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WiFi Free 2.4
Wifi Free gives you information about all nearby WiFi spots - bothfree and secured.We know how active you are and wherever you may be, you willalways need internet and free networks are not always available,nor steady.Here comes the WifiFree - we scan wireless networks near yourlocation or any given location and find the most relevant WiFispots.How does it work?1. Start the application, choose a location and search for WiFiavailable.2. We scan all found networks and filter those with availablepasswords or no passwords at all (all passwords are user shared andno hacking or intrusion of privacy is involved).3. Choose your WiFi and start browsing.The application is 4square based and if you have a 4squareaccount and don't mind the ads showing here and there, it'sabsolutely free.Try it! It's free, easy and helpful.
Quick FlashLight 1.2
Quick FlashLight Pro, Version 1.2Quick ☀ Flash"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."So is Quick ☀ Flash.It does exactly what it's supposed to do - uses your flash orscreen as a flashlight being as simple as it can get.The perfect flashlight in a tiny package:☀ Super FAST☀ FREE☀ SIMPLE☀ NO Ads☀ INSTANT ON FLASH - switch it ON/OFF just like a realflashlight☀ INSTANT ON White Screen☀ FULLY ADJUSTABLE Display Light Brightness☀ Battery Level Indicator stays visible to monitor battery lifeDisclaimer: Continued use of the flash may dramatically decreasebattery life.NOTE: Strobe can cause epileptic seizures in people who aresensitive to flashing lights.
Vinkel 1.0
All Pernik Facts & Jokes inoneapplication.This application finds and present every stuff relatedwithPernik - from real facts to the top funny jokes.Do not miss the most talked and recent Pernik topics.The application is twitter based.
Dog Repellent Pro 1.0
Are you looking for easy way to keep dogsaway?You found it - Dog Repellent Pro.Scared of dogs? Not anymore. With the Dog RepellentProApplication you can rest assured that no dog will get close toyouanymore.How does it work?The application uses specific ultra sounds to affectsurroundingdogs. The pitch of the ultra sound used is too high forthe humanear and can only be detected by dogs.The best application of its type combining:• Minimum Battery & System Usage• 3 types of ultra sound frequency for optimal usage• 100% scientifically proven and effective solutionYou love it and you want more? Try the Premium Ads Freeversionwith background dog repel mode.