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Super App Manager 1.0
The best app manager application in android!Features:-App Uninstaller. It makes uninstaller apps so easy.-App Installer. Scan all the apk files in SD card, you caninstaller the app quickly.-App to SD card. Move the apps to SD card, save the memory.-App Risk Scan. Scan all the apps, to report the risk.
Super Backup Pro: SMS&Contacts 2.2.80
The fastest data backup tool on android! You can backup Apps &Contacts & SMS & Call logs & Bookmarks & Calendarsto the SD card/Gmail.You will never lose your data again! This isthe Ads free version of Super Backup Dark Theme will come backsoon!!! ★Important Notice #1 If your phone has inbuilt storage, thedefault backup location will probably be the internal storage cardand not the external. This is because the phone reports the storagethat way. If you intend to do a factory reset on the phone, pleasemake sure default backup folder is in your external SD card beforedoing it. If not, please copy the entire backup folder("SmsContactsBackup" by default)to your external SD card ★ImportantNotice #2 Since Android M, access bookmarks from 3rd application isdisabled, so Super Backup can not backup and restore bookmarks.Features: -Backup apps to SD card -Backup all app download links ofGoogle Play -Backup & restore app's data(need root) -Batchrestore apps from SD card (need root) -Backup Contacts & SMS& Call logs & Bookmarks & Calendars to SD card -RestoreContacts & SMS & Call logs & Bookmarks & Calendarsfrom SD card -Can select SMS conversations to backup -Delete thebackup data on SD card -Schedule automatic backups -Auto uploadscheduled backups to your Gmail or Google Drive -Can downloadbackup files from Google Drive -Show last backup count & time-User can change backup folder path in Settings About Permissions:READ YOUR TEXT MESSAGES (SMS OR MMS)/EDIT YOUR TEXT MESSAGES (SMSOR MMS) These permissions are used to backup & restore your SMSREAD YOUR CONTACTS/MODIFY YOUR CONTACTS These permissions are usedto backup & restore your Contacts WRITE WEB BOOKMARKS ANDHISTORY/READ YOUR WEB BOOKMARKS AND HISTORY These permissions areused to backup & restore your Bookmarks READ CALENDAR EVENTSPLUS CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION/ADD OR MODIFY CALENDAR EVENTS ANDSEND EMAIL TO GUESTS WITHOUT OWNERS' KNOWLEDGE These permissionsare used to backup & restore your Calendars READ CALL LOG/WRITECALL LOG These permissions are used to backup & restore yourCall logs Translations: - Italian- Thanks to Emmanuel Avetta -Portuguese- Thanks to Emmanuel Avetta - Korean- Thanks to 장승훈 -Hungaria- Thanks to Balu & Hevesi J. - Turkish- Thanks to FatihFırıncı - Arabic- Thanks to Falcon Eye - Polish- Thanks to AlvinŚwitała - Russian- Thanks to Сергей Приклонский - Czech - Thanks toRenek
Super Backup & Restore
The fastest data backup and restore tool on Android phones! You canbackup applications, contacts, text messages, call history,bookmarks, calendars to your SD card, Gmail, or Google Drive Youcan share installation APK file to your friends by one tap. Youwill never lose your data again! ★Important Notice #1 If you intendto do a factory reset on the phone, please make sure default backupfolder is in your external SD card before doing it. If not, pleasecopy the entire backup folder ("SmsContactsBackup" by default) toyour external SD card ★Important Notice #2 Since Android M 6.0,access bookmarks from 3rd party application is disabled, so SuperBackup cannot backup and restore bookmarks. ★Important Notice #3 Ifyou schedule automatic backups, and you use some apps such as TaskKiller or Memory Clear, please make sure you had add Super Backupinto their White List or Ignore list. Otherwise Super Backup cannot run in background, and automatic backups will not work.★Important Notice #4 When you finished the SMS restore process, butthe messages were not displayed in your default SMS app, please tryto reboot your device. Features: - Backup apps to SD card - Backupdownload links for installed apps on Google Play - Backup &restore app's data(need root) - Batch restore apps from SD card(need root) - One tap to share APK files - Backup Contacts &SMS & Call logs & Bookmarks & Calendars to SD card -Restore Contacts & SMS & Call logs & Bookmarks &Calendars from SD card - Can select SMS conversations to backup -Schedule automatic backups - Auto-upload scheduled backup files toyour Google Drive or Gmail - Can download backup files from GoogleDrive - User can change backup folder path in Settings - Can backupContact's group and picture properties - Call Recorder: Supportbackup your voice call recording. It can perfectly record the phonecall voices to mp3 files. Record both sides voice clearly! (★Notsupported since Android 10 ★) About Permissions: READ YOUR TEXTMESSAGES (SMS OR MMS)/EDIT YOUR TEXT MESSAGES (SMS OR MMS) Thesepermissions are used to backup & restore your SMS READ YOURCONTACTS/MODIFY YOUR CONTACTS These permissions are used to backup& restore your Contacts WRITE WEB BOOKMARKS AND HISTORY/READYOUR WEB BOOKMARKS AND HISTORY These permissions are used to backup& restore your Bookmarks READ CALENDAR EVENTS PLUS CONFIDENTIALINFORMATION/ADD OR MODIFY CALENDAR EVENTS AND SEND EMAIL TO GUESTSWITHOUT OWNERS' KNOWLEDGE These permissions are used to backup& restore your Calendars READ CALL LOG/WRITE CALL LOG Thesepermissions are used to backup & restore your Call logsRECORD_AUDIO These permissions are used to recording your voicecall Translations: - Italian- Thanks to Emmanuel Avetta -Portuguese - Thanks to Emmanuel Avetta - Korean - Thanks to 장승훈 -Hungarian - Thanks to Balu & Hevesi J. - Turkish - Thanks toFatih Fırıncı - Arabic - Thanks to Falcon Eye - Polish - Thanks toAlvin Świtała - Russian - Thanks to Сергей Приклонский, MikhailMedvedev - Ukrainian - Thanks to Mikhail Medvedev - Czech - Thanksto Renek
Super Smart Booster 1.1.29
Smart Booster kill tasks automatically, speedup your device, save your battery!Main features:► Root Free: For not rooted device, use Accessibility to help forcestop apps (since Jelly Bean).► Auto Boost : Kill the application immediately when you left it inbackground.► One-Tap Boost Widget support► Fast cache cleaner: one click to clean cache► History eraser: Can erase your browser history, Clipboard data,call history, SMS/MMS► Memory Used : Show used and total memory of your device.► Running Apps: Show current running apps and the memory eachused.► Ignore list: Apps checked in ignore list will not be killedautomatically.► Uninstall system apps: Can uninstall system apps. (needroot)► Hibernate apps: Can disable and enable apps. (need root)Language support:English, Français, Русский,Hungaria, 中文Enable Accessibility Services:Go to [System Settings -> Accessibility -> Smart Booster-> ON], and finish it by tapping [OK] in the followingpop-up.You may receive a warning during the process. Tap [OK] when it'sneed to. The small warning pop-up is a regular reminder for any apprequesting for Accessibility services, Smart Booster will NEVERcollect any personal information.☆Rooted device:For rooted device, apps killed by Smart Booster will also be forcestopped. Killed apps will never auto start again unless you launchit manually !
Easy AppLock & Hide Pictures/Videos 2.2.82
Totally Free App Lock & Vault (Hide Photos & Videos)============= Easy AppLock can lock your Facebook, WhatsApp,Gallery, Messenger, SMS, Contacts, Gmail, Settings and any otherapps you would like to lock. Easy AppLock can Encrypt and Hide yourPhotos and Videos, and support Cloud Backup. Prevent unauthorizedaccess and guard privacy. Ensure security. With Easy AppLock, youwill: ★ Don't worry about exposing your privacy and private data tofriends! ★ Don't worry about kids mess up Settings, send wrongmessages, paying games again. ★ All features are totally free!!! ■Features • Encrypt and Hide your photos and videos. • Backup andsync your photos and videos with Google Drive (15GB free storagespace) • Lock any apps you want to lock. (e.g Twitter, Gallery,Camera) • Prevent others from taking incoming calls • Support lockwith Pattern, Gesture,or PIN • Support fingerprint unlock (Deviceneed Android 6.0+ & hardware support) • Support Invisiblelock,protect your secrete lock screen password from the snoopers,make it invisible! • Can hide its own launch icon, nobody knows youhave Easy AppLock • Break-in alerts: Will capture a photo of thewould-be intruder. • Support App Lock switch widget • Support DarkTheme in Settings • Easy-to-use and user friendly GUI • Battery useless than 1% Open Easy AppLock After you hide Easy AppLock, You can1) Enter *#*#000#*#* on your dial pad to open it 2) Click here toopen it Encrypted photos &videos were stored in the folder /sdcard/.EALV So please neverdelete that folder manually or let other apps to do it. About Allowa brief exit Re-lock is not required when returning from a briefexit, avoiding to frequently unlock and smoothing the app switches.About Quick Lock Will quickly lock the protected apps withoutdelay. If you feel Easy AppLock's lock action has a little delay,please enable "Quick Lock" in "Protect". Quick Lock will consume alittle more power. About Forgot pattern 1. By security answer:enter your security answer and click 'reset pattern'. 2. Bysecurity email: click 'send code to security email', input resetcode and click 'reset pattern'. This app uses Accessibilityservices. It is used to help lock protected apps.
Easy Share : WiFi File Transfer 1.2.65
With Easy Share, you can easily transfer files between androiddevices. - Share all kinds of files whenever and wherever. - Shareby Wi-Fi P2P, speed goes up to 20M/s, no cellular/mobile data used.【Main Features】 ► Share files Photos, videos, music, installed appsand any other files with unlimited file size. ►FTP server Cantransfer the files to your PC by FTP server ► Backup Apps Backupyour installed apps to SdCard automatically. ► Free All featuresare totally free, and free forever!
Call Recorder 1.2.03
IMPORTANT NOTE: Not all phones support call recording, please don'tgive us bad rating if your phone doesn't support it. If you haveany questions, please feel free to contact us, we will try our bestto serve you. Idea Call Recorder, the world's best call recordingtool. - Automatically record all incoming & outgoing calls,whenever and wherever - High quality of audio effect: Proprietaryvoice engine - Easy to use - The most compatible tool with nearlyall devices - Better support Galaxy S7 (Edge, Note7) \ Galaxy S8(S8+, Note8) \ Newer version 【Main features】 ► Call RecorderAutomatically record calls to mp3 audio file format. ► CallBlocker Block annoying calls using calls blacklist: telemarketing,spam and robocalls. Requires READ_CALL_LOG permission to get thephone number, then determine whether to block the call based on thenumber. ► Cloud Backup Easily migrate to different devices. Datanever get lost. ► Wifi Transfer Easily transfer audio files withMac and PC under the same Wifi. No USB! No data usage! No internetneeded! ► Voice Notes Speak a voice memo and have itautomatically transcribed. Important: If you have madesubscription, uninstalling the app will not automatically stop yoursubscription. ==How to cancel a subscription== 1 On your Androidphone or tablet, open the Google Play Store. 2 Check if you’resigned in to the correct Google Account. 3 Tap Menu ->Subscriptions. 4 Select the subscription you want to cancel. 5 TapCancel subscription. 6 Follow the instructions. If you have asubscription with an app and the app gets removed from Google Play,your future subscription will be canceled. Your past subscriptionswill not be refunded. ==What happens after cancel subscription==Even if you cancel the subscription, we will still keep yourpreviously backed up data in cloud. If you have any questions,please contact us via email
Screenshot & Screen Recorder 1.2.50
This app provides an easy way to take and edit screenshots! Capturescreen by one touch! Easily record your screen as a high qualityvideo - Support recording screen as video - Display camera previewwindow while recording screen - Click the notification bar to takescreenshots - Shake the phone to take screenshots - Double clickoverlay icon (Floating button) to take screenshots - Supportcapture web page screenshots - Support quick settings since AndroidNougat - Share screenshots - Painting on the screenshot - Addmosaic - Add text - Add stickers - Browse and edit all historyscreenshots
Video Compressor - Fast Compress Video & Photo 1.2.02
Quickly compress video, convert to MP4, cut video, extract MP3audio from video. Reduce video size, shrink video, save yourdevice's storage space. Batch Image Compressor, support quicklybatch compress images / compress photos / compress pictures, saveyour storage space. Features: # Compress videos withhigh/normal/low quality # Cut and compress video # Fast forward andcompress video # Video to MP3 converter, can extract MP3 from videofile # Use hardware codec, fast compression # Share videos # Batchcompress images # Free and Easy-to-use
Call Blocker & Call Logs Backup 1.1.20
This app can backup and restore your phone's Call logs / Callhistory. This app can also block unwanted calls in your black list.Main features: - Block unwanted incoming calls - Backup all yourcall logs to storage card - Restore call logs from storage card -View backup files - Share backup files - Save call logs as PDF file- Delete backup files - Support FTP server to transfer backup files- One click to delete all your phone's call history AboutPermissions: READ CALL LOG/WRITE CALL LOG These permissions areused to backup & restore your Call logs READ CONTACTS Thispermission used to read contact name of call logs