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Mobicip Screen Time & Parental Control App 3.0.1_r1104
Efficiently monitor your kids online activities, limit distractingapps/games, block inappropriate online content, track kids locationand schedule screen time. Ensure your family is safe online 24x7with Mobicip’s best-in-class parental control solution. Ouraward-winning content filter combined with app blocker, locationtracker and screen time limiter enables parents to easily manageany number of family devices remotely from a single account. Enjoypeace of mind by installing Mobicip parental control app for kidsand teens using an Android phone or tablet. Sign up for the 7-dayfree trial Today! Using Mobicip, parents can - filter internet,block websites on Safari, Chrome and other web browsers - supervisevideos watched, social media usage and browsing history - setdaily/weekly screen time schedules for distraction-free homeworktime and bedtime - lock devices instantly for device-free familytime or dinnertime - locate kids instantly - review access requestsfrom kids (for restricted apps & websites) - block apps, blockgames, block social media & block internet - monitor kids phone& track online activity - invite co-parent admins - remotelymonitor all family devices, 24x7, on-the-go Take charge of yourfamily’s digital experience across Android devices! Enjoy qualityfamily time with Mobicip, the best parental controls for today’s“constantly mobile” digital family. 1. Set daily screen time limitson your kids' devices and manage bedtime and family time; or setrecurring weekly screen time schedules. 2. Using Mobicip’saward-winning content filter, stay on top of the usage/browsinghistory to spot online threats. Block adult websites, filterpornography, block gambling, block violence and other inappropriateweb content. 3. Restrict social media apps or games with a singletouch, while allowing access to apps that help your kids learn andgrow. 4. Locate your child or loved ones any time from anywhere.Track lost or stolen devices. 5. Review real time requests fromyour kids to access blocked apps or websites and instantlyapprove/reject them. 6. Allow or block over 50 streaming serviceslike Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Movie Box, HBO Now etc. 7. Instantlylock screen time on all devices for device-free dinnertime orfamily time. 8. Check your kids' browsing history, social mediausage and videos watched on-the-go or set up weekly or dailyreports to see a snapshot of their browsing trends. 9. Inviteanother parent to help manage and be informed of your kids' digitalexperience and ensure digital safety. 10. Keep track of all of yourfamily's devices through an intuitive dashboard 24x7 on the go.Family Time For All Family Time allows parents to lock down all thefamily devices instantly with a single touch for a certain period.Now family meals, bedtimes, family interactions and outdoor timecan be completely device-free & without distractions! BlockSocial Media Apps & Games In a single click, you can now blockaddictive social media apps. Stay task focused by blockingdistracting games. Restrict access to apps and games that mightexpose your kids to profanity, violence, and adult/unhealthycontent. You can also block apps and games in advance, even beforethey are downloaded by your kids. Widest Cross-Platform Coverage Asyour children and teens move across a wide variety of devices,Mobicip allows you to monitor and control all such devicesirrespective of the platform or OS. “Mobicip is designed for themodern multi-device family, and its range of supported platforms isimpressive” - PCMag. Disclosure This app uses the DeviceAdministrator permission to lock/unlock the device remotely. Helpand Support, Visit our helpdesk at for supportarticles. For further assistance, email [email protected]
Mobicip Monitor 1.0.34_r696M
Mobicip is the #1 parental control app for smartphones, tablets andcomputers. Setup Mobicip on any supported device or computer anduse the Monitor (for free) and see why hundreds of thousands ofparents and administrators trust Mobicip to create a safe andsecure environment for their family, school or business.MobicipMonitor is a companion app for parents and administrators usingMobicip to configure the settings and review the browsing history.All of this conveniently on your own Android phone!SETUP1. SetupMobicip on iOS / Android phones and tablets, and Windows /Chromebook / Mac computers in your family.2. Download the Monitorapp on the parent/administrator's Android phone or tab.FEATURES-Review browsing activity remotely on your Android phone or tab*-Get notified when any website is blocked*- Block/unblock websitesin history*- Modify the default filtering level- Review devicesprotected by your account- More features coming soon!(* Somefeatures require the Premium upgrade)WHAT THEY SAY"I have beenlooking and looking for a product that would allow me to protect mychildren on the Iphone and Kindle. Thank you for this product! "-Dane"Thank you!! I will be signing up for a Mobicip account soon,and telling all my friends about it. You are the only people I havefound that can both filter/block/and send reports for the iPhone.Woo-hoo! "- Ann