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Super City Empire 1.0.2
It’s your turn to become Empire of super City! Build Hospitals,Banks, Shopping Malls and IT Parks with the limited money providedto you. Build your city as the top 1 city in the world as you buildbanks, hospital, etc more people will be populated in your city.You will be given limited money in each stage to bid on smallassets OR buildings where the assets or buildings values will becontinuously fluctuating on the market value. You should bid wiselyand make profit within short period of time. Once you earn moneyand has the ability to purchase the target super shopping malls ORHospitals etc then you can move on to the next stage. Each stageyou can also save the money which will be remains with you assavings and determines your efficiency in money handling with thetime.Are you ready to become Empire of this City?Features:You play the role of a city empire, and have the purchasing of allthe new buildings in your local area.This is fun and interesting game should help to aid your ability tomulti task.Time is money in the game, effective way to becomebillionaire.Starting off with 100K, 500K etc in virtual money, you must buy andsell the buildings that appear all over the town.Raise Money by keeping an eye on trends in the property market, andtiming escalating prices for some buildings.Your goal is to raise enough virtual money to purchase the hugeMillionaire’s building (bank, IT-PRK etc) the top right corner ofthe game screen.Game play contains 4 interesting levels.Purchase and sell with profit and lossEarn money to buy the target Bank , Hospital, IT-park &Shopping mall
Zombie Shooter - Deadly War 1.0.3
Pick up your gun and get ready to enter into the deadly zombieworld! This world is occupied by walking zombies, crows, dogs andspiders, you must fire or explode them with different types ofguns. Bring back this zombie world which is captured long years agoto normal so that all of our human beings can start live here! Youcan unlock different avatars like extreme lady fighter, Rambo massfighter by unlocking achievements and collecting gold coins. Alsoexperience different environments! You will be given dailyactivities to reach a certain distance which intern gives you morerewarded coins as a special achievement. Run as much distance aspossible and make this world as zombie free world!Features:1. Game optimized for all Android devices and less file size2. Different characters/avatars to unlock3. Variety of Weapons to unlock4. Daily activities in Deadly zone5. Classic arcade game play with pixel art mixed game6. More achievements to unlock7. Limitless game play with more adventureDaily Activity: Pick up your gun and get ready to enter into thedeadly zombie world!
Archery Addict 1.0
Perfect simple archery game is here to play!Make high score by shooting target board with bow and arrow, useyour skills while targeting since this game has real physicsmechanism.You will be given twenty arrows and use all of them and try totarget to the center of the board to gain maximum points. TargetBoard will be static initially and when the game goes on thentarget will also start move to increase the difficulties. Are youready for the challenge?
Diwali Run 1.0.0
A run to light up the streets, a run to lightup their world. Three brothers decide to run and collect thecrackers in order to celebrate the festival of lights. Help themget their way out of the streets while avoiding many of theobstacles that come their way. There’s fire on the streets,barricades on the roads, limited lives, a loss of which will bemarked by a missing brother. Collect the rocket to cover a distancefaster and get a better score which will fill the life bar. Thelife bar depending on your performance will help you get yourbrother back in the run ultimately giving you an extra life. Startrunning!!
Jack Pac
Help Jackpac to bring back his Jungle Kingdomwhich is captured by monsters! Swipe up, down, left, and right tododge your way by avoiding monsters and aiming to collect goldcoins. You need to clear each stage and the moment you clear yourstage then you will be acquiring your Jungle Kingdom. You will begiven three lives and you can use them when you unable to clear aparticular stage. You have to face the difficulties as the stagesprogress in order to bring back your kingdom. Unlock differentavatars of Jackpac namely Jacpac JoJo, Rocking Rubu, Jungle Jolly,Bamboo Bushi and Peeku. Let’s get started!Features:1. Ten unique levels2. Different background themes3. Cute Jackpac character animation4. Simple and addictive game5. Tricky moves when you progress6. Different Avatar of Jackpac namely Jacpac JoJo, Rocking Rubu,Jungle Jolly, Bamboo Bushi and Peeku
Chhota Ganesh Battle - GUNESHA 1.1.4
Thanks for Indian Ganesha lovers who made GUNESHA game to cross150k downloads!! Mobi2Fun wishes A VERY HAPPY GANESH CHATURTHI toall :) Play as Ganesh as he takes on the roads of haven on hismouse to destroy demons those attacked Heaven! All gods aresurprised to see these Demons/Rakshasa group attacking heaven andeveryone goes to Lord Shiva and explain the situation. Lord Shivathen decide to send Ganesha for this battle and will design aspecial power gun to destroy them. Ganesh accepts the mission andstarts his battle by destroying all the demons who took over theheaven. Tap and hold on either side of the screen to move Guneshand release to get back to the center. Plan proper angle andanticipation of demons to shoot. Collect the lamp to gain ammo forthe gun, collect 10 in a row to upgrade and shoot multiple shots.Do not miss lamp to maintain the upgrade. Hop On, get funky andenjoy the ride on GunEsha. Features: 1. Cute characters 2.Attractive Graphics. 3. Easy to learn & addictive game play 4.Designed for every audience including KIDs 5. Have Fun with Familyand friends. 6. Less file size. 7. Unique game play with increasein difficulty level for each stage 8. Unlimited stages in the game9. Designed especially for Vinayaka Chaturthi, An Indian festival10. Exterior and interior design of Heaven.
Kitty’s Candy Mania
Player will be given two kittens and a candylauncher. You have to feed kittens using candy launcher. Be carefulof the bombs coming from the launcher. Finish all the candy in thelauncher. Do not waste even a single candy or throw the bombs atthe kittens.Features:• Cute Game art• Short and simple game• Speed increases and more challenges as you keep on play• Helps in Kids skill and memory enhancing• Single Tap game• Less file size and Multi Language game
Jelly Rush
Take up a challenging dual flip Jelly’sadventure! Customize your Jelly character with different colors andstart your adventurous journey. Collect the candies on your way andyou can use them as save me option when you lose life. Manyhurdles, monsters will trying to stop you and you can escape fromthem by flipping other side of your lane. More challenges, speed upwill be added as you progress. Make high score today in the classicstyle Jelly’s environment! JO JELLY!Features:1. Never ending game2. More challenges as game progress3. Save Me option4. Different avatars of Jelly5. Smooth game play6. New Jelly’s world never seen before
Cricket League 2015 1.2
Cricket world cup fever is on! If you wouldlike get the world cup for your country then here you play andbecome world’s champion. Play against 13 different world leagueteams and win 4 fixture matches to qualify for Knockout round. Gainexperience point (XP) for each match and unlock new upgraded levelsto prove your team as World's best cricket team. Good Luck and PlaySmartFeatures:• play with 13 different countries• Play 4 fixture match• 3 Knockout rounds• Gain experience points to unlock level
Speed Bus Racer 1.1.1
Ever imagined 3D speed bus race throughhighway is now set to go! Drive your bus through highway traffic,earn cash and upgrade various new buses. Be careful with thetraffic and don’t crash with other vehicles, but you can go closerto each vehicle and make close calls and earn more points and cash.Be in the top speed and unlock all the achievements listed whichwill be rewarded automatically. Note that since it is high speedreal race and hence you must pick up Petrol/Gas/Diesel on your wayto maintain your tank filled, and you can also repair your bus bypicking up Repair Tool Box.By unlocking high speed buses you can quickly make high scoreand you can submit the score to leader board. Each bus hasrealistic handling which makes you to control bus in a smootherway. You can enjoy your drive in both day mode and night mode.Always be in the top speed to achieve good score!Are you ready to prove that you are the top best bus driver amongall?Controls: Tilt the screen to control the bus movement, touch andhold Gas/Accelerator button to accelerate, touch brake button toslow down.
Angry Gorilla
Get your balancing act right as the gorilla ison the bar while the monkeys try to make him fall in the pondbelow. Monkeys do not want to miss this chance to get back at theangry gorilla, so they start jumping off the branches onto the barto make him fall. They try their best to distract the gorilla bythrowing bananas, which If collected will give bonus points. Ifthat was not enough, the snake will also start attacking thegorilla. Do all that it takes to keep the gorilla on the bar anddrop the monkeys off it. Remember if the number on the bar exceedsthe limit then the bar will fall. Keep it light and safe!
Candle Tribute 1.0
Lets light up the candle to salute ourfreedomfighters! It’s the time for us to remember all ourfreedomfighters, we always remember them from bottom of our heart.It isphysics based game where you need to aim proper angle andpower tolight up candles by swiping match sticks. Light up all thecandleswithin given match sticks. There are many levels and eachlevelgrows with the difficulties and after completing each levelyou cansee your favorite Indian freedom fighters with their shortdetails.You can save the final image and set as your DP and alsoshare thisto your friends and let them make it as wallpapers totheir phones.JAI HIND!
Fruit Match Deluxe 1.0
Got bored of same kind of pairing and matchinggames? Here we brought a different pairing game with the uniqueconcept! In this game you need to match the identical fruits andthere are 1000 of levels with more than 5000 sets! In each levelyou must complete plenty of pre-defined missions which will takeyou to the next tricky levels. As and when you keep on playing thenew fruits will be unlocked and the performance of your game playwill be decided by the speed meter along with stars shows your gamespeed and talent. Most challenging of game play is to blast as manyas fruits before all the falling fruits fill the board as it isdynamic game. Get into the high score and beat your entire friend’sscore today!Features:• New try for the classical pairing game• 1000’s of levels and 5000’s of sets!• Complete the pre- defined mission to boost your score• Bomb tiles will help you to match identical pair• Speed meter along with stars shows your game speed• Interesting time killing game play
Little Rama 1.0.1
Little Sita is abducted by Ravana, Now youplay as Little Rama and get back your little Sita with youradventurous battle facing troops of Ravana! Game has five stagesand in first four stages you have to demolish Ravana’s monsters andfinal stage you will be facing Lankapati Ravan! Hold and drag rightto move forward, Hold and Drag Up to Jump, Hold and Drag Down tobend. Tap with proper angle anywhere on the screen to shootenemies, shoot at little Sita’s pearls life spot to earn temporarylife jacket. You can bend down to escape from the opponent’s arrowsor fire. You have different bow and arrow for each stage, beware ofdeadly birds those can consume your life quickly.Let’s go back to the decade and finish the Ravan’s War and getback Little Sita to our home, typical mythological theme game isnow ready to go! JAI SRI RAM!
Santa Hop 1.0
Santa dreams of soaring through the skies.Help Santa reach greater heights. Use everything on Santa’s way(Shoes, Jelly and the Wings) to move faster. Tilt the screen to hopon each platform and keep moving, avoid spike platform which makesyou to fall down!Snow/Cloud platform are very delicate, once you hop they willdisappear and hence you must plan immediately for the nearestplatform. On your way there are so many kids waiting for your giftsand deliver them the gifts on the go.Enjoy unlimited game play for this Christmas and Merry Christmas!Features-Infinite gaming experience-Cool power-ups for instant transmission.-Thrilling Clouds to jump on. (Spiky, moving, disappearing,)-Insanely addictive, deliciously re-playable!
Real Dress Me Up 1.0.2
Take your selfie and dress up yourself andalso to available top models!Prove your fashion skills with unlimited items like dresses, shoes,goggles, ornaments etc. Earn points by perfect modeling. Prove thatyou are unique in terms of dress up and fashion, make aextraordinary combination of fashionable items. plenty of choicesin terms of dresses, ornaments, etc you can make over both male andfemale characters including your own picture!Lets switch on our unique fashion?
3D World Car Racing Challenge 1.0.1
Play super fast car racing game where youdrivereal cool and fast cars in a driving sports competitionagainstother rivals! Fast & Furious game play on real timegraphics androads of 4 cities: Moscow, New York, London, Pariswhich makes thisgame a big win for racing rivals. Make sure topower up your carswith Nitrous while competing, unlock the bestcars and bring home abig win using your mad skills!Start the race from Moscow and master your driving skills inthe5 modes like Normal Race, Elimination, Time Trail, SurvivalModeand Extreme Race to unlock other city tracks and other highspeedcars. Also chose the best and lucky color for your cars.Features:1. Four different realistic city environments: Moscow, NewYork,London, Paris2. More challenges and modes in the game play3. Difficulties increase as you progress in each city4. Unlock high speed cars5. 3D rich graphics
Little Avatar 1.0.0
Little Netiri is abducted by monsters, Nowyouplay as Little Avatar and get back your little Netiri withyouradventurous battle facing troops of monsters! Game has fivestagesand in first four stages you have to demolish few monstersandfinal stage you will be facing king of Monster! Hold and dragrightto move forward, Hold and Drag Up to Jump, Hold and Drag Downtobend. Tap with proper angle anywhere on the screen toshootenemies, shoot at little Netiri’s pearls life spot toearntemporary life jacket. You can bend down to escape fromtheopponent’s arrows or fire. You have different bow and arrowforeach stage, beware of deadly birds those can consume yourlifequickly.
Speed Bus Racer 1.3.1
We reached 1+ Million Downloads with 3.9+ Ratings in Play Store,Thanks to all Speed Bus Racer Fans with your wonderful support weable to achieve this!! Keep Support us :) If you’re looking forhaving bus real driver and race experience or bus games with speedbumps to have some jumping action, then this is the perfect gamefor you! Get ready to enjoy limitless hours of fun while you manageto drive a huge machine with an astonishing real bus simulatorwhich includes amazing 3D effects, a wide variety of environments,real traffic rush hours and tons of quests to conquer. Use therealistic maps to guide your way thru the difference streets of thebig cities; earn money for reaching passing speed limits andaccomplish missions. With the money you earn you can buy upgradestoyour bus and give it your personal touch & look. We’veredefined the experience of an endless racing arcade, and now youcan have it on your Android Device! 🏁🚌🏁Become the Hero Reaching theTitle of King of Speed in Our Global Leaderboards & Beat theFastest Drivers Worldwide! Download Bus Speed Driving SimulatorThanks to the Tilt Controls, you’ll experience a smooth andrealistic car handling while you drive. The simulation alsoincludes the fuel indicator, so keep an eye on it to avoid runningout of gas. Fill your tank and look for gas stations on the map toplan well your route. Gameplay and controls are easy to use, justtouch gas button to accelerate, brake button to slow down and tiltyour device for making turns and steering. Keep in mind that thefaster you drive more points and XP you’ll earn. Crashing couldwork against you or in your favor so use it wisely. Avoid crashingtoo much or you’ll wreck your bus; this will cause to spend moneyin repairing your vehicle. Use the special tools spread on theroads to make a quick repair. Perform stunt jumps and tricks in thebumps you find on the city and try to unlock the jumperachievement. This will grant you extra buses and more custom paintjobs styles. 🚦🚍🚦Ready to get on board? Complete All the Routes andSide Missions While You Fight Against Different Weather Conditions!Play Now Bus Speed Driving Simulator for Free!!!🚦🚍🚦 Want an extrachallenge? Select articulated or double buses and try to maintaincontrol of them! The intelligent traffic system will for sure makethings not so easy for you, especially when racing against otherbuses. Show them who the boss is and keep speeding! Choosedifferent locations to run in one to one races; there are plenty ofscenarios to race: city, countryside, desert, rainy highways,mountain and snow. Remember that each terrain is different and yourvehicle needs special tires or features to make the handlingpossible. Have fun watching the interior camera that will allow youto see the interiors of your vehicle and the faces of yourpassengers. Send bus speed challenges to your friends to discoverwho can drive huge machines. Night and Day Mode are also included,and the conditions for driving also change. Get ready to turn yourbus into a spaceship that defies the physics laws! 🚧🚨🚧 Unlock AllThe Special High Speed Buses to Be the New King of The AsphaltRoad! Download NOW for FREE Bus Speed Driving Simulator LimitedTime Only!!! 🚧🚨🚧 Features of the Game: 🚏 Easy to learn and drive 🚏Online Rankings & Leaderboards 🚏 Multiple Cities, Scenarios andRoutes to Cover 🚏 Realistic 3D Smooth Graphics 🚏 Two Way Mode 🚏Tilt Controls and Easy Handling 🚏 Now drive your bus in 3Drealistic cockpit view through endless traffic and realenvironments Drive your 3D speed redbus and win FREE Rechargedaily! (for Indian users only) Share this game through Facebook andwhatsApp Let your friends fall in love with this game! 🌟 Enjoy theNew #1 Bus Racer Games for FREE!! Download Bus Speed DrivingSimulator NOW!! 🌟
Tiny Tanker 1.0
: Tiny tanker is the fast-paced artillerygamethat is simple to learn, and fun to master. The perfect quickgamefor friends and family, you'll find yourself hooked for hoursofplay! Bury your opponent in a mound of dirt, or assail him withabarrage of bullets.Experience the thrill of launching volley after volley ofpowerfuland fun weapons across the battlefield, using very simplecontrols.Select your angle, power, and FIRE! Your arsenal of uniqueanduseful weapons includes: Single shot, Splitter, chainreaction,machine gun, Skipper etc...Features:1. Wide Range of artillery.2. Easy to learn3. Classic arcade game play with pixel art mixed game4. Quick game play5. Have Fun with Family and friends.6. Less file size.
Speed Racing Game 1.0.2
Speed Racing is one of the best 2D carracingarcade game available, high graphics and addictive game playthatwill have you driving through the tracks in two modes, QuickTimeand Challenge Mode. Tap to control the car and avoid oncomingcarson the road and try to avoid crashes, as crashes will lowerthespeed of your car.Play Quick time: to master your driving skills and take onthechallenge mode.Play Challenge Mode; submit your score to leader board andbeatyour friend’s high score and challenge millions of playersonline.Have a nice ride!!Game Features:• Realistic engine sound effects• Two Modes: Quick Time and Challenge Mode• Excellent 2D graphics• Most addictive game play• Leader board
Kleide mich richtig ein 1.0.0
Beweise dein Modeverständnis miteinerunbegrenzten Anzahl an Artikeln wie Kleider, Schuhe,Prove yourunderstandingof fashion with an unlimited number of articles suchas clothes,shoes,
Lion Run- Adventure King 1.1.8
We reached 1.6 Million Downloads with 4+ Ratings in Play Store,Thanks to all Lion RunFans with your wonderful support we able toachieve this!! Keep Support us :) Get ready to live excitingadventures next to your new friend the little lion. Help him toreach the title of the king of the jungle sorting all kind ofobstacles in this endless run game. Collect orbs, fruits, andbananas to increase your energy bar to be able to sprint for ashort period of time. Use the Sprints wisely as you may need themfor jump higher and cross rock gaps or avoid an avalanche. Meetother animal kingdom friends; they will help you to overcome allkind of obstacles. Your can friend will carry you, and you’ll beable to fly! Use your power-dash to dodge falling rocks and or lowtrees. Enjoy playing this new adventure game on your Android deviceand help the lion to roar! 🌳👑🌳Become the King of the Jungle &Conquer all the Missions in This Highly Dynamic Game! Download LionRun-Adventure King Available Now for FREE on Google Play Store!Limited Time Offer!🌳👑🌳 Life in the jungle can be hard; you’ll haveto run, jump, swing, dash, and bounce to be able to pass troughseveral scenarios. Explore all the caves and treetops as you mightfind collectables to unlock, or great power-ups. Ride a Pig orother animals to save your sprint energy bar. Don’t let the evilbaboon monkey catch you! He will be chasing you and leaving trapsfor catching you and steal your fruits. Stuck on one level? Can’tfind the way to cross an obstacle? Look carefully for alternativeroutes and you’ll be back on track. Play and challenge your friendscomparing your high scores; best distances achieved and unlockedextras. monkey gangs help you to ride over the river in the jungle.✨🦁✨Don´t let the Kong Baboon Steal your Fruits and Orbs! Be readyto Enjoy the Endless Adventures of the Little Lion! We haveincluded a very easy to use, user friendly and responsiveinterface. The swipe controls can easily be handled because of thesingle-finger one touch tap system. Our game is suited foreveryone, Adults will enjoy playing too. Highly entertaining andaddictive, you’ll not stop playing and having endless hours of fun.The high quality coloured graphics will make you feel like the kingof the jungle; environmental sounds and great soundtrack forbackground music are the perfect combination for giving an extra toyour gameplay experience. Join your animal friends and get ready tolive thousands of fabulous jumping, running, and flying adventuresnext to them in your journey up to the cloud to obtain the royalcrown! 🍌🐒🍌 Explore All the Lands, Discover the Hidden Secrets!Features of the Game: 🐾 Meet Hilarious Animal Characters 🐾 Easy OneThumb Controls 🐾 HD Smooth Graphics 🐾 Low Memory Required 🐾 Tons ofLevels and Challenges Share this game through Facebook and whatsAppLet your friends fall in love with this special game!! 🌟 Enjoy theNew #1 Adventures in the Jungle Games for FREE!! Download LionRun-Adventure King NOW!! 🌟.
Blox It - tower building game 1.0.1
Concentrate and start build tallest towerinthe world! Just tap anywhere to release first tower on thebasementand then continue to one tap and then place further towerson topof the other tower. Each time you play you can see differentthemewith the towers, beat your previous best score and alsocompetewith global score.Features: Amazing various environments and blocks Just one tap game Indian and global Leaderboard Free Mobile Recharge enabled game for Indian users, where youcanplay & win Low file size tower / block game
Zombie Shooter - Deadly War 1.0.0
This world is occupied by walkingzombies,crows, dogs and spiders, you must fire or explode themwithdifferent types of guns. Bring back this apocalypse zombieworld tonormal which is captured long years ago, so that all of ourhumanbeings can start live here! You can unlock different avatarslikeextreme lady fighter, Rambo mass fighter by unlockingachievementsand collecting gold coins. Also experience differentenvironments!You will be given daily activities to reach a certaindistancewhich intern gives you more rewarded coins as aspecialachievement. Survival is the key, ramp up with your fps anduseshotgun against to kill horror stupid zombies those stealyourdestiny and causes death. Run as much distance as possible andmakethis world as zombie free world! Unlock different grenade,triggeroptions where you can feel various shooter options. Bewareofundead spider evil!Features:1. Game optimized for all Android devices and less file size2. Difficult missions, characters/avatars to unlock3. Variety of Weapons to upgrade4. Get into ongoing action chapter in dead abandoned zone5. Classic special arcade game play with pixel art residentzombiegame6. More achievements to unlock7. Limitless game play with more adventure which keep youengage
Swing Up -Circular Arcade Jump 1.0.0
This game is contest enabled , PLAY andWINFREE RECHARGE!! Indian users only..A game that is simple to learn and hard to master, Swing Upisfor sure to keep you hooked for a longer time. The game playissmooth and can be enjoyed by everyone, irrespective of age. Youcanunlock many cute characters, and just tap to jump.This game has a very simple control scheme where you need tojusttap the screen at the right time, if you miss then you willslipdown! You can unlock many cute characters and each characterhasdifferent traits like one can jump just straight and other willbeon angular jump. You choose the characters based on your tasteandskills and start play! Are you ready to Swing Up?
Lee Movie Game 1.0.1
Play as Sumanth with three shade charactersinthe game and rescue your heroine Nabha! Initially you canplaynormal mode and once you finish the first level of the gamethenyou can to unlock one to one combat Ushu martial art fight!Eachlevel has target villains to defeat and also clear thesidemissions in order to unlock next levels. You can feel therealfight with the real environments such as out door, indoorandterrace and each environment has a surprise for you! Therearehealth packs those can re-fill your energy to move forward.GoodLuck!Features:1. Kannada movie based premium game2. 3D Real fighting game3. Ushu martial art fight at the Malaysia4. Various environments and levels5. Local game designed for sandalwood
Pilot Stunt 1.0.4
Be the brave pilot and complete all the extreme stunts without giveup! Each course prepared as your skills grows and keep unlock theall courses to prove you are the best ever pilot in the world!There are limited lives in each course and use them smartly withoutcrashing. You can also add special life available in some specificlevels and do collect them within the time frame and these can beused later as your bonus life. Make good score in each course andget to the high score after finishing all the courses. Are youready to fly now and stunt? Features: 1. Four Different Courses 2.Each course have five unique levels 3. Stunt difficulty will beincreased as you move on 4. Special life will help you to regainlife 5. HD Graphics 6. Addictive game play 7. Different themes
Kingdom Dash 1.0.1
Protect the castle from goblins attacks atallcosts! Master your strategy against the never ending waveofenemies that will stop at nothing to destroy your castle. Loadyourcannons and prepare to blast all the enemies in sight. Earncoinsand fortify your castle. Block the enemy attack withbarricadeswhile you take aim on each one of them. Unlock powerfulcannonupgrade along the way as you bring the war to them with yourmovingfortress. Greater and powerful cannon awaits the mastergunner inthe journey. With it, you’ll be on par with strongerenemies thatseeks to destroy you.Master the cannon, and prepare for war!
Thodari Official Game 1.0.0
This is contest enabled game! Play & Betop3 scorers then Win FREE RECHARGE and many more from Thodariteam!!Duronto Express a train from Delhi to Chennai started ontimewitch all passengers including A Cafeteria worker Dhanush andYoungbeautiful girl Keerthi! Suddenly the train is hijacked withtheunknown gang of deadly hijackers, you must play as Dhanushandfight with all hijackers and finish them to save your Keerthialongwith all passengers in the train. You are on top of the trainandhijackers attacking you from both the end and you start kickthemaway from train, you can punch, kick and do other severalstuntsavailable in the game. There are 2 modes of the game, one istimetrail with 10 levels and each level has a set of enemiestargetwith limited time and hence you have to finish themwithinmentioned time in order to move on to the next level. Youcanrestore your health by picking up health packs. Once you finishall10 levels then “Endless Mode” will be unlocked where you canfightin endless mode and score will be depends on how much timeyousurvive to fight and how many enemies you kill! Be a top scorerandstart play official Dhanush’s Thodari Game!
Hungry Frog Free 1.0.4
Hungry Frog is now set for hunting and eagertofeed its stomach with Yummy Insects. These insects live indangerousrestricted areas where harmful laser and machines run!You can findtwo types of insects sitting on the wall, Red insectwhich is sleepyinsect sits forever on the wall, whereas Greeninsect sits with alimited time and hence you must catch thisinsect before it getstime to fly back. Avoid Black Monsters whichare harmful andpoisoned- may take your life! You must hunt in asequential order ifyou miss the order then all the insects willfly back. Keep feedthis Hungry Frog!Features:1. 3 Chapters with 45 unique levels2. Puzzle hunting game with different exciting levels3. Timer Insect and a Sleepy Insect4. Kill the biggest Insect in the final level, to fill yourfrog’shunger without any hurdles.5. Lasers, machines, Blades, Spiky Elevators and Black Monstersactsas hurdles6. Addictive game play with good graphics7. Pink Frog to help as the difficulty increases
Ambulance Express 1.2
Hurry up to save precious life of a babyinyour Ambulance! Drive through the dual lane, avoid trafficandobstacles. Jump over the possible obstacles and flip to theotherlane in case if you come across heavier vehicles. Takethischallenge and drive through the difficult lanes as ambulancedriverachieve the highest score! You have a limited of three livesanduse them carefully, collect 100 hearts to add up one morebonuslife. Collect additional powers ups like timer to slow downthespeed, magnet to collect more hearts. As the game progressthespeed of the Ambulance will increase which makes the gameverychallenging! Are you ready to save lives?Features:1. Unlimited background color changes as you play the game2. To gain extra life within a game you must collect100hearts3. Magnet power grabs hearts automatically4. Collect's +1 heart power up to get the one extra life.5. Slow Time power up slow down the time for a certain periodoftime.6. Endless game7. Speed increases and more challenges as you keep on play
Downtown Hero – Fight Begins 1.0.2
Jack surprised to see his Girl FriendRosekidnapped! Her room is unusual and he got the clue abouttheKidnapper’s on a piece of paper about their group. TheseKidnappersare from the Ali’s group and the most wanted list in thecountryand it’s not easy to rescue her! You as a Jack to smartlyfightwith the Kidnapper’s group and rescue your Rose without givinganyclues to Kidnapper’s Boss Ali which may be dangerous to yourGirlFriend! There are five stages and each stage consists of taskto becompleted in order to crack the route to final battle fightwithAli! Rescue of your lovely Rose begins now!Features:1. Real time 3D fighting sequences2. Deadly fights, and more than one attacking enemies atatime3. Different weapons as you go4. Camera view changes according to the fighting sequences5. Difficulty increases level on level6. Rescue of your lovely Rose begins now!
Woodman Deluxe 1.0.2
Woodman is back! Chop woods and stay awayfromthe branches. Times are running, speed up your axe and chop asmuchas possible to export logs. You have to start with basic axeandearn points to unlock more sharpen axes which will help youcutmore logs. Get high score and compete with your friends, don’twaitget into the game and start chopping woods and become world’sbestwood cutter!!Features:• Different axes to unlock• Unlimited game play• Rich graphics
Crime Story 1.0.1
Highly complicated hidden clues crimefilesfrom various cities like Sydney, New York, Dubai and Singaporeareon your table now, Global Investigation board has selected youforinvestigating these murder cases. Move on to each city andstartfind the clues from the various scenes and all the hiddenclues youmust submit to police headquarters. You must be carefulabout thetime since there is a limited time for each scene, and youcan findthe objects within given time. Start earn medals for eachcity andprove that you are the best top investigator on the globe!Now itis your responsibility to give the justice to the family wholosttheir members, go and start find the real victims!Features:1. Best graphics hidden object crime investigation game2. Simple UI and game play3. Various cities and scenes4. Zoom in Zoom out features for the scenes
🚆Bangalore Metro Train 2017 1.0.7
Start experience Bangalore metro train virtually with realexperience, environments, stations, and many more! Your job is topick up passengers from one station to other stations on time. Realvoice overs and real trains, stations, buildings makes you to feellike you are exactly conducting Bangalore Metro train virtually.Train fans can now enjoy super metro train simulator with Bangaloreenvironment. This also determine to show your skills by drivingthis train with full of joy and thrill with a real ride! Start theengine and run this train like a bullet. Are you ready to becomelegendary driver? Where you need to unlock all lower badges namelyveteran driver, rookie driver, perfectionist driver, master driver.Download Now for Free and start share with your friends as well.Subway simulator also implemented where you can pass through thereal train underground which designed exactly like how it is inBangalore. Control the speed of the train by accelerating and keepeye on maximum speed while conducting metro train, Incase if youcross the maximum speed then there might be a chance of revoke yourdriving license which cause game over! Press and hold on the braketo stop the train right at the station and each station has gotlimited time to board and de board the passengers and hence youneed to very careful with the timings. There are 2 lines namelyGreen Line and Purple line where journey starts from Nagasandra toPuttenhalli and Mysore Road to Bayappanahalli respectively, selectdifferent trains and route to get start. You will also be havingdifferent view like driver view, top view, etc where you can switchduring the game play. You can also swipe the screen left to rightin order to see the real buildings surrounding you. This game canbe played by all family members where this game is family supportedgame, Kids, Youngsters, old age people can also play this trainsimulator game. 🚆Good Luck! Features: 🚆Real trains, realenvironment, real stations 🚆Real voice over, real buildings ofBangalore 🚆Pick and Drop services 🚆Easy to handle 🚆Real controlsand user friendly 🚆3D view from the cab 🚆Well-designed railwaytracks and environments 🚆Stunning sound effects 🚆Amazing scene andenvironment 🚆Real animated people 🚆Opportunity to become realsubway engine driver 🚆Great dynamic game play. 🚆Excellent game fortrain fans, train lovers Recommended Requirements for excellentuser experience. 1GB Ram | Andriod 4.0+ | Device powered by anARMv7 (Cortex family) CPU | OpenGLES 2.0 for crystal clear graphics
Zombie Shooter Deadly War 1.0.1
This world is occupied by walking zombies, crows, dogs and spiders,you must fire or explode them with different types of guns. Bringback this apocalypse zombie world to normal which is captured longyears ago, so that all of our human beings can start live here! Youcan unlock different avatars like extreme lady fighter, Rambo massfighter by unlocking achievements and collecting gold coins. Alsoexperience different environments! You will be given dailyactivities to reach a certain distance which intern gives you morerewarded coins as a special achievement. Survival is the key, rampup with your fps and use shotgun against to kill horror stupidzombies those steal your destiny and causes death. Run as muchdistance as possible and make this world as zombie free world!Unlock different grenade, trigger options where you can feelvarious shooter options. Beware of undead spider evil! Features: 1.Game optimized for all Android devices and less file size 2.Difficult missions, characters/avatars to unlock 3. Variety ofWeapons to upgrade 4. Get into ongoing action chapter in deadabandoned zone 5. Classic special arcade game play with pixel artresident zombie game 6. More achievements to unlock 7. Limitlessgame play with more adventure which keep you engage
Kill Or be Killed : Year 2100 1.0.4
Play Now: Ultimate shooter game forFREE!Unseen top shooting game.World reached to the year 2250! Aliens almost grabbed itsVictoryafter many fights with humans, but you have a last chance tostillbreath and save the world! So last chance You kill all of themandrecreate world OR be killed by them!Kill or Get Killed is a shooting game carefully designed formobileand other touch devices and the gameplay and controlschemereflects that. In this alien shooter game, movement iscontrolledby the on-screen buttons and you just have to tap on thescreen toshoot. You get to live the escape phase of a soldier'slife who isleft alone amid hundreds of aliens.With the wise use of weapons and his cautious finger on thetrigger,he must hunt down the blood-thirsty aliens to survivetheapocalypse. Take a deep breath and set your foot into the bootsofa lonely soldier that must kill or get killed by the enemy.This arcade shooter will present before you one of themostdifficult alien killing games you might have played. To beatthedifficulty, however, we have provided you with a good varietyofguns each of which can be pretty useful in certain situation.Itdepends on you to decide which weapon will be the best forwhichsituation. The weapons are also upgradable that make themmorepowerful eventually turning them into the ultimate killingmachineyou have always wanted to own.The alien enemies have different behaviours. Some of them arerangedand keep dodging constantly while throwing projectiles atyou.Others like the alien scorpion are those that are weak butattack innumbers. They are not dangerous by themselves, but areirksome andprove to be a harmful distraction when they appear withotherenemies.Another useful purchase is jetpack. Jetpack allows you to jumptogood heights. The high thrusts can be utilized to gain advantagetododge your enemies at times when you most need it. Jetpack canalsobe upgraded to reach greater heights. Jetpack jumps are limitedandmust be used carefully and only when required.Take a deep breath and get into the deadliest world!FEATURES1. Four unique levels with different challenges2. You can opt different weapons on the go3. Separate Loadouts at different stages4. Enemy types that not only look but behave differently.5. Gameplay carefully balanced for optimum experience.WEAPONSAssault Rifle – This is your primary gun as you start the game.Witha moderate ammo capacity and good damage this gun helps yousurvivethe first couple of levels.Machine Gun – Powerful and elegant, this fully-automaticweapongives you a reliable way to shoot into relentlessenemies.Shotgun – Low range but deadly close up, shotguns are anexcellentcomplement to long-range weapons.Harpoon Gun – Harpoon gun is low on ammo capacity, but hasanextremely powerful harpoon shot. The harpoon pierces throughqueuesof enemies, damaging all of them.Flame Thrower – The most powerful weapon in the game, thisguncreates deadly flames that constantly keep damaging all theenemiesthey touch.RPG – RPG is very powerful and explodes upon impact damagingallnearby enemies. However, the low ammo size or RPG rendersitcapable of becoming only a special weapon and you can not relyonit as your main weapon.Pistol – The main benefit of pistol is that it has very goodrangesince the beginning. It can be very strong against flyingaliens.Pistol also has unlimited ammo, which makes it your ultimatebackupin case you run out of ammo for your primary gun.Sub Machine Gun – Fully-automatic and affordable, this weapon isaperfect choice when you don't have enough coins to afford amachinegun.Sawed-off Shotgun – Just like its longer counterpart, thisweaponhas a short range and high damage.Take a deep breath and get into the deadliest world!
Dino King 1.0
Download Now for all types of audience and Kids can definitelyenjoy this less sized game for FREE! Real Dino King is on its wayfor adventure fun in Dinosaurs world! Just one tap game with simplecontrols and endless game play, you will be definitely thrilled toplay this game with various dinosaurs. Start with basic Dino andkeep unlock many other Dino characters. Super class environmentmakes you relax and this can be played anytime. This is not justfor teenagers it’s for all audience including kids. Once you startplay you will never stop. Now it is in your hand to manage thisDino King in its world! Features: - Free to Play! - One Tap DinoGame - Simple & Addictive - Less file size for all phones -Unlock more cute Dino Characters - Real animations of cutecharacters - Quick time pass game - Favourite for all includingKids - Taken Jurassic dinosaurs real movements 🌟 Enjoy the New #1Adventure simple one tap game for FREE!! Download Dino King Now!! 🌟
Mountain Drive- Bus Simulator 1.0.6
Do you love playing driving simulation games? Do you like buses?Ifyes, then Mountain Drive is a bus simulator game that youwilllove. Mountain Drive is a thrilling bus driving game that youcanplay for free where you drive a bus through some hills to gettothe finishing line. Features of the drive simulation game are:•Multilingual – There are various languages that you can selectfromwhile starting the driving game. These include English,French,Italian German, Portuguese and Spanish. • Pick from twoviews usingthe camera icon- Driver View or Top View. • Switch ontheheadlights as the landscape gets dark or when it starts rainingbyusing the torch icon. There are three different positions thatyoucan give to the headlights. • Go to the Garage and buy a newbusfor better speed, acceleration and handling. • Earn coinsbycompleting routes with drive simulation • Use the settings paneltochange sound and controls location • Pause the game in themiddleor restart the route at any time • Engaging and dynamicgraphicsthat will keep you hooked • Smooth gameplay with challengesanddifficulties as you move up in the bus drive game • Change thebusgear to move the bus backward when required • Challengingrouteswith HD graphics. Mountain driving skills with this bussimulatorgame The premise of the bus simulator games is simple –You havevarious controls that you can use to drive the bus and getit tothe finish line before the gas runs out. There is a steeringwheelthat you can use to control and steer the bus. There’s asmallaccelerator on the side that you have to hold continuously inorderto proper the bus forward and there is a button right next toit tostop the bus. The game ends if you run out of gas or if thebus isseverely damaged and not able to move. There are variouslevels ofthe steering wheel game and as you finish a route youautomaticallyunlock the next one. If you complete a route then youalso earncoins that you can use to buy a new bus from the garage.Play nowbus driving simulator game Mountain Drive its FREE!! Thisgame isfamily supported game where KIDS, Mixed Audience,Youngsters, OldAged, Female audience and all can enjoy this game.Follow usonFacebook:
KGF 1.0.3
Yash trapped by villains in K.G.F with revolving trolleys ontracks,and you must help Rocky (#Yash) to come out this. ! Rockystartedcapturing local gangs and his aim to be king of K.G.F!Almost whilereaching his goal he trapped in this goldminesunderground. Quicklyact and jump to the next track and avoidtrolleys those arecirculating on different tricky patterns set upby the villainsQuick 5 hops will add you bonus score, clear asmany as traps as youcan and achieve highest score among yourfriends. #KGF Game is hypercasual game with unique levels.Features: • KGF Game has real KGFUnderground • 50 unique levels •Powers ups to boost up • Easy tounderstand and hard to master •Difficulty increases level on level#KGF Game official Facebookpage: #KGFDownload KGFGame now!
Play Mall
PlayMall Its an Indian Games Club
Color Clash – Addictive Match Game 1.0.1
Color Clash is a most classic game of the color matching game.Yourmission is to match the color blocks as many as possibletocomplete the level. Color Clash is the most addicting colormatchgame, just swipe the screen to move the colored shapes. It'seasyand fun to play but challenging to master. Download now andyouwill love this game. Your objective is to color match theidenticalcolored shapes. You can see the same color blocks so useyourstrategic moves; you will survive long enough to earn morescores.If you're ambitious, you can retry unlimited times until youdo so.This game has following modes: 1) Spin Mode: Tap and controltherotation. 2) Classic Mode: Tap left/swipe to rotateanticlockwise.Tap right/swipe right to rotate clockwise, swipe downto the dash.3) Dash Mode: Tap left/swipe to rotate anticlockwise.Tapright/swipe right to rotate clockwise, swipe down to the dash.4)Tap Tap Mode: Tap on the identical fixed colored block to matchthefalling color, swipe down to the dash. Game Features: •Colorpuzzle with high quality user interface. • You can share yourscorewith friends on Facebook. • Colorful shapes like red, green,blueand yellow etc. • No time limit you can play it anytimeandanywhere. • If you don't have Wifi? No problem you can useofflineanytime. This color challenge game is not only addicting butalsofun to play for all age of the group. The game provides youuniqueconcept with mind games features that connect your brain toimproveskills. The user interface may help a user to understandthis gameso far. Friendly UI easily help to select the multiplegame modeslike Spin Mode, Classic Mode, Dash Mode and Tap Tap Mode.This is adirect option for users to select for game modes. It is aperfectway to pick any mode which shown in this game. It also helpsforkids also so they can sharp their mind by playing thisaddictivepuzzle game. If you have a feature to request or a bug toreport,please submit a request at
Chhota Ganesh Cycle Ride 1.0.0
Most-awaited and beloved Ganesha festival celebration started!Nowdon’t wait to play this unique addictive hyper-casualadventurouscycle ride game with unique tricks. Tap and Hold tostretch the 3Dstick to place accurately on the platform to make away forGanesha, also collect Laddus on your way. All audienceincludingkids can enjoy this game since it is family supported gamebuildwith special emotion. Beware of spike on the path and avoidhittingthem, try to make the biggest score and challenge yourfriends andfamily. Well, you can decorate our cute little Ganeshawith modernoutfits like caps, goggles, etc. You can also change thedifferenttypes of best cute bicycles. Play this game specially madefor LordGanesha lovers and share with your friends. Ganpati BappaMoryaMangal Murti Morya!
Mumbai Taxi Racer 1.0.1
Experience the lifestyle of the superfast Mumbai Taxi driver.Thefastest road is waiting for you and starts your Taxi journeywithsimple controls and smooth gameplay. Avoid the traffic wheremanyvehicles are on your path and find the best path for yourdrive.You can put the brake in case if you are unable to handlethetraffic with high speed, super flexible taxi makes you crazywhileplaying this game. The richness of graphics and realisticsoundsretained in this game to give a great experience for you.Rememberyou have to pick up fuel in between to fill your fuelbarotherwise, your taxi will be out of fuel. Get along with thetaxidriver’s life and go for the big score to prove you are thebestRoad Taxi, driver.
Real Football Fever 2018 1.0.3
Latest real football game with motion capture of all the playersandreal qualified teams with unique game modes is here withvarious setof new features! Choose your favorite national team andstart attackopponent team to win the entire tournament to showyour nationalityranking. All your favorite players are here andstart tackle theopponent players and make the best goal ever sincemade. You canstart with Quick mode where you can practice withyour best playersbefore you enter into the grand league mode. Realfootball is asimulation sports game where you can compete withother team andbecome a world football champion. REAL FOOTBALLEXPERIENCE Madestunning real visuals, polished texture, realplayers, real team, 3Dstadium and fine-tuned football ground.Multiple cameras, realplayer actions makes you feel the as real asin the live footballstadium. NOT EASY TO WIN AS IN OTHER FOOTBALLGAMES Fine-tuned withthe best algorithm makes the AI strong whereit is not as easy as itseems to finish the opponents. You must beskilled to play this gamein order to compete and get the worldcup. BUILD YOUR DREAM NATIONALTEAM Everyone love their nation andhere you have chance to buildyour best national team and pick upyour strong opponent team whichhas more possibilities andeliminate them from your group and startchase towards the victoryTACKLE, PASS, SPRINT and SHOOT (TEAMWORK)Tackle the opponentplayers and grab the ball under your control andthen sprint whichboost up your stamina and then shoot properly tomake the bestexpected goal. Use your intelligence in directionalmoving anddon’t forget to pass the ball when opponents tries tograb yourball, passing ball to the proper players within youtowards goalmaker. QUICK MODE AND WORLD CUP MODE It is wise to getinto thequick mode in order to become master while practicing thenget intothe real football world cup mode where you must competewithvarious skilled teams. FAMILY FRIENDLY All the age groups canableto play this game including Kids as we know KIDs startedlovingtheir best favorite Soccer team. FEATURES 1. Real footballgameplay with real teams 2. Two game modes namely quick mode andworldcup tournament / world cup league mode 3. All the real worldcupfootball teams 4. Smooth game play and rich in graphicswithfootball special options like sprint and tackle 5. Presentedmotioncapture of all the football players to make it real movements6.Team selection, real groupings also included in the game7.Supported languages: English, French and Arabic 8. Real time Maptoshow the main player position in the game
Halloween Night Ride 1.0.0
This Halloween season you can have fun with great Halloweennightride game where you have lots of fun, excitement, little funnywithlittle scary! Two little Halloween pumpkins started teasingtheirmom about the same Halloween celebration since from many yearsandhence mother pumpkin wanted to show a thrilled and completelynewnight ride with special power bike. But this bike ride will notbeas usual but lots of hurdles, ghosts, devils, new creatures trytostop you. You must avoid all of them and move on. Swipe leftandright for the special power bike movement and swipe down forpowerup. You can collect coins with the special coins which helpsyoufor power dash. Beware of path holes on your ride andobstacles.Get along with your friends for this Halloween and startplay thisgame among your friends. It’s a Wheel Runner game for kidsabovenine years of age, it follows an adventure genre, which willgiverise to adrenaline rush more than usual. Game features: 1.Fastpacing game with endless excitement 2. Unexpected andunseenmissions with a great deal of adrenaline rush 3. Somebreathetaking views and realistic gameplay 4. New avatars withpassinglevels 5. Collection of points to fill the point meter andactivatebooster 6. Booster is equivalent to more power and easywinningstreaks
Wild West Archery Game 1.0.1
Wild West Archery game is perfect blend of Archery Skilled gamewithSpin Wheel! Make high score and earn cash by shooting targetboardwith bow and arrow, use your skills while targeting sincethis gamehas real physics mechanism. There are four modes in thisgame andeach mode is designed for perfect skilled archer, like inthe giventarget of arrows you need to make high score, Endlessmode,challenge mode with plenty of challenges and unique one isSpinWheel where you can big cash/money to enter and earn lots ofmoneywith you skills. Luck factor plays less role in this SpinWheel gameand hence earn virtual cash by your skills. Go for bignow!
Modi For India 2019 1.0
Modi for India is endless runner game where you can selectModi’sdifferent avatars and start run through many villages!Avoidobstacles by changing path, jumping and sliding with simpleswipecontrols. Collect as many lotus as possible and you can usethemfor unlocking Modi’s avatars and upgrading power ups. Youcancollect the in-game collectable power ups like magnet whichwillgrab all the lotus on your path and helicopter where you canflyaway for certain distance. Game will also showcase theachievementsof Sri. Narendra Modi as prime minister of India. Modifans canenjoy the fun running style of Modi with the best cartoonstyleenvironment. Real village theme with real village charactersbringsthe perfect blend of Indian village tradition. Game willprogressas you keep play, run as much as possible! Are you nowready to bea part of Modi for India 2019? Be as Modi for littletime and keeprun!!