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Blocky Maze Runner 1.0
Find your way through an endless maze and collect mini-cubes as youtry to make it as far as possible. Each maze is uniquely generated,with dangers such as spikes that pop up, moving tiles, rockets anddead ends. Once you've collected enough mini-cubes, make sure topay a visit to the store and unlock new cubes (skins) to play with.How far are you able to make it?Features:- Easy and addictivegameplay, - Great graphics- A new take on the endless runner genre-Avoid obstacles or use items to make you move forward- Treasureplatforms with bonus coins- Each maze is unique every time youstart the game- Unlock plenty of new characters, with more comingin future updates.===============We want to make this game evenbetter and we need your help to do just that. Please rate BlockyMaze Runner and leave some feedback. Your support is greatlyappreciated. Wether it's something you like (or dislike) about thegame, if you have ideas for improvement or like to report a bug,just email us at Download and play Blocky MazeRunner for free today!
The Floor is Lava : Room Escape 0.6
It was bound to happen sooner or later. While you are asleep thevolcano on the other side of the island is erupting. Hot lava isnow flowing down the mountain destroying everything in it's path!You must wake up and leave the room as soon as possible! In TheFloor is Lava : Room Escape, you only have a couple minutes toescape the room. Jump from your bed to the couch and onto thetable. Collect all the items you need and get out. Whatever you do,do not touch the floor!==== Please note, The Floor is Lava : RoomEscape is a work in progress title. Currently there are only a fewlevels available, but more are in the works right now.★ version 0.6has just been released. Some of the changes: - a new userinterface. - furniture has been added and some existing furniturehas been changed to make jumping easier.- Several levels have hadchanges in layout to make it easier to jump around- Leveltimer hasbeen reduced(!) by 30 seconds. - Field of view has been increasedslightly for better visibilityIf you have any feedback and/or ideasto add to the game please contact us atemail: ortwitter:!
Crystal Hunt - platformer 1.2
Welcome to Crystal Hunt! An exciting action platformer game whereyou play as a cute little alien, Dex. Dex is set out on a dangerousmission to collect precious crystals, diamonds and otherinteresting collectables. But do not expect to take them easily.The mines these crystals are found in are inhabited by numerousmonsters and deadly traps. Nothing you can't handle though, as yourblaster will take care of anything standing in your way. If youenjoy old-school action platformer games then Crystal Hunt is anabsolute must-play for you. Crystal Hunt provides beautifulgraphics and easy but addictive gameplay. Are you able to collecteach and every crystal in all levels without losing alife?Features:- Easy controls (you can now even use an attachedkeyboard)- 22 handcrafted adventure levels- Fun and fast actionplatformer with lots of replay value- Collect all coins, emeraldsand diamonds!- Levels are not timed, no rush, just enjoy- Go on anadventure through challenging levels- Unlock every level and getthe highest score!Recent weeks have been great! Lot's of newplayers and some of you even took the time to write some greatfeedback. Awesome! We 'd like to continue to make this game evenbetter, so please keep on rating Crystal Hunt and write what youlike (or dislike) or what you want to see next. You may also justemail us at Download Crystal Hunt for freetoday!
Tap the Ball 1.0
To play this game, you have to tap on three or more adjacentballsof the same type. The more balls you remove at once the higheryouscore. When you release ten or more balls at the same time, yougeta huge bonus score. Each level gives you a number of rows toplaythrough. After a short time a new row of balls will be added totheplay area, moving all other balls up one row. Manually pressthepump yourself to add balls faster to the playarea, but makesureballs don't reach the top as that will mean game over!Thinkstrategically and make clever combinations while releasingallballs. Are you going to wait for another set of balls tomaximizeyour score or are you going to play it safe and releasethem now?Submit your score to the Halls of Fame and see who rankshigher forthe day or current month. We can't wait to see who topsthismonth's leaderboard!Note: Leaderboards are reset each day andatthe first day of every month (Central European Time)! Please donothesitate to leave us a feedback to improve the Tab the Ball.Idea'sfor improvement or questions can be sent
Zetris 1.1
The player must move and rotate each block as they enter theplayingfield and slowly roll down. Score points by combiningblocks in suchway that they completely fill one horizontal line.The more linesyou clear the more points you score. Make sure youdon't leave toomany holes. Once a block reaches the top, it's gameover. ★ Version1.1 has just been released which introduces onlineleaderboards.Play with your friends to see who can get the highestscore. Submityour score to the Halls of Fame and see who rankshigher for the dayor current month. Note: Leaderboards are reseteach day and at thefirst day of every month (Central EuropeanTime)!
Balloon Pop Mania 1.2
In Balloon Pop Mania your goal is easy: just release as manyballoons as possible! To finish a level, tap on groups of balloonsuntil there are no more groups left. The more balloons you pop atonce the higher your score. Use special items to quickly removeunwanted balloons or to create larger groups and get even morepoints! Players with the highest score earn themselves a place inthe Hall of Fame for the day or even the entire month! Each levelgives you a number of rows to play through. After a set time a newrow of balloons will be added to the play area, moving all otherballoons up one position. Manually press the pump yourself to addballoons faster, but make sure balloons don't reach the top as thatwill mean game over! ★ Version 1.2 has now been released whichintroduces new items to help you get a higher score, improvedperformance and new effects. Download Balloon Pop Mania now andenjoy releasing all balloons! Please do not hesitate to leave us afeedback to improve the game. Idea's for improvement or questionsabout the game can be sent to