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PayTime: Paytm Cash & Recharge 4.11
Use PayTime every day and receive FREE Paytmcash to recharge, shop or fill your cash wallet.Recharge your Paytm wallet to earn coupons and special items.Our online shop has everything you can imagine, including freemovie tickets, free taxi rides, free coupons and more. Earn rewardslike these just for installing or completing the offers shown!With PayTime, you earn rewards for each offer you complete. Ifyou or someone you know has a mobile phone or DTH, you can rechargeit now using the points in your Paytm wallet, or you can redeemyour points for online shopping rewards.Just download PayTime to start earning!PayTime lets you:Earn Money Towards Your Mobile Recharge Plans* Earn a free recharge by completing offers in the app* Use Paytm wallet funds so you don’t have to pay for arecharge* Recharge prepaid mobile phones and pay for postpaid mobilebillsRedeem Online Shopping Discounts* Cash from your account can also be used to redeem coupons foronline shopping* Coupon info will instantly be redeemed, granting you discounts onplenty of in-demand itemsWatch Videos to Earn More Credits* Fill your Paytm wallet by watching sponsored videos* Earn money you can put towards rewards, just for watching a quickvideoEarn Rewards for Referring Friends* Invite your friends to download the app and get bonus credits.Hurry!! This is a limited time offer* For every offer completed by your friend you get 20% of theiroffer value. You’ll even get rewards for offers completed by yourfriend’s friends* The rewards opportunities are endlessRecharge your prepaid phone or DTH with free Paytm cash fromPayTime! Earn rewards, coupons and online shopping bonuses, andrefer your friends for unlimited possibilities!Download PayTime to start earning now!
Caveman: The Animal Saga 1.1
Do you love playing arcade running games? If yes, you will surelylove the running and jumping arcade game Caveman: The Animal Saga.It is a free android game and will offer you never-ending runningsaga to play at your fingertips.The story of the app:In heatjungle,cavemen hero aka Mario must pass so much threats to run totarget world. On his road, You are the first person gamingexperience emotional and exciting. You will enjoy adventures fullof danger with Caveman aka Mario. The game has a lot of traps,monsters, and unexpected situations through each level that we havebuilt.The cavemen hero is out of his cave and he is on the missionto rescue all captivated jungle animals. He has no other way toreach at his destination other than by running and jumping.However, his running track is full of ups and downs and there arehovering naughty enemies around. If he collides with any of them,he will be penalized for his life. You have to help the cavemanrunner to survive on the running track and collect gold coins asmany as he can.More the distance the caveman hero will cover andmore coins he will get to collect, you will accumulate more scorein your account. You have to tap on the arrows to maneuver therunning and jumping frenzy of the caveman. The app has a simplegame plan no doubt, but mastering the control over its action planis quite challenging. Why don’t you try now?The app’s features:Youneed to download the app to enjoy caveman’s story! Before youdownload the entertaining running game at your android device, takea look at the in app features:> Beautiful wild forest theme andlovely animated graphics offer real hang of a jungle story of acaveman hero, > The musical track is stimulating for playing therunning frenzy,> The app offers simple game control, > Theapp offers in-app purchase to unlock further game levels,> It isa multi-level game: all the levels of game will offer you tocollect coins.The app Caveman: The Animal Saga is suitable for bothkids and adults’ play. The game can be played offline.Want toinitiate in app purchase for unlocking more fun? Contact developerat
Brick Block Breaker Crush 0.0.1
From the makers of Tango Circus and AxeManhere comes another masterpiece. You feel you have conquered theworld of brick breakers now try Brick Block Breaker Crush.> Exciting 40+ levels.> HD graphics with eye soothing themes.> Every Level has unique design and increasing level ofdifficulty.> Interesting Power ups to make game more engaging.So what are you waiting for download, install and enjoy.Do let us know your feedback about this game at
Trap Ebola 1.2
A very interesting game of dots. Objective of the game is to circlethe virus dot before it escapes. You feel its simple but we say itssimple to learn hard to master. So gather all your gaming skillsand prepare for this exciting adventure of hunting down the ebolavirus dot.
2048 Tournament 2.0.0
2048 - Challenge your Facebook friends and play with them. When youget the hang of this game you can not stop.We will test yourlogical skills to the max. How far can you go. Play the endlessversion of the game and reach the top of Google'sLeaderboards.Sliding you finger across the screen to move the cellsin that particular direction. When cells with the same numberscollide they merge to form a number 2 times the original. To winyou need to get number 2048 in any of the cells.Features of thegame:• Light weight app;• Smooth Sliding of numbers with swipe;•Cool Graphics;• Endless Mode;• Fun and Addictive Game Play;• GooglePlay service for global leaderboards;We will be happy to know yourfeedback for the game. Please send in your concerns and I will personally reply back to you.Tags:1024,2048,number,puzzle, quiz,brain,challenge,game,best,10242048,original,2048 puzzle number, 2048 puzzle, 2048 game, 2048number, 2048 pro, 2048 plus, 2048 doge, 2048 4096,Threes
Lucky Keno Fantastic 1.3
Attention Casino Goers. Keno Lovers!! Get Around!!Play lucky KenoFantastic to fine tune your Keno Skills before you go in for thereal deal or just keep playing this for the fun of the casinogames.Keno is available in all leading Casinos and is played justlike a lottery game. It is a simple game and you can get started inless that 2 minutes. Selecting 2-10 numbers out of 80. See how manyof your numbers match! The more you bet, the more you can win!Thisis a variation of Bingo, Lotto or other Lottery style games and youwill absolutely love it.
• Get free credits by completing offers
•Leaderboards to showcase your winnings to the rest of the world•Unlock different achievements• Pick between 1 and 20 numbers("spots") out of a pool of 80 numbers and see how many you match!
•Or use the Quick Pick feature to automatically select Keno numbers•Clear picks to find new keno winning numbers or keep the same pickswithout having to re-select numbers every spin
• The most excitingfree keno game available!Las Vegas Style KenoBet from 1 to 10 oneach card Quickly Pick Random NumbersOption to Auto PlayNote: Thisgame is free but you might have to purchase credits if you run outof them. We have given free credits option as well if you don'twant to purchase credits.
Jungle Adventure Super World 1.20
“Super Marcos World” is a well-designed run and super classicjungle adventure and running game.With lots of fun, addictive,thrilling and challenging 4 worlds and 80 levels. Jungle adventuretakes you through various well designed levels, tough enemies, bossfights. Marcos is on an adventure to save his princess from theevil monster.Swim, jump, run or kill enemies with fire. Jump tapand kill monsters and save yourself from the traps. ★ 4 differentworlds with 8 boss stages ★★ Many Levels with different difficulty.80 great design levels ★★ Many power ups and hidden bonus levels,blocks and items.★ High resolution graphics with cool retrobackground music.★ Awesome boss fights and you really requireskills to beat them.How to Play:★ Tap left, right button to moveleft, right★ Tap fire button to shoot.★ Tap jump button to dashover subway.★ Get coins to buy items.★ Jump and collect coins andpowerups.
Bingo Lotto 1.75
Bingo Battle game features: 1. Cool Game Graphics that will keepyou entertained. 2. Bingo Battle! Play multiplayer in one on onebattle. One of its kind feature where you can challenge otherplayers for the treasure. This is a multiplayer bingo challenge.
3. Powers: Cool Power Ups like free bingo pop daubs, instant bingoand special power ups are popped in the game. 4. Multiple themeslike Classic Loteria, Pirates and our special Christmas Theme. 5.Spin of Fortune: Collect diamonds, fortune keys and coins in wheelof fortune mini game. 6. Fidget Spinner Daub: Play with the mostexclusive daub. 7. Try your luck at Video Poker Many more featureswill unfold in your game of bingo lotto journey. Bingo maths is agood game for kids. Online Free Bingo is a game of chance. Competewith other online players in special head on multiplayer matches.Use boosters to bash and win against your opponent in onlinebattle. Practice bingo which is just at a tap away from you. Playthe best free bingo game with no internet or offline. Play bingogame for free with high payout winnings.
Video Poker 1.0
Inviting the hardened gamblers. The casino slayers. The enthusiastsor the curiosity pacifiers.Come on board for a game of Video Poker.Be prepared to be glued for hours.If you cant control your wits,the house will certainly take all your earnings pretty soon. But ifyou can keep your emotions in control, this game certainly lets youwin big and showcases you at the top of the leaderboards.The mostengrossing game play. Use your wits and push your luck to win big.Its one of the most played Casino Games. We have an exciting add onof Double-Or_Nothin. Gamble all to win really big.Push your luckwith: Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four of a Kind, Full House,Flush, Straight, Three of a kind, Two Pair, Pair of Jacks orBetterLets see where your wits take you. Have a look at theexciting game features:* Game of Skill and Luck* Leaderboards*Engrossing game play* Choose from different bet values* Double orNothing to give you a chance to win big* Cool Graphics* RegularUpdatesLet us know if you are looking at specific improvements.Feel free to email back at and I will reply toyou personally.
Casino House 1.22
***** Behold!!! The World of Casinos has been shaken and thingswill never be the same now. The doors have been thrown opened andthe Americans are rushing and gushing in.Who is the Ultimate Kingof the Casino. The challenge is now thrown open to the entireworld. Come and challenge the best Casino House.We have got thegames to strike everyone of you down. Just have a look at our meangame collections:*Vegas Slots *Roulette *Video Poker *Keno *DeucesWild. Ohh!!! That's not all, we got more-**Bingo **Blackjack**Craps **Baccarat Game Features:+ 9 Unique Top Casino Games in 1Collection++ Awesome win ratios, you earn more but its a race to bethe richest+++ Bonus games to keep surprising you+++ All in onecasino package+++ Jackpots and Multiple winning options++++ Weadded hit Slots, Bingo, Poker games and included all time favouritecasino games++++ Free game play You will soon find your friends onthe game, challenge and multi-play features coming soon. Dont beleft behind.MobiEos thanks you for trying this game and we will belooking forward to hearing back from you. Share your feedback
Save Lazy Bird 1.2
Most Addicting bird game you have ever witnessed. Save the lazybird by flapping her wings and look for the obstacles in the path.Intense graphics with beautifully integrated sound effects makesyour journey more interesting.Have a look and decide yourselfwhether this app is worthy enough for you to play.How to play?Touchanywhere on the screen to flap the wings.Its easy, just tap to makethe Floppy bird fly, but beware of obstacles that can cause a fatalinjury to our cute bird.Features:1) Online leaderboard,achievements and challenges make this game even more interesting.2)Bird speed keeps on increasing making this game a tough nut tocrack.3) Bird changes its colour during the course of itsjourney.4) Share your score on twitter, facebook etc.Support:Let usknow if you want to change anything in Floppy Bird.For any querycontact us on
ChristmasSlot 2.0
Countdown for christmas has started… MobiEos Softwares brings toyou christmasSlot, so start your christmas celebration from today.All the above features for free, so kindly try our product and letus know your feedback at
SlotMachineHD 1.0
Highly successful slot machine on iPhone comes to android. Thisversion is suitable for tablets.Unique Features:$$ Have threeuniques themes, which can be switched dynamically while playingslot. $$$$ Two mini games -- "Stop at 1000" & "Fortune Wheel"$$$$ Bonus game "Treasure Hunt" which comes up when you hitjackpot. $$$$ No Ads, no Popups $$$$ Online Swarm Leaderboard $$Andto top it all unlimited coins to play with, so don't wait grab yourcopy now as price of slot is expected to go up next week.
Axe Man 3.0
MobiEos studios brings to you Axe Man, game presents an excellentfun ride with many characters like monkey, chimp, axeman. Bewareits not an easy game as it may seem like.Lost in the beautifulwilderness of the Amazon forest, our axeman is constantly troubledby a group of chimps and a few gorillas as well. They mock him,encroach his home, sting him with itchy arrows and steal his foodas well. Tired of their nonsense our axeman has prepared himself.Now he has got a few weapons and a moving trolley to help himtackle the menace. So come and witness this beautifully craftedadventure of the axeman and the chimps. Features you will enjoy:*High Definition graphics and animations* Limited Levels* Fun andaddictive game play* Progressively more annoying chimps* Free gameplay* More levels coming soonWe would be excited to hear feedbacksfrom you. If you have any thoughts on what can be added to make thegame more fun then please email me directly at
Honey Bear Blitz 6.3
Join millions all over the world by enjoying Honey Bear BlitzCOMPLETELY FREE!! Connect the bears to create awesome combos! Don’tmiss out, click to play NOW!!**Why you will absolutely love HoneyBear Blitz**-20 FUN and CHALLENGING Levels for FREE! (more to comesoon)-Play at your own pace—no time limits-Cute Honey Bears thatwill brighten anyone’s day-POWER-UPS to help with those challenginglevels-A game like this has never been more SWEET! -- ALL THISCOMPLETELY FREE!!-LIKE US ON FACEBOOK and TWITTER to keep up todate with the latest Honey Bear Blitznews!!
High Flyer 1.0
This game tests your skill and concentration power, with fivedifferent modes to choose from. All we can say about this game isits simple but hard to master.How to Play:All you have to do is tosave character from colliding with obstacle, so think it is simplethen play and decide for yourself.
BikerX 1.0
Come On!! Buckle Up!! Be ready for a fewcutsand bruises. Because there is no other way but the hard waywiththis game. Do you have the Guts?The all new bike challenge is open now. Lets see how long youcanstay on the bike or how soon you crash out.We love biking so much that you will see that love spilled inthegame as well. Each level was thoughtfully designed, you willlovethe realistic physics and the tough levels. All yourexperience ofsurviving through tricky obstacles, courses and bikemaneovringabilities will be tested to the core. So, dive in tosee:- Dangerous Trick Levels- Realistic and fast paced Physics- Rear and Front Control to keep the balance- Leaderboards- Boast about your progress on Facebook- Challenging and addictive game play- High Definition graphics
Zombie Love 1.3
Bringing to you an awesome love story of two Zombies. Can theirlove survive in the after life. Play as one of the Zombies andprove your love. Burn through other Zombies and animals, blast themor fire them, do anything to keep your love alive.Play along as theexciting story unfolds. The game is designed with a lot of thoughtspent on keeping the survival really tough, to really test theboundaries of what one can do for love.Zombie Love Features:★ Wellcrafted graphics, especially designed to support the HD devices andwill work on low end devices as well★ Easy and fun to play, butrequire expertise to clear all levels★ Exciting power ups, use themwisely to clear difficult levels★ Extra boosts for clearing largenumber of Zombies in a single shot★ Different kind of challenges ineach level-------------------------------MobiEos proudly presents,a game of love and survival. A game which puts you into the depthsof the gory Zombie World.Please note Zombie Love is completely freeto play but some in-game items such as extra time or power ups willrequire payment..
Car Pic Quiz 1.0
This one is for all you car junkies andcarlovers. Think you know your cars, then try out this simplephotoquiz game for some of the top all time cars.Lamborghini's,Ferraris, Renaults.. Everything is there. You get 4pics to guessthe correct name of the car. Great graphics toperfectly suit yourdevice. Try to get the car name correct usingleast number of pics.1. Multiple Levels2. Most Popular Cars3. Cool GraphicsThe game is totally free, but if you run out of credits thanyoumight have to purchase credits or wait for daily bonus.Lookforward to interesting updates.If you have any ideas for improvements, please share at
Poptile Crush 1.0
Poptile is a simple yet very addictive game. Unlimited, megapopping, thrashing, rampaging tiles are all over. They arethreatening to run over your mobile screens unless you can keep acheck on them. Destroy them before they take control.How long canyou hold them at bay?Welcome to the rage of Poptiles. Devise astrategy to keep the tiles from overflowing out of the boundaries.Each Tap pops tiles but also pushes a new row at the bottom. So howlong can you survive in pressure.Game Highlights:* Introducing twomodes normal and aggressive mode. ->Normal Mode: Single row getsadded after destruction of tiles. ->Aggressive Mode: Rows keepson adding leaving you a very little time to think.* Leaderboards toshowcase your skills.* Soothing Flat UI that goes easy on theeyes.* Unlimited free game play.* Addictive game that keeps pullingyou back.Thanks for trying out this game. You are welcome to shareyour queries direct at We would be happy tohear back from you.
Wrong Turn Racing 1.0
Warning: Driving in the wrong lane is risky. Only, the mostexperienced or insane drivers to go beyond this point. Enjoydriving in the wrong lane but how many laps can you go before youget burnt to the ground.Have fun with this fast paced game ofdriving in the wrong lane. Keep your eyes on the road and movethrough the oncoming traffic that changes lanes without notice.Exciting Game Features:* Never Ending Fun* Easy Car Control* GreatGraphics* Addictive Game Play* Easy to understand but difficult toMasterThanks!! If you have any feedbacks to share, please be freeto write in directly to and I will personally getback to you.
100 Balls Frenzy 1.0
100 BallsWelcome to the Balls Frenzy. Have a Ball with the balls.If you are looking for simple, fun and easy to master kind of gamesthen try this game out.We give you lots of Balls and few wet PaintBuckets. Objective is simple. Catch the balls into the paintbuckets to get extra points. Slowly, the game increases speed tokeep you interested and give you more rewards.Game Features:* Thisis a fun and simple game which will definitely put a smile on yourface.* Game Graphics are soothing.* Realistic Physics andCollisions.* Gradual Increase of Levels to give more rewards.* FunUpdatesThanks for trying this game. If you have any feedback,please share it directly with and I willpersonally get you the features you want.
Halloween Slot 3.0
For all the bravehearts, we bring a scary "Halloween SlotMachine" which plays trick & treat with you, You willwin some and lose some but we guarantee that you will enjoyeverytime. Instant play free slot games - no popups, noregistration required.... Spin button and enjoy. All the fun ofVegas, without the cost.Therefore, you should certainly tryHalloween free slot machine game! This spooky slot has 5 reels and20 paylines that allows us to get more fun. Play Free HalloweenSlot machine, offline or online ... This game is ideal for havingsome Halloween fun.Your fun increases as you risk losingmore money if you get certain combinations. We havetried our best to make a spooky graphics and fundoo rotations.
Halloween Treat 1.0
Halloween Treat is an app speciallydesignedfor Halloween. Its an endless journey of witch where it hastocollect different objects that comes along its way. Soundssimple,this game is easy to learn but hard to master. Try this gameandlet us know your valuable feedback at support@mobieos.comHappy Halloween to all of you, keep smiling.
Tango Circus 2.1
Circus with 4 exciting levels of game play. Ladies and Gentlemen.Its time for the kids' all time favorite, TANGO CIRCUS!! You thinkyou can perform in the circus? What if we give you a lion to ridethrough rings of fire? We have all loved the charlie circus of the80s and 90s. Introducing "The TANGO CIRCUS!!" Play all the 4 CircusAdventures: 1. Lion Rider 2. Horse Jumper 3. Wild Monkey Escape 4.Rolling with the Balls Enjoy the pixelated graphics style of the80s along with the cute circus tunes we so loved once. Here aresome of the other great features: *Free game with inApps to makeyour life easier *Auto refil lives after fixed time intervals * 4Circus challenges to choose from * Cool 80s style graphics * Circusmusic to set the mood * Fun and challenging game play Its a greatapp for whole family specially kids who will love playing Monkey,Lion and Horse stages.
Daily Bible Verses For You 1.31
Most popular verses, quotes and passages from the Holy Bible.Prayers, Quotes and Verses from the Holy Bible in KJV and WEBversions. The King James Version is a widely trusted Englishversion of the Bible.We have added inspiring Christian Quoteswallpapers from the Holy Bible. Read Bible Verse of the day, beencouraged. Scriptures that offer encouragement in your daily lifeand provide inspiration and strength as you cope with life'schallenges. Read verses from the Holy Bible about encouragement inrelation to God, Jesus Christ, and the Christian faith.Learn andstudy devotional Bible verses and get inspired. The inspiringverses are scheduled for every day. Show your love and faith to TheLord by downloading and apply the quotes in your daily life. Getdaily inspirational verses and quotes from the Bible. Browsethrough various quotes in a categorised manner.Do you want to readthe Bible and access verses from it at all times? Bible Verses isthe ultimate app that will help you access the bible and manyimportant pieces of content taken directly from it.Choose yourfavourite translation between King James Version (KJV) and otherpopular versions. Features:> Wallpaper and Picture quotes fromthe Bible> Daily picture christian quote from Bible Books. >Browse quotes from Bible verses you are interested in> Checkspecific bible categories> Bookmark the verses you like> Easyto use interface and easy to browse categories
Gold Miner Treasure 1.0.140308
You are a miner and in the gold mine your objective is to collectas much gold and diamonds as you can. But be wary as the time islimited and there are many obstacles on your way. Features: 1) Beon the lookout for hurdles like crow, witches who steal from yourcollected money. 2) You get Angels on your side to guard yourprecious collection. 3) Play carefully and avoid heavy stones tosave precious time. 4) 100 classic levels to play. 5) Gold miningHD graphics Grab this opportunity to get your own tiny pocket minerexperience. Gold rush has begun so what are you waiting for enjoythis classic game with family.
Classic Casino Slot Machine 2.20
Mega update of Classic Slot Machine is here !!! Features: VideoPoker: Here comes video poker with real las Vegas feel, now enjoyslot with video poker. Unlike slots machines, video poker allowsthe player to use skill to beat the house. Play this popular gamejust like in Vegas. Slot Machine Enjoy classic slot machines withspecial halloween slot theme. This slot machine is intended foradult audience and does not offer real money gambling. Success inthis slots game does not imply that you have same chance of winningat real casinos. Classic slot machine is free app. Now mimic realexperience of Las Vegas at home. Be prepared for christmas slotmachine coming soon. Any problem mail us at
Quotes Creator: Text on photos 1.03
Create quotes with texts, add smileys, images. A simple applicationto add text to pictures and create beautiful typography. Createbeautiful quote images and share on social media. ★ Multiple textfonts.★ Rotate, Enlarge, and Shrink text.★ Change text colour.★ Addmultiple texts, to create beautiful and unique font designs. ★ Textcolor is changeable.★ Change Letter spacing★ Add smileys★ Make yourown picture quote★ Make title graphics for your blog, flyers
Type Shift: Word Search 1.00
Come play and enjoy word search game, exciting game play with manydifferent categories to choose from.
Hindi Shayari Messages 1.0
The best ever written Shayari Collection under Love, Romantic,Sad,Dosti, Funny, Life, Bewafa, Dua and many othercategories.Shayariis an impressive way to express your feelings.Shayaris ExpressingSad Condition of Heart and feelings. Find shersfrom variousshayars and convey your feelings using these mostbeautifullines.Friendship Forever Shayari Collection in Hindi. TrueFriendsunderstand your past, believes in your future, and acceptsyoutoday.Missing someone? Missing your love? Then share with himorher miss you shayari now!
House Of Cubes 1.10
Welcome to House of Cubes, an interesting puzzler game. Guide thecube through various fast moving obstacles and try to reach thedoor but don't forget to collect stars in between. Enjoy the gamein two modes -> Challenge Mode -> Endless Mode Unlockdifferent characters by collecting stars. Bet you will love simpleminimalistic art of this game.