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BarahKatta (Indian Ludo) 1.9.1
BarahKatta is a board game of India, played during the era ofkings. This game was used to improve eye-to-eye coordination, andto teach teenagers war tactics and strategy. The movement of coinsis controlled by throw 6 cowry shells , hence it is a game ofchance. BarahKatta is primarily a game of chance, but involvesthinking and planning. It also helps in developing counting skills.It is an interesting and amusing way to develop strategy skills.The tokens travel anti-clockwise in outer squares, clockwise ininner squares and finally lands up in Central Square (home). If aplayer’s token lands on a square occupied by opponent’s token, thenthe opponent’s token is "killed" and the player gets an extra turnto play. The killed token return to its starting home square andhas to go round all over again. In crossed boxes, killing is notpossible. When a token reaches the square left of its home square,it further moves up into the inner squares and now moves inclockwise direction. However the tokens enter the inner squares,only when at least one of the opponent's tokens are killed.Otherwise they keep circling around until at least one of thetokens of opponent is killed by them. Every token need not kill anopponent. If a player has cut once, all the coins can move into theinner circle. Each token finishes its race when it manages to getinto the home. The first player to get all his tokens into homewins the game.Whenever 1, 5, 6 or 12 is obtained during a throw ofcowry shells, the player gets a bonus turn to throw the cowries.When a player cuts an opponent’s token, he gets an extra turn toplay. During an extra turn, either the same token or some othertoken can be played.This game is called by various names indifferent languages in different regions of India. This list showsthe name, the language and then the region:Chauka Bara - Kannada -Mysuru regionKatte Mane - Kannada - Rural MysuruGatta Mane -Kannada - Rural MysuruChakaara or Chakka - Kannada - NorthKarnatakaPakidakali-Malayalam-kerala regionAshta Chamma - Telugu -Andhra PradeshDaayam or Thaayam - Tamil - Tamil NaduKaana Duaa -Hindi - Madhya PradeshTags: Doyalu, BaaraKatta,Barah Katta, AstaChemma, Ashta Chemma, Chauka Bara, Katte Mane, Gatta Mane, Chakaaraor Chakka, Pakidakali, KavidiKali, Ashta Chamma, Asta Chamma,Daayam or Thaayam, Dayam, Tayam, Thayam,Asta chamma, Astachamma,Ashtachamma, Chaka, Kana dua, Kaana Duaa, time pass, timepass,Indian ludo.
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