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100 Doors: Escape World 1.1.13
Get yourself indulged in an entertainingescape puzzle game.Puzzle solving has never been such a fun. Everyone likes to solvethe puzzle as this is the perfect time pass, but only if it isinteresting. In 100 Doors: Escape World you will get a feel ofcomplete entertainment while solving puzzles.In 100 Doors: Escape World puzzle there are few tough levels whichwill make this more head scratching and entertaining.Your task is simple find the way out in any situation Open the doorno matter how much effort it takes! In 100 Doors: Escape World gameyou need to crack a password, find the solution to a problem orfigure out how a complicated vehicle works. So the main purpose ofthe game is to unlock the door to get out of the room and reach thenext floor, To complete the task you need to find hidden objects onthe stage or to look for hidden clues, or shake the gadget to makesomething fall down and move your gadget carefully anyway you needto use your brain to solve a task.In some cases you need to solve a classical task known for a longtime, for example tic-tac-toe . the lucas tower, matches puzzle,chess puzzle. In this escape puzzle game of 100 floors you can takethe help of hint button. Hint button will help the puzzle solvingmore easier.As this is a free puzzle in which you have to find out the ways toescape out from each level to advance to the next level.How to play:• Make proper utilization of your Android phone or device in thisescape puzzle game• Do full utilization of your device such as tilt, shake, swipe,tap to solve puzzles.100 Doors: Escape World Features :• Excellent work of graphics• Well designed game play• Help button to provide some hints to solve the puzzle• Absolute brain teaser100 Doors: Escape World is loved by many users across theglobe.Download this 100 floor game “100 Doors: Escape World” today forenormous puzzle fun!
Snakes and Ladders 1.3.2
Snakes and ladders is now loved by many usersacross the Globe.Snakes and ladders is one of the most famous ancient board gamewhich is still very much enjoyed in most parts of the worldSnakes and ladders is a famous board game and called Ludo in someplaces, chutes and ladders, Parchis, Parama Patam, Moksha Patam orVaikuntapaali in various parts of the world.It is very much popular by the name of Chutes and ladders in UnitedStates.The game of snakes and ladder has changed over the course oftimeThis game is very much simple, it is played between two players andeach one waits for their chance to throw the dice.The person who reaches to 100th position by escaping from all thesnakes is declared as winner. There are many snakes and severalladders which makes the game interesting one.You can enjoy snakes and ladders with real contestant, but what ifyou are alone! Yes there is a solution to this also. We have a modein which you can play against the Android.Game Mode:• Player Vs Android and• 2P: Enjoy the two player game offline with your friends andfamily.Game Features:• Colorful and beautiful game board.• Two player’s mode• Snakes to make the game difficult• Ladders to help you win the gameDownload it today and enjoy playing this version of snakes andladders for enormous fun!
Classic Egg Shoot 1.1.4
The classical egg journey is beginning withClassic Egg Shoot. In Classic Egg Shoot you will be really pleasedto see the bunch of eggs hanging from the board which are ready tobe banged. You have got launcher at the bottom of screen from whichall the colourful eggs will be appearing on the screen. All youhave to do is identify the right egg colour and shoot accurately onthe same coloured bunch to release them from the screen.This is an amazing egg shooter game.There are two modes in this Classic Egg shoot game :In puzzle mode tap on screen to shoot eggs to make a match of threeor more same coloured eggs to make them drop and clear all the Eggson the board to enter next level.In Arcade mode eggs are coming down gradually, so pull up yoursocks as you have to shoot accurately and quickly to complete thelevel.Game Features:• Elegant works of graphics• Easy game play• Arcade and puzzle mode for numerous fun• A perfect match 3 game for free timeClassic Egg Shoot is a amazing and addictive game with all thefeatures which can make you happy!
Candy Block Crush Pop 1.1
Candy block crush pop is an adorable lineblock puzzle game. In this game clear the vertical and horizontallines to enjoy the game of pop block crush. If you are working hardon anything and got to get a pause for refreshment then play thiseasy and simple 10x10 line block puzzle game.This pop block crush game of candy is a challenging block puzzlegame with simple game rules. We have seen many people enjoyingblockade game for days. All the block puzzle games are challengingbut this classic block puzzle is a challenging game with skillssets. Train your brain, sharp your mind, refreshment with fun.How to Play:• Drag and drop candy blocks to create a straight line and destroythem.• No color matching is required• Fill all the grids with blocks and play smartly.• Take a pause to think your moveGame logic:• To entertain the user with simple and addictive puzzles.• Train your brain and improve your puzzle solving skills.• Refreshment puzzle for a pause while working, moving andothersCollapse maximum number of lines to score higher in the classicblock puzzle. You must drag and drop the blocks smartly in the10x10 matrix to score in block crush mania. If you don’t haveenough space to drag and drop the blocks in 10x10 matrix the gamewill end.Want to begin from top then remove top 10 blocks vertically or top10 blocks horizontally.Game Features:• Adorable and addictive simple game• Remove 10 blocks to score• Sweet candy block• Train your brain• Refreshment worth for Free• Play smartly to score more• Line block puzzle theme• Give a boost to solve puzzle block crush mania• Classic block puzzle with colourful blocksTake a pause for refreshment and play smartly in candy blockcrush pop!
Sweet Candy Paradise 1.2.0
Welcome to the magical candyland of juicy,delicious caramel sweet candy and toffee in Sweet candyparadise.This game is a jackpot candy store for all the users with mouthwatering tasty caramel candy. Tasty and challenging saga puzzle ofjuicy candy link. Create candy link of 3 or more toffees forperfect candy blast in this sweet candy paradise gameThe quest for sweet candy in this link game will keep you hookfor most of the time. This is one of the best delicious caramelcandy link game.The game play is very simple. Connect lines of sweet candy tosolve all the saga puzzle levels.This puzzle game of sweet candy has more than 200 levels of candyparadise. The candy store will never get empty of all thecandylicious candy.Sweet Candy paradise looks simple in the early stages butbecomes more interesting in the later stages. In the later stagesof this candyland game there are obstacles such as cookies, donutand ice. Remove all the cookies, donuts and ice to solve the questfor candies.There are boosters to help you in the game by removing rows andcolumns. Collect boosters by connecting 8 or more similar juicycandy.It is the paradise quest of wonderous candyland with juicycaramel candies.Game Features:• Tasty and juicy caramel candy game• Create candy link of 3 or more toffees for perfect candyblast• 200 saga puzzle of candy, cookie, donuts and ice• Paradise of connect line juicy candies• Some levels are time specific , be fast to get all the juicy anddelicious candiesDownload Sweet Candy Paradise for free and enjoy the bestconnect line puzzle of juicy caramels.Please do suggest us how to improve sweet candy paradise further bywriting us on [email protected] always welcome your valuable suggestions and feedback!
100 Doors Escape Puzzle 1.9.5
Join all new amazing and exciting fun puzzleto find hidden objects.100 Doors Escape Puzzle is an exciting 100 doors puzzle game.Open 100 doors and enjoy finishing all the levels.It is an Absolute brain teaser. In every level you will have tomake a plan to escape the room.Can you escape? Well let’s see it.In this exciting game you will feel some great puzzle challengesand at the same time amazing too to escape the room.In 100 doors escape puzzle you will have to make an escape plan andopen 100 doors.Real GOAL of the Game - solve puzzle and open the doors to escapefrom the room.You will need to think outside the box to solve the puzzle and toescape the room!This door puzzle is perfect time pass.Game features:• Can you escape? All the doors• Well designed door puzzle• Find hidden objects• Smartphone puzzles for all ages• Absolute brain teaser• Amazing graphics• Different themed floors to open 100 Doors !• Regular updates of New Floors!• it’s FREE!• Tricky door puzzleHow to play:• Open the door to complete the level• Use all abilities of your device, such as tilt, shake, swipe,tap, push, to solve the puzzles• Find hidden objects and use them to open the doors100 doors escape puzzle is a free door puzzle game!Don’t forget to leave reviews and do let us know how we did!
Diamond Adventure 1.1.2
Diamond Adventure is a journey through an eraof all the epic Jewels. Come and explore all the magical diamondsin this game. In Diamond Adventure there are many and many preciousgems and jewels which are ready to be yours. Grab all the magicaldiamonds in this beautiful adventure journey.In this game there are two modes:• Arcade Mode: In Arcade mode be fast in at shooting diamonds ofsame colour to make a combination of three or more diamonds to fallas the diamonds are coming down gradually• Puzzle Mode: In Puzzle mode make a combination of three or morediamonds by shooting in the bunch of same coloured diamonds to makethem fall and advance to the next level.Game Features:• Colourful and beautiful glittery diamonds• Two modes for fun• Arcade mode is time specific• Puzzle mode has more than 500+ levels• Good quality game play backgroundHope you will enjoy playing this beautiful game and make yourselfamazed.
Fruit Farm Harvest 1.2.0
Fruit farm harvest is one of the best match 3puzzle game with fresh fruit!In this match 3 game clear 3 or more same fruits to score more. Itis an awesome connects the line game. Bunch of fruit are ready tosplash in this fruit link game to harvest. In farm fruits harvestline there are fresh farm fruits like pear, apple, strawberries,berries watermelon and other mouth-watering crunchy and juicyfruits. In this game you have to connect crunchy, juicy fruit byconnecting maximum number of the same fruits to completechallenging levels in this puzzle adventure of farm fruits. Thelonger line you draw the better you score. All of us has fruitcrush and we all enjoy playing fruits game. Farm harvest game offruit will bring immense pleasure once you start playing this.How to Play:• Connect three or more same fruits to score points by drawing theline from one fruit to another.• Archive the target points to level up in this connect the linegame.• Maximum similar farm fruits connected can fetch you extrapower.Fruit farm harvest Features:• Juicy fruits, cute graphics, and cool animation effects.• crunchy and juicy pear, apple, strawberries, berries,watermelon• 200+ interesting levels of match 3 puzzle game.• Different obstacles in the levels to make the gamedifficult.• It’s easy to learn but tough to master.Come and match 3 or more fruits in Fruit farm harvest!
Fist of Ninja 1.1
Fist of Ninja is an addictive game ofcompulsive flick kick. In this game ninja is surrounded by hoodlooms and other furious characters who are ready to kick and punchninja but ninja is always active and is good in martial arts. Ninjawill have to show them the power of his fist and kick.How to play:• Swap in the direction you want to kick or punch• Be fast with your fist.• Don’t let any hood loom punch you• Collect coins to free other amazing charactersGame Features:• A wonderful and addictive kick and punch game.• Be quick with your fist to score more• Various special heroes other than ninja to be freed• Collect coins to free other characters• Punch fast to show your martial art skillBe quick with your punches and enjoy fist of ninja for free!
Sugar King 3.0
Unique puzzle game of sugar drop based onparticle physics and gravity. Draw lines with the help of finger todirect sugar into cups. Interesting sugar stumbleupon game. Collectall the sugar in cups and enjoy solving sugary sweet levels.Sugar King exciting game features:• Transform all the sugar into different color of maroon, green,blue and fill all the cups.• Kitchen theme• Particle physics game based on sugar• Tele porters and sugar converter• Thrilling game• Keeps mind very active• Great work of graphicsBecome sugar king of this interesting particle physics game. Thisis sugary sweet game of sugar drop for all the intelligent users.Transform all the sugar into different color of maroon, green, blueand fill all the cups. In sugar king sugar is limited so planbefore your move in each level. The game play is simple yetinteresting at the later stages because of different sugar colortransformation such as maroon, green, blue and more with the helpof converter.Sugar king is a new game of sugary sweet puzzles with manyaddictive and interesting levels.The sugar stumble upon each other and are overflowing with the helpof gravity, give them direction and become sugar king in eachlevel.This is a sugar smash game of sugary sweet maroon, green and bluesugars.Transformation of sugar using converter increases charm in thegame. Direct sugar particles into the cups smartly so that no lineintersects one another and also that all the cups gets filled in.Sugar is limited so count your moves before drawing lines and useyour brain logic to win all the levels.Sugar king is refreshing game of sugar drop with physics implied inall the unique levels.Download Sugar king and say no to boring time!Don’t forget to leave your valuable feedback and suggest us how wecan make this game better .
Bottle Smash 1.1
Enjoy the entertaining and interesting BottleSmash game. Bottle smash reminds of the old school days when we useto throw stones on all the filled and empty bottles.In this most amazing fun game of smash ball, try to be accurate andprecise as the levels are challenging enough to keep you on in thegame. Knockdown all the bottles and cans with your precisemoves.How to Play:The game play is quite simple; you have to just flick the smashballs in the direction you want to shoot.What this game brings?• This brings back the memory of Old School Days• A pocket edition game full of fun• Refreshing for a small pause from work• Realistic 2 D game experience of bottle shootProps:• Baseball: For throwing from the beginning• Stone: Faster Velocity for more accuracy• TNT: Explodes adjacent bottles too• Spike Ball: Use for more scoreBottle Smash Features:• Shoot bottles to score with a simple flick control• Shoot and share your score with the world• A realistic 2 D view• Amazing bottle cracking sound• Knockdown all the bottles in given time frameHope you to say no to boring times and enjoy flicking the smashballs in this Bottle Smash game!
Word Search Puzzle 1.1
Word search puzzle is a free word searchpuzzle game over Android. It is fun new word game of alphabets. Itis a game of word quiz. All words to be searched from crosswordpuzzle, there are fruits, vegetables, food, sports, cities and manymore.Game Modes: there are 4 modes in this game.1) Kids Mode: Search horizontally and vertically.2) Easy Mode: Search horizontally and vertically but difficultylevel of word search puzzle increases.3) Medium Mode: Search horizontally ,vertically and backward.4) Hard Mode: Search horizontally, vertically, diagonally andbackward.How to Play: The game play is very simple, just search for a word,and mark it by dragging finger from first letter to last one.We have tried to make best word search game. Hope you will enjoythis matching word puzzle game.Please let us know how we did and leave your valuable review!
Duck Splash Pong 1.0.1
Duck splash pong is a wonderful game in water.You need to help the swimming duck and make him collect the coinand avoid collision with the sharks and other fishes.In this wonderful arcade game collect coins to free otheranimals.How to play:• Touch on the screen to change the direction of duck• Almost every time calculate the risk of collision with sharks andthen tap on the device screen.• Become the super hero by collecting coins and free otheranimals.• In duck splash pong you can splash any time with almost all thecharacters.Game features:• Addicting game play• Various underwater and marine themes• Varied characters like duck , fish and others to play• Collect coinsDuck splash pong is a wonderful arcade game. Download it today andenjoy it for hours of fun!
Some Numbers 1.0.2
Each one of us has done some calculation andmost of us will be quick in calculating . So here comes a veryunique and great game which will give a real check to your skillsand you will see how fast you are in addition , subtraction ,multiplication and division or basically you may say inarithmetics.Be quick in solving every calculation as in this game time isrunning like bullet and make sure that you put the right input inevery level.As this is a time specific game this makes it an enthralling andinteresting.Game Features:• Number puzzle• Brain teaser• Easy to learn but hard to master• Global leadership score card is there to share your score.
Diamond Match Journey 1.1.2
Diamond Match Journey is an adventure match 3game in puzzle segment. It is the match 3 game of colourful,shinyand glittering jewels and diamonds.In this game you will experience adventure of jewels with everylevel and the target set is really very challenging.In Diamond Match Journey the goal is to complete the target ofjewels and gems required to finish the levels. Each level hasdifferent aim in some levels jewels have to be matched in the givennumber of moves and in some are time specific. Match 3 or moreidentical jewels in this classic journey.Diamond Match Journey Features:• Superb and beautiful graphics• Over 200+ interesting levels• Multiple goals, time mode, move mode• Crystal and shining diamonds,jewels,gems are verylucrative!• Leaderboards to watch your friends and competitors!Enjoy the full diamond Match Journey adventure for free! Let’sStart our diamond journey with glittering jewels and gems in thislegendary puzzle adventure!
Rolling Ball 1.1.1
Rolling ball is a very simple and easy game.The objective of this game is to navigate the rolling ball tochange its direction, collect shield and avoid contact with dangersymbol and electric poles. To make this game more interesting wehave made a zig zag path and you have to navigate the ball throughthis.Zig zag path appears in the later stage of the game.How to play• Tap or swipe on the screen to change the direction of the rollingball.• Collect shield• Shield will protect you from obstacles• Avoid contact with obstaclesEnjoy your free time with Rolling ball!
Farmhouse: A virtual Farmland 2.1.4
Top farm game ever.......... Loved by manyplayers around the worldWelcome to the Farmhouse. Rediscover farming in this best farm gameFarmhouse: A Virtual Farmland.Join one of the most popular farm simulation games on mobile. Andabove all it is FREE to play!In this farmhouse: A virtual farmland game you have to manage farmon your own and become the most famous farmer ever!Grow crops, raise animals and livestock’s, sell your fresh stocksin the market and become rich.You have inherited this old farm from your uncle , but you have tomanage it , take up the challenges and resume the Glory back.Features of this Virtual Farmland• Plant fresh and valuable crops• More than 10 varieties of crops to choose• Increase your farmyard and raise it to a bigger farmhouse withthe help of cattle and poultry business and even decorate yourranch• Sell your stocks in Market and make some money• Simple and easy game controls• Build, Decorate and expand your farm with farmland, poultry, cowsand Goat Shed• Raise cute animals and livestock’s• Feed cute pets and animals• Complete challenging missions• FREE to playThis Farming game is although free to play but contains ads.Hope to hear from you, with your valuable feedback and suggestion.Till then ....... enjoy the farming and have fun !
Fruit Juicy Land 1.0.4
Let’s start playing wonderful fruit juicy landgame for great timeStart serving orders of fruit juice in Fruit Juicy Land byconnecting all the juicy and farm fruits.Try to serve fruit juice as soon as possible to customers as thefrequency of customers visiting your juicy land increasesgradually. This fruit juicy land game is very addictive andinteresting connect line puzzle game .Connect maximum number of fresh fruit to activate the boosterswhich will help you finish the level very soon in this fruit maniagame.In this wonderful connect line puzzle game of serving fruit juiceconnect maximum number of fresh fruit to activate the props whichwill help you in this fruit mania game.There are different customers and characters like kids, monkey Boband monster visiting your juicy land.In this Juicy land there are amazing cute characters whichare:Bob is really very tough to serve as he always ask for somegifts.Monster: Serve him fast as his demand for fruit is very high andhis hunger ever diesTargets are different for every level like bring down ice cream andcake, remove candy from the game background and stop gifts to reachthe top of game screen.Make a perfect fruit splash to serve everyone well. Fruits likeapple, oranges, watermelon, pear and other delicious fruits areready to splash on your screen to make a perfect juice.A very entertaining match-3 game of fruit splashExclusive game features of fruit juicy land• Connect 3 or more same fruits to splash• Special objects like cake, ice cream ,candy and gifts .• Juicy and crunchy fresh fruits• 100 + levels of fresh juice land• Wonderful game theme of serving fruit juice• Colourful and cute characters like kids and funny monkey Bob tomake the game interesting.Splash yourself in this adventure journey of match 3 puzzle game byserving fruit juice!
Jelly Revolution 1.0.1
Jelly Revolution is a very simple andaddictive game. In Jelly revolution you have to jump the jelly fromone platform to another by tapping over them. It is one of the mostamazing platformer game.How to play:Tap on the jelly to jump from one platform to another and don’ttouch the rotating grid .Be fast as the zig zag walls are coming tocrush the jelly.While attempting the jump stay cool, don’t get anxious andcorrectly calculate the distance for making a perfect jump.There are various shapes of grids to obstruct your jump which makesthis one of the most exciting game.
Farm Fruit Rescue 1.1
Farm Fruit Rescue is an amazing game of match3 puzzle where there are different fruits on top of the blocks; youneed to bring down those fruits to complete the level.In Farm fruit rescue there will be blocks coming on the screen. Youhave to place those incoming blocks to any other different colouredblocks and make a match of 3 or more blocks to bring down thefruits.There are special features like Hammer, row eliminator, columneliminator and paint.• Hammer: to break one block• Paint: to eliminate same coloured blocks of one row• Row eliminator: To remove entire row• Column Eliminator: To remove entire column.As this is a moves dependant game so try to be precise with yourmoves.Game Features:• Colourful and great graphics• Match 3 casual game• A perfect time passDownload this new and exciting game today and enjoy playing thisfor hours!
Make A Word 1.0.2
Make a word is a very interesting game ofcombining and arranging 4 letters to make a word from them. In thisgame there are. This is an endless game which runs with time, themore word you make the better you score.Make words like Play/Stop/Spot/Past/Wife/Cute and many more.Let’s see how much creative you are and how many words you can makeof those letters.The game becomes more and more challenging as you keep on makingwords. So keep making words until time runs out.Features:• A challenging game• Easy to play• Make more words to score more• Global leadership scorecard to share your score with family andfriends.Hope you will enjoy this wonderful game of arranging letters!
Color Meter 1.0.3
Are you crazy about playing some reallyaddictive and short game????Let’s join the party with color meter. .Once you download it YOUcannot stop playing it. It's so addictive.A simple, yet challenging game of color shift wheel. It will testyour reflex and in the mean time interesting too.Relax and let your brain do the rest of the job for you in thiscolor meter game.========================================================How to play:• Tap on the game screen once your arrow reaches its correct colorshift.• The Arrow will rotate around the wheel. Do not tap on the wrongcolor.• The needle may turn to and fro so be careful while you are on thego.Why Play this?===========================• Color meter improves the your brain reflex• Stress reliever pocket size game of color shift• Challenge yourself and compete with friends and family• Be careful with the color pattern• Addictive gameDownload Color meter for Free! Relax while you play and let thebrain work for you.
Egg Crush Mania 1.0.4
Eggs are the amazing way for time pass.Eggcrush mania is one of the best match 3 game in which there arecuteand extremely fantastic eggs which makes it an excitinggame.There are five different egg worlds and each world has fortylevelswith increasing difficulty with every world.The game rules are very simple, just swap eggs to make a matchofthree or more eggs and complete the target with given numberofmoves or time.Start your amazing and entertaining egg match journey in thispuzzleadventure!Game features:• A different complexity level in game makes itreallyentertaining.• 200 levels of exciting journey• Multiple game goals like time mode, moves and others• Fantastic theme and backgroundEgg crush mania is a strategy game with simple rules !
Onet Connect- Animal Link 1.0.2
Get indulged in love with one of the mostinteresting onet connect game based on Animals and fish.Onet connect animal is very addictive and fun match onet game. Thisis easy to play but challenging to master because of timemode.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Why Play Onet Connect – Animal Link ???????????Helps you to identify different animals and fishChallenging time mode improves the reflex powerTwo different game themes that is Animal connect and FishConnectClassic match 2 game----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------FEATURES:★ Classic Onet game★ 2 Theme: Animal - Fish★ Time based challenging levels★Connect animals like sheep cow dog cat rat and many morepets★A wonderful journey of connect pet link.★Animal tiles puzzle============================================HOW TO PLAY Onet Connect –Animal Link• Remove 2 animal with the same kind which can be connected.• Remove all animals before time up.Lets play this one of the most challenging onet game and enjoy yourfree time
Bizarre 1.0.2
It’s one of the most peculiar game in thepuzzle category. In this game there are different coloured tileswhich change its color. The task in this game is to turn all thetiles into same color.This is an entertaining puzzle game with different complexitylevels. There are three modes in this game namely:• Classic• Chain• SolitudeEach mode has 30 levels each.How to Play:Tap on the tiles to change its colour and the adjacent tiles colourwill also change.Download it today and hope you will enjoy this wonderful game ofcoloured tiles!
Trampoline Ninja 1.2.1
Take your flip madness to the next level. Makeendless backflip and frontflip to enjoy Trampoline.Trampoline Ninja is a free to play flip game based on classicphysics. Start Playing this game and show your backflip madness andfronflip madness to the entire world by sharing your score.Why to Play?This fast paced flip diving game will give you tons of happinessand relieves stress easily.Objective:Make many tricks and stunts to score more and try to make everydive a perfect landing.Modes:There are three modes which makes this flip diving game aninteresting one.• Classic Mode: Make as many Stunts as you want• Timer Mode: Lets see how much you score in 60 seconds .• Random Mode: Most Loved mode world wide as you have to completerandom task generated.Features:• The most amazing free to play trampoline game• Make Backflip and frontflip to score more• Stress busters and brings happiness and joy to one and all• Ninja outfit game play• Bounce higher and higher by scoring perfect landings.How to Play:Touch & hold to do a frontflip or backflip. Let's go and doflips in trampoline NinjaAlthough this is a free to play game but it contains ads. You canplay this game offline too.Let’s start showing backflip madness to the entire world and makeourselves happy with Trampoline Ninja
Bow Master 1.2.1
Practice your archer skills with bow master.Start your archer practice with Bow master.Bow Master is a perfect archery game in which you have to aim andhit the target. The better you aim and hit the more is yourscore.This is a fun, simple and very interesting game with smooth gameplay.In each level there are certain targets in the game play whichneeds to be achieved with limited number of moves. Master thearchery skills in this amazing game. A free time fun game of archershooting is waiting for you to download and become Archery Masterby grabbing 50 points with every shot.Game Features• Smooth game play with perfect trajectory• Moving target board to make it difficult to score• Global Leadership score card to challenge and share your scorewith friends• Archery gameLets take your archery fun to the next level!
Castle Craft 2048 1.1.4
Castle Craft 2048 is an amazing game of 2048where you have to craft your castle. Grow your castle to thebiggestCastle craft is an exciting, new and easy to play fun puzzle gameof growing your castle. It is the advanced version of 2048 gamewith a very new look.This is a classic math game of tiles shifting. Swipe to move thetiles with the small castle to build a huge castle.Swipe left, right, top and bottom to create the castle in this 3Dstyled 2048 based castle craft game.How to play:• Swipe to move floating tiles to build mega Castle.• Swipe in any direction up, down, left, right to enjoy new 2048game of floating tiles• Create mega castle by swiping smaller units• When 2 tiles of same units merge together, they merge into alarger unit.Game Features:• Classic game of 2048 in a new castle craft with 3D effects• Number tile game• Addictive brain teaser for all ages• Castle building game by merging tilesCraft your castle and let’s see how big you can make it!We always welcome valuable feedback and suggestions
Retro Thief 1.0
Our retro styled thief is smart,intelligentand his hunt for money never ends. There are cops whoare in searchof our retro thief and they are coming from all theways to catchyou. Your motive in this game is to dodge from all thepolice androb all the money. Let’s see how much money you canrob.The game play is very simple as you have to just swipe up,down,left and right to collect the money and evade from cops.Modes: There are three modes in this game which makes it agreattime pass.• Easy: 3x3• Normal : 3x4• Hard: 4x4Game features:• Interesting game play• Collect all the money• A perfect fun puzzle gameWhat are you waiting for, download it today and clean theplaceout!
Traffic Control 1.0
In past few days there is an increase innumberof cars in this city. There is no one to manage the trafficoverthere. I guess you can do it so and become the besttrafficcontroller.Traffic control is a very interesting strategy game in whichyouhave to be very much active while managing the traffic. Inthisgame there are cars coming from all the ways and the bestpossibleway is that you manage it well without making any collisionwithother cars.In this game there are some different objects also likemovingtrains, Fire fighter bus and others which will make itveryexciting to play.There are fifty levels in this amazing game with different levelofcomplexity.How to Play:Manage the traffic from all side by tapping on green and redbuttonsand be careful with full track as if at any point of timeif thelane is full track then and there the level will meet itsend.Game Features:• 50 exciting levels• Easy to learn but hard to master• Good work of graphicsHope you will enjoy this enthralling game and become thebesttraffic controller!
Fruit Snatcher 1.1
Everyone loves fruit and everybody would havetheft fruit from the garden area.Fruit snatcher is a game which will give you a real experience ofthe time when we use to steal fruit from the Gardener.In fruit snatcher there is naughty guy who goes into the garden andtry to steal fruits, you have to help him move away from theGardener and collect as many fruits as he can, the moment he stealsall the fruit you can advance to the next level.This is one of the most entertaining arcade game where you willfeel very exited in stealing all the fruits as gardener is alwaysafter you. You have got some stone and by throwing those stones youcan buy time when gardener has reached you.Game Features:• Wonderful game theme• Good work of animation• Arcade game• Stone to help you buy time.Enjoy Fruit snatcher and tell us how we did!
Dr. Monkey 1.0
He is smart, intelligent and funny too andhence called as Dr. Monkey. Dr. Monkey has to run and jump acrossall the obstacles and clear its way by collecting as manystrawberries as he can and advance to the next world. But it is notthat easy for Dr. Monkey as the game progresses he will facenumerous obstacles coming in his way.There are several spike balls and porcupines falling from sky whichacts as hurdles, if you get in contact of those you willfail.Be cautious while running so that you can clear the world withease. In this game there are three worlds namely Desert, Ice andFire and in every world there are three modes easy, medium andhard. Complexity and difficulty increases with modes from easy tohard.How to Play:Tap to jump and collect strawberries but avoid contact with spikeballs and porcupines.Features:• Amazing themes of Desert, Ice and Fire world• Great Visual effect• Smooth game play• Arcade game.Hope that Dr. Monkey will keep you entertained for hours offun!
Bunny Jump 1.1.0
Jump, Jump, Jump ! The only rule in thisgameis to jump across all the wooden logs and other aquaticanimalslike crocodile, seal, jelly fish and others to score moreand runaway from the jackal chasing Bunny .Bunny Jump is a free game play and you can jump across alltheaquatic animals but don’t rest for more in the mid of game asyoucan become feed for the aquatic animals.The game play is really simple as for moving single step you havetotap on left and for moving double step click on the right sideatthe bottom of screenGame Features:• Lovely Graphics• Cute Bunny• Endless Game• Global Leadership score card to show your score toentireworldHope you will enjoy this beautiful game from us.
Candy Swap Mania
Here comes the new and exciting Candy Swapmania, match 3 game!Swap candy to make them burst and create great candy blastCandy Swap Mania comes with interesting and challenging sweet candypuzzle levelsSwap candy in this very addictive and delicious match-threegame!Play this super match 3 game with 4 different worlds. Enjoy all thecandy world and try to get 3 stars in each level.Salient features of the game:• Addictive and delicious match-3 game play• Mouthwatering and sugary crystal candies• Solve all the 190 levels of addictive sweet candy world• Wonderful and powerful combination of power-ups• Create Rainbow candy to finish level with ease• Fun for all ages• FREE to play candy puzzle gameCandy swap mania game is designed for all ages to have fun. We hopeyou will enjoy playing through all the levels of this game and get3 stars in each candy world!
Bubble Shooter: Bird Rescue
Bubble Shooter : Bird Rescue is classic ,charismatic and fun bubble shooting game of Candy bubble.Match 3 or more candy Bubbles to pop. Rescue all cute and lovelybirds trapped by colourful bubble.In Bubble Shooter : bird rescue there are more than 200 bubbleshooting fun levels which will not let you feel boredom. The taskin all the levels are perfectly managed , so that you can enjoy thegame as long as you want.Mother bird needs your help to rescue all the baby birds. Be theirsavoir and rescue birds. In this exciting bubble shooting game youwill find entertaining challenges.Play Bubble Shooter : bird rescue classic arcade games for FREE!Match 3 meets bubble burst in this fun, classic bubble shootinggame! Train your brain and get in on the puzzle game action as youshoot bubbles online, offline - anytime! Bubble Shooter : birdrescue is the best matching game!Highlighted Features of Bubble Shooter: Bird Rescue• More than 200 exciting and tricky bubble Shooting levels• Classic bubble shooting game• New matching pop game• Wonderful work of graphics and beautiful sound• Tons of unique bubbles to explore• Well Designed Free to play candy bubble shooting gameHope you will enjoy this Bubble Shooter : Bird Rescue game withcolourful candy bubble in the very own bubble Shooting game!