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Pocket Angel 5.4.4
Mobiltal, LLC
Pocket Angel is an app for entrepreneurs andinvestors on the AngelList ( web site. AngelList isa community of high-quality startups raising money and investorswho invest in them. Their goal is to introduce entrepreneurs andsophisticated investors and simplify the whole capital raisingprocess for early stage businesses.Use Pocket Angel to post and monitor AngelList status updates,follow startups or entrepreneurs, and to navigate the AngelListrelationship graph between followers on their web site. Even searchfor jobs!*** Note: you must have an AngelList account and login to usePocket Angel ***
Geooh GO
Mobiltal, LLC
Geooh GO is the most feature rich geocaching app availabletoday.Beautiful to look at, easy touse.******************************************************************************************************************************NOTE:Geooh requires a Premium membership at! If youareNOT a Premium member, DO NOT DOWNLOAD the app because Geoohwill notrun otherwise. The official Groundspeak app is betterdesigned forgeocachers with a Basic membership. Also, if you are abig fan ofc:geo, you may not want to download either. Geooh has amore modernradically different user interface that some c:geousers cannotadapt to... please do not download the app and thenrate it lowbecause it's different than c:geo... it was designed tobedifferent!******************************************************************************************************************************Geoohhas all the features typical of a geocaching app, but it alsohasfeatures found only on Geooh: Integration: — IntegratedmodernWherigo player — Integrated TB scanner (OCR, barcode, andimage) *— Integrated Answer sheet to manage virtual and earthcacheanswers— Integrated GeoTours discovery and lists of geocachesUniquefeatures: — Geocache proximity alert 'pings' — Nearbygeocachenotifications * — Fingerprint sensor to launch QuickActions —Share offline lists wirelessly with nearby Geooh users * —Displayand manage your friends — API usage meter with ability todisablethe API — Puzzle/challenge checkers show with link to sites—Display HQ promotions and leaderboard — Optional Dark Modeforscreens — Landscape and tablet split-screen mode — Offlineworkerto monitor network for logging Maps: — Showcountyboundaries/names... with shading * — Show route to geocacheoverlayon map * — Show optimized route to multiple geocaches * —Showgeocache elevation and county info — Show geocache hotspot viewonmap — Show Google Street View of location in the app * —ShowGroundspeak map color/theme style — Show Delorme challengeoverlayon map * — Add any KML or GeoJSON map overlay * — Slide outmapdrawer to select geocaches — Display all your finds on a heatmap —Picture in picture mode for compass display — Full screenimmersivemode option Geocaches: — Show your cache find stats bydate range —Show cache place date and how long ago it was found —Imagethumbnails in geocache and TB logs — Group geocaches by statusinsub-lists — Mark waypoints with different colors — Enterwaypointsvia map and a panning reticle — Quickly show nearby eventsor newcaches — Display Groundspeak Upvotes on logs — Last founddate andprevious logs popups — Highlights caches you havefavoritedTrackables: — Auto copy cache log to TB log — Auto attachcache logimages to TB log — Auto TB visits when logging caches —Bulk TBlogging (just like — Share TB lists fromscanner *Wear OS: — Show daily find stats from watch * — Show cacheon watchmap with compass ~ * = (requires subscription @ .99 USDcents every6 months) ~ = (requires a Wear OS 2.0 watch with amagnetometersensor) If you are new to geocaching, please use theofficial appfrom Groundspeak to learn the game. If you are a moreserious andadvanced geocacher, Geooh GO is the app for you! Seemore at