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Yoga Challenge App 170.0
Yoga Challenge is a new app that can be really funny. Complete asmany solo or team poses as you can before the time runs out. Thisapp is full featured and contains many features which increase thefun. There are multiple difficulties, the yoga challenge for twocan be completed solo or with a friend co-op. You can unlock greatprizes like avatars and backgrounds. There are many differentstyles of poses and disciplines. Yoga asanas, Yoga Nidra, BikramYoga, Kundalini Yoga, Acro Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga and more. Team Mode(2Player): Master yoga poses with a friend in a yoga challenge fortwo. Solo Mode(1 Player): Practice your yoga in various differentdisciplines. Special Features: -Yoga Challenge GO, has Yoga forbeginners, Yoga for kids, yoga for dummies and Yoggies. -DifficultyModes: Beginner Yoga, Easy Yoga, Medium Yoga. Hard Yoga poses.-Weight Loss Goals: Encourages a healthy lifestyle, physicalexercise and breathing techniques. -Yoga Friend/Family Party: Youcan play this with one and two player modes. -60+ Yoga physicalexercise poses. -Artistic hand drawn poses. -Unlock avatars andbackgrounds. Please ,leave a review and feedback on what you loveabout that app and what we can improve :)
Yoga mini - Poses 32.0
Yoga mini simply allows you to do yoga poses in your owncomfortable space. You could roll out a yoga mat, or just do it onthe floor. Watch some TV while doing yoga in your living orbedroom. New yoga workouts are posted hourly!Features:• 190professionally drawn Yoga Poses.• 100+ Yoga workouts ready to do.•Create Yoga Workouts easily.• Browse Yoga workouts submitted bycommunity (updated every minute)• 14 Different exercisebackgrounds.• Yoga Challenge for two.• Calorie Counter (For howmany you've burned).• Unlock rewards for completing yoga workouts.•Beginner Yoga, Advanced Yoga.• Yoga Asnas poses.• 30 Day YogaChallenge• Browse highest rated All Time / Weekly / Daily yogaworkouts.• Yoga weight loss
Dog Whistle - High Frequency Trainer 2.0
This dog whistle emits a high frequency sound/beep in theultrasonic range (22,000hz +) . This can only be heard my dogs.This canbe used to curb barking behavior. Make training your dogfun andeasy.Create a variety of commands for your dog:In an easyscrolllist, to play sounds-Stop Barking, Sit, Lay-Eat, WatchMe,Down-Heel, Wait, Drop It-Walk, Leave it, SleepPractice at homeorin backyard, Find a quite place for the excercises toavoiddistractions.Reward the dog for obeying your commands andbeinggood.This allows you to train your dog without disturbingnearbypeople.
Skin Stealer for Minecraft 38.0
Skin Stealer allows you to download a skin and apply it toyouraccount on Minecraft MCPE, and Minecraft PC. The skins canbeapplied inside the app without having to access a website.Thismakes it very quick to use the Skin Stealer, you just type intheplayers username and push steal.Features-Automatically applytheskin on Minecraft PC without having to go to awebsite.-EasilyApply skin on MCPE on android.-Save Skin File.-SaveProfilePicture.-Save 3D Avatar.The skin stealer is free, and allowsyou todownload any skin from any player in the world. It only takesa fewseconds. You can download Minecraft Girl Skins. Boy Skins,RolePlay Skins and more!Have suggestions or issues?Emailbusiness@ubermc.netThe app is significantly easier and appliestheskins to your account inside the app without having to do itonwebsites.We are not affiliated with Mojang AB. Minecraftiscopyright of Mojang AB.v