Mobile Game Jelly Apps

Old Granny Lifting Weights 1.1
***Awesome granny strengthweightlifting!**Granny Smith it's not.Old granny smith is bored to death in her nursing home. It'stimefor her to get fit and weightlifting is the way to go. Are youreadyto go Old Granny?Fun filled quick strength game for all to play. How quicklycanyou get Granny to lift the weights above her head. Nimblefingersare needed to succeed.
Castle POW Escape Injustice 1.1
"**Injustice and the castle master***Fun escape from prison**Beat injustice and escape!*Help the prisoner escape from prison and escape injustice.Youhave a simple task. All you have to do is place the platform inthecorrect spot so the prisoner can jump across in their bidforfreedom.Plenty of fun even if it's simple game play.The castle master will be trying to stop the escape attemptbutwill fail if you are good enough."
Romeo Mud Runner: Where Juliet 1.0
Romeo Mud Runner: Where's My Juliet?**Romeo and Juliet!!***Love retro frogger style games**Nothing like a romp in the mud!*Time to help Romeo. Juliet is stck on one side of a mud trapandRomeo is on the other. You have to help Romeo in his muddashacross the field to meet juliet.All you need to do is help him avoid the cyborg army ashecrosses the mud trap.Sounds simple... right? Well it cn be, that depends on howgoodyou are. Similar in concept to the great old arcade gamefroggeryou help Romeo and Juliet get together again. It's mud dashallover again.
Dangerous Hobby Navy Jet Fight 1.0
**Great navy jet game****Dangerous aircraft game*Fast moving aircraft game where you have to shoot downenemyfighters before they get you.Ammo left and damage sustained graphs are displayed on screenasyou fight. This navy jet game is fast paced and brutal. Agreattime filler as play is quick and fun.You pilot your navy jet game as more and more enemy attackyou.The ability to manouver quickly are required traits for thosewhowant to win this aircraft game.
Biplane Bomber Run Out Of Fuel 1.0
You're flying low over the Old City inyourbomber and you have run out of fuel. Your mission is to bombtheold city yet leave the marked buildings alone before you crash.Every time you bomb a non target you lose points.If you achieve your target then you get refueled with justenoughgas for another bombing run. Its hard work and there arespecialbonus points to achieve betwen each level.
Paper Plane Flight 2.0 Free 1.0
"**Awesome flying game!!***Great flying fun***Fun airplane game free*How far can you fly in your old airplane. You launch fromafloating airfield which is effected by wave action. It bouncesupand down making launching difficult.Then all you have to avoid is flying birds, satelites and morethatshow up on flight radar. All this occurs as you try and fly asfaras you can before crashing into the sea where you can be eatenbysharks and other nasties.Flight radar has you crashing into the sea. This is one ofthebetter airplane games free."
Deep Sea Madness: Salvage Free 1.0
***Treasure miner madness****Deep sea salvage*The sea is full of sunken treasure and all it needs is for youtofind it and bring it to the surface. How are you are deepseasalvage? Do you get sea sick? No such problems here. Just getyourdevice and start grabbing treasure from the deep.As a treasure miner only go after the treasure, not thefish.After all treasure is much more valuable.All you have to do is let down your hook and wind up whatyoucatch.
Unicorn Fantasy Toss Guru Free 1.0
*Awesome Free Game!***Fantasy unicorn fun***Fun final fantasy game*If you are into fantasy games then have a look at this. Canyoutoss a hoop onto the horn of the unicorn. Sounds simpleright?In this fantasy sports game however you also have tomakeallowances for wind strength and direction. The unicorn isalsomoving its head, so all in all the game bit more care is neededtoget the hoops onto the horn.Is this your final fantasy?
Stage Show Champion Archer 1.1
**Super addictive archery game***Super Champion bow and arrow fun**Champion archer display*You're the stage show champion archer. Your bow and arrowareyour tools of trade. On stage you have a friend stand with anappleon his head. You claim to be the William Tell of your time.Youwill repeatedly hit the apple from further and further away.Take aim and shoot with your bow and arrow. Can you hit theappleor your friend? Harder than it seems this game is fun and agreattime filler
Helicopter: Flying and Landing 1.1
* A real Treat… I laughed heaps! ** Awesome! Not your typical helicopter play game ***Super Fun Helicopter Game! **This is a fun helicopter play game and it’s also a puzzle.Youhave to work out how to get from take-off point todestinationwhile avoiding obstacles, collecting keys to open areasand stayingaloft.Each level gets a little bit harder. This is not a airplanesandhelicopters game. It’s only helicopter play.You need the wind blowing from just the right direction soyoudon’t spin helicopter into the cliffs etc. So in this gameyoucontrol the wind. That’s where the skill comes in. Your abilitytoblow the wind and control your spinning helicopter.
Atomic Basketball Trickshot 1.1
** Lots of Street Basketball Big WinShootFun!***Cool sims basketball, paper trash can shooting skills*Here's a sims basketball shooting game with a difference. Howareyou shooting skills? This is NOT a best real basketball game bytheway. Instead we have worked to create a fun filled streetbasketballpaper trash can game for hours of fun-filledenjoyment.Big Win TrashBasketball Shoot has simple yet addicitvegame play.So let's look at the game play and see how it is played.Firstthe paper trash ball drops from the shute on the right ofyourscreen in this sims basketball game. Your task is then tocarefullybounce the ball across the junk yard to the paper trashcan withoutit touching the ground. To do this you have to drawrubber bandswith your finger for the paper trash ball to bounceoff. You needto be quick or the ball will touch the ground and youwilllose.Next you have to master the height of each bounce so youcannavigate the junk yard obstacles on your way to the papertrashcan. Here is where you hone your shooting skills. You get thepapertrash ball to bounce higher by allowing it to drop furtherfirst.Small drops in height equal small bounces. Large drops equalhigherbounces. You also have to create angles when you draw yourrubberbands to have the sims basketball go to the left or the rightinthis street basketball hoopz game. This is vital to lean foryourshooting skills.There are many levels and each one has more and moredifficultybuilt in... yes they do get harder and harder. Theobstacles youhave to overcome get larger and more complex and thenavigationdifficulty rises. You will be well and truly tested inthis simsbasketball app before you achieve all levels in thisawesome streetbasketball hoopz game.This is street basketball hoopz at it's funniest. Laugh alongasyou dodge car tyres, car bodies, piles of trash and moreandmaneuver your paper trash ball ever closer to the hoop. Bounceyourpaper trash ball all the way over to the basket and drop it infora paper trash can big win.This an addictive street basketball hoopz shoot game play andfunfor all ages. Nice graphics and game style.
Boring School Swimming Workout 1.1
**So Cool to Race Against Other Swimmers*Kids Swimming MeetWelcome to the kids swimming meet where most kids arestrugglingto stay afloat when swimming. Lots of fun as you swim thelength ofthe pool.A quick time filler that's fun to play. You will have toworkhard to win in this competition though. Keep your fingersnimble inthis kids swimming meet.