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Saint War
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Saint War, ready~ go!Only the war can solve the conflict between two different kinds ofhuman: Coordinator and Natural! There’s no time to hesitate! Fightfor your honor right now!Saint War is the game which is faithful to the originalanimation! Build your super robot troops at once!→Super RobotThere are thousands of super robot cards that you could select!These are all referred to the super robot from original animation!You could collect, set and design your own super robot army!→Warship SystemNew warship system is a huge improvement of fighting power! Notonly build super robot teams but only universal warship forces towipe out all rivals!→Seed TalentThe outburst of seed talent is the codes to win the battle insteadof lose. You can explore your seed talent to beat down youropponent in 1 second!→Classic PlotShow you the originalcharacters’ dubbing, faithful dialogues,familiar scenes and classic plot! Let you remind those love andhate!→Challenge BossEach super robot has its own skill performance, attack efficiencyand powerful final hit! All these will challenge the high-HP worldBoss! Capture your rich trophies!→Legion WarBuild your legion by your strategic mind and handle operation todestroy the opponent camp! The goal is the strongest super robotlegion in the whole universe!