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Big Mike's Soul Food 8.0.1
Big Mike's Soul Food restaurant is located at 504 16th Ave. N. inMyrtle Beach South Carolina. Big Mike's specialty is down homesouthern soul food. He makes it the way your momma made it. Sinceit's opening in March of 2012, they have been getting rave reviewsfrom not only locals, but also from many visitors from all over theUnited States. Big Mike's knows how to please by cooking soul foodthe right way. They serve meats such as BBQ ribs, meatloaf, porkchops and the best fried chicken you've ever eaten. The vegetablesare also seasoned just right. Choose among the various vegetablesthat are available everyday such as collards, field peas, greenbeans, black eye peas and a whole lot more. Big Mike's is a warm,family friendly place to come and enjoy a fabulous down home meal.This application has been created for the convenience of ourcustomers to be updated on our menu and to help make it easy toplace "to-go" orders right from your phone. Enjoy!
Darth Vaper Cloud Lounge 6.0
Darth Vaper Cloud Lounge is a vapor shopinCalabash, NC. We are devoted to offering premium e-liquidsandquality vapor supplies at affordable prices. We have a friendlyandknowledgeable staff that works hard to provide you with thebestpossible customer service and hospitality. The lounge providesalaid back atmosphere that caters to new vapors as well asmoreexperienced cloud chasers. Our hope is to bring a saferalternativeto the smokers of calabash and surrounding areas. Vapinghas helpedmany people to quit smoking cigarettes and using tobaccoproducts,including myself and many of our staff. We didn't startthe war ontobacco, but we plan to finish it. Join the rebellion byvisitingyour local Darth Vaper Cloud Lounge and help us to vaporizetheopposition!
Hollywood Detailing L.River SC 6.0.1
Hollywood Detailing, located in LittleRiver,South Carolina, takes great pride in making all of ourcustomershappy with the best vehicle detailing available in thearea. We areexperts at what we do best. We will meticulously detailyourvehicle using nothing but best quality products available. Youwilllook and feel like a Hollywood Star driving your vehicle afterwehave put on our finishing touches. We are providing this APP toallcustomers as a convenience to make it easier to makeappointmentsand to take advantage of our new loyalty program.Please share withall of your friends and co-workers.
Shag Connection & Beach Music 1.1.5
The Shag Connection is your one stop shop for all things aboutBeach Music and dancing the Shag. You will find out about thehottest nightclubs that offer beach music and where to "Shag"dance. Beach music and shagging was created in coastal SouthCarolina and has spread around the world. Come find out what thecraze is all about.