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「ゆっくり」を、ゆっくり育成する、ゆっくり育成ゲームです。ゆっくりはおまんじゅうが大好きです。まんじゅうを与えて、愛らしいゆっくりを育てることができます。成長したゆっくりは、世界のどこかにあるという、「伝説のまんじゅう」を探しに行きます。彼らは冒険の中で、ゆっくりできない激しい戦いを繰り広げるでしょう。出会いと別れを繰り返し、彼らが最後に何を得るのか、ぜひ見届けてください。 ~補足説明~・ゆっくりは、まんじゅうを食べて成長します。まんじゅうは約1分で10個まで回復します。アプリを閉じていても大丈夫!・空いた時間にアプリを起動して、まんじゅうを与えてください! ・味方になるゆっくりは、全19種類!アップデートで追加するかも!?・ゆっくりの武器は40種類弱!これもアップデートで増えるかも!・ダンジョンでは敵ゆっくりと戦うことができるけど、ダンジョンは消費電力が高めなので、バッテリーの残量には注意! The "slow",slow development, is slowly training game. Slowly I love your buns.Giving a bun, you can grow a lovely slowly. Growth was slow, thatsomewhere in the world, you go to look for a "legend of the bun."They are in the adventure, will wage a fierce battle that can notbe slowly. Repeat the meeting and parting, what they get to do atthe end, please by all means Mitodoke. - Supplementary Description~ - slowly, it will grow to eat the bun. Manju will recover inabout 1 minute up to 10. Okay to not close the app! Eye was tolaunch the app in time, please give the buns! · Become slowly toally, all 19 kinds! It may be added in updates! ? Slowly theweapons 40 different little less! This also might increase in theupdates! - I dungeon can fight slowly enemy, because dungeon powerconsumption is increased, attention to the remaining amount of thebattery!
Marimo Dungeon 2 1.1.4
Marimo lived happily. However, bad enemies suddenly appeared, andgirlfriend was kidnapped by the enemy. Grow the Marimo, Let's go tohelp girlfriend!
Break The Titan 1.0
It is a game that continues to crush the enemy Titan.
Marimo Dungeon 1.2.0
In this game, you can grow Marimo, and the dungeon adventure withMarimo.Let's grow the Marimo!