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Dragon Masks Run 1.5
Mobile Stars
New innovative adventure game comes! Dragon Masks Run is asuperadventure of super hero kids in various moonlight cityworlds.Starts out simple, but things get more and more interestingandchallenging. Switch color buttons, choose between variousdragonheroes. Each of them has a special power to help you. Collectcoinsand other valuables along the way to increase score. Takeadvantageof the power of the moonlight to escape traps, obstacles,defeatenemies and completed your target. Features: - Easy to playbutdifficult to master - 20 enemies - 3 bosses and 3 dragons -45levels of increasing difficulty (more levels are coming soon)-Addictive, thrilling and challenging city adventure hit! -Collectthe coloured amulets and trigger the heroes’ super powersDownloadand start Dragon Masks Run and begin your adventure now.Have fun !
Trump's Adventure World : Cowboy vs Zombies 1.3
Mobile Stars
Trump's Adventure World is a classic platform adventure foryourandroid! How to play? - Use button to jump, move, shoot. -Collectcoins, do not fall off the ground. - Run and kill allzombies whichattacks you. Features: - Easy, intuitive controls. -Classicplatform game style. - More than 45 levels - Game is free,nopurchase required. Download Trump's Adventure World game freeandenjoy!
Castle Jungle World Run 3.2
Mobile Stars
Castle Jungle World Run is a super adventure story of jungleworld,a Super Jungle Boy want to become a treasure hunter. One day,SuperJungle Boy found an ancient map in the warehouse ofhisgrandfather, it leads to the super jungle world. Given that itwasa treasure map, boy decided to jump into jungle adventure tofindtreasure without knowing that a lot of threats in superjungleworld are waiting for him. In the super world, must pass somuchthreats to run to target super world. Super Jungle Boy runsandjumps across platforms and atop enemies in themed levels.CastleJungle World Run is one of the best jungle adventure game.The gamehas several challenging levels to play and discover. How toplay? -Use button to jump, melee attack and range attack - Eat firetoshoot the enemy - Kill enemies by firing or jumping on their head-Collect all the coins and bonus items to earn more pointsFeatures:- Amazing graphics - Addictive, thrilling and challengingjungleadventure hit - Old school jump and run platform / obstaclesrunner- Forest castle champs: A place full of mystery - Free levelswithmany amazing worlds and bosses to fight and more coming soon(wonder land, crazy forest, jungle world, castle world, caveland,subway world, ... ) - Classic platform game style - Fun forallages - Easy playing in offline mode with no money Download freetoplay now!