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English Basic - ESL Course 1.16
*** English Basic - ESL Course *** - This App will improve yourEnglish speaking, listening, vocabulary, and understanding. All thelessons were created in a step-by-step manner teaching simple wordsand sentences in the beginning and slowly getting harder in laterlessons. - All the lessons include images, slideshows, audio files,and quizzes to help you learn in an easy way. If you are a beginneror low intermediate English learner, then this ESL Course will beperfect for you. *** BEST: After completing this course, you willbe able to speak English. The course was created in a step by stepway to help you learn English speaking and listening. Thousands ofimages and audio files will help you learn English easily. ### Mainfeatures - Reading conversation. - Listening audio for each lesson.- Watching video and learning vocabulary. - Speaking offline - Quizgame to test knowlege - Download audio / video to learn offline ###You can learning OFFLINE all of lessons ###
English Basic - Interview English 1.08
English Basic - Interview English + Level: Advanced + of Lessons:127 + Suggestion: 45 min per lesson - Learn what to say in Englishspeaking interviews. Each lesson provides example answers and anexplanation on how to answer the interview question. This sectionis for students who are planning on interviewing in English. -There are over a hundred questions and several hundred answers tostudy. Each Interview question is listed below each subcategory.Within each lesson, you will find the question and severaldifferent ways of answering, along with an explanation. - Use theaudio files to listen to a native English speaker and improve yourinterview skills while improving your English speaking. ● POPULAR:This course is perfect for someone who is just starting. Learn howto speak full sentences using phrases instead of memorizing words.Each lesson will show you how you can create many sentences withjust one phrase. ● MAIN FEATURES: - Reading conversation. -Listening audio for each lesson. - Watching video and learningvocabulary. - Learn English speaking offline - English test. -English vocabulary for practice speaking English. - Rnglish Idiomsand English phrases easy to learn. - Bookmard lesson to favouriteand history. - Download free audio / video Now, improve InterviewEnglish speaking to HAVE GOOD JOB!