaches to compete on and show off show yourskills.1. Maldives Beach2. Pataya Beach Bangkok3. Miami Beach.Customization of Players and Gear:You will find players with shorts however you can customize thedress and charts of the basketball players playing with youvirtually.Earning XP:The game planspins around earning more XP and unlocking asmaximum as possible missions. The game will offer you awesomethrill and amusement, every time you play it.There is leaderboard option:Check online how others are playing and compare yourperformances with other star players online.Download Beach Basketball game and start playing at yourfingertips! You will appreciate the game and its gameplay for sure!Challenge all your friends and enjoy the virtually the world asyour basketball playground!
Beach Driving Buggy Simulator 1.0
There’s a party on the beach..and everyone’s having fun, and themusic is booming. But wait! The Party supplies are about to finishand it’s your job to make sure they arrive on time.It’s time to hitthe buggy and bring in all the party supplies so that the fundoesn't stop.Splash in the waves, relax under the shade, sip adrink or have a buggy ride, travel around the cool beach. MultipleBuggies to choose from:Select your favorite buggy from the multiplechoices of the variety and colorful vehicles and off you go havinga bumpy ride on the sandy beaches. Beautiful CartoonishEnvironments:Ride the buggy on “The Happy Beach and The HighMounts”. On the high mounts you will go riding on the top, this canbecome bit scary, but quite scintillating. You can enjoy the sceneof the beautiful beach from the top while you are riding. Becareful watch out don't fall.. Ride the cartoonish buggy on thehappy beach while the cool breeze blows. You see people hanging outand partying on the beach surrounded by beautiful cottage shades,coconut trees. Ride on wooden bridges and get good bumps and jumps.The wooden bridge is straight over the little blue pond so littlecarelessness and you will find yourself splashed in the coldfreezing water.. Beach parking has 3D Cartoonish environments witheasy ride controls . It is your driving skills that counts, as youdrive you have to save yourself from getting hit sideways. But ifyou have hit your vehicle too then there is nothing to worry aboutas you will get three lives. While you ride yourself on thissplendid beach you get life saving powers ups in the form of fuel,vehicle spare parts and quick repairs to get the immediate help ifthe vehicle is down.You can spell anther charm to your joy ridewith the control of the weather mechanism. If you want winds andcool air blowing, you can have the winds blow with the press of thebutton. You can have rain droplets fall on you. If you want the sunbath you can get rid of the clouds and have the sun shining andsweat pecking through your body. In short, the exotic features thatcan have you feel tryst with the game: Real Experience of beach andhigh Mountains Beautiful Scenic environment of a Beach Easy tiltand touch ControlsThree Extra LivesQuick Repairs WeatherControlsDownload this game today and join the beach DJ party ..hang out and have fun..
Classic Marble Ball Fall Down 1.0.1
The Falling down Ball game offers awesome dynamics at yourfingertips. It is a simple android game but with awesomecrescendos. The hero of the game is the ball, which you have toroll from top to bottom. However the falling of the ball shouldfollow a few rules and you have to complete the game within aspecific time frame.How to play the game?Just simply roll down theball and it will start moving in its own course. However, you haveto follow two rules:• You have to stay away from falling in theblack hole, • You have to stay down from the wooden roofs, they aremultiple in number.• There are metal air blowers: it will forceball in opposite direction so be alert when these elements arenearby.You will get some supports from the game play:• You will getbonus for extra power• You are allowed to collect star: it willhelp you to accumulate extra score for you.It is an endless gameplay but each session is to be completed within a specific time.The ball will take more speed gradually, you have to remain alert.At the end of each game you will get to see the score: challengeyour own score and make new and higher score every time!Thefeatures of the game:It is a sheer advantage to know all its gamingfeatures so that you can master the game better.• Simple butattractive woody colored user interface: you can select play buttonfrom here, • Want to learn the game play: check instructions,• Youhave to move the balldown the labyrinth full of wooden-shelf: youhave to follow the rules or else the game will be over,• You haveto tilt the device to master the control on the ball’s movement,•Time and score will be displayed,• Personal score and best scorewill be displayed, • You can like the game in Facebook,• If youhave loved the game to play, you can rate the game by taping on the“rate” button.Download the game on your android device: it will bea wonderful study of your reflex and an entertainment unlimitedwith addictive challenging gameplay. Ask you kids to play the game,it will help him to improve his level of alertness.
Little Baby Flu Doctor (Kids) 1.0.2
After these biting summers, it is Sunday morning, and as I openedmy window, a cheerful smileappeared on my face, as rain dropletsfell on the windows sill. My little baby, Dorse, just rushedoutside. He jumped, clapped his hands while rain was creatingrhythmic beats with its heavy drops and he fell sick, he is notfeeling well.. I took my little cute baby in my hands as he startedto sneeze and cough. Smile from my face vanished when I touched hisbody as the little kid high temperature. Oh my god he is sufferingfrom flu..But I was not panicked, and soon downloaded Doctor’sclinic mobile application, “Dr. Flu,” from the play store, showedthis app to Dorsey and made him calm down. It is a mobileapplication that can make you a doctor to your child. So here youare as still it is raining outside, you can now treat your childand take good care of him. Use a thermometer to check histemperature, take a torch to check the germs and inject to kill allthese dreaded germ, give him necessary pills and restore his healthback. Give him tincture and cure him... make the cute baby feelcomfortable.What else you need to do is wipe of his tears with thecloth. Look and see whether his throat is well or not cure him tokill the germs and make him feel happy..This app peppers you for adeep love and care for your baby and help fight this deadly enemyflu. You will again see him running outside to play in a nearbypond or when the next rains falls.
Las Vegas Limo Valet Parking 1.0
Do you love to play parking games? If yes, try the new launchedValet parking game and enjoy its addictive game flow at random atyour fingertips on your android devices. The simple approach of thegame is attractive enough whereas the game presents awesomechallenge levels that demand mastery and super car control !Try thegame right now and start enjoying its amazing dynamics.The gameopens at the backdrop of lustrous Las Vegas city! The background ofthe app is set in the Las Vegas downtown with its skyscraperbuildings and dazzling illumination of streetlights and alluringnightlife! Valet drivers are responsible for parking not any commoncar but super luxury cars like limos, sports car, luxury sedans,etc.Why the game is unique?The parking simulator game Valet parkingpresents outstanding parking adventure. Regardless the season andthe climate outside, the expert car valet driver has to take theresponsibility of parking the car perfectly. No matter it isterribly raining outside or there is bad weather, the driver has topark each and every car without making a single mistake. You haveto help the Valet in rendering his duty with master steering andaccelerometer control.The features of the game:Varieties of parkingchallenges are presented here in the mode of game play which youhave to face and deal with. Check the features of the game beforeyou hit the download button.• The game presents brilliant and easyto navigate user interface: immaculate realistic and 3D graphicspresents cool animation effect that grabs users’ attention at onego,• The users will be able to enjoy Car Parking Simulatorexperience with real life steering and accelerometer control• It isa multiple level game: hone you parking skill by playing 34 valetparking levels.• You can use multiple cameras for flawless parkingsupport,• The game presents weather control feature,• Enjoy parkingfor wide range ofvehicles. The app has included sportscars,limousines, sports utility vehicles (suv's).• Multiple Lives:take the advantage to continue the game,• Enjoy Light entertainingmusic while driving: it will keep your stamina level highup.Besides you play the Parking frenzy on and on at yourfingertips, you can share your liking for the game Valet Parkingvia your Facebook account.Our Facebook page ishttps://www.facebook.com/miraclestudiosgames: follow us on Facebookand get to know our exciting new game in advance.
Blow Up Hollywood Celebrities 1.0.1
Celebrity Blow up is a hilarious game whereyou can enjoy plethora of cool fun and excitement! This stimulatingarcade game has several entertaining features like excellent gameplan, enjoyable difficulty levels, stimulating music, and at theend of the play accumulation of score! This game can be played onandroid devices and you can download it all free.A yellow magazine journalist was following up some Hollywoodcelebrities for having their sizzling interviews. Alas! No one hasgiven him time rather they have blown the poor fellow up bydiscarding his interview proposal. How he will control hisdisappointment? He has planned to blow up celebrities…..all bypseudo attack!The Celebrity Blow up is a unique game play to blow up your moodswing and to get back on track with a fresh energy splurge! Youhave to help here the journalist to plant the attack to blow up allcelebrities at your fingertips!The features:Before you download the app, check all its entertaining featuresso that you can extract best level of fun and excitement out of theplay:• Vibrant and attractive user interface in the cartoon style:it’s extremely fun and action-packed,• You have to plant bomb in a position that will blow theicons,• You have to tap on the blow button and have to create theboom!• It is a multilevel game; you will be promoted to the nextlevel,• At the end of each level your personal score will bedisplayed.• Stimulating music can be off/on according to your personalmood,• The booming detonation gets tricky as you will climb the upperlevels.Download the game Celebrity Blow up right now and start playing!Each the boom you will enjoy on screen you bad mood will be blownaway! You can play this game both of android mobile and tablet.
Cricket Madness Air Board Game 1.0.1
What do you get when you mix Cricket with Air Hockey? Well, you getMadness!Introducing: Cricket Madness. The Season of Cricket is uponus with the world teams clashing with each other. You might haveplayed tons of cricket games, but you would have never played thisgame is an easy board form. We have tried to give this much lovedgame, especially by the people of India a simple new look andgameplay.Combining The Air Hockey Arcade Format and mixing it withCricket sounds crazy, but you will only realize how much fun it iswhen you start playing this mini game.It's a Batload of fun. Thegame that will drive you Bat "Cricket" Crazy but in a healthy ,competitive way of course! On the plus side , you don't have to beBritish, training for the World Wide Cup, or a leg- screechinginsect to enjoy this game, all you need is a eagerness to learn anda fierce desire to score as many wickets ( points) as possible solet's begin!Game Features:-There are 3 difficulty levels: EASY,MEDIUM, and HARD. If you are hard core fan of Cricket them by allmeans choose the challenging level and go for it!, but if you are abeginner, start at the easy level and work your way up.-Once youselect your desired level, you start a cricket match. To scorepoints: Drag your player and hit the ball. Be on your guard becauseyour opponent is fast and quick to counter. So have your stickready to bat the ball, so you can stump your opponent batman andscore wickets with your awesome field of play skills.-Don't getdiscouraged if you loose. Keep practicing and you will improve.That's a promise not a pitch! Who knows maybe with the skills youacquire here one day you'll be playing on real live cricket dreamteam! -Loaded with cool graphics and background noise such as theroar of the crowd when you score points!Awesome!!!The best thingabout Cricket Madness is the price of Admission: FREE! So round upfamily, friends and cricket enthusiasts of all ages young and oldto join you in the fun!Download Cricket Madness TodayIt's a totalwin-win!
Caribbean Pirate's 777 Slots 1.0.1
Spin, and win treasure of pirates! Aren't youfeeling a sizzling sensation rising down your spines after hearingthis word Yes! This is happening with me, and the same will happento you too as you win treasures in this dazzling game of Slots,Pirate Slot.The word pirate makes us run through our fantasies into thewilderness of oceanic waves where ugly looking vagabonds have boxesof treasures in their possession.This is what we have to do in our, “Pirate Slots” so challengingand thrilling game of Chance. Through the spins, we will open ourluck for looting the treasure of pirates.As you chose your slot, you will find tons of amazing featuresthat would make you go wild.When you book your slot, nothing can stop you to experienceluxury and style of the Casino nights. In this game, you get achance to loo the treasure ofCoin CaptainUgly SparrowGolden HookAs you bet more, the more you will win.The three game themes have surprising elements waiting for youwith mega wins and bonus rounds.Hey! Look at what you all Have In A Pirate Slot;• Three themes• Play Bonus rounds• Free Spins• Feel the thrill of Mega Prizes waiting for you to win• Loot the treasures hidden by the piratesStart playing, the pirates will prove to be a lucky charm foryou.
Match Toys Kids Memory Game 1.0.1
This game grants you a possibility to compete with yourself,finishing the levels of puzzle! Check you IQ, intelligence andmental skills! Once the game started, you can see all the toys onscreen. The items are divided into few types. The positioning isgenerated randomly. In a short period of time they hide and you gotto match them! Try to remember their situation! When you match twosame toys by the clicks, they will disappear. Make it quick - thegame calculates your score and stores your best time! Once you havefinished with each pair of toys, the score becomes higher. Theamount of toys depends on the mode. You can switch modes betweeneasy, medium and hard. Try your best to overshadow your results.The interface of game is easy, but not matching! Download the gamefor free and try to complete the levels of all modes from easy todifficult. Features• Check intellectual and educational functions;•Enjoy simple and friendly interfaces, which is good for all ages;•Beat your record in this endless game;• Switch levels from easy todifficult and take a look if you can bear it;• Play before the taskis finally done and all the toys matched!Please, contact us if youhave any suggestions or concerns about the game.
Santa Fly Kids Christmas game 1.0
OMG! the evil has destroyed Santa's chariotand he has fallen to the ground. Can you help him reach back to theNorth pole so we can collect his gifts and give it to littlechildren?HO HO HO! it's that wonderful time of the year again. We bringto you today a simple yet very addictive game, made specially forlittle kids. If you used to play the old arcade styled games whereyou had to make a chicken egg reach to the top with movingplatforms... this game would remind you of the good old days.The platforms are moving left and right, and you have to tapSanta Clause at the very right moment to make him jump and land. Ifyou miss, Santa's gonna fall down and that's gonna be the end ofChristmas.So are you ready to play this simple and addictive Christmasgame? We are sure your kids would love it!
Sniper Shooter 3D - Toon City 1.0.3
THE ENEMY HAS REACHED OUR GATES!Our City has been taken over by the enemy soldiers, and theallied forces have fallen. There is no possibility of an air strikeas there would be huge civilian casualties. Your army cannot sendany backup forces to recapture the city, and it’s only left on ahandful of soldiers to make the call. Either you return to camp andwait for backup to arrive or take down the enemy. The odds are notin your favor.The City needs to be cleaned of the Enemy army soldiers and thisis the moment every hero is waiting for.You play as a tactical army sniper in this simulation game. Theobjective is to take down all enemy army soldiers, but it’s notgoing to be easy. The entire city consists of 18 Sectors (18levels) and the streets are swarming with heavily guardedsoldiers.You will have to use whatever methods necessary to engage withthe enemy and remove each sector from enemy army. Remember, youonly have a limited time to clear all enemies from a particularlevel, before you are spotted and taken down.This 3D Sniper Shooter Simulation is a very easy game to play,but hard to master. The enemies are hidden behind objects and withlimited time at hand, it is very tough to find them all. Thesoldiers are looking for a sniper shooter, and you cannot let themfind you.Key features of this game:- Easy controls- Great Cartoonish environments- 18 Challenging levels- Time based levels. Find and take down enemy in a limitedtime.- Clear Vision Magnifying to zoom in and zoom out- Absolutely Free Game
Crossy Traffic Street Racing 1.0.3
No Brakes! High Speed and Tons of Attitude.This is what you would get from this Car Racing game. Dodge thecars..Overtake them..Make them shiver when they see your headlightin the rear view mirror.Set the street on fire with the most exciting and exhilaratingcar racing action. Car Racing - Real Traffic Moto takes mobileracing to a new level with eye-catching graphics, amazing soundeffects and addictive game play.The gameplay has been inspired from the EPIC Road Fighter gamewe all played in the 1990's.You would have played many car racing games, where when was thelast time you played a game where you take jabs at the driversaround you? Irritate them with punchlines like "Where did you learnhow to Drive"..or "You Cant see me"! while overtaking them.Feel the adrenaline and the danger. It's a no - nonsense simplegame with no over the top features - but focused on a simple carracing style which gives gamers a satisfactory experience.Dodge the traffic, get awesome power-ups, knock other racers toreach the end and achieve the highest score.How to PlayKeep the engines running and fuel tank up to experience the endlessracing entertainment in different race tracks. The fever of thegame along with breathtaking views, including tropical beaches,snow covered mountains, mesmerizing countryside and dense junglewill keep you glued up with the game.You have three lives to dodge the traffic, collect the power upsand knock down other racers to reach the end and cover the maximumdistance.Tilt your screen left and right to control the steering of yourcar, change the lanes and overtaking the other cars. Train yourselfand show off your skills by seeing how fast you can drive withoutsmashing into another car. You’ll have to keep an eye on the roadand choose the best path of travel because don’t forget here youcar has no breaks.Challenge your friends or beat your own scores, Trust in your tyresand experience the realistic endless street racing.Key Features –• Splendid four environments – Jungle, Countryside, Beach,Snow• Stunning visuals and amazing sound effects delivers the mostthrilling car racing experience• Awesome power ups – Nitro power ups, shield power ups and stealthmode• Get a chance to unlock the mystery car & score high• Tilt to steer through the traffic• Share your gameplay videos on Facebook/Youtube
BigWin! Crossy Casino 1.3
Wear your Tuxedo and Look Sharp! You are stepping into the FanciestCasino in Las Vegas where Big players make Big Bucks! This is theslots game of the year! Try your luck! Play the best, most excitingBigWin! Circus Casino Slots HD and bonus games to win jackpots,build up a huge fortune, and become a true slots tycoon.You justhave $250K in your account when you start playing.. taking it toMILLIONS Or lowering it to Zero, is in your hands...So do youbelieve in your luck? Do you believe you would be the shining starin this Casino?Be the king of Las Vegas.. Forget the Pyramids andForget all the other deals.. BigWin! Circus Casino Slots HD is foreveryone!!Go Win the Jackpot! Key Features:- Unique high-definition(HD) art and ambient music- Fast-paced tumbling reel action thatwill keep you winning again and again!- New Slot Machine withamazing Themes- User friendly navigation- Bonus Micro games - Hoursof pure entertainment- Three Well Designed Rooms for your to playin. Circus, Old Market and Christmas Town.Have fun and win big!
Spooky Halloween Slots Pokies 1.0.1
Halloween spirit is here again. Yup! Halloween time is just nearthe corner, why not then we the slot lovers make this Halloweenmoment lucky for each one of us. As Children are rounding up aszombies, witches and vampires and play their Halloween, we willamuse ourselves to make our fortune shine we will play Halloweenslots game. It is a well created thematic game to built ourexcitement with each spin, over the three themes- Frankenstien,Witches and VampiresEach of these Halloween crusaders is full ofsurprising dangers that would make your hair raise and sweat onyour forehead. However, in the end when you will see luck shiningat you, the sweat turn into bliss and there will be smiles andhappiness on your face. With the easy to use and controllingfeatures you are making Frankenstien, Witches and Vampires to beyour lucky stars. Any theme you chose nothing can stop you to winmega prizes and bonuses. As you keep on betting and spinning, moreyou will win. These are the exclusive features of this HalloweenGame:Three themes to choose from: Zombies, Witches and VampiresManymega prizes to win and bonus rounds to playFree Spins to playMegaWins, Big WinsHidden Games inside.Hey! What are you waiting for,let not the spirit of Halloween dry down, make the most of thisspecial day and have these Frankenstien ,witches and vampires treatyou this halloween.
Best Vacation Slots Game 2014 1.0
Play latest 2014 Vacation Slots game, the best and most realisticVegas slots machine experience on your Android phone for FREE !Experience Las Vegas Big Wins, Jackpots anytime anywhere! Rich highquality graphics, sound effects and designs to keep you indulgedand take you on a Vacation, you will have massive fun playing BestVacation Slots Game 2014 with unlimited FREE coins and FREEbonuses!This Latest 777 Vegas Casino Slots Game is totally free toplay !!Features:-- Travel to exotic sunny beaches.-- Threebeautiful themes to choose from-- Travel around the famous beachesand party all night ..-- Premium Las Vegas quality graphics,animations and sound effects!-- Big payouts! Win more coins !--Stunning bonus games and fun casino games inside to boost yourwins!-- Super Free Spin mode to make the winnings even bigger!--Auto Spins Mode to spin automatically.-- Free to play !-- Test outyour slots pokies skillsBest Vacation Slots Game 2014 is made forentertainment purposes only and is the best Las Vegas 777 SlotsMachine Simulator.Take a break and Download today !!!
Zombie Crossy Bike Racing 2015 1.01
Zombie Bike racing 2015 is bike racing gamefilled with thrill and challenge.Do you love bike racing games? Zombie Bike racing 2015 is notonly a bike racing game, it is entertainment unlimited. The themeof the app is simple but interesting. A zombie is riding a bike anddriving the bike with frenzy and ferocity. The zombie rider istaking tremendous risks in driving his bike and at the same he isshowing amazing control over his furious running with the spookytwo-wheeler.How the game is played?It is simple and easy to adopt. Post downloading you will getthe access to the user interface with three options: one is play,second is setting, and the third is upgrade. Once you will selectthe play mode, you will be able to start the playing the Zombiebike racing game.You need to tap on the screen for kindling the zombie rider to runwith his bike. On the road in course of Zombie bike race adventureyou can collect jewels along with ZombieRider. The successfulaccumulation of jewels is the key to get promoted to the higherlevel. The entire Bike Racing 3D is taking place in a spooky,Halloween milieu but this is entertaining too!The features of the gameBefore you start playing this zombie racing game, check thefeatures of the app Zombie Bike racing 2015. These are:• Brilliant user interface: it is easy to understand and playthebike race adventuregame with full vivacity,• There are two sub menus in the bikeracing3D play mode:accelerometer and sound off/on. The user can off/on the sound andincrease/reduce the speed of the bike,• Excellent zombie rider’s stunt can be enjoyedas well as there isscope of improvements in every level: challenge your skill and comeout as a winner,• There total 30 levels you can play with zombie rider: once alevel is complete, you will be promoted to the next level,• You can play any previous complete level at per discretion.• Lively animation will keep your attention grabbed toward thegame: it is really addictive.Download the Zombie bike racing 2015 and enjoy thrill andexcitement at your fingertips. It is available all free forunlimited fun.
Save Olivia : Alien Shooting 1.1
Prepare to be Addicted to this 8BitArcadeStyle Shooting game. Inspired from all Action packed gamesfrom the90's, we bring to your Saving Olivia. A Game you won't beable toput down. We Guarantee it!Thrilling action, a powerful hero, stunning graphics!Do you want to be a hero?Do you want to save the beautiful princess and fight againsttheevil aliens?Do you love adventures and thrill?Then this game needs you. This game needs a hero!The terrible enemies have struck again! Your princess, theloveof your life has been abducted by the aliens and evilboss.Complete epic quests and acquire amazing powers in thisgame.Battle against the horrible and hilarious aliens withyourlegendary powers and sci-fi guns.Unleash powerful gun shots on your enemies – withstartlingsci-fi gun that will aid you in the battle. Watch as thefantasyromantic story unfold and win the battle against yourenemies. Willyou be able to free your beloved Olivia from the evilenemies? Willyou fight the horrible aliens or reason with them? Canyou saveOlivia in the shortest time? Time to find out!The story revolves around Johnny whose beloved princess,Oliviahas been kidnapped by the aliens and evil boss. They havetaken herto an isolated place where no one lives. This revelationis a shockto you and you decide to rescue your love by fightingagainst theevil aliens and boss. You only have 3 lives to achieveyour aim.With a sci-fi gun you need to shoot your enemies andrescue Oliviain the shortest possible times otherwise the evil bosswill killher. But beware, the path is not that easy. It is fullofhindrances like spikes & pits. Reach the end and save Oliviainthe shortest time. With the amazing path tracker, you can trackthemilestone where you have reached. The path tracker can alsotellyou how near you are to Olivia. You are going to be involvedinromance, thrill and battle as the super hero who can doanythingfor her love!Still not enough danger? Then fight the terrible aliens whohaveunique skills. They can fly, they can shoot you with theirsci-figun. Prove your legendary might and spurt them down!Even more adventures await you! Join the greatest battleagainstaliens and save your love from them. Advance through theleagues& reach the highest score in the shortest time.Features-8-Bit style gameStriking graphics and breath-taking sound effects3 precious lives to rescue OliviaThe most heroic and challenging game ever!Play free for unlimited time!
Timber Panda - The Lumber Jack 1.2
Introducing Timber Panda... From theinteriorsof China, with a goal to chop down all the Bamboos andGift them tohis little Panda friends. With his Master Kung-Fuskills - He hasnow mastered the art of chopping wood and Bamboos.Play as Timber Panda, and chop the Bamboo Wood to pieces,butavoid the branches. It's not as easy as it sounds.. Yougottaremember that the time is short and the branches aredeadly.Go ahead Timber Panda... Show your Kung-Fu skills with theAxe.Chop them up as fast as you can.http://www.facebook.com/miraclestudiosgames
4 Fruits in a Row Puzzle Game 1.0.1
4 fruits in a row game will be great foryou!Prepare for a tough call to compete at a certain point! Becomeamaster of logic, competing with other players AI in challenging“4fruits in a row” brain teaser game!The aim of this classic puzzle game is to build the line of4delicious fruits. They might be situated horizontally,verticallyor diagonally – try your best to build 4 in a row step bystep! Thefruits look colorful and amusing!Choose oranges or grapefruits and try to connect 4 ofthem,making the tactical lines.There are two modes in “4 fruits in a row”: you can try to beatthecomputer in single player mode or have fun competing withfriends.Gameplay is very easy.You just pick the line to drop the orange or grapefruit.Theobjective is to use your tactics in a specific way to producefourfruits of the same colors in a line, watching out theopponent.The player, who plots 4 sweet fruits faster, wins the game!Ifthe board is filled with fruits and neither player has 4 in arow,the game ends in a draw. Does it sound easy? Well it is notthateasy you got to face a lot of good challenges, playing thisgame onyour Smartphone or Tablets.Ramp up your mental skills and concentration!Game features- The game play is simple but addictive;- Easy tutorial provided;- Opportunity to switch between single and multiplayer modes- Clever, intellectual and educational puzzle game;- Amazing graphics;- Calm and relaxing music.Install “4 fruits in a row” for free! This incredible gameismade for all ages! As well as kids, teens and adults playthiseducational game with a great pleasure!We would be glad to hear from you if you have any suggestionsorconcerns about the game, Please send in your feedback at raj@miraclestudiosgames.com
Kick One Out Free Puzzle Games 1.0.1
You like intellectual puzzle games? Do youwantyour kids to learn the shapes in a very funny way? If so, youwilllike the game! It is designed in a fancy way for kids of allages.Playing this game, children improve their IQ and intelligence!Theyramp up their mental skills, trying to bring the shapes insidethebox in a correct way. You need to kick out one shape and bringallothers. Try hard to score the highest in the least time!The shapes in this puzzle game look cartoonish and comical.Theyare very colorful, funny and made of paper. They even havethenames!Shapes- Grumpy Panda- Smiley Triangle- Swifty Circle- Giggly RectyAnd many others! Discover them all, going through thelevels!It is a level-based game with 20 levels. The point is tobringdifferent shapes into the box.Remember, one shape is exclusion and it should not be in thebox.Find this one! The amount ofshapes grows up on every new level!The goal might be difficult. The time is running out and youneedto complete level before gameis over! Bring all except one snappy to get more points! Whenallthe shapes have been broughtto the box, player starts the new level – up to 20th, whichisthe last one.The game saves the statistics of different levels andawardsplayer with the stars for completingeach level.Download the game for free! Enjoy playing this incrediblegamefor all ages since now! As well as preschool children andteensplay this educational game with a great pleasure!Features- Educational game that helps to improve mental skills;- Competition of beating own records;- Fancy child-friendly animation and graphics;- Smart shapes and colorful images;- Calm soundboard;- Easy interface;- Free downloadingWe would be glad to hear from you if you have any suggestionsorconcerns about the game!
The Great Grand Masti VR Game 1.0
Adding to the sequence after Masti and Grand Masti, the Great GrandMasti is set to hit the cinema halls on July 15th. The terrifictrio of the Masti boys from the series- Mastikhor Amar, MastikhorPrem and Mastikhor Meet is now on your mobile phone. The officialGreat Grand Masti game that lets you feel the masti the guys havebeen doing all these three movies. Ever wondered the spruced uplife the Masti guys live with their sizzling partners? The GreatGrand Masti Game gives you the exact chance to live that. And withthe hot and sizzling Urvashi Rautela sitting right next to you, howcan you any way not. Hang around with the super sizzling star castof the Great Grand Masti! Experience Great Grand Masti in VirtualReality with Procus VR.Buy Procus VR from amazon here :http://goo.gl/kCzSZwand experience the Grand Masti now !!Share theexperience of the turning tables and join the Masti fad!
Maths Learning Free Kids Game 1.0
Maths Learning Free Kids GameCan Maths ever be fun?Sure it can be. The maths learning free kids game is justthat!The entire concept of fun learning with an educational gameisthrilling for kids. When the kids of today don’t get theirhandsoff a smart phone or tab, what’s better than handing them overaneducational game- a maths learning game?Sounds rather Utopian, does it?The Maths learning free kids game is a rigorous brainchurningexercise where your child not just enjoys this kids gamebut learnsthrough it. The maths learning game requires him to fastfunctionhis brain on calculations that get customized according totheirage in this increasingly popular educational game. All youneed todo is input an age when you play along with your name andthe mathsquestions and calculations difficulty level will besetaccordingly.In the background of the game strides a kid on a skater. Forhimto jump the hurdle, it is important that you give the rightanswerfrom the two given options. The question is displayed at thetop ofthe screen and the options for the answer at the bottom.Thisintensive educational game is a combination of funandlearning.The Maths Learning Game is popular and a hit among the kidsgamesand there is never ending fun to it. Parents totally lovethiseducational game; it’s a free maths tutor after all!Whether it is a 4 year old kid or a 15 year old thegamedifficulty changes with the age you input. The kidseducationalgame for maths learning brings back the child even in agrown upand you can never really seem to stop. The game makes yourbrainsharper for quicker calculations and fast churning.There is no timer ticking, but the skateboard guy hushingtowardsthe hurdle. Prevent him from crashing by quickly answeringthequestions!Download the maths learning free kids game today and let yourkidlearn as he plays.Want to enliven the kid in you, play this free kids learningmathsgame today!ITS ABSOLUTELY FREE! DOWNLOAD NOW!
Army Tank Wars Shooting Game 1.1
Do you love war games? Do you love to play war dynamics at yourfingertips?If yes, why don’t you try the free android game TankWars? It’s available free but will offer you lots of priceless funand excitement! The user interface is stark battleground and fullof actions.How to play the game?The game plan will offer you lotsof fun and excitement. You have to play the role of tank hero andyour sole aim is to destroy the enemy tanks to save the friendlySOS Tanks. You can shoot the tanks with deadly bombs and it willdestroy the target at one go. However, if you destroy by chance theSOS Tank, you will lose the game and you have to start the gameagain.There are lots of different elements available on thebattleground which add more excitement and amusement in playing thewar game and aiming targets to final termination. Features of thegame:You will be able to enjoy this Tank war extreme once you knowall its entertaining features.Take a quick look at its features toget the best hang of the action-packed game Tank Wars:• Colorfuland interesting user interface: the backdrop of the battlegroundgets more intense with the level ups. • It is a multilevel game:you will get to access and play total 24 levels. Once one level iscompleted you will be promoted to the next level.• The interactivemenu will let you know about the rules of this war of tanks, •After each level is complete, you will get the victory or defeatnotification, and your score display,• The enemy tank will betagged as target and the SOS Tank will be tagged “save me” onscreen for your convenience,• You can rate the game and let peopleknow about satisfaction level.• The app is compatible for bothAndroid phone and tablet.It will take few minutes time to get theapp Tank Wars downloaded on your android device! The game is simpleto play but its variable game play will be a source of amusementfor kids and adults both.
Jumping Squirrel Kids Games 1.1
You must play the newly launched arcade gameSquirrel Jump! Not only you will find happy Squirrel jumping andhopping on the screen, it will jump endlessly to grab nuts hangingand popping up on the sky for a grand feast!It is a simple game and at first instance you will find it cute andchildish! But we can bait it’s simple to play but it’s not thateasy! You have to help the hopping Squirrel to jump on and on andtake the best effort to catch the pine fruits! Not only that, youhave to place the bouncing stick at the right place to help theSkippy Squirrel to jump again high in the sky!How to play the game?Tap, Tap, and Tap…you have to tap on the screen relentless andplace the stick right at the place to support the squirrel to jump.If you fail to place the stick properly, the jumpy squirrel willfall down and you have to start the game again.The cool interface will offer you three buttons: New games,Continue, and Instructions. The play runs on 4 simple rules:• You have to grab the nuts to complete the level,• Never let the jumpy squirrel fall on the ground,• Draw the line at specific place: you can draw at the most 7lines and you have to complete the game by 7 lines’ support.• Help the jumpy squirrel to bounce on the line.The features of the app:You must have become curious by now to play with this hoppingand flying squirrel. Before downloading, check its rockingfeatures:• Cool colored and easy to understand user interface,• You will enjoy endless gameplay and innumerable levels in thisarcade game,• You can get the hang of the play from the instruction,• There is smart music and amusing sound behind: you can off/onthe music and SFX according to personal discretion,• You can save your score,• You will be allowed to put a pause on the SquirrelJumpgameplay: resume it back when you are free again,• Post download you can play the game endless offline: it isamusing but not costly.• It’s a kids’ friendly game: allow your kids to play. It issimple but will improve your kid’s hand-eye coordination prettywell.Download the app Squirrel Jump now and start spending qualitytime on your android. More you will climb up the level you will getmore challenge and fun!!
Dirt Bike Llama Stunt Rider 3D 1.0
Llama BikerBiker games are known for their user-access to frenzy ofspeedand awesome dynamics of biker stunts that are almostimpossible anddangerous to perform in reality.Do you love riding bike reckless but cannot enjoy in realityforthe sake of safety? If yes, you can now satisfy your passionforjoining super-speedy bike racing virtually by playing LlamaBikerGame on your android device.This Bike Racing Simulator 3D game will allow you to runyourbike in super-fast speed. The rider of the bike is thedaredevilLama Biker who is ready to take all sorts of risks andstunts andyou have to help him to run his bike and to survive himagainst allimpending obstacles lying on his running track. You willbe able toplay this Stunt Bike racing 3D in differentenvironment.How to play the game?In one word, this Llama Biker game is extremely simpletounderstand but it is quite difficult to master the control onthemovement of the bike. Tapping on the play button you canstartplaying the game and if you want to upgrade your bike, you candothat by tapping on the upgrade icon.Tap the screen to start the bike running game. On the roadyouhave to help the Lama biker to collect coins. More the coinsyourLlama biker will collect you will make more score and willbepromoted to the next level of biker racing. You can play thegamein different environment and that is one of the enticing partsofthis Bike Racing 3D game.The features of the game:You must have decided to play the game right now: beforeyoustart playing checks its cool features:• Dazzling user interface: it is simple to play the Llamabikerracing game but it is equally challenging to masterthecontrol.• In this game you also get the option to increase ordecreasethe senstivity• Excellent stunts can be performed as well as there isscopeenjoying super risky front flip: challenge your biker’s skillandbe a super skilled winner,• There are total 30 levels you can play with Llama biker: oncealevel is complete, you will be automatically promoted to thenextlevel,• You can select out of 7 motocross bikes• You can play any previous complete level at perdiscretion.Drive at super-fast speed; no matter if you have tocrossjungles, meadows, or icy paths
Pirate Hook Treasure Quest 1.0.1
Ahoy!! Do you remember the daredevil Seadog Caribbean Pirates? Theywere spirited and ruthless. But the Captain pirate in the Piratehook game is a funny character. He only jumps and hops and collectscoins lying on his endless path.How to play the game?Pirate hook isan endless arcade game where you can tap and move the Pirate hookwith one jump and double jump! You have to tap on screen to makehim jump from one wooden log to another. If you fail to tapproperly, the hungry coin Pirate will fall down and the game willbe over. It is a fun packed jumping and hopping game with anawesome pirate theme.The features of the game:No exception that youwill love to download the game for enjoying its awesome dynamics.Before you take a leap to download the Pirate play game on yourandroid device, check its cool entertaining features:• Interactivehome screen: vibrant colors and lively graphics has made the game asource of pure entertainment,• The users will be entertained byawesome and relentless gameplay: jump, double jump, and collectscores’ You have to tap once for making the pirate jump and doubletap to make the pirate double jump,• Want to get the hang of thePirate jump play? Go through the instruction and learn the gameplay,• There is stimulating music at the background: you can off/onaccording to personal discretion,• You can rate the game: let otherpeople know your delight in playing the pirate game,• You can saveyour score and you can compare the score with the best score onthis device.Download the game Pirate Hook right now; it will takeonly a couple of minute time to get sync on your device. Ask yourkids to play the game! We can bait that they will find the gameaddictive like you.
Volleyball World Championship 1.0.2
Love Volleyball ? Busy with your life nowtryout volleyball on your smartphoneIt’s time to have some fun, it’s time to play. Try thisvolleyballchampionship compete against the professional volleyballplayersfrom around the world.If you love Volleyball you would love playing it on yourphonetoo. However, there is something different about it, what’sthatjust check out!Here you will hit the ball only with your head. Strikethevolleyball hard with your head. Avoid the ball to fall down onthesand. The more you bang the volleyball with your head the moreyouscore.Lookout for the special coin which you got to collect whileyouare playing.You hit the ball, score the points and win the game. You mightbethinking, for the first timers, getting the score is not easy,butit is not tough too.Here is all you have to do with this game;Hit the ball, score the points and win in whatever hook andcrookway as you can use couple of cheats. This is an exciting partofthis so genial game of net.1. Trajectory cheat2. Oil spill cheat3. Slow motion cheat4. The big head cheat- big helmet cheat5. Trampoline – to make sure the ball is never missed.Use the cheats wisely and win over the opponents like aboss.The game has simple user friendly controls. You can alsoselectthe players from different countries of your choice.Download Volleyball World Championship
AA AARCHER™ 4 Hook the Arrows 1.0.1
AARCHER™ presents you a new exciting target shooting game! Thegames are becoming moreand more addictive with new ultrachallenging missions! Prepare for the brand new tough test of youraccuracy, reaction and hand-eye coordination. You need to draw yourbow very tight and wait for the sharp moment to make a shot! Themisses are not acceptable; even one single miss ends the game, somake sure to perform the utmost attention. The missions in allAARCHER™ games are always completely different. AARCHER™4 bringsyou new challenges. It encapsulates everything you imagine theperfect mini shooting game to be! Will see if you can adjust to thenew challenges and enhance your performance, shooting thearrows!AARCHER™ 4 is a great game for everyone of any age group. Itis going to be a great challenge for those, who like skilledshooting! Pass this archery shooting test, and check if your handeye coordination is good enough to concentrate on every single shotto hit the bulls eye!The gameplay of this arrow shooting game iseasy, no complicated stuff at all: you are supposed to hit thebulls eye with the arrows. Though, the objective is not so easy:you need to throw your arrows towards the large circle/wheel in themiddle. If you play the previous AARCHERs, you remember firstly itwas 1 arrow to hit the target, then 2, but in this version you willhave 4 arrows to hit at the same time: 4 arrows from 4 differentsides. The level gets completed when you finish all yourarrows.Make sure you do not collide with the arrows which arerotating with the wheel! It is going to be a difficult sportbecause you need to watch all 4 arrows releasing from the differentsides of the wheel at the same time!Here are the Key features ofthis simple archery game:✔ 4 arrows to hit the wheel from 4different sizes;✔ One-tap gameplay is really easy;✔ 50 game levelswith different missions: the amount of levels gets updated everynew week; make sure to keep this game stored in your phone;✔ OnlineLeaderboard to check who is the best bowman and sniper;✔ The gameis fully compatible with Android Phones and Tablets;✔ Smoothgraphics and sounds;✔ The game is perfect for a vast auditory;✔This is absolutely free shooting game;✔ The game works offline,play without the Internet in subway, on the road or plane!Along theway through the levels of AARCHER™ 4 the AI will make the gametougher for you. The speed and direction of the rotation of thewheel will change on a tap. You have to get used to thesecomplications to prove your professional archery skills!We willkeep you entertained with new AARCHER™ missions and challenges. Wehope, you will have a lot of excitement, playing this simple targetshooting game! Whenever you have any suggestions or issues aboutthe game, kindly contact us.
Snake Snack Free Endless Game 1.0.1
Do you love to play endless arcade games?Ifyes, why don’t you try the Snake Game?This arcade game is not only easy to play; it is addictiveandwill keep you engrossed for long time on your androiddevice!There is nothing serious in this game. The hungry snake is outofits hole and it wants to grab its foods. More he eats, hegetslonger in size. Now your challenge is to drive the snake withthehelp of arrows in a way so that its tail should not touch itsbody.There is high chance that long snake’s tail can touch any partofits body!Once it is touched the game will get over.The features of the app:It will take few minutes time to get the app downloaded onyourandroid device! Before you start playing this old alluringsnakemovement game at your fingertips, check its amusingfeatures:• Simple and easy to understand user interface!• Endless game play: you can play the snake game at random,• Want to learn the game: read the instruction,• There is stimulating jungle music at the backdrop: themusichas added an extra appeal here,• However, you can off/on the music according topersonaldiscretion.• You can save your score,• You can rate the game: late other users know your delightafterthe game.The snake moves on and on in the snake game: however, thegamedoes not have any violent playmode like snake attack etc. It isasober game where you can test your level of perseverance!You can ask your kids also to play the snake game; it willkeepthem busy and the game plan will help in enhancingkids’concentration level.You can play this entertaining game both on android phoneandtablet!
Dodge the Spikes 1.0.1
Dodge the Spikes is an amazing time killer game with simplegraphics and super-addictive gameplay! If you love tough and fastminigames, then Dodge the Spikes will bring you a huge excitement!Try to adapt to the endless gameplay by adjusting your hand-eyecoordination with high speeds. Can you beat your best time? Thegame will keep you entertained you for many days! Zigzag the twoshapes and train your brain for high speeds. In this endless gameyou will control two geometric shapes and try to dodge all thespikes you meet along the way. Dash up and see how high you can goup ? Once you start playing this game you can't stop. The controlare also very easy: • Tap half left of the screen, and the shapesmove towards left;• Tap right to make them go right;• Touch them inbetween to split them in half.Watch the obstacles along the waycarefully and react fast! Try your best beating the highest scoresand compete with online players with leaderboard function.
Toy Claw - Easy Game for Kids 1.0.1
The year may be 2015, but you wouldn't know, because you're in atime machine reliving your childhood when playing the fun new gamecalled: Toy Claw, that is free to play with a retro arcade typefeel that you know and love. This game delivers again and again onthe excitement, action, and fun with its casual , carnivalatmosphere, and nostalgic gameplay. Open up the game time capsulefilled with prizes, cute stuffed animals, and tons of other stuffto unlock and explore!Cool Features:-Hit Play button and the gamestarts-The background music is soothing and relaxing allowing youto concentrate while you play -First you move the crane/claw withstuffed bear into position. Try lining up your bear over the redopening. That's your bullseye target!-Second, when the stuffedTeddy is in position, Hit the Go button. This relapses the claw andTeddy drops below.If the bear drops past gold coins you earn pointsand most importantly if the Bear successfully drops in the targetopening YOU WIN!!! And move on to the next level. YAY! (However, Ifthe bear falls in the prize pit then you fail and must start thelevel I ver) -As in pinball you will encounter bumper which you canmove wherever you like that Teddy will bounce off of on his journeyto the red opening. Also, there's a moveable magnet to help Teddyas well!-Many levels await to be discovered and unlocked makinggameplay exciting and challenging.Disclaimer: Don't be surprised ifyou cannot stop playing Toy Claw!! It's highly addictive fun forthe whole family. You've been warned--You will get Hooked!DownloadToy Claw Today, You Know You Want Too and your children will lovethis free game.
Farm Parking Simulator Game 3D 1.0
Farm Parking Simulator Game 3DProud of your driving and parkingskills? But how good are you at a parking an elusive tractor in thefarm? The Farm parking simulator game is a super simple and fungame for kids and adults alike. This super addictive drive, ploughand park game puts your driving skills to the ultimate test.Withtwo control modes- motion tilt and virtual steering wheel, you cantotally test your driving and parking style, skill and precision.In nicely created graphics and a perfect audio in the background,the farm parking game is a simulator game that gives you hours ofendless adventure and fun. Channel your insane driving skills intothe Farm Parking game today. Features of Farm Parking SimulatorGame 3D:1. The game is easy to learn and hard to master with morethan 30 levels of gameplay. 2. Harvest the Farms by drivingtractors and farm combine. 3. Test your driving and parking skillsand harvest the farm.4. Simple driving controls : Tilt and steeringwheel function5. Hit throttle to accelerate.6. Real life farmharvesting experience.7. Choose from wide variety of tractors andcombine for harvesting the farm.8. Feel like real farmer andharvest the farm.Download Farm Parking Simulator Game 3D today onyour android phone for free.