MobileIron Apps

At Work EMM
The Mobile Device Management app connects yourmobile device to your company's resources and isthe mobile work place that makes it easy to find the documents,photos, and presentations your company uses most. There's no needto hunt for documents on confusing wikis, hard-to-navigate fileservers, and bloated inboxes.With just a few quick steps, you get easy access to your companydocuments right on your mobile device.NOTE: In order to log into the app, you must have an accountonyour company's compatible mobility management service.Key features:Quickly connect to your company's networkGet easy access to company email and the documents your team usesmostEasily find documents by author, description, and previewStop navigating confusing folders to find things by file name andextensionMark your most important documents as Favorite to quickly accessofflineStay current by always having access to the most recent versions ofyour documents
MobileIron Provisioner
MobileIron's Provisioner allows admins toeasily set up Android work managed devices. Work Managed devices(also known as device owner) are company owned devices that may ormay not have a work profile.This app allows administrators to enroll devices with NFC or QRcode enrollments.
MobileIron Tunnel (Unreleased)
Tunnel allows organizations toauthorizespecific business apps, including internally built andGoogle PlayStore apps to access corporate resources behind thefirewall usingtheir Android for Work devices.Unapproved and personal apps are blocked so that only businessdataflows through Tunnel, which improves data security andprotectsuser privacy.Tunnel uses MobileIron’s advanced security capabilitiestocontinuously monitor device posture before access is grantedtoprotected resources.This ensures that devices that are jailbroken or havedataprotection disabled are prevented from establishing aconnectioninside the enterprise.Note: Tunnel works in conjunction with a MobileIron Core&Sentry server deployed by your company’s ITorganization.Please follow the instructions from your IT organization to usethisapp.